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ESPAÑOL#77 March 15th to May 14th, 2021

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Ballena Homes is a company that specializes in "Custom Home Construction". Included in ourcompetitive pricing are the services of specialist in home design, architectural adaptation of the chosendesign, non-compromising engineering to current code and a team of dedicated construction managers.The key of our success is quite simply, our Team. When you build with Ballena Homes you gain thebenefit of years of Costa Rica construction experience. Guaranteed quality materials - Guaranteed quality Construction -Guaranteed Pricing Ballena HomesEFFICIENT - EXPERIENCED - PROFESSIONAL/ Phone: 8856 9800Web Site: / Email: Innovation@BallenaHomes.comCUSTOM HOME CONSTRUCTION

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LODGING1. Hacienda Barú2. Hotel Cuna del AngelRESTAURANTS3. Pizza La Casita (Take-out Service)4. Hacienda Barú5. Tasty6. Cuna del Angel7. ScalaACTIVITIES8. Nauyaca Waterfall Nature Park9. Reptilandia10. Hacienda BarúSERVICES11. AAA Accounting12. House of the Artist13. Feria Orgánica Tinamaste14. Camino Real Eco Feria15. Costa Rica Real Estate Service16. Dra. Mónica Alfaro17. Pacic Coast LawLODGING51. Tangara Azul Boutique Hotel52. Hotel Diquis del Sur53. Three Sixty Boutique Hotel54. Hotel Alma de Ojochal RESTAURANTS55. Pancito Café56. Citrus Restaurant & Wine Bar57. Castillo´s KitchenACTIVITIES59. Reserva Tortuga60. Lalo Tours Horseback RidingSERVICES61. Ballena Legal Team62. Centro de Pinturas Ojochal63. Plaza Ventanas64. Century 21 & Ballena Properties65. Ballena Homes66. Remax / We Sell Paradise67. L´Épiceríe Super & Deli68. Farmacia & Macrobiotics Ibarra69. Osa Tropical PropertiesDOMINICALOJOCHALLODGING18. Vista Ballena19. Cristal Ballena20. Bungalows BallenaRESTAURANTS21. Beehive22. Café Sibu23. Gelato24. Retro Café y Bar25. The Dome26. Five Maes27. Ginger House28. Ballena Bistro29. Pura Vida (Cristal Ballena)30. Villas Leonor31. SimbiOsa32. Le French CaféSERVICES33. Discount Liquor Wine & Cigars34. Cortinas Krisa35. Osa Property Management36. Iglesia La Costa37. Ropa Americana Buena Voluntad38. Uvita Information CenterUVITA39. Rincón de Uvita40. Royal Palm41. Mora & Valdéz42. Farmacia Ibarra43. RVA Engineer Roger Valverde44. Uvita Law Firm45. Costatika Language School46. Centro Llantero47. Sherwin Williams Costa Ballena48. Pointing Market & Ballena Tales49. Moana Bahía Plaza50. Steve’s Supermarket & DeliDIRECTORYBUSINESS

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PHONE DIRECTORYPOLICE STATIONS Police Emergencia: 911Transit : 2537 0631Dominical: 2787 0406Uvita: 2743 8538Ojochal: 2786 5661Cortés: 2788 8030 HOSPITALS & HEALTH Hospital Tomás Casas (Cortés): 2786 8148Hospital Escalante Pradilla (Pérez Zeledón): 2785 0700Servicios Médicos Bahía-Ballena: 2743 8595Farmacia Ibarra: 2743 8558EBAIS: 2743 8170Caja CCSS: 905 225 2000 ICE Information: 1113 International Operator: 1116 Breakdown: 1119OTHERS Veterinarian Costa Ballena: 8730 8282 MINAE: 2786 5392 Environment Complaints: 1192 Animal Abuse Reports: 01-8000-919748 TAXIS DOMINICAL Erick 8602 3394 Guiligan 8847 0231 Ricardo (minibús 4x4) 8605 0801 Daniel (pick-up) 8920 2322 UVITA Alex (freight) 8989 2298 Allan 8615 3339 Carlos (freight) 8308 2695 Geovanni (minibús) 8870 6040 Gerald 8452 2790 Greivin 8791 5680 Hermes (minibús) 8855 3830 Lewis 8317 1802 Lusbín 8576 7606 Mario 8839 8484 Rodolfo (freight) 5711 6868 Romualdo 8466

