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Magazine and Travel Guide 75, South Pacific Costa Rica

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#75 | Nov 15 / Jan 14 2021THTHMAGAZINE & TRAVEL GUIDEWWW.BALLENATALES.COMPg. 60Leer versiónen EspañolLeer versiónen Español

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Ballena Homes is a company that specializes in "Custom Home Construction". Included in ourcompetitive pricing are the services of specialist in home design, architectural adaptation of the chosendesign, non-compromising engineering to current code and a team of dedicated construction managers.The key of our success is quite simply, our Team. When you build with Ballena Homes you gain thebenefit of years of Costa Rica construction experience. Guaranteed quality materials - Guaranteed quality Construction -Guaranteed Pricing Ballena HomesEFFICIENT- EXPERIENCED - PROFESSIONAL/ Phone: 2786-5801Web Site: / Email: Innovation@BallenaHomes.comCUSTOM HOME CONSTRUCTION

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LODGING1. Hacienda Barú2. Hotel Cuna del AngelRESTAURANTS3. Pizza La Casita (Take-out Service)4. Hacienda Barú5. Cuna del AngelACTIVITIES6. Reptilandia7. Hacienda Barú8. Happy Feet BalletSERVICES9. AAA Accounting10. House of the Artist11. Feria Orgánica Tinamaste12. Camino Real Eco Feria13. Costa Rica Real Estate Service14. Dra. Mónica AlfaroLODGING54. Tangara Azul Boutique Hotel55. Hotel Diquis del Sur56. Three Sixty Boutique HotelRESTAURANTS57. Pancito Café58. Citrus Restaurant & Wine Bar59. Los Gatos Locos60. The Bamboo RoomACTIVITIES61. Reserva Tortuga62. Lalo Tours Horseback RidingSERVICES63. Ballena Legal Team64. Centro de Pinturas Ojochal65. Plaza Ventanas66. Century 21 & Ballena Properties67. Ballena Homes68. Remax / We Sell Paradise69. L´Épiceríe Super & Deli70. Farmacia & Macrobiotics Ibarra71. Osa Tropical PropertiesDOMINICALOJOCHALLODGING15. Vista Ballena16. Cristal Ballena17. Rancho Remo18. Bungalows BallenaRESTAURANTS19. El Gusto (Rancho Remo)20. Beehive21. Café Sibu22. Gelato23. Retro Café y Bar24. The Dome25. Five Maes26. Ginger House27. Ballena Bistro28. Pura Vida (Cristal Ballena)29. Villas Leonor30. Moana Bahía PlazaACTIVITIES31. Jungle ATV ToursSERVICES32. Ópticas del Sol33. Discount Liquor Wine & Cigars34. Cortinas Krisa35. Osa Property Management36. Iglesia La Costa37. Ropa Americana Buena Voluntad38. Uvita Information Center39. Correo de Uvita40. AlamoUVITA41. Imprenta Brother´s42. Rincón de Uvita43. Royal Palm44. Mora & Valdéz45. Farmacia Ibarra46. RVA Engineer Roger Valverde47. Uvita Law Firm48. Costatika Language School49. Centro Llantero50. Sherwin Williams Costa Ballena51. Pointing Market & Ballena Tales52. Moana Bahía Plaza53. Steve’s Supermarket & DeliDIRECTORYBUSINESS

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1n1 sidro de Pérez Zeledó : El Alto de San Tin.am1aste ·• P!atanill 11 icalit Punta Uvita• Play-a lonia (Chamán) • Playa Piñuela• Playa Ventanas• Playa Tortuga• · A uta N aciona.l I Nat tonal Aoute··••·:. . . Po I ici a I Pollice iG aso:I ine ra / Gas Station -Cajero A. I Cash M achine,1 Cascada I WatertaU N Hospi al \ \ ...... '' ,, A c:armnam VN 1) $ur1 E A i :: i°Pit'Jd. · 1P,1;1 C11hp'k Ká)'aklng . Owe

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PHONE DIRECTORYPOLICE STATIONS Police Emergencia: 911Transit : 2537 0631Dominical: 2787 0406Uvita: 2743 8538Ojochal: 2786 5661Cortés: 2788 8030 HOSPITALS & HEALTH Hospital Tomás Casas (Cortés): 2786 8148Hospital Escalante Pradilla (Pérez Zeledón): 2785 0700Servicios Médicos Bahía-Ballena: 2743 8595Farmacia Ibarra: 2743 8558EBAIS: 2743 8170Ópticas del Sol: 2102 0122ICEInformation: 1113International Operator: 1116Breakdown: 1119OTHERS VETERINARIO COSTA BALLENA: 8730 8282MINAE: 2786 5392 ENVIRONMENTAL COMPLAINTS: 1192TAXIS DOMINICAL Erick 8602 3394Guiligan 8847 0231Ricardo (minibús 4x4) 8605 0801Daniel (pick-up) 8920 2322 UVITA Alex (freight) 8989 2298Carlos (freight) 8308 2695 Geovanni (minibús) 8870 6040Greivin 8791 5680Hermes (minibús) 8855 3830Lusbín 8576 7606Mario 8839 8484Rodolfo (freight) 5711

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8WWCONTENT #75Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Directory . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Content . . . . . . . . . . . Editorial . . . . . . . . . . . . . INNOceana / INNOtales -Marine Biologist Julia Zafra ArandaTitle Story . . . . . . . . . . . 40708096004 PacicoSur11121517Tapioca – a great Root / Dagmar Reinhard . . Water sprinting with the Basilisks -Roel dePlecker - Reptilandia . . . . . . . Tarzan vines: The Amazing World of Lianas / Jack Ewing – Hacienda Barú . . . . . . .Why you should move to Costa Ballena - Osa Tropical Property . . . . . . . . . .10 Pérez Zeledón 19202325272931New Regulations Cabys: December 15 / Mauro Esquivel – AAA . . . . . . . .Mareas . . . . . . . . . . . . . Why You Should not Surf Alone II -Greg Gordon – . . . . . . .The New Economy – Chema Medina . . . . Support from Angels / Tom Nagel –Hotel Cuna del Angel . . . . . . . .Plasma Rico en Plaquetas / Dra. Mónica Alfaro – Bahía Ballena Doctors . . . . . . . Family Constellations: The Way of the Soul – Michelle Macluf . . . . . . . . . 19 Dominical 707375777881Restaurant List . . . . . . . . . .Beautiful Costa Rican Banknotes / J.S.P. . . .In Osa History rides on Bycicles - Carlos Morales B. – Museo Costa Rica . . . .Greetings from Drake Bay / Captain WillyAtencio – Reel Escape . . . . . . . . The Secret Life of the Sharks / Marta Cambra .Pricing your Home / Heather Mann – Remax Well Sell Paradise . . . . . . . . . .64 Ojochal&Surrounding3237394143464951535557596063646769Restaurant List . . . . . . . . . . .The Beehive Restaurant: Great Food.Great Friends. Great Family / D. Reinhard . . . What is an Audiometry / Dra. Flora Hernández – Optica del Sol . . . . . . . . . . Emerging from the Crisis / Nick Halverson – Osa Property Management . . . . . . .NEW: Steve´s Supermarket & Delicatessen- Dagmar Reinhard . . . . . . . . . . .NEW: Plaza Moana Bahía / Marlêne Boyer – MY Design . . . . . . . . . . . . .Reconnection through Grounding-Dagmar Reinhard . . . . . . . . . .Trending in New Home Design / Shelagh Duncan – Royal Palm Interiors . . . . . .Typical Week in the Life of a Dog and CatRescue Organization / Susan Strong – DAWG1% Pledge / Adrianne Chandra-Huff - SOMOS Foundation . . . . . . . . . .Do it Yourself: Color Change / Julio Fernández . Agüero – Costa Ballena Centro de Pinturas . .NEW: Yoga Maya Uvita / J.S.P. . . . . . .INNOTALES: Marine Conservation / Marine Biologist Julia Zafra Aranda . . . . . .The Brunqueña Mountain Ridge –Luis H. Galera . . . . . . . . . .Playa Ventanas: Caves Opening to the Ocean- Dagmar Reinhard . . . . . . . . .Miraculous Piper Umbellatum - Dagmar Reinard . . . . . . . . Hello Summer! - Beth Sylver . . . . . . 32 Uvita 126046

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9WWDAGMAR REINHARD Editor in Chief(506) 8914 1568 / 2743 8778 ballenatales@gmail.comArt & DesignPOINTING MARKETDIGITAL COORDINATOR Carlos Leóncarlos@ballenatales.comCONTRIBUTING WRITERS: Beth Sylver Captain Willy AtencioCarlosHumbertoMorales Chema Medina DagmarReinhardDra. Mónica Alfaro Dra. Flora HernándezGregGordonHeather Mann JackEwingJuliaZafraArandaJulioFernándezAgüeroJ.S.P. KevinChampagneMarlêne Boyer MartaCambraMauroEsquivelMichelleMaclufVargasNick Halverson Roel de Plecker SusanStrongTomNagelPHOTOGRAPHY BallenaTalesPhotographyBeth SylverCarlosHumbertoMoralesGregGordonJackEwingRoel de PleckerSusanStrong COVER PHOTO: INNOCEANA PhotographyNEXT EDITION/ PRÓXIMA EDICIONEnero/ January 15, 2021 Cierre/Deadline December 10, 2020www.ballenatales.comEDITORIALDear readerWith only six weeks left to welcome 2021, we are proud to deliver you another magazine with 22 good stories for big and small. These tales express the writers` interest and admiration for our beautiful region, known for conserving its unique natural treasures alongside the coastal areas and the beautiful lush green mountains. Here in this land of calm and peace, life is sweet, food is delicious, and the colors of nature and the abundant wildlife inspire the visitors to become a painter or take home many impressive shots.After a quite intensive rainy season (that is what we call our winter), we welcome back our glorious summer with its breathtaking sunrises and radiant evening skies. Until you can visit us, INNOCEANA is presenting the educational marine protection program INNOTALES for kids (you can download it and enjoy it with your family on the computer). Already down here in the Canton of Osa, why not visit the Onsite Museum at Palmar Sur, which displays a very informative exhibition “In Osa, History travels on Bicycles.”And when you instead prefer to visit one of our amazing beaches, why not spend a day at Playa Ventanas with its gorgeous water steaming caves. Here in Uvita, we welcome new businesses to the area: The exquisitely designed Moana Bahía Plaza, Steve’s convenient Supermarket & Deli, and Yoga Maya Uvita, embedded in a beautifully landscaped and soothing environment. Our website reects the enormous interest in our area. Now in the comfort of your personal space, you can read the Magazine or download it. Ballena Tales has a universal reach and a content of presently 2390 articles in three languages (Spanish, English, and German). We were anticipating the present circumstances when the print is no longer sustainable. Our website is robust, fast loading (in only three seconds), and has very signicant trafc. If your business is not present in our media, ADVERTISE WITH US>>>, very soon you will convince yourself that is worthwhile to belong to the best network of the South Pacic of Costa Rica. Ballena Tales Magazine and our Marketing company Pointing Market wishes you the very best for the forthcoming holidays; come in a bubble and celebrate with your family. With much love,

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CULTURE -Costa Rican & Fusion cuisine, withour special ingredient:AMORVegetarian options and kidsmenu.DessertsHealthy Drinks.Coffee. Open Monday to Saturday: 9 amonwards..Center of San Isidro del GeneralSouth side of Las Americas Hospital+(506) 8562-0000

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Costa Rican & Fusion cuisine, withour special ingredient:AMORVegetarian options and kidsmenu.DessertsHealthy Drinks.Coffee. Open Monday to Saturday: 9 amonwards..Center of San Isidro del GeneralSouth side of Las Americas HospitalYou can nd Cassava (also known as tapioca or yucca) plantations along the coastal areas of the South Pacic. The plant can reach up to 10 m in height, has a highly branched woody stem, leaves like ligree, reddish-brown split bark, long, thin, rigid, and sharp green leaves. It is grouped at the base of the trunk or branches, with white and ared owers, borne in large terminal spikes, and fruit in hanging berries, eshy and yellow. The root is an edible tuber and is a staple in the population’s kitchen. Flour is also extracted from it. It is tasty fried, cooked, refried, in soups or main dishes. Young and old like it. What is impressive are its nutritional and healing properties:This our is gluten-free and suitable for celiacs. It relieves gastritis or heartburn. It helps with easy digestion thanks to its high ber content and contains multiple minerals and vitamins that help overcome this type of ailments.Its consistency allows you to prepare bread, tortillas, or thicken a sauce. It is ideal for making cookies, cakes, and cakes. It provides a lot of energy thanks to its high content of starch and carbohydrates, and is low in cholesterol and saturated fat.Cassava is a food par excellence for athletes and people who need to gain weight. It provides a large amount of folic acid to the bones, strengthening them, preventing and curing osteoporosis, and is highly recommended for children and pregnant women. Another component, linamarin, helps kill cancer cells.ORIGIN OF TAPIOCAIt is a plant native to Brazil, and its cultivation has spread throughout South America. From its root, starch is extracted, whose usefulness is widely known in popular gastronomy.Small pearls or tapioca balls have been used for many years to prepare desserts. There are different presentations: our, starch, and even akes.To obtain cassava our, the root is squeezed to eliminate the natural toxic component it contains. It is left to dry in the sun or a dryer. When the roots are dry, they are ground into ne tapioca our. When you go to San Isidro del General, visit the Tapioca Restaurant. You will love it for its excellent location, the elegant style of its decoration, and especially for its cuisine.TAPIOCA - A HEALTHY ROOTAUTHOR: DAGMAR REINHARDGASTRONOMY - COSTA BALLENA & SURROUNDINGS11

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Most probably, you have seen a creature crossing a stream with high speed on his hind legs. This runner is a basilisk, also called Jesus Christ lizard. Basilisks can do this because of their large feet and specialized attened toe fringes. These fold out when the foot presses down on the water surface. Simultaneously, the arms are held at the sides of their bodies; this is called erect bipedal locomotion. They can run over the water for short distances, 10 to 20 meters, mostly to escape predators. Three species occur in Costa Rica. Two species on the Atlantic versant and the north of the country are the green basilisk (Basiliscus plumifrons) and the striped basilisk (Basiliscus vittatus). On the Pacic side of Costa Rica, only one species is known, this being the brown basilisk (Basiliscus basiliscus). However, there are some old observations of the green basilisk in the Osa region.In all species, the adult males have beautiful large crests on their heads. Only the brown and green basilisk has large sail-like crests on the back and tails. The striped basilisk has a smaller one. Both these species are larger than the striped basilisk, with males getting a total length of 90 centimeters; females are smaller and reach 60 centimeters.The tails count for about 75 % of the full size. It serves for balancing when they climb branches, trees, and rocks. They are active during the day and are omnivores. They are known to eat crabs, shrimps, shes, bats, seeds, owers, fruits, plants, insects, even other lizards, and snakes.When they sleep in the trees, with adults mostly seen on branches above the water, and the smaller ones sleeping on big leaves. When disturbed, some dive into the water and swim away. Some hang on to the rocks and stay underwater for a considerable time. And others hide in an air pocket at the underside of rocks. The striped basilisk seems to be the most terrestrial of the three and can be found farther away from water. These reptiles can lay several clutches with up to 18 eggs in the soil. They hatch after approximately three months, and the reproductive period is about ten months. You can observe the hatchlings throughout the year. Most hatchlings don’t survive their rst year because they are prey for a wide variety of predators. After one year, males are sexually mature and have to compete with the larger dominant males, which generally end up producing the offspring. The basilisks belong to the family of Corytophanidae or Casque-headed lizards. Costa Rica is the home of four of these species, the fourth one being the helmeted iguana (Corytophanes cristatus) that can be seen in both slopes’ lowlands. At Reptilandia the green and the brown basilisk can be admired.WATER SPRINTING WITH THE BASILISKSAUTHOR: ROEL DE PLECKER WILDLIFE - COSTA BALLENA & SURROUNDINGS12

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-Leave the city without leaving your social bubble ...Book Now!+(506) 2287 0003+(506) 2287 0058

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-Leave the city without leaving your social bubble ...Book Now!“Hey, look at this. These are cool”, I exclaimed to my hiking buddy. “Look how this one wraps around that tree and then up over that big branch. It looks like a bunch of vines twisted together to make a big rope. Hey, ya know what,” I joked, “this must be what Tarzan swings on.” How can you see something countless times yet never even notice it? During the 48 years that I have lived on Hacienda Barú, including 11 years guiding tree climbing tours, spending untold hours in the upper canopy, watching monkeys, sloths, and squirrels use them as walkways, birds perch on them, and even having sat on them myself from time to time. Yet, I never really saw them until now. I am talking about lianas, and they are fascinating. If you don’t believe me, try the following one, try to gure out where it begins and where it ends. It will go up and down, wrap around trees, wrap-around itself, send tendrils down to the ground where they take root. Tangles of small lianas come together and twist around each other to form a rope-like stem. Lianas use trees for support, and step by step, climb upwards until they nd a sunny opening where they can send a shoot up through the rainforest canopy and emerge into the direct sunlight. And it doesn’t end there. The main branch of the liana can go on for a kilometer or more.One researcher estimates that there are around 2500 species of lianas globally, most of them without names. To name a plant, you need samples of the stem, leaf, fruit, and seed. The stem is easy enough, but until someone invents a drone with an arm that can reach out, grasp, cut, and retrieve the later three samples, there is no easy way of acquiring these details.Lianas have been called woody vines, yet unlike woody branches, they are usually pretty exible. They can, however, become rigid when necessary. I know of two places where a liana stretches across a gap. How it managed to cross a 15-meter rainforest gap, only Mother Nature knows. Right in the sunniest part of this natural bridge, a stiff, straight shaft-like stem, no bigger in diameter than my ankle, grows straight up, 10 to 15 meters, until it comes out into the direct sunlight. At the top grow the leaves, owers, and fruit. Mostly birds eat the fruit and scatter the seeds throughout the jungle, where some of them will germinate. Mammals eat them too, but the vertical stem probably wouldn’t support a mammal the size of a monkey.TARZAN VINESTHE AMAZING WORLDOF LIANASAUTHOR: JACK EWINGBOTANICS - COSTA BALLENA & SURROUNDINGS15

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+(506) 2786-5500

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Americans’ internet search patterns have been increasingly indicating that they are looking for an escape… with some urgency. People seem to be using their extra time at home to investigate their options for a life elsewhere. So far, 9 million Americans live outside of the U.S. borders. And there are plenty of reasons for more people to want to expatriate themselves to Costa Rica.Ease of TransitionCosta Rica feels like California headed south and grew a rainforest. It has been friendly with the U.S. for more than 150 years, and more than a million Americans visit this country every year. There are reliable airports, deluxe highways, and huge conservation districts — all of which make the country easy to get around and easy to enjoy. It helps that many ex-pats have already “blazed the trails,” and there is a wealth of information available to those seeking search results for terms like ‘moving to Costa Rica’ and ‘how to move to Costa Rica.’ Well-established communities like ours in Costa Ballena make settling-in easy. People who have already made the move here are eager to help the next person, just as they helped us before.ImpeccableQualityofLifeThe sensational natural environments and the laid back vibe of Costa Ricans makes this country a regular on ‘top 10 best’ on travel and lifestyle lists. People who visit quickly understand why people here report being some of the happiest in the world.Costa Rica is nature’s playground. Breathtaking jungle trails lead up to the tops of the mountain ranges that travel the country’s length. Colorful wildlife such as butteries, toucans, and monkeys are common. Soft, sandy beaches are plentiful along the coasts, where family and friends love to gather and play. The fresh air, water, and food give this tropical wonderland a magnicent ambiance for enjoying the simple pleasures of everyday life.FindingMoreValueinLifeA lower cost of living and newfound work freedom are inuencing more people to think about other possibilities for where and how to live. New ‘remote working’ exibility has many people thinking that if they can work from home, the home might as well be in the tropics. And in the right spots in Costa Rica, tropical living can prove to be remarkably affordable and lled with value.FinalThoughtsAboutAMovetoCostaRicaDon’t stop dreaming and planning for your future. The current global crisis won’t last forever, and a great way to be proactive is to think ahead to a better tomorrow. Moving to another country leads to signicant personal growth. You will gain new insights about what you genuinely appreciate about life and what you can surely live without. For the full-length article,please click. THREE REASONS WHY YOU SHOULDMOVE TO COSTA RICAAUTHOR: OSA TROPICAL PROPERTIES +506 2786 5500REAL ESTATE - COSTA BALLENA & SURROUNDINGS17

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THURSDAYFeria de San IsidroSPICY CARROT DIP • KEFIR • HERB CHEESEYOGURT WITH PITAHAYAEach Friday: DeliveriesDominical – Uvita – OjochalContinuing with our article from the previous edition in Ballena Tales, we are going to show you how to nd the correct code for the activity or activities that you or your company develop:First of all, we will remind you, What is Cabys?It is an ofcial list of codes for mandatory use in electronic receipts to standardize the details of the goods and services traded.The goods and services in this catalog are identied with a unique code of up to 13 digits, which allows their individualization, starting from 10 general categories until they expand to more than 20,000 products.To nd your codes, click on the “Web Search” icon that appears here and follow the instructions:1. As shown in the following image, place it in the search engine and enter the good or service information. (We will use lodging as an example).2. We check the category.3. We verify the corresponding Good or Services.4. We choose from the list of goods or services that correspond.5. We verify in the description that it corresponds to the one chosen in the previous option.6. The code is validated and assigned in our information system.7. We verify the VAT associated with the good or service.CATALOG OF GOODS AND SERVICES (CABYS)AUTHOR: MAURO ESQUIVEL MANDATORY UPDATE AT THENATIONAL LEVEL IS EFFECTIVE AS OF DECEMBER 1, 2020+506 8730 9956FINANCES - PÉREZ ZELEDÓN & SURROUNDINGS19

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DIA / DAY ALTA / HIGH BAJA / LOW ALTA / HIGH BAJA / LOW ALTA / HIGHSUN 15 02:09 / 10.36 ft 08:25 / -0.97 ft 14:40 / 9.62 ft 20:39 / -0.56 ftMON 16 02:58 / 10.63 ft 09:13 / -1.24 ft 15:28 / 9.81 ft 21:28 / -0.63 ftTUE 17 03:46 / 10.64 ft 10:01 / -1.25 ft 16:18 / 9.78 ft 22:17 / -0.46 ftWED 18 04:35 / 10.37 ft 10:50 / -1.00 ft 17:08 / 9.55 ft 23:08 / -0.07 ftTHU 19 05:25 / 9.86 ft 11:39 / -0.54 ft 18:00 / 9.15 ftFRI 20 00:00 / 0.47 ft 06:17 / 9.19 ft 12:31 / 0.05 ft 18:55 / 8.67 ftSAT 21 00:57 / 1.07 ft 07:13 / 8.47 ft 13:26 / 0.68 ft 19:54 / 8.22 ftSUN 22 01:58 / 1.60 ft 08:14 / 7.83 ft 14:26 / 1.23 ft 20:57 / 7.89 ftMON 23 03:05 / 1.97 ft 09:19 / 7.37 ft 15:29 / 1.63 ft 22:01 / 7.74 ftTUE 24 04:14 / 2.08 ft 10:26 / 7.15 ft 16:32 / 1.83 ft 23:00 / 7.78 ftWED 25 05:18 / 1.97 ft 11:26 / 7.15 ft 17:29 / 1.86 ft 23:53 / 7.94 ftTHU 26 06:12 / 1.71 ft 12:20 / 7.30 ft 18:19 / 1.77 ftFRI 27 00:39 / 8.17 ft 06:57 / 1.38 ft 13:06 / 7.53 ft 19:02 / 1.62 ftSAT 28 01:20 / 8.43 ft 07:37 / 1.04 ft 13:48 / 7.77 ft 19:41 / 1.45 ftSUN 29 01:58 / 8.67 ft 08:14 / 0.72 ft 14:27 / 7.99 ft 20:19 / 1.29 ftMON 30 02:35 / 8.86 ft 08:50 / 0.47 ft 15:05 / 8.16 ft 20:56 / 1.17 ftFULL MOON FIRST QUARTER LAST QUARTERNEW MOONMAREAS - TIDES NOVIEMBRE / NOVEMBER 15-30, 2020FASES LUNARES / MOON PHASESRESTAURANTSHOMEMADEGELATO&VEGANICECREAMORGANIC SMOOTHIES ACAI, PITAYA, GREEN & COCONUT BOWLS FRAPPES HOT &ICED COFFEE MILKSHAKES#5 MAIN STREET, DOMINICALOPEN 10AM DAILYSeafood, meat, pasta y snacksTo Go y Express.11am - 9pm. Tuesday ClosedDOMINICALITO BEACH, NEXT TO THE COASTAL HIGHWAY (BEFORE SODA LA MACHA)NEW2101 4431MAP8567 060720 COSTA BALLENA