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8CONTENT #77Directory . . . . . . . . . . . .South Pacic Map . . . . . . . . Editorial . . . . . . . . . . .Title StoryNauyaca Waterfall Nature Park / Dagmar Reinhard . . . . . . . . .04050912101517Amphibians / Roel de Plecker Reptilandia . . Tiger Heron - A Bird that Growls / Jack Ewing . . . . . . . . . . .Guide to Healthy Living in Costa Rica – Osa Tropical Property . . . . . . . .10 Pérez Zeledón 19202223252728Virtual Platform for Tax Procedures (TRAVI) / Mauro Esquivel – AAA Accounting . . . . Mareas . . . . . . . . . . . . .Restaurant List . . . . . . . . . .SCALA... Pure Magic – Dagmar Reinhard . . Best Time to Surf / Greg Gordon . . . . . How are you doin`? Tribute Richard Abraham / Dagmar Reinhard . . . . . . . . Not just Salad and Greens / Hannes & Tina – Vegan Pirates . . . . . . . . . . .19 Dominical 58596163656668Tropical Fruits of Costa Rica / Bella Roy . . .Restaurant List . . . . . . . . . . .The Terraba-Sierpe Mangroves, Nurseries of the Sea / Jeane Brennan . . . . . . The largest Recorded Pre-Columbian Sphere at “El Silencio” / Carlos Morales Barrantes . . .Sportshing at Drake Bay / Captain Willy Atencio – Reel Escape. . . . . . Maritime Terrestrial Zone (ZMT) / Dinia Otárola Feng Shui / Nicole Joss . . . . . .58 Ojochal & Surrounding3035374143454750535556Restaurant List . . . . . . . . . .The Comeback of El Mercado/Natalia Saray SC Papaya, not only Delicious – Susanna Kahr . . Vacation Rental Market / Nick Halverson - Osa Property Management . . . . . . . .Costa Rican Banknotes are Beautiful / J.S. ParrIsh . . . . . . . . . .Discover Dominical & Dominicalito´s Beaches / Dagmar Reinhard . . . . . . . .Sherwin William – Do it Yourself! /Julio Fernández Agüero . . . . . .Lechuga, the Turtle`s Tale / Laura Vanopdenbosch . . . . . .The Magic of Love@Retro / Carlos León . . If your Dogs could Talk /Marcos Mendoza . . . . . . . KURA^DENKA, the Footprint of the Jaguar / Dagmar Reinhard . . . . . . . 30 Uvita 12562866

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9DAGMAR REINHARD Editor in Chief(506) 8914 1568 / 2743 8778ballenatales@gmail.comArt & DesignPOINTING MARKETDIGITAL COORDINATORCarlos Leóncarlos@ballenatales.comCONTRIBUTING WRITERS: Bella RoyBeth Sylver Captain Willy AtencioCarlos León Carlos Humberto MoralesDagmar Reinhard Dinia Otárola CéspedesGreg Gordon Hannes & Tina Jack EwingJeane Brennan Julio Fernández Agüero J.S. ParrishLaura VanopdenboschMarco Mendoza Mauro EsquivelMelisa Errickson Natalia Saray SCNick HalversonNicole JossOsa Tropical PropertiesSusanna Kahr Roel de PleckerPHOTOGRAPHY Aññeska ArriecheBallena Tales PhotographyBeth SylverCarlos Humberto Morales Jack Ewing Innoceana Roel de PleckerCOVER DESIGN: Ballena Tales Photography – Nauyaca Waterfall Nature Park NEXT EDITION/ May 15th, 2021 Deadline: April 1th, 2021EDITORIALDear readerBy chance, the number 77 has a meaning that describes me so perfectly that I dare to share it with you: it is abundant in spiritual power; reects a personality that is interested in learning about more abstract things in life. People who have this number are very imaginative and creative and are adventurers and also seekers of wisdom.They are interested in almost everything and like to interact with people, with many different people - age groups, social and ethnic backgrounds, education levels, or people with varying points of view. Experiencing everything at least once is a natural part of their adventurous approach. The fundamental essence of numerology number 77 is the full expression of personal freedom. These are the character traits that keep me fascinated by these landscapes, mountains, and the ocean, the people’s kindness, and the tranquility we breathe.Here we live in nature with its rivers, beaches, forests and have the time to talk with a friend, which is worth more than a visit to a shopping center.The days here begin with meditation and exercises in the open air. Some of us don’t usually eat breakfast (you know, it’s because of the intermittent diet); others are vegans or frugivores.And at 9 am, our Editorial Team meets for another day of creation: ¿How to support our clients better, develop a new strategy, decide which is the best photo for an article, and answer our readers’ questions? We work with the windows wide open in the middle of nature, and after lunch, we continue until 5 pm if we are not in the middle of the deadline or covering an event.And how do your days unfold? We invite you to share your experiences and adventures in the South Pacic with our readers, many of them newcomers from different parts of the world, eager to learn more about

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AMPHIBIANS AT THE REPTILE PARKAUTHOR: ROEL DE PLECKERParque Reptilandia houses not only creaturesfrom the reptile world, but also has a small variety of frogs that can be seen. Some of these like our poison dart frogs, family of Dendrobatidae, are living together with snakes, turtles or lizards. The poison dart frogs do have toxins, and their bright colors warn off predators. This is called aposematic coloration. They get their toxins from their prey like ants, termites and other little arthropods. The Golfo Dulce poison dart frog (Phyllobates vittatus) is related to the deadliest frog on the planet, the golden poison frog (Phyllobates terribilis), which is endemic to Colombia. Also present is the green and black poison frog (Dendrobates auratus). These frogs occur on both coasts of Costa Rica. The ones from the Atlantic coast do have a green basic color with black markings. With the frogs from our Pacic coast it’s just the opposite. The smallest in the collection are the strawberry frog (Oophaga pumilio) and granular poison dart frog (Oophaga granulifera), the latest from our region. Frogs are amphibians, like reptiles they are ectothermic. So they rely on external sources to regulate their body temperature. This is essential for their metabolic process. The breathing of amphibians is via gills, lungs or through their skin. The exchange of oxygen and CO2 can be made through their skin. Their profound change in form or metamorphosis, from egg to adult, is another great difference with reptiles. Newborn reptiles are exact copies of their parents. Besides the frogs we have in the vivarium, our beautiful garden and ponds attract many other species of local frogs and toads. The most famous ones are the red eyed tree frog (Agalychnis callidryas) and cane toad (Rhinella marina). Most of them are nocturnal, but you might catch a glimpse of them while visiting the park. ADVENTURE - COSTA BALLENA & SURROUNDINGS10

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OPENNon-profit project of the Open Arms Foundation, We accept donations of good, used clothingRopa de alta calidad a precios buenos para mujeres, hombres y niños: camisas, shorts, trajes de baño, jeans, vestidos(506) 2201-5962La Cancha Sintética, Centro de UvitaFacebook: Buena Voluntad Tienda AmericanaTHRIFT STORE ADVERTISE WITH US!Ballena Tales Magazine (since 2008) depends on your presence. We promote your business while showing the beauty of Costa Ballena through excellent photography, attractive design, and uplifting content. ADVENTURE - COSTA BALLENA & SURROUNDINGS11

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ADVENTURE - COSTA BALLENA & SURROUNDINGS12NAUYACA WATERFALL NATURE PARK AUTHOR: DAGMAR REINHARD Could it be that you would love to walkthrough the freshness of a forest and be amazed when, when the vegetation clears, you appreciate the view of the most splendid waterfall in the South Pacic?At the Barú River crossing in Dominical, we took Highway 243 to San Isidro (Pérez Zeledón), which led us along its winding path towards the mountains. Going down, a few kilometers from the town of Platanillo, you have to turn right where a huge sign invites you to visit the Nauyaca Waterfall Nature Park.Soon you will board the “chapulín” that will take you to a path from where you start your walk through the primary forest (15 minutes) until you reach the falls. We discovered a green poison frog hidden in the foliage, and we listened to the symphony of birds around us. The hike level is intermediate, and the signs along the trails guide you to the upper part of the magnicent waterfalls or the lower part and the large pool. How refreshing is this rst dip in the pool, the water is so cool!PHOTOS: AÑÑESKA ARRIECHEFrom there, just ten minutes away along a rural road through the Las Tumbas countryside, you reach the Welcome Center.It is located on the top of a hill and has an open restaurant with a large terrace. The views of the Cordillera de Talamanca and the Diamante Waterfall are impressive. On-site, you are warmly welcomed with a refreshing drink, and you can buy your entrance ticket at the box ofce.

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ADVENTURE - COSTA BALLENA & SURROUNDINGS13Under the canopy of tall trees, we ventured down the river, jumping from rock to rock, from puddle to puddle until we reached our “chosen one” with transparent waters that ow rapidly over the stones that you can devise on the bottom. There we oat wholly immersed in the coolness with our gaze xed on the tops of the enormous trees and the waterfalls shining through. Peace and harmony inspire the place; the soul feels reborn.Returned to the meeting point, the same “chapulin” picks us up and takes us back. We enjoyed a delicious Tico lunch with a fruit smoothie and said goodbye to Nauyaca Waterfall Nature Park’s friendly hosts.The Barú consists of two rivers, the Diamante and the Barucito. The Diamante, in turn, receives a large part of its water from the Torito River. The Barú River source is located near La Florida’s village between the Tinamastes and Alivio ridges, about 700 meters above sea level and about 20 kilometers upstream from the Pacic. It is the longest of the eight rivers that arise between the Tinamastes ridge and the coast.The river carries only a small amount of water; it turns into a torrent in the rainy season. In the tropical summer (December - April), reserve a kayak or stand-up paddling tour, take a surng lesson, or appreciate the beauty of the Nauyaca Waterfall Nature Park for yourself!JACK EWING