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DIA / DAY ALTA / HIGH BAJA / LOW ALTA / HIGH BAJA / LOW ALTA / HIGHTUE 1 03:11 / 8.98 ft 09:26 / 0.30 ft 15:42 / 8.26 ft 21:33 / 1.12 ftWED 2 03:48 / 8.99 ft 10:02 / 0.25 ft 16:20 / 8.28 ft 22:11 / 1.13 ftTHU 3 04:26 / 8.90 ft 10:39 / 0.31 ft 16:58 / 8.25 ft 22:50 / 1.20 ftFRI 4 05:05 / 8.71 ft 11:18 / 0.46 ft 17:39 / 8.17 ft 23:32 / 1.31 ftSAT 5 05:46 / 8.44 ft 11:59 / 0.66 ft 18:22 / 8.08 ftSUN 6 00:18 / 1.45 ft 06:32 / 8.14 ft 12:43 / 0.89 ft 19:09 / 8.02 ftMON 7 01:09 / 1.57 ft 07:24 / 7.84 ft13:33 / 1.10 ft 20:01 / 8.03 ftTUE 8 02:07 / 1.61 ft 08:22 / 7.62 ft14:28 / 1.25 ft 20:59 / 8.14 ftWED 9 03:09 / 1.53 ft 09:26 / 7.55 ft15:28 / 1.27 ft 22:00 / 8.39 ftTHU 10 04:15 / 1.27 ft 10:31 / 7.67 ft16:31 / 1.15 ft 23:01 / 8.77 ftFRI 11 05:19 / 0.85 ft 11:35 / 7.97 ft 17:32 / 0.89 ftSAT 1200:00 / 9.22 ft06:18 / 0.35 ft 12:34 / 8.38 ft 18:31 / 0.55 ftSUN 1300:55 / 9.66 ft07:14 / -0.16 ft 13:30 / 8.82 ft 19:27 / 0.23 ftMON 14 01:49 / 10.02 ft 08:07 / -0.57 ft 14:23 / 9.19 ft 20:21 / -0.02 ft TUE 15 02:40 / 10.22 ft 08:57 / -0.83 ft 15:14 / 9.45 ft 21:13 / -0.12 ftWED 16 03:30 / 10.22 ft 09:46 / -0.89 ft 16:04 / 9.54 ft 22:03 / -0.05 ftTHU 17 04:19 / 10.02 ft 10:34 / -0.76 ft 16:54 / 9.46 ft 22:54 / 0.18 ftFRI 18 05:08 / 9.63 ft 11:22 / -0.45 ft 17:44 / 9.23 ft 23:44 / 0.54 ftSAT 19 05:58 / 9.10 ft 12:10 / 0.00 ft 18:34 / 8.90 ftSUN 20 00:36 / 0.98 ft 06:49 / 8.51 ft12:58 / 0.53 ft 19:25 / 8.52 ftMON 21 01:30 / 1.42 ft 07:41 / 7.91 ft13:48 / 1.06 ft 20:18 / 8.17 ftTUE 22 02:26 / 1.78 ft 08:38 / 7.40 ft14:41 / 1.55 ft 21:13 / 7.89 ftWED 23 03:25 / 2.02 ft 09:36 / 7.03 ft15:36 / 1.91 ft 22:09 / 7.73 ftTHU 24 04:25 / 2.08 ft 10:37 / 6.86 ft 16:32 / 2.13 ft 23:03 / 7.72 ftFRI 25 05:22 / 1.97 ft 11:35 / 6.86 ft 17:26 / 2.19 ft 23:53 / 7.83 ftSAT 26 06:14 / 1.72 ft 12:28 / 7.02 ft 18:17 / 2.11 ftSUN 2700:40 / 8.03 ft 07:01 / 1.40 ft13:16 / 7.27 ft 19:05 / 1.93 ftMON 2801:25 / 8.28 ft 07:44 / 1.04 ft14:00 / 7.57 ft 19:49 / 1.69 ftTUE 2902:07 / 8.54 ft 08:25 / 0.70 ft14:42 / 7.88 ft 20:31 / 1.43 ft WED 3002:48 / 8.76 ft 09:04 / 0.42 ft15:22 / 8.16 ft 21:12 / 1.19 ftTHU 3103:28 / 8.92 ft 09:42 / 0.21 ft16:01 / 8.41 ft 21:54 / 1.02 ftFULL MOON FIRST QUARTER LAST QUARTERNEW MOONFASES LUNARES / MOON PHASESMAREAS - TIDES DICIEMBRE / DECEMBER 1-31, 2020MAP21 COSTA BALLENA

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DIA / DAY ALTA / HIGH BAJA / LOW ALTA / HIGH BAJA / LOW ALTA / HIGHFRI 01 04:08 8.97 ft 10:21 0.11 ft 16:41 8.57 ft 22:36 0.86 ftSAT 02 04:49 8.94 ft 11:00 0.08 ft 17:21 8.71 ft 23:19 0.78 ftSUN 03 05:32 8.80 ft 11:41 0.15 ft 18:03 8.79 ftMON 04 00:04 0.77 ft 06:16 8.58 ft 12:23 0.29 ft 18:47 8.80 ftTUE 05 00:52 0.83 ft 07:04 8.30 ft 13:09 0.50 ft 19:36 8.77 ftWED 06 01:45 0.93 ft 07:57 7.99 ft 14:00 0.74 ft 20:29 8.72 ftTHU 07 02:42 1.02 ft 08:56 7.72 ft 14:55 0.98 ft 21:27 8.68 ftFRI 08 03:44 1.04 ft 10:00 7.57 ft 15:57 1.15 ft 22:29 8.71 ftSAT 09 04:50 0.94 ft 11:07 7.60 ft 17:03 1.18 ft 23:33 8.83 ftSUN 10 05:55 0.70 ft 12:13 7.82 ft 18:08 1.07 ftMON 11 00:35 9.04 ft 06:57 0.36 ft 13:14 8.18 ft 19:11 0.85 ftTUE 12 01:33 9.27 ft 07:53 0.01 ft 14:11 8.57 ft 20:09 0.60 ftWED 13 02:27 9.46 ft 08:45 −0.29 ft 15:03 8.93 ft 21:03 0.39 ftTHU 14 03:18 9.54 ft 09:34 −0.47 ft 15:52 9.17 ft 21:53 0.29 ftFULL MOON FIRST QUARTER LAST QUARTERNEW MOONFASES LUNARES / MOON PHASESENERO / JANUARY 1-14, 2020MAREAS - TIDES MAPCosta BallenaManagementProperty Management & RentalsSince 2003 COSTA BALLENA22

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This story is another example of why a surfer should not surf alone. It was March 9th, my friend Sara’s birthday. She wanted to go surng so I picked her up and we checked some spots. Dominical was too big and dumpy. Dominicalito was too small and inconsistent. We didn’t want to drive too far as it was later in the afternoon, so I thought maybe the Point would be good. We got there, and it looked great for what we were looking for – empty 2 to 4-foot waves peeling down the underwater rock shelf with plenty of time between sets to safety get in and out. It was two hours before low tide. The paddle out over the rocks was leisurely, and the sun reached the angle towards the horizon where everything turned to gold, pink, and emerald. We were grinning ear to ear at our fortune. The two of us traded waves for an hour. I remember sitting farther out and after riding a wave testing the depth by touching the bottom. At the time I tried it, the depth was about four feet. Since I have surfed the spot for twenty years, I felt safe enough to drop in and make an exit before it got too shallow. What I did not anticipate was how much the tide would drop in that one hour. It dropped about two feet. The sun was setting, and I was almost ready to paddle in. I caught a wave, did a turn, and jumped off my board feet rst. The white water captured my board and pulled me toward the shallow rock shelf on the inside. I started to push myself back, and when I kicked my legs out, they smacked into one of the rocks. In an instant, my right knee and left foot were split open. I reached down to my knee to feel how bad it was, and I felt the bone. I felt nauseous and I still had to get in. Sara was oblivious to what happened and was sitting on the outside, waiting for a wave. I whistled and waved to her that I was heading in. I rode in as far as possible on my belly in the whitewater and then paddled the last 50 yards to the dry rocks. The goal was to get to the truck. My adrenaline had kicked in, and through a lot of pain and luck, I was able to climb up the rocks without slipping or dropping my board. I pulled a big jug of water from the back seat and poured it over both cuts, knowing how quickly an infection could set in. Then I took my towel and pressed hard over my knee, attempting to staunch the bleeding. My foot was throbbing, but there was less blood. About ten minutes later, Sara paddled in and immediately saw something is wrong. I looked like I was going into shock, so she jumped into the driver’s seat and started towards the hospital. We decided on Quepos since my house was on the way, we could drop off the surfboards, get my passport, and she could get a change of clothes. During the 45 minute drive, Sara kept me talking so I wouldn’t pass out. We pulled up at the curb for Emergency drop-offs, and a hospital worker brought out a wheelchair for me to use. It took about 30 minutes to be seen by a doctor, who recommended an x-ray and stitches. They put me on an IV drip with enough codeine to dull the pain, and then we waited. Sara and I kept each other entertained with stories and jokes, but the mood was somber in the emergency ward. In one of the treatment rooms, an older woman took her last breaths. Family members were coming and going, holding hands with tears in their eyes. We felt out of place - salty, barefoot, and still in our surf trunks and t-shirts. After another 30 minutes, I was led to the x-ray room and was embarrassed to be still bleeding from my foot right on the table. It felt unsanitary, but the nurse told me not to worry and that it would be cleaned right afterward. The doctors had not seen any fractures. I laid on the table, and the doctor shot some novocaine into my knee and foot. Once I could no longer feel anything in those areas, a nurse proceeded to scrub each wound until it appeared clean. Then it took the doctor eleven stitches to close up my knee and another ve for my foot. He wrapped them tightly in gauze, gave me instructions on caring for the injury, and wrote up a prescription for antibiotics and some aspirin. Sara drove my truck back to my house and helped me get up the stairs and inside. It was 11:30 p.m. I was so thankful for her help, especially since that day was her birthday. She said it was denitely one to remember. I felt so lucky that she was out there surng with me, or I would not have made it to the hospital so easily. The Point has terrible cell phone coverage, and an ambulance would have taken more than an hour to get there if they even could nd it in the dark. Let this story be a lesson for anyone surng. Do not surf alone. Take a surf buddy with you, and both of you will be safer. WHY YOU SHOULD NOTSURF ALONE – PART 2AUTHOR: GREG GORDON SPORT - COSTA BALLENA23

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Our unsustainable economy reaches its limits. It is a global condition advantageous to establish a new global economy, being the crisis quite convenient for this implementation. One of the major obstacles in sustainable development is demographics concerning resources and its consequential collateral results, such as pollution. It is obvious that a consumer-oriented economy, exacerbated by planned designed obsolesce and its signicant increase in pollution due to its overtaxing resources and unserviced materials, most end up at landlls throughout the planet. Worse yet, dumped into rivers that end up in the oceans. This relationship amongst demographics, resources, and pollution is the critical condition of this unsustainable economy, as most of you already understand. A solution for the ‘globalists’ in developing a new post-crisis society is AI’s management and maintaining its production and infrastructure by robotics. A situation that it is already tangible as we see the working and middle classes disappear. They become obsolete by high-technology. This new society would be restricted solely to the nancial elite and their cronies. Perhaps one can now understand why there is a race to concentrate wealth at the top echelons of society, with politicians and other minions channeling wealth to those in real power and just collecting their gainsthrough corruption. This implementation will not happen overnight. It will take a few more years. Meanwhile, we have only one major opposition to development: the eminent impact created by global climate change and not by popular demonstrations. Social unrest would be curved by the already obvious militarisation of the police, developing throughout the world. It would have to be part of the globalist agenda as the already repressive states portray it.What would happen to the middle and working classes, these being the majority of the population. Perhaps here is where depopulation would come into the game. It all seems so much like a science-ction story if it weren’t that we are already living it. Remember that those in power will do anything to stay there, even relying on Machiavellian technics, as it has been done throughout history. I feel so much for the naive that still believes that things will go back to ‘normal’ without realizing that we have reached a critical point in human history. There are many effects from so many causes dened on our planet, including humanity’s impact.But there is still a chance to give a turn to this possible destiny. Primarily, parting from this critical situation, a brief period will present itself between ‘tipping points.’ However, they have already started. There will be a short period of time, like after the 2008 economic crisis. It also implies that causes and their effects could be transcended. A singularity principle would take over conditions over the planet since that is the nature of quantum physics. It entails that we know nothing of what could happen, nor the consequences of this entropic situation, its consequent homeostasis, and forced speciation. The only thing is that we must be attentive and exible upon notable changes, to avoid the trivial and be ready to implement practices towards a new paradigm.A NEW ECONOMYAUTHOR: CHEMA MEDINA FINANCES - DOMINICAL& SURROUNDINGS25