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+506 8946 7134 +506 8914 1568

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TIGER HERON - A BIRD THAT GROWLSAUTHOR: JACK EWINGLots of birds, like tanagers, wrens, honeycreepers,and others sing lovely little songs. The variable seed eater has such a pretty voice that people capture them to sell as pets. Woodpeckers drum, canaries tweet, parrots and macaws squawk, ducks quack, owls hoot and sometimes screech, and other birds chirp, cluck, peep, whistle, mourn, and just about any sound you can think of. Chachalacas are named after their call. In Spanish, the common pauraque is called a “cuyeo”, and that is exactly how it calls, cuyeo. cuyeo, cuyeo. A dove sings something that sounds like “dos tontos son,” which means “you are two fools.” It generally sings this when two people are walking through the rainforest nearby. Nothing beats the three-wattled bellbird for volume. The classic guide to Birds of Costa Rica by Stiles and Skutch describes the complicated call as BONK seee k’ k’ see k’ berk; bonk see k’ k’ berk see see see BONK, with enough decibels to carry more than one kilometer through the forest. The yellow-throated toucan (formerly chestnut-mandible toucan) is called the quioro after its call. To me, that sounds right, but others think the big-beaked bird says Dios te de. Once while walking through the Hacienda Barú rainforest alone, I came to a small stream. Just as I started to step on the rst of several stepping stones to cross, I was startled by a loud, deep-throated growl that struck fear into my heart. “What the hell was that”! I thought. Visions of a large cat crept into my mind. Here I was, all alone, at least an hour from the nearest person, and something was growling at me. As long as I stood still, it was quiet, but each time I moved to cross the stream, it growled. Finally, my ordeal came to an end as two bare-throated tiger herons ew off of the branch where they had been sitting, very well camouaged, and landed in the stream. My fear was instantly transformed into elation. It was my rst sighting of the large impressive species. I smiled; “It is certainly aptly named. I always thought they were called ‘tiger heron’ because of the stripes.” Stiles and Skutch describe its voice as a booming roar, but it is a deep-throated growl for me. Today there are lots more of them, and sightings are a daily occurrence. During mating season, my wife Diane and I are often awakened just before sunrise by several of them growling at each other near our house. In particular, one hangs out nearby and can often be seen hunting crabs, insects, snails, frogs, and anything else it can catch and swallow. They are so beautiful. I never tire of seeing them and hearing them growl.WILDLIFE - COSTA BALLENA & SURROUNDINGS15

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GUIDE TO HEALTHY LIVINGI do care a lot about my health and my family’s health. It is important to me that we all feel our best to manifest our best attitude and ability. Living in Costa Rica, I am surrounded by people who naturally want to feel better, too. We each have our ideas on how we can feel like the best version of ourselves, but they mostly revolve around the following precepts of everyday life in Costa Rica:Growing foodCosta Rica is a land where you can throw a toothpick on the ground, and it will grow roots. The warm climate and wet weather are very forgiving for many local species of fruits, seeds, and root veggies. Most who live here choose to take advantage of this fertile land by planting a few fruit trees, if not more. This equals less shopping, fewer chemicals in your diet, and more pleasure from interacting with what you eat. There’s nothing like the freedom of stepping outside to pick your meal from your yard.Daily exerciseIt’s natural to feel physically inspired by our coastal mountain region’s dynamic landscapes in the Southern Zone of Costa Rica. Electric-blue Morpho butteries abound along the lush and shaded mountain trails that we traverse on our morning walks. Waves are caressing our wild and pristine beaches that invite surf-lovers to play. Even a casual stroll along the soft, golden sands of the South Pacic can easily have you working up a sweat. Everyday exercise allows us to enjoy this remarkable landscape for longer while feeling in better shape, too.Skipping the stressKicking back in a hammock with a great book is a favorite way to relax in Costa Rica’s warm, sultry weather. As soon as we begin to feel the pressure building, we look outside, take a deep breath, and appreciate the brightly colored owers dotted amidst a sea of green and the buzz of the jungle, getting lost in wonder, away from the cycle of stress.Raising children in a simpler wayCosta Rica is a place for more green time and less screen time. On top of a good education, children need well-balanced social interaction and real-world play for healthy development. Kids in Costa Rica spend much of their time playing outdoors while learning a new culture and language. Here, in a more natural environment, they have the opportunity to engage in plenty of non-tech activities within our ever-evolving communities.AUTHOR: KEVIN CHAMPAGNE - OSA TROPICAL PROPERTIESLIFESTYLE - COSTA BALLENA & SURROUNDINGS17

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VIRTUAL PLATFORM FOR TAX PROCEDURES (TRAVI)AUTHOR: MAURO ESQUIVELTo provide better attention to the taxpayer andfacilitate the completion of tax procedures, since August 28, 2020, the Ministry of Finance made the Virtual Procedure (TRAVI) platform available.This platform includes approximately 40 procedures for extensive control, collection, valuation, and inspection; It works as an accompanying instrument for taxpayers who need to be up to date with tax regulations. The online platform can be accessed from any device with the internet, both inside and outside the country. It does not need the installation of any program or software or updates.This platform is an accompaniment and management tool for the taxpayer and responds to a real need of both the taxpayers and the Tax Administration to offer more efcient response times and provide more timely attention to tax payers and avoid their displacement to the tax ofces.Virtual Procedure will be available on the Hacienda website, in the main menu button highlighted with the name VIRTUAL PROCESS or at their electronic address.To register, the interested party must only create a username and password, enter their data, name, identication number and indicate if they are a taxpayer, legal representative, or an authorized third party. The electronic address must coincide with the one registered in the Single Tax Registry.This platform’s implementation is no longer necessary to direct requests through the email account, unless a particular situation arises that leaves it out of service.For security reasons, they will send notications related to the management of the requested case. The resolution thereof will be sent to the email registered in the Single Tax Registry (RUT). So it is recommended to keep the email updated.Suppose the person does not have a computer or mobile phone with internet access to fulll his obligations. In that case, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., he can arrange for anappointment on the tax administrations’service platforms. WhatsApp: 8849-9771. Some of the procedures that you can make on TRAVI: Request for certications, different types of certicates, statements of accounts, returns of balances in favor, resources for revocation and appeal, requests covered by article 102 of the CNPT, account statements, and updates of the Single Tax Registration that cannot be made from the ATV portal, among others.FINANCES - PÉREZ ZELEDÓN & SURROUNDINGS19

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DIA / DAY ALTA / HIGH BAJA / LOW ALTA / HIGH BAJA / LOW ALTA / HIGHMON 15 04:10 8.68 ft 10:12 −0.15 ft 16:29 9.08 ft 22:36 −0.05 ft TUE 16 04:46 8.55 ft 10:46 −0.00 ft 17:04 8.97 ft 23:11 0.06 ft WED 17 05:22 8.29 ft 11:19 0.27 ft 17:38 8.72 ft 23:46 0.29 ft THU 18 05:58 7.91 ft 11:54 0.65 ft 18:13 8.35 ft FRI 19 00:23 0.63 ft 06:36 7.45 ft 12:29 1.11 ft 18:50 7.92 ft SAT 20 01:02 1.04 ft 07:18 6.96 ft 13:09 1.60 ft 19:32 7.45 ft SUN 21 01:47 1.46 ft 08:06 6.52 ft 13:55 2.06 ft 20:22 7.03 ft MON 22 02:40 1.81 ft 09:05 6.22 ft 14:54 2.38 ft 21:25 6.74 ft TUE 23 03:44 1.99 ft 10:15 6.19 ft 16:05 2.46 ft 22:36 6.73 ft WED 24 04:53 1.89 ft 11:23 6.50 ft 17:18 2.17 ft 23:44 7.02 ft THU 25 05:56 1.51 ft 12:22 7.09 ft 18:22 1.58 ft FRI 26 00:41 7.53 ft 06:50 0.94 ft 13:12 7.84 ft 19:15 0.83 ft SAT 27 01:32 8.14 ft 07:38 0.30 ft 13:57 8.63 ft 20:03 0.05 ft SUN 28 02:18 8.74 ft 08:22 −0.31 ft 14:40 9.37 ft 20:49 −0.65 ft MON 29 03:02 9.23 ft 09:05 −0.80 ft 15:23 9.95 ft 21:33 −1.15 ft TUE 30 03:47 9.54 ft 09:48 −1.10 ft 16:06 10.28 ft 22:17 −1.40 ft WED 31 04:31 9.62 ft 10:32 −1.14 ft 16:50 10.32 ft 23:03 −1.36 ft FULL MOON FIRST QUARTER LAST QUARTERNEW MOONTIDES MARCH 15-31, 2021FASES LUNARES / MOON PHASESMAP+ 506 8872 7591 2787-0446Happy to assist you, you can reach out to us at:We put our Personalized Expertise at your Service.Experts in Real Estate Transactions•Licda. Rosario Araya, Notary and Attorney•Licda. Didania Montero, Notary and Attorney•Licda. Kimberly Duarte, Attorney.•Licda. Lindsay Ryan, PhD., on-call for high-quality environmental jobs.•Tim Woodruff, Attorney in California & Florida,Client Liaison. •Typhy Salmon, Legal Assistant.P a c i f i c c o a s t L aw20 COSTA BALLENA