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In March 2003, I rst came to Costa Rica with my three sons for adventure holidays and was fascinated, starting our trip like many tourists in Guanacaste. When I traveled south to Dominical, I only then realized that the south was much greener, the jungle lush, there were more wild animals and everywhere rivers with abundant water, much more than up north.That’s when I decided to grow my roots here and be happy forever ... I soon found the right place, a little backpacker Hotel, with all the permissions, thus saving time for all legal papers. To get inspired for my new hotel’s architecture, I rst traveled to Antigua, a Guatemala city with many colonial style houses.As Costa Rica has many earthquakes, I was very grateful to my structural engineer, who put more iron in the foundations than I thought necessary. And later on, when we had some nice shakes, nothing happened, thanks to him. Costa Rica has strict construction and seismic laws.While the walls were rising, I needed furniture and decoration, so I went shopping for my future guests’ rooms and all open spaces. I like shopping. I went to Indonesia for the furniture because of the beautiful carvings and craftsmanship in Guadalajara in Mexico, I bought glasses and plates, and lamps I found in San José. And I also discovered a Cuban guy in San José, who made incredible stained-glass windows, which you can now nd in the bathrooms. Then somebody recommended Barro Barroco to me, also in San José, a factory specialized in pouring concrete tiles like in old times with colored designs and patterns, washbasins, fountains, or statues. In the year of 2005, nishing my hotel, I certainly was my best client.Why the name Cuna (Cradle) de Angel? It is because I believe in Angels, and my guests should feel like in a cradle, safe, taken care of and pampered, forgetting their problems.The restaurant has eight columns, like the ceremony huts of the indigenous people of “Boruca”.In the restaurant’s center, we embedded four mosaic designs with another spiritual meaning: clouds, water, sun, and earth. All rooms have a different Angel name, and as you know, each angel represents another quality or challenge. In which one did or will you sleep?Then, of course, Costa Rica being a nature preserving country, I was following their example, getting the ve levels of sustainability in 2009 and became certied as Carbon Neutral. Listening to my clients in the restaurant, many having issues with gluten, I decided to create a 100% gluten-free restaurant. Not an easy task to achieve the same quality of taste with gluten-free materials. Don Memo, our chef, succeeded after one year of trials to bake a delicious bread with three different ours, none of them wheat. Our staff cannot bring their food from home to avoid cross-contamination in the kitchen and back areas.Back to today’s reality: since March this year, we have been closed and hope to open on December 15th, 2020. We kept all our staff on the payroll. So, if you come to visit us in the restaurant, you will enjoy the same persons taking care of you.POSITIVE ENERGY AND SUPPORTFROM ANGELSAUTHOR: TOM NAGELINITIATIVA - DOMINICAL & SURROUNDINGS27

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Chronic conditionsHypertensionDiabetesEKGSkin checkBloodworkPAP SmearMinor surgerySpider vein sclerotherapyBotulinum toxinDermal fillersFat graftingPlasmage non surgicaleye lid rejuvenationMicro needling - DermapenPRP - Patlelet rich plasmaChemical PeelsFractional DermabrasionPROVIDING YOU WITH THE QUALITYHEALTHCARE YOU ARE LOOKING FORGeneral Practice Medical AestheticsDra. Monica AlfaroHotel Cuna del 8833 6431

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Platelet-rich plasma is a preparation of the patient’s blood plasma. This platelet concentrate obtained from PRP has signicant amounts of bioactive proteins, growth factors, and peripheral stem cells. These components are of great importance to initiate and accelerate tissue repair and regeneration.This 20-year-old technique applied in orthopedics and dentistry with excellent results has been used for several years to regenerate and rejuvenate the skin. The platelet-rich plasma components improve the immune and vascular status in the treated area, helping to create new blood vessels and thus increase oxygenation of the tissues. They reduce the risk of inammation and accelerate the physiological processes of tissue repair. The growth factors stimulate the broblasts, and they enable the generation of collagen.An extraction of approximately 60 cc of blood is centrifuged and prepared for its application by medical personnel. The product can be applied to different body areas, such as nasolabial folds, wrinkles or expression lines on the forehead, eye contour, cheeks, neck, décolleté, in general in the areas of the face to be rejuvenated. It is also used in the rejuvenation of the hands and for the capillary strengthening of the scalp.The treatment is excellent for both women and men. The immediate effect is lling with slight edema. However, after six weeks, the regeneration of the skin is more evident. It will look fresh, illuminated, much improved.The treatment can be repeated according to the requirements of your skin. Some application strategies recommend one application every month for three months, others one or two a year. The important thing is to assess the condition at the beginning of treatment and thus determine your needs. The most interesting thing is that since it is an autologous (own) product, the body will not present reactions of any kind.PLASMA RICO EN PLAQUETAS O PRPAUTHOR: DRA. MÓNICA ALFAROChronic conditionsHypertensionDiabetesEKGSkin checkBloodworkPAP SmearMinor surgerySpider vein sclerotherapyBotulinum toxinDermal fillersFat graftingPlasmage non surgicaleye lid rejuvenationMicro needling - DermapenPRP - Patlelet rich plasmaChemical PeelsFractional DermabrasionPROVIDING YOU WITH THE QUALITYHEALTHCARE YOU ARE LOOKING FORGeneral Practice Medical AestheticsDra. Monica AlfaroHotel Cuna del Angeldralfaro@bahiaballenadoctors.comBODY – MIND – SOUL - DOMINICAL & SURROUNDINGS29

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THE PLANETNEEDSOUR HELPA TOTALLY RECYCLABLEPACKAGINGSOLUTIONTEL: 2258-18187290-2265OURBOXESMade of cardboard, withanti-grease and anti-liquidspill treatment

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FAMILY CONSTELLATIONS: THE WAY OF THE SOULNEXT FAMILY CONSTELATION WORKSHOP DECEMBER 15TH AUTHOR: MICHELLE MACLUF We live our lives without knowing where specic fears, pains, or discomforts, compulsive behaviors, or deep nostalgia come from that accompany us in our day to day lives. What if I told you that the root of many of the situations we carry comes from our ancestors? We don’t have to go far back. The answer is to clean our bond with Mom and Dad by working with the link that connects us to them at the soul level. In this way, we tend the look with which we receive life and how we present ourselves to it.When we recognize our family tree’s history, we begin to identify patterns of behavior or situations left open in the past. They seek that we, as representatives of our family system members, give it a closure. History is doomed to repeat itself until we give it its place until we consider the most profound feelings that inhabit us. Through a process of Family Constellations, we can do it lovingly, freeing ourselves from the role of victims and making ourselves responsible for our lives through what is known as movements of the spirit and healing phrases.The movements we perform are exercises that allow us to recognize our history and accept our emotions. Then we can return them to the member of our family system to whom it corresponds with a phrase’s help.This phrase works within the psyche to free the person with compassion and respect for themselves and their history and their entire family tree.These exercises are performed based on “archetypal wounds.” As humanity, we are evolving together, meaning that society is undergoing collective changes that affect us all, although we carry out this journey individually.The exercises proposed in the workshop focus on regaining the strength of birth and recovering the maternal bond through breastfeeding. It is about working on issues related to lack of will and compulsive behaviors. Let’s recover the path of the soul together!THE PLANETNEEDSOUR HELPA TOTALLY RECYCLABLEPACKAGINGSOLUTIONTEL: 2258-18187290-2265OURBOXESMade of cardboard, withanti-grease and anti-liquidspill treatmentHISTORY - DOMINICAL & SURROUNDINGS31

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RESTAURANTES UVITA - BAHÍAMediterraneanRestaurant BarandBoutiqueGreat Food • Great Friends • Great FunMonday - Friday - 12 - 9 pm Saturday & Sunday - 12- 7 pm300m North of the Gas StationPulseándolabonitoEVERY DAY 7:00 AM onwardsHOME DELIVERY200m west of Iguana VerdeTHE DOME& SPORTS BARRESTAURANTJML MARKETING & GRAPHIC DESIGNCLIENT: The Dome RestaurantLOGO REDESIGNC: 50M: 0Y: 100K: 0 C: 100M: 100Y: 30K: 0 FONT: FFX TIMES ENGRAVEDNorth American Breakfast,Lunch•EarlyDinnerOPEN 8 AM – 3 PMCLOSED ON SUNDAY DOME PLAZAOPENOPENOPENDelicious Homemade ItalianFood With A Wonderful ViewLunch • Sunset appetizers and dinner 5 KM NORTH OF UVITAOPENUVITA & SURROUNDINGS322100 1825 8448 35714702 39398936 67892743 8506

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RESTAURANTS100%GlutenFreeRestaurant.Gourmet seafood and meat menuesMonday – Friday 11 AM – 10 PMSaturday&Sundayclosed.PlazaPacicPoolsRESERVATIONSBreakfast • Lunch• DinnerOrganic Costa Rican Coffee SpecialtiesMON-SUN 7:00 AM-9:00 PMNext to Uvita Information CenterDeliciousartesanalgelato,bananasplit,milkshakes,bananas,wafebowlsMON-SUN 11:00 AM- 8:00 PMNext to Uvita Information CenterChinese-American FoodTake Out OptionLunch • Sunset appetizers and dinner11 AM - 10 PM 5 KM NORTH OF UVITAOPENOPENOPENOPENUVITA & SURROUNDINGS332743 8674 8308 66042743 8674 8308 66048507 494927438182

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RESTAURANTSInternational Food with Austrian Touch Breakfast buffet, Lunch & Dinner Cocktail-BarOpen every 7 AM-5 PM - Pls Reserve for DinnerKM 169 HOTEL CRISTAL BALLENAFresh Fusion DishesVegan and Gluten Free OptionsTuesday to Sunday 11 AM - 4 PM6 KM SOUTH OF UVITA NEXT TO BALLENA BEACHWe are BakingMonday-Wednesday-FridayPlease order today! Home delivery Uvita - BahíaWholemeal Bread w/Species Seeds- Chocolate- CarrotOPENOPENOPENSeafood, Mariscos Casados - PastasFRESH TUNAOpen Evera DayInquire Operating Days & HoursBETWEEN UVITA & OJOCHAL KM 170OPEN8341 17302786 53542786 54072786 53808390 0130UVITA & SURROUNDINGS34

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  

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Please make your reservation for the forthcoming holiday season; a special Christmas or New Year`s Dinner is awaiting you!Welcome to the Beehive Restaurant!Owner Michael Allen created a little paradise for his friends and customers. Locals love the place, amidst tropical vegetation with palm trees, bougainvilleas, and well-manicured landscaping. The view over the mountains and nature is open to all sides. You choose where you wish to sit: in the restaurant, the terrace and next to the pool, the lounge area with comfy seating, or the well-equipped bar. There is even a stage for live music. It is a place to relax and to allow your soul to dangle. Experience the kindness of the waiting staff and the owner Mike himself.From the kitchen, the most enticing aromas are reaching us. Mediterranean cuisine is the Chef`s specialty: the food is prepared with fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, chickpeas, couscous, rice, and legumes. Their lean proteins include sh, poultry, pure olive oil, and other healthy monounsaturated fats with moderate quantities of red meat, cheese, yogurt, and red wine.A Mediterranean diet is not specically intended for rapid weight loss. Instead, it is a way of eating that focuses on wholesome, nutritious foods. Chef Michael prepares the best Lamb dishes in town, Lemon Chicken Feta, Chicken Souvlaki, Marinated Seared Tuna, Shrimp Pasta, or Greek Lasaña.The Baba Ghanosh or Chili Marinated Calamari are just a few more examples from the ample menu. There are children´s plates and delicacies for the sweet tooth. And wine and spirits: the beautiful bar is well-stocked with European and Chilean wines, beers, and Kombucha. Great cocktails are available; ask for yours at the poolside. The premises are so ample, fresh, and airy, and there they follow all hygiene measures, so you can pleasantly chill out at this extraordinary place. GREAT FOOD - GREAT FRIENDS - GREAT FAMILYAUTHOR: DAGMAR REINHARDGASTRONOMY - UVITA & SURROUNDINGS37