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DIA / DAY ALTA / HIGH BAJA / LOW ALTA / HIGH BAJA / LOW ALTA / HIGHTHU 01 05:17 9.44 ft 11:17 −0.91 ft 17:37 10.06 ft 23:50 −1.04 ft FRI 02 06:05 9.03 ft 12:05 −0.43 ft 18:26 9.53 ft SAT 03 00:41 −0.50 ft 06:58 8.47 ft 12:58 0.22 ft 19:20 8.84 ft SUN 04 01:36 0.16 ft 07:58 7.87 ft 13:58 0.91 ft 20:23 8.13 ft MON 05 02:40 0.77 ft 09:07 7.40 ft 15:08 1.48 ft 21:34 7.57 ft TUE 06 03:53 1.19 ft 10:22 7.22 ft 16:29 1.73 ft 22:50 7.34 ft WED 07 05:09 1.29 ft 11:35 7.37 ft 17:46 1.60 ft THU 08 00:00 7.41 ft 06:16 1.13 ft 12:36 7.72 ft 18:49 1.25 ft FRI 09 00:59 7.65 ft 07:10 0.87 ft 13:27 8.12 ft 19:40 0.85 ft SAT 10 01:48 7.93 ft 07:55 0.61 ft 14:10 8.48 ft 20:22 0.49 ft SUN 11 02:30 8.17 ft 08:33 0.41 ft 14:48 8.76 ft 20:59 0.22 ft MON 12 03:08 8.33 ft 09:08 0.30 ft 15:24 8.92 ft 21:34 0.04 ft TUE 13 03:44 8.38 ft 09:42 0.29 ft 15:58 8.96 ft 22:07 −0.03 ft WED 14 04:20 8.33 ft 10:15 0.39 ft 16:31 8.88 ft 22:41 0.04 ft THU 15 04:55 8.15 ft 10:48 0.60 ft 17:05 8.66 ft 23:15 0.23 ft FRI 16 05:31 7.86 ft 11:23 0.91 ft 17:40 8.34 ft 23:52 0.53 ft SAT 17 06:08 7.51 ft 12:00 1.29 ft 18:17 7.94 ft SUN 18 00:31 0.90 ft 06:50 7.13 ft 12:40 1.68 ft 18:59 7.51 ft MON 19 01:15 1.29 ft 07:37 6.80 ft 13:28 2.04 ft 19:49 7.11 ft TUE 20 02:05 1.63 ft 08:33 6.61 ft 14:26 2.26 ft 20:50 6.84 ft WED 21 03:04 1.82 ft 09:37 6.65 ft 15:34 2.25 ft 21:59 6.80 ft THU 22 04:09 1.77 ft 10:42 6.98 ft 16:44 1.92 ft 23:06 7.06 ft FRI 23 05:12 1.46 ft 11:40 7.56 ft 17:48 1.33 ft SAT 24 00:06 7.54 ft 06:08 0.95 ft 12:33 8.29 ft 18:43 0.58 ft SUN 25 00:59 8.14 ft 07:00 0.36 ft 13:21 9.06 ft 19:33 −0.17 ft MON 26 01:48 8.73 ft 07:48 −0.20 ft 14:08 9.74 ft 20:21 −0.82 ft TUE 27 02:36 9.23 ft 08:35 −0.65 ft 14:54 10.24 ft 21:08 −1.27 ft WED 28 03:23 9.54 ft 09:22 −0.89 ft 15:40 10.48 ft 21:55 −1.45 ft THU 29 04:10 9.63 ft 10:09 −0.88 ft 16:28 10.41 ft 22:43 −1.35 ft FRI 3004:59 9.49 ft 10:59 −0.62 ft 17:17 10.06 ft 23:32 −1.00 ft FULL MOON FIRST QUARTER LAST QUARTERNEW MOONFASES LUNARES / MOON PHASESTIDES APRIL 1-30, 2021MAP21 COSTA BALLENA

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DIA / DAY ALTA / HIGH BAJA / LOW ALTA / HIGH BAJA / LOW ALTA / HIGHSAT 01 04:10 9.42 ft 10:15 −0.92 ft 16:33 9.88 ft 22:40 −0.89 ftSUN 02 04:53 9.47 ft 10:56 −0.99 ft 17:15 10.01 ft 23:25 −0.92 ftMON 03 05:37 9.29 ft 11:39 −0.83 ft 18:00 9.88 ftTUE 04 00:11 −0.71 ft 06:23 8.91 ft 12:24 −0.44 ft 18:47 9.51 ftWED 05 01:00 −0.29 ft 07:14 8.37 ft 13:14 0.12 ft 19:39 8.97 ftTHU 06 01:54 0.25 ft 08:11 7.78 ft 14:10 0.76 ft 20:39 8.37 ftFRI 07 02:57 0.79 ft 09:19 7.28 ft 15:17 1.34 ft 21:48 7.87 ftSAT 08 04:09 1.14 ft 10:35 7.06 ft 16:34 1.65 ft 23:03 7.64 ftSUN 09 05:26 1.19 ft 11:50 7.20 ft 17:54 1.59 ftMON 10 00:14 7.72 ft 06:35 0.95 ft 12:55 7.60 ft 19:02 1.26 ftTUE 11 01:16 7.98 ft 07:32 0.59 ft 13:50 8.08 ft 19:57 0.83 ftWED 12 02:07 8.28 ft 08:20 0.25 ft 14:36 8.52 ft 20:43 0.44 ftTHU 13 02:52 8.53 ft 09:01 −0.01 ft 15:16 8.86 ft 21:23 0.15 ftFRI 14 03:33 8.67 ft 09:37 −0.15 ft 15:54 9.05 ft 22:01 −0.02 ftFULL MOON FIRST QUARTER LAST QUARTERNEW MOONFASES LUNARES / MOON PHASESMAY 1-14, 2021MAREAS - TIDES MAPRESTAURANTSMONDAY TO SUNDAY 11:30AM a 9:30PM1.2 KM. NORTHEAST FROM THE ENTRANCE TO ESCALERASSeafood, meat, pasta y snacksTo Go y Express.11am - 9pm. Tuesday ClosedDOMINICALITO BEACH, NEXT TO THE COASTAL HIGHWAY (BEFORE SODA LA MACHA)2101 44318805 8172SIGNATURE CUISINE CONFERENCE ROOM COSTA BALLENA22

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506 8805 8172 Scala Restaurant & Sibú Café are located at theEscaleras Village. On the Coastal Highway, just a few kilometers South of Dominical or North of Uvita, follow the sign to Escaleras. It offers a gorgeous contour between the jungle and the sea. Village Escaleras is an all-open location with three environments with a cool breeze that blows across the terraces.It has a hip atmosphere and soothing environment; you feel like relaxing in the midst of the jungle with the ocean showing through the tall trees. The place is so well-liked that most customers come regularly to have an early breakfast or enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner with their family, friends, or business partners. And again, Chef Marlon and his team surprised us with their new creations using avant-garde techniques.... PURE MAGICAUTHOR: DAGMAR REINHARDMonday to SundaySibu Café Escaleras: 7am-6pm SCALA: 11:30am-9:30pm ESCALERAS VILLAGEDOMINICALCOSTA RICA The “Pappardelle” with Pacic shrimps and Premium tenderloin is just amazing. And if you go in the company of your partner “in crime,” a must-try cocktail should be the absolutely tropical “You and Me,” prepared by barman Diego. The bar is beautifully designed and showcases all kinds of spices that will perk up your taste buds.Our favorite dessert (we shared various) is owner Mariana’s particular recommendation: a corn an, creamy, silky, caramelized, and accompanied by organic vanilla gelato, which melts in your mouth. “We love to remember our Latin roots,” she says, “and corn is one of Scala’s favorite ingredients.” “The restaurant`s team is a big family, working hand in hand inventing, creating with passion, and always optimizing our dishes’ quality and presentation. We ask our diners about their opinion and study their reaction to new avors.” Our objective is to maintain the dignity of the product, the protagonists being our fruits and vegetables from small national producers, the meats that are free of hormones and additives. The seafood comes from certied responsible shing.If you are planning a corporate dinner, birthday, or conference, the Crystal Room with A/C is ideal. It has a maximum capacity of 25 people and a splendid views over creation. CULINARY - COSTA BALLENA23