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2SWRPHWU\b'UD/XDQD9DUJDVb*ODVVHVZLWKJUDGXDWLRQ&RQWDFWOHQVHV2SKWKDOPRORJ\'UD)ORUD+HUQ£QGH]b&DWDUDFWV3WHU\JLXP'LDEHWLF5HWLQRSDWK\bbÊ11G1qi11s11s1³1q¤1"UiUÙ1({G1¤¤U{si¤ɔŸŕğĈžžĭŕōÝńžƇÝŀĭōġûÝŸĈŕğƪŕƍŸÉĭžƍÝńQĈÝńƇĩ{ŴĈōĭōġQŕƍŸžqŕōāÝƪƇŕGŸĭāÝƪɆqɪɂɚɁȾq¤ÝƇƍŸāÝƪžɇɚɁȾqɪɀqȿȾȾŋsŕŸƇĩŕğ³ƣĭƇÝɞžIÝž¤ƇÝƇĭŕō2102 01228828 2530

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Audiometry is a test that evaluates the functioning of the auditory system, which allows us to determine a person’s ability to hear and detect the altered phase of the hearing process.It thus evaluates the correct functioning of the human auditory system.Proper hearing is a process that follows these steps:1. Reception of sounds in the pinna or ear helps us differentiate from where a sound comes from.2. Passage of sound through the ear canal.3. Shock of the sound in the eardrum, which makes it vibrate like a drum.4. Transmission of vibration by the chain of ossicles, which connect the eardrum with the cochlea.5. Conversion of vibrations to electrical nerve impulses in the cochlea.6. Interpretation of neural signals in the brain.Audiometry will not tell us exactly which phase of the hearing process is not working correctly. Still, it does tell us if the hearing is altered in the transmission of sound or vibrations (transmission deafness) or is more related to the nervous system (sensorineural deafness), which helps a lot in deciding the most effective treatment.Sounds modied in their intensity and pitch are used to carry out the test. Intensity is the volume of a sound measured in decibels, and pitch refers to how high or low a sound is heard and measured in hertz. The sounds that humans can hear are 20-150 dB (from 85 dB can damage the ears)Prevention is the best ally, also in the eld of hearing health. Anticipating possible problems is always the best treatment, and in this sense, hearing examinations are critical. It is a quick and painless process, in which audiometry is the primary test to make an accurate diagnosis.These screenings are especially recommended for people 50 and older. In these cases, any indication of hearing loss is vital to contrast to avoid, or at least stop, some deterioration processes that can be quite rapid. Those interested can make their appointment now at Ópticas del Sol, since we have an alliance with JR Sánchez Audiologia to carry out screenings.Also, we already have batteries and accessories for hearing aids available, as well as a hearing aid inspection and repair service.WHAT IS AN AUDIOMETRY?AUTHOR: DRA. FLORA HERNÁNDEZ¡TRABAJACONNOSOTROS!Ingeniero de softwareAnalista de validaciónDesarrollador iOSIngeniero de InternetDesarrollador javaOptometry: Dra. Luana VargasGlasses with graduationContact lensesOphthalmology: Dra. Flora HernándezCataractsPterygium Diabetic RetinopathyWE ARE A FEMALE ENTREPRENEUR TEAM SPECIALIZED PROFESSIONALS:Professionalstaking care ofyour VisualHealthOpening HoursMonday to Friday 8 AM – 4.30 PMSaturdays9.30 AM – 2 PM100 m North of Uvita'sGas Station HEALTY - UVITA & SURROUNDINGS39

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Turn-key Property ManagementPROPERTY MANAGEMENT EXPERTS• Full-service vacation Rental / Landscaping / Repairs Pool Cleaning / Taxes / Billpay• New Construction – Project ManagementUvita – Ed. Perla del PacíficoLocal #1(next to Servicentro Bahìa Ballena)Saturday: 8 am – 12 mMonday to Friday: 7 am – 4 pm:(506) 7100 1006: OsaPropertyManagementwwwHatillo – Dominical – Uvita – Ojochal – Coronado - San Buenas UVITA & SURROUNDINGS40

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EMERGING FROMTHE CRISISAUTHOR: NICK HALVERSON Never in my 15 years of owning businesses and real estate in the area have I experienced anything like what we are coming out of now. As one can imagine, the present circumstances have brought an entirely new set of challenges.Unlike the Global Crisis that hit Costa Rica back between 2008 - 2012, where real estate prices collapsed (bottoming out in 2012), we are experiencing an all-encompassing attack across all industries. During the last crisis, large real estate developments were shut down practically overnight as the banks cut off their nancing. This had a signicant impact on the construction industry and workers. However, the tourists, along with a new group of investors, were still arriving daily. This allowed the hotels and the restaurants and the ancillary businesses and employees to continue working (home cleaners, cooks, drivers, tour operators, etc.). They provided resources and health care for their entire family. Conversely, we suffered an overall shutdown that impacted the construction industry and the entire country. No sector was left unscathed. Costa Rica has the highest unemployment rate on record right now. At Osa Property Management, we were fortunate given our property maintenance and our mix of long-term and short-term renters. In fact, we were able to grow our business, as the request for rental properties was quite strong during the historically low-season/green season. We had a great demand by Costa Ricans from the San Jose metro area - which continues to this day. No one can predict what measures the government will take in the near future. However, as of now, Costa Rica has opened up the borders for everyone to visit again, as long as they have health insurance.I agree with the Costa Rican government’s plan. It’s time to get people back to work. Countries like Sweden have shown, at least to-date, that lockdowns may cause more harm than good. If you feel you will be safe, then come explore this amazing country (and specically the area between Dominical and Sierpe). If you are in a high-risk group or don’t feel comfortable traveling, stay home and continue to follow us on our social media pages and read every issue of Ballena Tales to see how things are going here. Stay safe. Stay healthy. We will ALL be waiting for you. Pura Vida!INITIATIVE REAL STATE - UVITA & SURROUNDINGS41

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Todos los días6 am - 9 pm300 mtrs Sur oeste delpuente sobre el río Uvita,frente a restaurante La Fogata

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Todos los días6 am - 9 pm300 mtrs Sur oeste delpuente sobre el río Uvita,frente a restaurante La FogataThis beautiful and nicely presented convenience store will cover all your needs. All in one, there is an exquisite Deli department and a well-equipped supermarket. Looking for your beach provision, you can nd prepared meals, sándwiches, snacks, and drinks. You can buy the right ingredients for your lunch, such as sauces, species, or canned products at Steve’s. Fresh organic vegetables and fruit from local farmers are on display.They offer a great variety of gourmet food, cheese, yogurts, and marmalades. Graving for a good Costa Rican coffee? Please get it here and choose from an assortment of pastry, cakes and fresh bread! Love baking? You will discover yucca, almond, coconut, or banana our, all sorts of grains, and other gluten-free articles. We even found bee pollen, which contains many vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, making it incredibly benecial.Steve’s offers products for the health-conscious, residents and visitors alike.The best is yet to come: Steve’s wide range in beers and wines is impressive. From artisanal beer to an exquisite assortment of wines and spirits, nearly everything is available in this friendly shop. For the holiday season, you will nd special offers.Forgot the ice for your dinner party? They have got it!Steve’s is adminístrated by the Costarrican family Acuña-Jiménez who came to Uvita eight years ago. It was a time when Costa Ballena was reopening for investment, and many new businesses popped up. The family constructed a building with its typical triangular shape, conveniently located on the way to the Marine Ballena National Park, close to Uvita center and only meters away from the Coastal Highway. Opening hours from 6 AM to 9 PM. The Supermarket & Deli was baptized “Steve’s” in honor of the owners’ youngest sons, who will take over the establishment one day.The Acuña-Jiménez family wishes you the best for a pleasant holiday with your family. Enjoy your stay in Costa Ballena, and come back soon!STEVE´S SUPERMARKET & DELICATESSENAUTHOR: DAGMAR REINHARD8802-8701INITIATIVE - UVITA & SURROUNDINGS43

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presentaen Uvita, Calle BallenaPRESENTSIN UVITA, CALLE BALLENA+(506) 8305-327045

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PLAZA BAHIA MOANA opens its doors in Uvita, on the main road to the Park National Marino Ballena, Ballena street. This new address, unpublished and contemporary, is signed by Marlène and Yann, a French couple in love with Costa Rica for many years and now lives in Ojochal. They mix private and professional life through M&Y DESIGN - a company dedicated to the construction and decoration of European inspiration.In nostalgic reference to Yann’s childhood and his builder friend Olivier of MAHANA PEARL, the place’s design revolves around the theme of Tahiti, the largest French island in the South Pacic, whose idyllic landscapes, oral scents, and sweetness of life echo Costa Rica. Through its decorative details of doors, wrought iron partitions, and railings, its illustrations, the peak shape of its ceilings, its owers, and tropical plants, it lls us with the atmosphere of a sober, elegant, and modern place.Inside the 500 m2 building, the four fully equipped apartments and harmoniously decorated by M&Y DESIGN will be used for rental of the season. Commercial activities arise from the ties of friends French, further strengthening the theme and atmosphere of the square.M&Y Design is setting up its ofce on the second oor to present its different professional facets. An art gallery, to share and spread the international artists that M&Y DESIGN loves and admires, and whom they met on occasions lucky, in France or Costa Rica. PLAZA BAHÍA MOANAAUTHOR: MARLÈNE BOYER INITIATIVE - UVITA & SURROUNDINGS46

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A line of furniture in his image, from clean, delicate, and sunny lines. And a set of a dozen Costa Rican construction companies, united around M&Y DESIGN in an ethical and technical quality charter, whose objective is to promote local work with the highest standards. Most of them have already participated in the aesthetic and technical success of the building.Yann also presents his other company, MY ENVIRONMENT, specialized in solar products, plumbing, and air conditioning. It offers quality technical equipment, assistance in conducting technical studies and plans, and training for professionals.Mireille, Philippe, and Simon create LE FRENCH CAFE as a family, an obligatory gourmet break, with its bakery-pastry shop, its sandwiches, ideally located on the way to the beach. For a more tasty stop, its magnicent terrace and its lounge invite you to relax.Cécile and Pascal open LA FABRIK with a vindicated, “chic” and fresh French style, a cute shop for women’s clothing, accessories, and decoration. Denis will undoubtedly make a splash with his distinguished and highly professional tattoo and piercing parlor UVITA INK perfectly embodying Tahiti’s culture and spirit, in which Maori tattoos are trendy.PLAZA BAHIA MOANA thus represents the beginning of a new architectural area in Uvita, putting at the center no longer practicality but beauty and integration Harmonious of a building in its charming atmosphere. Through their commercial linked and supportive activities, the place will also undoubtedly stand out with a warm and friendly soul.8551-2703INITIATIVE - UVITA & SURROUNDINGS47

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+506 8946 7134 +506 8914 1568

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The reconnection with our instincts also teaches us how to reconnect with GAIA to regain the connection with great MOTHER EARTH.The benets of this reconnection have a signicant impact on mental and physical health. In a matter of minutes, we can quickly and pleasantly counteract loads that we absorb living in cities far from a healthy physiological and natural environment. Poor diet, stress, air, and water pollution, electromagnetic waves, among many, are factors that unbalance us, alter our bio-rhythms, and lead to oxidation in our cells and tissues.Give it a try; your guts will give you a clue if you are doing it right! When you feel good, then it is working for you.The beaches and rural roads in Osa invite you, start the healthy practice of Grounding today.The practice of walking barefoot on the beach or grass and making regular contact of the skin with the Earth, as well as swimming in the natural waters of the ocean or hugging a tree, helps to cure chronic inammatory diseases in 95% of all cases. We are electromagnetic beings, and to be healthy, we need to establish an adequate and balanced conductivity.Making this reconnection with the Earth is called “grounding” or “earthing” and will soon convince you that it has wonderful healing properties for our body.When we lie on the warm sand to feel the rays of the sun on our skin, it is our instincts that prompt us to do things like that. We breathe very deeply when we are at a high altitude in the mountains. We walk barefoot through the dry or wet sand on the beach, a green lawn, or a path in the forest, perceiving an enjoyable sensation.The instinct that inspires us to make contact with nature is a perfect guide and wise counselor, and in connection with it, we learn to understand your body better, care for it and respect it as it deserves. RECONNECTION THROUGH GROUNDINGAUTHOR: DAGMAR REINHARD BODY – MIND – SOUL - UVITA & SURROUNDINGS49

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TRENDING IN NEW HOME DESIGN: 2021AUTHOR: SHELAGH DUNCAN – ROYAL PALM INTERIORS We are indeed living in interesting times. Home isn’t just home anymore, it has become an ofce, a school, gym, play area, restaurant, dormitory, and a place to retreat and relax. Here is a quick look at some key needs and wants from new home buyers. LINK: Multifunctional Spaces and FurnitureGreat Room - a unique space for entertaining, cooking, dining, and living, and also areas that can function as a separate studio, ofce or workout area when more privacy or less distraction is desired. Movable walls and innovative design make this happen.Using modular and multifunctional furniture like sofa sleepers and storage ottomans naturally, and new innovative ideas like combo wall-bed/dining table or sofa are in demand for smaller homes.2) Concept LivingThese are the homes that are designed around the passion and lifestyle of the occupants. People are asking for homes that echo their personality, their passion. They are specically designed to function well and perfectly t your lifestyle. If you love to cook and entertain – build and enjoy that home. If your passion is yoga or painting – build for that.3) SustainabilityUsing renewable resources, recycled materials, and minimizing the footprint of new home builds.4) Bringing the Outdoors In:Blurring the lines between inside and out, with large windows expanding the space visually.The main requirements emerging from an NKBA* study were:CONNECTED LIVING: Connected devices naturally, and primarily the connection among people. Homeowners want kitchens to promote human interaction—and the connected devices, appliances, and systems will be in place to serve that end. Open-plan kitchens will be inviting, and bathrooms become areas of relaxation and escape. Both connect with nature by using big windows, expansive views, and natural materials.SIMPLIFIED LIVING: Minimalism is trending, so storage is a critical component of kitchen and bath design, and low maintenance design & materials are also part of keeping things simple.LIVING IN PLACE: Homes with accessibility for all ages and abilities, so curbless showers, wider doorways, pull-out kitchen shelving, ergonomic drawer and door handles, and front-loading laundry appliances.Kitchens & Bathrooms• Larger kitchen islands - multifunctional for meal prep, dining, work-from-home• Open oor plan with fewer walls• More charging outlets• Larger sinks and refrigerators to wash and store fresh produce• Commercial nishes and fabrics for easy cleaning and durability• Recycling & composting stations• Large-format tile, thinner grout lines for easier cleaning• Compartmentalized storage with integrated outlets (hairdryer, razor, toothbrush, phone)• Self-cleaning toilets• Larger, zero-clearance showers with integrated seating and decorative grab bars• Wi-Fi connectivity• Touchless activation for shower, lighting, entertainment• Increased natural light & natural materialsThey carefully researched different groups and interests, and based on what we are living, I think we can see how relevant these trends are. The world is changing, and so are our homes and the way we live in them.LIFE STYLE - UVITA & SURROUNDINGS51

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In October 2020, a timid female dog showed up at Tucán Hotel in Uvita. She showed unmistakable signs that she had nursing puppies somewhere. Niki Norlock, who runs SimbiOsa (the restaurant in the Tucán Hotel), put out food for this very skinny momma dog. She would not let people approach her but gladly accepted the food and then would disappear. This went on for several days. About a week later, the momma dog came with four puppies and left them at the hotel. The puppies were around ve weeks old and covered with eas. Niki contacted DAWG for help. DAWG provided food, a medicated shampoo, vet care, a crate and a puppy pen. Another week went by, and another puppy showed up at the property beside the hotel, so then there were ve puppies!!! Then a few days later, they found another puppy, so then there were six!!! These puppies will be vaccinated and spayed or neutered when they are older, and good homes located for them. DAWG hopes to catch the momma dog and have her xed as well and placed in a loving family.DAWG can’t thank Tucán Hotel enough for allowing these puppies to be fostered on their property and SimbiOsa for feeding these pups. If you are in Uvita, please have a delicious meal at SimbiOsa. If you are looking for a cool place to stay, then please contact the Tucán Hotel.DAWG Needs Your Help!!!DAWG needs your help for the care of these puppies and all of the other rescues in our care. In addition, DAWG has not stopped holding spay and neuter clinics. Presently DAWG is sponsoring two low-cost clinics per month, primarily in outlying areas where people usually would not take their pets to a veterinarian. Since DAWG’s inception, over 3000 pets have been spayed or neutered. DAWG continues to be committed to providing this service to the community to reduce the number of abandoned or unwanted dogs and cats. If you agree that rescuing and clinics are as vital as we do, then DAWG needs your donations! You can donate by credit card or PayPal, and since DAWG also has non-prot status as a 501(c)3 in the U.S., your donations through this account are tax-deductible. Here is the link to our page detailing how you can help and donate. Thank you!!!Footnote: Asociación D.A.W.G. Grupo Bienestar de Los Animales Domésticos Costa Rica, doing business as DAWG, Domestic Animal Welfare Group, is a non-prot organization focused on animal advocacy in the Costa TYPICAL WEEK IN THE LIFE OF A DOG AND CAT RESCUE ORGANIZATIONAUTHOR: SUSAN STRONG SALUD ANIMAL / ANIMAL HEALTH - UVITA & SURROUNDINGS53

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impreuvita@gmail.comBrother’s Print8359-9001RótulosCamisetasMenúsTarjetas de PresentaciónSignsT-shirtsMenusBusiness cardsAnd more...Y mucho más...P R I N TBROTHER’SDISEÑO Y PUBLICIDADUVITA & SURROUNDINGS54

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If you’ve spent any amount of time in Costa Ballena, then you’re likely to have felt it — there’s just something about this place. Something magical, something special. It’s most likely a combination of factors: the stunning, natural beauty, the friendly and engaged community members, exciting activities, and restaurants and eateries to enjoy. The list could go on. Another quality that sets this region apart is residents’ willingness to come together to serve, preserve, and improve the community — places and spaces we all share. It is a widespread occurrence here to see individuals, businesses, and other types of organizations raising their hand and saying, “How can I (or we) get involved?”In 2019, Fundación SOMOS was founded by a group of local leaders to help formalize this sense of community responsibility. By connecting the dots between local needs, skills, and talents and various forms of regional, national, and international support, SOMOS has been able to help mitigate the economic impacts of the pandemic. After mobilizing an immediate response with food aid and assistance, SOMOS transitioned into working alongside community organizations to bolster tourism — the main economic driver in our communities.While it is important to have a trusted community organization to address crisis moments, the long-term vision of Fundación SOMOS is to be less of an executor and more of an enabler, convener, and catalyst. Maintaining a clean and beautiful place to live, ensuring the safety and security of all here, and supporting a thriving and diversied economy are all core values of Fundación SOMOS. It acts as an umbrella organization to unite individuals and organizations, the public and the private sectors, inhabitants of the community, and those looking to come and visit. Fundación SOMOS has a unique way to bring together all community stakeholders: it’s 1% Pledge.By taking the pledge, individuals and businesses agree to make a monthly contribution to community responsibility and development that ts their monthly budget and intention. Pledge members also commit to asking their guests and client networks to contribute, thereby signicantly amplifying the overall contribution. In real terms, if you become a 1% Pledge member today, your contributions will be supporting the signicant and hard work of organizations like the Costa Ballena Lifeguards. This crew works tirelessly to keep us safe as we enjoy the beautiful beaches of our area. Their focus on prevention and rescue has kept thousands of ocean bathers safe for the past six years.We encourage you to take the Fundacion SOMOS 1% Pledge and help this community go the distance. As the adage says — it may be true that we can go faster alone, but we can certainly go a lot farther together. SOMOS FOUNDATION 1% PLEDGE: A PRACTICAL WAY TO UNITE COMMUNITY STAKEHOLDERSAUTHOR: ADRIANNE CHANDRA-HUFF 8996 2107 8712 8919INITIATIVE - UVITA & SURROUNDINGS55

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The best way to receive the New Year is to change color in our homes, rooms, businesses, or any other space.Changing color can lead to a transformation of the aesthetic and psychological situation. Through colors, we can alternate our mood and even improve behaviors. The color change can positively stimulate our spirits or refresh our memory with a memory of a space that already existed. By changing the paint color, it gives us the impression of being in a different place. It is enough to nd our inspiration, and we can go out and nd the color that transmits that feeling of well-being that we are looking for.Now, there are color guides and collections in the paint market that show us the way to the latest trends.For example, the Sherwin Williams brand is a world leader in establishing these color collections and trends. Each month the color of the month is chosen. For November, the color is CANYON CLAY SW 6054 that draws inuences from nature to establish a rustic and modern tone that encompasses a diversity of styles, from coastal areas to country areas.For the next year, 2021, URBANE BRONZE SW 7048 was designated as the color of the year. It is a color inspired by the essential elements of the earth such as stone, metal and wood. This shade is an ideal choice for creating a serene, meditative, and grounded space.In our business in Uvita - Costa Ballena, we can help you choose the color you are looking for, and we also advise you technically to select the correct product for each need.We offer the best paints and a wide variety of accessories, from paint brushes, paint brushes, tape measures, blue painter’s tape, masking tools, sandpaper, hole llers and more.We are the Costa Ballena Painting Center. It will be a pleasure to serve you.DO IT YOURSELFCOLOR CHANGEAUTHOR:JULIO FERNÁNDEZ AGÜERO LIFESTYLE - UVITA & SURROUNDINGS57

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Non-profit project of the Open Arms Foundation, We accept donations of good, used clothingRopa de alta calidad a precios buenos para mujeres, hombres y niños: camisas, shorts, trajes de baño, jeans, vestidos(506) 2201-5962La Cancha Sintética, Centro de UvitaFacebook: Buena Voluntad Tienda AmericanaTHRIFT STORE UVITA & SURROUNDINGS58

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At an incredible location, close to the Whale Tail, owner Debbie Krejci offers a stunning space for Yoga Teacher Training (YTT), yoga practice, and retreats. Stemming from Ohio in the U.S., Debbie acquired her yoga training in Mexico (200) and Florida (300), E-RYT 500 status, Personal Training certication, and Pilates Mat One. Formerly a paramedic and reghter/inspector, Debbie became interested in yoga as it was similar to the physical therapy she went through due to an injury with the re department. Having pushed herself hard with marathon running and intensive workplaces, she found a teacher that made yoga fun and has gone on to teach in Mexico, Greece, Sri Lanka, and now Costa Rica.She saw the growth potential in the Uvita area and was drawn to the beach, mountains, wildlife, and Pura Vida lifestyle. The easy access to local waterfalls, including Nauyaca, and the Whale Tale beach make it an ideal location for some Namaste!Yoga Maya Uvita offers all the props (mats, straps, blocks) for all levels and will soon be offering Intro classes, for those new to yoga, in addition to the already available Yin, Vinyasa (with modications given). Yoga Teacher Training and High- Intensity Interval classes will also be scheduled. Debbie is currently working on writing an Anatomy book that includes coloring pages specic to yogis.Former Y.T.T.s have also included Gong/Sound baths, Cacao ceremonies, horseback riding, and a Medicinal Plant tour. There are bikes and surfboards available!The grounds provide gardens for clients to have access to the Edible and Medicinal established plants of maracuya, mango, and mamones, with vanilla, turmeric/ginger, bananas/plantains, and ylang-ylang being added.This stunning venue offers a large yoga shala with a teak oor that is easier on the body, alongside a separate area that can be used for dining, classrooms, and meetings. There are housing options for every budget, and many restaurants and shops are within walking distance. Yoga classes are currently being offered Monday through Friday. (R.S.V.P. necessary!) YOGA MAYA UVITA AT BAHIAAUTHOR: J.S.P.BODY-MIND-SOUL - UVITA & SURROUNDINGS59

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As we all know, the ocean is in great danger. Climate change, plastic pollution, the shing industry, and water pollution are threatening all marine life. All this happens underwater and is not seen, which generates a lack of information in the general public and very little marine conservation education. The solution proposed by the INNOCEANA organization is to raise awareness, especially in children, and show all these challenges through its new INNOTALES project.INNOTALES is a new concept of interactive stories or tales about the marine world and the importance of a healthy ocean. They present audios, photos, and videos lmed underwater while Innoceana’s marine conservation efforts are underway. Innotales is distributed digitally and can be read on various electronic devices to take the reader on an underwater journey with maximum accessibility. INNOTALES,MARINE CONSERVATIONAUTHOR: JULIA ZAFRA ARANDA - MARINE BIOLOGIST INNOTALES PROJECT LEADERWILDLIFE - UVITA & SURROUNDINGS60

Page 61

Access to the ocean and nature varies, but access to marine conservation education shouldn’t. The Innotales project intends to educate children and the general public about the ocean and value it, thus increasing the sensitivity for all the problems that threaten marine life. The more children know about their ocean, the more they will care for and protect it!Currently available in English and Spanish, the Innotales pilot story “A Turtle Called Raquel” focuses on a green sea turtle born in the Caribbean of Costa Rica and travels to the Canary Islands in search of seagrasses. In the book, readers can “choose their adventure,” selecting from different videos, images, and stories as Raquel makes her journey. The story shows the vital biodiversity of ocean grasslands and exposes the dangers that threaten marine life. The book was created, free of charge to everyone to try to help and entertain the families left at home. The impact obtained was very great. It received a wave of positive comments and more than 5,000 visits, appearing on podcasts and in the news and even being shared by numerous organizations and educators who used the book as a tool to work with children and girls.Being part of the Innoceana team, we will continue with our series in the South Pacic of Costa Rica. We want to write a story in collaboration with the National System of Conservation Areas (SINAC). The protagonist, this time, is a hawksbill turtle in the Isla del Caño and surroundings. The hawksbill turtle is a common inhabitant of diving excursions on Caño Island. We believe that taking this turtle on an adventure around the Pacic coast of Costa Rica would give us an excellent opportunity to show both children and adults the incredible marine life present in the area. You can enjoy the book for FREE. Click the link below!READTHE BOOKWILDLIFE - UVITA & SURROUNDINGS61

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The South Pacic coast is in itself an indisputable natural beauty, its marine landscapes, the abundance of forests and the diverse geographical landscapes make it one of the main tourist attractions in the unique Costa Rica. Being its beautiful beaches and exotic places are always the protagonists, in this occasion the Brunqueña Mountain Ridge shines, though very reserved and equable. It is called as well coastal row because of its proximity to the South Pacic coast.Its name comes from the indigenous Boruca or Brunca, rst inhabitants that inhabited the lands of the South of the country.Just look back, when you are in one of the almost pristine beaches of the South Pacic, to appreciate its prominent presence. This mountainous row extends parallel along the south coast, a barrier between the General Valley and the “Ballena Coast”. It is part of a secondary mountainous system, which means it is the oldest lands originated, formed by clastic marine deposits, with bauxite and limestone standing out. At the same time, it functions as a biological corridor between the coastal ecosystems, its mountains and the Talamanca mountain range, being spaces of great biological value and eco-systemic connectivity.A change in the use of land and economic activity -tourism-, allowed a recovery of the forest cover that had diminished until the 60s, contributing with the conservation efforts of the natural resources of the area.Its extension covers the entire district of Bahía Ballena and a part of the district of Cortés in Osa, being for the inhabitants of these towns a slope of great visual value and inexpressible mysticism. In the mornings the yby of the birds, against the contrast of dark colors and the soft mist that surrounds it, generates a morning show that is repeated in the sunset, its hills and green-blue slopes adorned with exuberant tropical vegetation, responsible for every year dozens of foreigners choosing it as the perfect neighborhood to live together.THE BRUNQUEÑA MOUNTAIN RIDGETHE PERFECT NEIGHBORAUTHOR: LUIS H. GALERA 8532 1355UVITA & SURROUNDINGS63

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Locals love it and visitors very soon become enraptured by this secluded bay out of the beaten track bay, only a few km North of Ojochal. The name derives from the caves on the north side that look like windows = ventanas in Spanish. Playa Ventanas is an excellent spot to mingle with the Ticos and experience a typical South Pacic beach.What a beautiful spot. You will now understand why people love this secluded beach, surrounded by lush rainforest and lined with palm trees. It mostly has calm waves. The shallow waters are safe for children (always under their parents’ observation and paying attention to the lifeguards’ alerts.) The beach has dark, compact sand, and the waters can be dark blue or green, depending on the sun and clouds, typical characteristics of beaches in the South Pacic of Costa Rica.Relax lying on the warm sand or sitting on a fallen tree trunk, ¡or hire shades and loungers! Looking up to the mountainside, you can watch the scarlet macaws noisily disputing the nuts on an almond tree or observe monkeys swinging through the treetops. Nearing the end of the afternoon, you can’t overhear the majestic toucans’ cries. Thriving vegetation and the green mountains stretch all along the coastline. Explore the long sandy beach, the river, and the caves. Remember to check out the tide charts since the width of the beaches shrinks with the growing tide. The bay calms the swell, so it is generally suitable for swimming. The visitor can practice diving, artisanal shing, kayaking, and snorkeling. Playa Ventanas is a good place for surf beginners and has lifeguards. CAVES OPENING TO THE OCEAN ALIKE WINDOWS PLAYA VENTANASAUTHOR: DAGMAR REINHARDOJOCHAL & SURROUNDINGS64

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Ask them about riptides, which occur quite frequently. And after a day full of discoveries, you might be so fortunate as to witness one of those once-in-a-lifetime-sunsets at Playa Ventanas. Hungry? Stalls in the shade of the palm trees offer fried whole sh or coconut water. ParkingThe parking lot (no entrance fee) costs 2,000 colones, less than $3.50 for the whole day. (Never leave your valuables in the car.)Opening hours: 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. Weekends 5 a.m. to 8 p.m.Playa Ventanas is in the Puntarenas province, 235 kilometers South (146 miles) from San Jose and 12 kilometers South (7.5 miles) from Uvita, located in Costa Ballena, South Pacic coast Costa Rica. Take the turn to Playa Ventanas right off the Pacíca Fernández Oreamuno, Route 34 (Costanera Sur), around the 176-kilometer marker, only 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) north of Ojochal. You don’t need a 4×4 to get there; even a sedan can access the parking. Adventure insight: you have to cross a little creek! ServicesPublic toilet facilities and basic showers are available. No potable water!OJOCHAL & SURROUNDINGS65

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ADVERTISE WITH US OJOCHAL& SURROUNDINGS66

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Before pulling it out as an ordinary weed, I took a photo with an app called PlantNet. And in a second, I had its name; Google told me the rest. I am impressed by the surprising benets of Piper Umbellatum. It is a plant growing in tropical áreas, and you can nd it along our rural streets and in your garden. It can ower all year round if there is sufcient moisture. You can eat young leaves and inorescences (erect spikes about 4 mm thick and 10 to 15 cm long.) raw in salads or steamed and eaten as a vegetable or served as a side dish with rice or eggs. You can use the leaves to wrap up other foods you want to cook. The fruit has a sweetish avor when fully ripe and is eaten raw as a delicacy. You can use the basal part of the stem and the bark as a condiment.And now listen to this:The leaves are used as an antiseptic, emollient, vermifuge, to heal wounds and inamed tumors, and in massages to relieve migraine and rheumatic pain. Mothers wash their feverish children with a decoction and use the leaf juice to remedy earache and conjunctivitis. It is diuretic, emmenagogue, and galactagogue. Before hiking in the jungle or working in your garden, you can rub them on the skin to prevent bug and tick bites.The crushed leaves are applied in the form of an enema to treat rectal prolapse. Women regulate menses and prevent abortion by consuming the aerial parts. If you have a persistent cough, you can calm it with a tea made from the ower clusters. The crushed twigs and seeds, mixed with salt, help against intestinal worms.The roots are considered diuretic, febrifuge, and stimulant. A decoction is a powerful digestive, and macerated they are used to treat rheumatism, dyspepsia, constipation, jaundice, malaria, urinary and kidney problems, syphilis, gonorrhea, leucorrhoea, menstrual issues, stomach-ache, and rheumatism.Roots and aerial parts contain 4-nerolidylcatechol, a powerful antioxidant with chemopreventative potential. Piper umbellatum can be used in baths to subdue edema and uterine complaints. The essential oil from the plant’s aerial parts has high beta-pinene, alpha-pinene, (E)-nerolidol, and beta-caryophyllene and is used in the treatment of skin cáncer. I am moved by the nd I made in my garden. Have you discovered yours already? Anyway, please inform yourself thoroughly before using any plant you nd in the wild.MIRACULOUS PIPERUMBELLATUMAUTHOR: DAGMAR REINHARD HEALTH - OJOCHAL & SURROUNDINGS67

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  HELLOSUMMER!WE WELCOME YOU!

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I recently took a ve-day virtual conference about Equine-Assisted Therapy. Many different presenters, workshops, and training videos wholly opened my eyes to a new way of looking at life. There were three major takeaways from the conference I’d like to share!The rst thing from the conference that struck me as critical to fully living is never stop moving. We’ve all gotten stagnant lately, and sometimes we need encouragement to get ourselves up and active. It’s proven that it is through movement that our bodies and minds continue to grow. When we rest, we rust!Now that Summer is upon us, it’s time to welcome family, friends and visitors from around the world to come and see this lovely place we call home. I invite you to open up these people to new experiences and take them to places where there is something to learn about our extraordinary area. Take them on a coconut or coffee tour. Take them to a wildlife sanctuary, go for a riverboat ride, or take a kayak tour through the mangroves. Explore a waterfall, a nature reserve, or take a horse ride on the beach! There’s so much to learn from the lovely local people, and we all know how happy they are to share what they know with us. There’s something to be said for furthering our education and expanding our minds to new things! I was also super excited to be reminded of the importance of being playful, which I think we all forget as we mature. I was so grateful to be taught how vital it is to connect with our inner child! Let’s see if we can get away from being so serious. Seek and create fun, have a dance party, even by yourself! I often nd a space on a wall in my house where I can see my shadow. Next, I put on some super danceable music and do what I call “Shadow Dancing”! Get a hula hoop, play ball with your dogs, rediscover what it feels like to be lighthearted. Then, share these ideas to create an elevated level of fun with all those around you. Remember the beauty of real laughter and how contagious it is! Pura vida!HELLOSUMMER!WE WELCOME YOU! AUTHOR: BETH SYLVERINITIATIVE - OJOCHAL & SURROUNDINGS69

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RESTAURANTSOJOCHALOPENBreakfast and Lunch Vegan and Vegetarian optionMon. to Sat. 7AM to 4PM - Sunday ClosedENTRADA DE OJOCHALBreakfast lunch dinnerThursday & Friday - 12 - 8 pmSaturday & Sunday - 9 am - 6 pmNEXT TO HOTEL EL MONO FELIZCALLE DEL JARDINOPENCreative CuisineMonday - Saturday 12AM - 9 PMSunday ClosedPLAZA TANGARAOPEN8729 41152786 50592786 5157WineBar&LoungeMediterraneanandLambSpecialitiesTHURSDAY - TUESDAY 4-10 PMWEDNESDAY CLOSEDLIVELY ATMOSPHEREAvenida Principal Next to Super Jucaloa4701 0110OPENING DECEMBER, 15TH OJOCHAL & SURROUNDINGS70

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CC Plaza Ventanas (next to the Gas Station)Corporation and Commercial LawResidency and Immigration LawProperty Transfers Vehicle TransfersTestamentsLast Wills OJOCHAL & SURROUNDINGS72

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COSTA RICAN BANKNOTESAUTHOR: J.S. PARRISH The six banknotes of Costa Rica are quite beautiful! All of them pay tribute to the people who made signicant contributions to Costa Rica’s history on the front, with the reverse showing the biodiversity with representations of plants, ecosystems, and animals such as sloths, hummingbirds, and sharks.The colón was introduced in 1896, replacing the Costa Rican peso. A variety of banks issued Colóns in the rst half of the twentieth century, but since 1951 have been produced solely by the Central Bank of Costa Rica. The plural is called colones, and the symbol is ₡. The money is named after Christopher Columbus, known as Cristóbal Colón in Spanish. Banknotes are of different sizes to make it easier for people with visual impairments to recognize them. One feature for security is that the Costa Rican map will change from purple to green when they are turned.The 1,000 bills are made of polypropylene, a speck of thin dirt and water-resistant plastic to withstand outdoor and environmental factors. On the front, it features Braulio Evaristo Carrillo Colina (March 20th, 1800, Cartago, Costa Rica – May 15th, 1845) was the Head of State. The title before the reform of 1848 during two periods was between 1835 and 1837, and the de facto between 1838 and 1842. Before becoming head of state, Carrillo held several public positions, including Judge and Chairman of the Supreme Court of Costa Rica, member of the Legislative Assembly, and member of the Congress of the Federal Republic of Central America.The back features pictures of the Guanacaste tree, a white-tailed deer, and a night-blooming cactus. The Guanacaste tree was claimed as national tree on August 31st, 1959. It is a member of the legume family. Guanacaste is also the name of one of the seven Provinces of Costa Rica. In the next issue, we will explore more of the interesting and beautiful money that reects this amazing country’s people and nature!FINANCES - OJOCHAL& SURROUNDINGS73

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It is an exhibition with identity, designed by and for the inhabitants of the Osa Canton. It is a temporary exhibition “In Osa history travels by bicycle,” which you can admire at the Finca 6 Museum site, in Palmar Sur.There, visitors will be able to take a tour through the Osa canton’s history through the stories of ve people who preserve their old bicycles. We seek to value bicycles’ social and cultural use during the Canton of Osa’s banana occupation period.Through a series of attractive museum resources, we hope that visitors can be transported to the banana era, to its cobbled streets and the banana plantations through which people traveled on their bicycles.The theme focuses on the bicycles’ social value in the banana context, and how this has transcended over time in the Canton. We seek to make the old bicycle and its social use visible as a means of heritage value. As a vehicle, it carries stories and stories associated with people with life stories, bearers of a vast social and cultural heritage that allows us to understand the reality and development. We want to rescue this object’s patrimonial and social values and traditions and remember those who are carriers of knowledge and stories.The cultural legacy of the bicycle in CantonIn the Canton of Osa, bicycles are part of the heritage legacy of the banana period. A culture has been existing around this means of transport. Its practical and social use has evolved by these realities, the times, the contexts, and the population’s needs.In this sense, the Museum undertook the task of gathering information to reconstruct a fragment of history in the Osa canton from the knowledge, stories, and stories of ve people who live in the Canton and who lived part of their lives in the social and cultural context during the banana occupation period.Many of the banana workers still have their old bicycles. Some of them have been modied, contemporary elements added, and some original systems replaced them, the rod brakes, the handlebars, and the saddles to adapt them to the conditions of the environment and the national market of spare parts.The Finca 6 Site Museum Visitor Center is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 8 am to 2 pm. For now, temporarily, admission is free. It is located 8 km from the Palmar Sur park, on the road to Sierpe.In addition to the temporary exhibition “In Osa, history travels by bicycle”, you can visit the permanent exhibition “Diquís, a unique region” and the archaeological site with stone spheres.Historical background: The Costa Rican Banana Company reached a commercial agreement with the government of President González Flores (1914-1917) to create an enclave in the southern lands. This agreement allowed the exploitation for 100 years of the plains of Parrita, Palmar, Piedras Blancas; Coto y Laurel for the planting of a monoculture called the green gold: the banana.IN OSA HISTORY TRAVELS ON BICYCLESAUTHOR: CARLOS MORALES BARRANTESHISTORY - PALMAR & SURROUNDINGS75

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GREETINGS FROM BEAUTIFULDRAKE BAY!RESERVE YOUR FISHINGADVENTURE HERE:We are thrilled to announce that Salt Life and their unique clothing, sunglasses, and accessories line are now sponsoring us. It is exiting that Costa Rica has re-opened its doors to tourists from all over the world. In many respects, 2020 has been a very unusual year. There is no doubt that many people are hurting in our little village due to the present restrictions. It’s vital that we get tourism back up and running for all sectors of the economy. We have used this time off to accomplish two main objectives: Feed as many people in Drake Bay as possible and get the Reel Escape and Reel Time in perfect condition for the re-opening. At the time of this writing, I am very proud to report that we have provided over 250 baskets of food and supplies to families in need. I can’t thank our clients enough for their incredible support and kindness. The Reel Escape spent a month in Marina Pez Vela in Quepos, where she received a full maintenance and safety check. Besides, we painted the bottom and replaced all of the cushions in the salon. Many of our clients love to take a break and enjoy the superb air conditioning on the boat. The Reel Time was also taken out of the water and had a full maintenance check and new paint. Both boats are in perfect shape and ready for shing. Speaking of shing, I can report that they are biting voraciously. On the way home from Quepos, we made a brief stop near Cano Island and quickly caught several big Cubera Snapper and Amberjacks. It was gratifying as we were able to provide a lot of fresh sh to the village. For those of you who have not shed with us before, let me tell you a little more about Fish Drake Bay: we are a professional sportshing company operating at the highest service and safety standards.I am a native of Drake Bay and have been a licensed Captain for over 20 years. We employ two full-time mates who are great shermen and take care of our clients´ needs while they are on the boat. We have clients from professionals to families with children who have never shed before. We love teaching people how to sh and showing off our beautiful local waters. Our clients love watching birds, turtles, porpoise, and even humpback whales, in addition to the great shing. Full-day trips include the ability to go offshore searching for big tuna, marlin, sailsh, and time permitting, maybe a rooster or snapper. Half-day trips stay inshore mostly along the coastline, river mouths, and the Cano Island reef. Pura Vida! Tight Lines,AUTHOR: CAPTAIN WILLY ATENCIO SPORT / ACTIVITIES - DRAKE BAY & SURROUNDINGS77

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THE SECRET LIFE OF THE SHARKS CENTER FOR RESEARCH IN MARINE SCIENCES AND LIMNOLOGY (CIMAR) OF THE UNIVERSITY OF COSTA RICAAfter four years of research, the rst results of the project The Secret Life of Sharks of Costa Rica are published in the Scientic Reports journal of Nature Research, a journal with a high impact worldwide. It is a project of the Center for Research in Marine Sciences and Limnology (CIMAR) of the University of Costa Rica. It seeks to offer information about sharks and rays and thus be able to give them better protection.In this project, we use remote underwater cameras with bait, a technique recognized worldwide for its effectiveness in studying predatory species such as sharks. With this technique, we can study these animals without entering their habitat or taking them out of the water. That guarantees us more reliable data without causing any harm to the animals.We have placed a total of 1037 cameras throughout the Pacic Coast of Costa Rica, including Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) such as the Isla del Caño Biological Reserve, the Murcielago Islands, and the Isla del Coco National Park. We are lucky enough to work hand in hand with the island’s park rangers. Besides, we also monitor three sites where shing is allowed in the North Pacic of Costa Rica.Our cameras allowed us to detect up to 11 species of sharks and 18 species of rays, of which 66% are threatened. One of the most important results is that the largest species (top predators), such as hammerhead, tiger, silky, freshwater, or bull shark, were only detected within MPAs. On the other hand, in places where shing is allowed, many rays and smaller sharks were detected. Besides, top predators AUTHOR: MARTA CAMBRAENVIRONMENT- SOUTH PASIFIC78

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were much more abundant on Isla del Coco than on Isla del Caño and the Murcielago Islands, possibly due to the human impact these more coastal islands receive.Therefore, our results demonstrate the benets of marine protected areas for large shark species. They conrm the negative impact of humans on the subsistence of coastal sharks and rays.We are currently looking for funds and alliances to continue with this monitoring of sharks and rays, which at the regional level is the most extensive and durable recorded to date.This study is possible thanks to alliances with government entities (SINAC), NGOs (Global Finprint, FAICO, Costa Rica por Siempre, Waitt Foundation, Fundación Pacíco, Idea Wild, Conservation International, Fundación Costa Rica Wildlife) and local companies (Costa Rica Dive and Surf, Undersea Hunter and Cuajiniquil Dive Center).8512 2129 ENVIRONMENT - SOUTH PASIFIC79

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One World. One Search.Drake Bay - Pirate's HideoutLot size: 41.51 acresTitled - Legal Water Sale Price0,000 USDRio Claro - 25 WaterfallsLot size: 74.13 acresMountain and River ViewSale Price000,000 USDSierpe - Prime Forest LandLot size: 745 acresOcean, Mountain and Panoramic ViewsSale Price,000 USDRincon de Osa - WonderlandLot size: 408.7 acresMountain & Ocean View - Ocean Front Sale Price,000 USDRincon de Osa - Mother NatureLot size: 169 acresMountain & Ocean View - Ocean Front Sale Price000,000 USDRincon de Osa - Tropical RainforestLot size: 69.18 acresMountain & Ocean View - Ocean Front Sale Price0,000 USDDINIA OTAROLA(506) 8451 4590CHRIS SCHAUER(506) 8705 7239(506) 8411 4245MAGALY AVALOSCHRISTIAN MENA(506) 8709 1469CESAR BENAVIDES(506) 8314 0690TIM FEYEREISEN(506) 8975 / / (506) 4702 1307 OFFICE LOCATION: 100 METERS NORTH FROM MAIN ENTRANCE TO OJOCHAL DE OSA. OSA PENINSULA is RE/MAX TERRITORYInvestment, Commercial, Conservation and LuxuryHeather MannMobile: (506) 8723 2323Zbigniew (Ben) BodzakMobile: (506) 8723 0795www.we-sell-paradise.comOffice: (506) 4702 1307e-mail: Investment, Commercial, Conservation and LuxuryDrake Bay - Pirate's HideoutLot size: 41.51 acresTitled - Legal WaterSale Price: �900.000 USDDrake Bay - Pirate's HideoutLot size: 41.51 acresTitled - Legal WaterSale Price: �900.000 USDRio Claro - 25 WaterfallsLot size: 74.13 acresMountain and River ViewSale Price: �2.000.000 USDRio Claro - 25 WaterfallsLot size: 74.13 acresMountain and River ViewSale Price: �2.000.000 USDRio Claro - 25 WaterfallsLot size: 74.13 acresMountain and River ViewSale Price: �2.000.000 USDRio Claro - 25 WaterfallsLot size: 74.13 acresMountain and River ViewSale Price: �2.000.000 USDSierpe - Prime Forest LandLot size: 745 acresOcean, Mountain and Panoramic ViewsSale Price: �1.570.000 USDSierpe - Prime Forest LandLot size: 745 acresOcean, Mountain and Panoramic ViewsSale Price: �1.570.000 USDRincon de Osa - Mother NatureLot size: 169 acresMountain & Ocean View - Ocean FrontSale Price: �5.000.000 USDRincon de Osa - Mother NatureLot size: 169 acresMountain & Ocean View - Ocean FrontSale Price: �5.000.000 USDRincon de Osa - Tropical RainforestLot size: 69.18 acresMountain & Ocean View - Ocean FrontSale Price: �2.800.000 USDRincon de Osa - Tropical RainforestLot size: 69.18 acresMountain & Ocean View - Ocean FrontSale Price: �2.800.000 USDRincon de Osa - WonderlandLot size: 408.7 acresMountain & Ocean View - Ocean FrontSale Price: �1.650.000 USDRincon de Osa - WonderlandLot size: 408.7 acresMountain & Ocean View - Ocean FrontSale Price: �1.650.000 USD

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You want to sell your home for the highest possible price. Pricing your home can be the single most important factor when you are selling your home. The question is, what is pricing? Pricing is all about supply and demand.What do home buyers care more about than “location, location, location?” The answer is…” price, price, price!” The rst thing buyers look at, is the price. It doesn’t matter how perfect the house is; if the price does not fall within the buyer’s budget, it will be a big “NO.”Some agents come in, suggesting an unrealistically high sale price, called “buying the listing.”They know the price is higher than the market value, but they use an inated price to entice a seller to list with them. When the seller is locked into a contract and the home is not selling, they lower the price.Overpricing a home, in any market, is the kiss of death. Buyers are much more educated than they were in the past. They are online studying and gathering their data. They know what homes are selling for and probably have a fairly good idea of how much yours is worth in this current buyer’s market. Properties correctly priced are in high demand.Listing a home above market value will cause it to “sit on the market longer” and make buyers wonder why it has not sold; there must be something wrong with the property? Other agents underprice their listings. After all, it takes a lot less work to sell a listing that is priced thousands or even tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars under the market value. There is nothing wrong with underpricing a home when the sellers are in a hurry to sell, and they know the price is well below the market value. But to mislead a homeowner into believing that a low price is the “market” price is dishonest and unethical.At RE/MAX We Sell Paradise, our goal is to work with you to achieve a “right-price” for your home. We will prepare a comprehensive market analysis for your property, looking for the nal sales price of similar properties that have sold in your neighborhood, taking market increases into account. We will closely examine where your home differs from these properties and adjust accordingly. Our goal will be to determine the best price for your home in today’s market. Of course, we cannot know how the market will react until the house is listed. We may have to adjust, and it is crucial to do everything we can to price it competitively from the start.Frequently sellers are tempted to “try” a higher price to drop the asking price if it does not sell. It seems logical, but unfortunately, it tends to backre. Studies consistently show houses that sell before their rst price drop tend to sell for more per square foot than those that started higher and are then adjusted. It seems counter-intuitive, but you are more likely to walk away with more cash if we price the house competitively right away.A fast offer is not a bad sign – especially if the rst one you receive is full price. If a buyer wants your home, they will make a competitive offer right away. Do not hesitate to accept the rst offer. It could be the best one you will get. Plus, a full price offer is a sign that you priced your house right/correctly.In the end, the seller can ask whatever they want to ask for their homes. Just remember, overpriced homes do not sell in any market!PRICING YOUR HOMEAUTHOR: HEATHER MANN - REMAX WE SELL PARADISEOJOCHAL / 0.6 ACRES4 BEDROOMSOCEAN, MOUNTAIN VIEWSSALE PRICE: $998,000REAL ESTATE - OJOCHAL & SURROUNDINGS81

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