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The Costa Rican summer is the best time of yearfor a surfer. March is the start of the South swell season, while winds are consistently offshore in the morning due to less frequent rains. Sometimes the winds stay offshore all day, making for multiple sessions in the water. And in April, South, and Southwest swells become more consistent, meaning bigger surf almost every day of the month, while still offering dry season conditions.To understand swells a little better, you have to start in the southern hemisphere. Gigantic storms track eastward under Cape Horn in South Africa toward Australia. They squeeze between Antarctica and Australia before continuing east towards Chile. These storms maybe 1000 miles wide (called a fetch) and have winds gusting to 60+ miles per hour. Those winds churn up the ocean in one direction, and as it extends from a storm, the swells even out. You can see them as ‘lines’ on the horizon. The time between each swell is called the period. The bigger the fetch and the higher the winds blowing in the same direction, the bigger the waves will be. And the farther the storm is from the coastline, the longer the period will be.A more extended period generally means bigger waves. A two-foot swell with 14 seconds has more signicant waves than a four-foot swell with a 7 second period. This is because the swells have had more time to build energy. However, if a storm is very far away, the swell loses strength the farther it has to travel. An example of this is the massive swells that start near Alaska and hit Hawaii with force but then fade as they reach Costa Rica.So, where and when is best to paddle out? Most beach breaks work best at high tide when the water is deep enough that the swell hits the sandbars best. The tides change about 50 minutes later every day, so it is best to check the tide chart. If you are an advanced surfer, then you may want to check Dominical at lower tides when it can throw a nice barrel. If the swell is big, then you should plan a trip to Pavones or Matapalo. Those point breaks bend the long period swells, creating a longer ride. Check with the lifeguards for hazards like stingrays and strong rip currents.SURF FORECAST FOR COSTA BALLENAAUTHOR: GREG GORDON SPORTS - DOMINICAL& SURROUNDINGS25

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Chronic conditionsHypertensionDiabetesEKGSkin checkBloodworkPAP SmearMinor surgerySpider vein sclerotherapyBotulinum toxinDermal fillersFat graftingPlasmage non surgicaleye lid rejuvenationMicro needling - DermapenPRP - Patlelet rich plasmaChemical PeelsFractional DermabrasionPROVIDING YOU WITH THE QUALITYHEALTHCARE YOU ARE LOOKING FORGeneral Practice Medical AestheticsDra. Monica AlfaroHotel Cuna del 8833 6431

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AND HOW ARE YOU DOIN´?TRIBUTE TO RICHARD ABRAHAM AUTHOR: DAGMAR REINHARD Richard Abraham was a musician who enchanted lovelyDiane with his brilliant humor and good vibes, so she became his “last groupie” before getting married in 1972.They moved to Florida from their native Michigan. Later on, for their rst vacation to Central America, they ventured to Costa Rica - Guanacaste exactly, which impressed them so much that they agreed to come back.Their next trip took them to San Isidro (Pérez Zeledón), and from there on the paved road to the coast. “When we crossed the Baru river bridge and saw the ocean,” remembers Diane, “we knew that was it – here we wanted to settle.” First of all, they bought a property in Hatillo and then decided that they preferred to live near the beach. They found their dreamland on a vacant cacao plantation in Dominicalito. They went back and forth to Florida until everything was settled there and came to stay. The property demanded much work, and Richard and his small crew of local handymen built their rst house. All materials had to be transported from San Isidro to the coast, and there was still no phone line. They named the place Coconut Grove and felt blessed to be living in this lush tropical environment, just meters from the beach and amidst magnicent nature.Richard was happy when he made it to the stage again, participating in theater productions and playing the drums in various groups. With a band from Quepos, they re-opened Roca Verde with the new owner Mike; and sometimes the venue was Jolly Roger, where people loved to watch them act and play.And as they say, beside every great man, there’s a great woman, Diane cheered Richard wherever she could. In 2012, and to support Tripod (a precursor of the DAWG organization) where Diane was involved, they created the, for obvious reasons, very successful “Barenaked Ladies Calendar” where Richard was the only intrepid male in it. But not only he helped Tripod and DAWG to raise funds, his baby were the Guardavidas Costa Ballena Lifeguards, and his invention was the “A Dollar a Day Club.” This initiative, rst presented at a Lifeguard fundraiser at Roca Verde, helped to improve the infrastructure and buy more of the very much needed equipment for the brave guys on the towers. And what did he do when at home? “There were always things to do on the property which had become a beautifully landscaped piece of land with rental casitas, but often he retired to “his ofce”, a comfortable hammock on the terrace to play Sudoku. Many will always love him for being good-humored, a little pushy sometimes when he wanted money for some good cause, and at all times fun to be with. In January this year, Richard passed away, and his dear friends, the lifeguards, paddled out with his ashes. He found his last rest on the ocean ground below the crashing waves around Roca de Amancio, a beach which for so long had been his very favorite place in the world.In honor of Richard´s memory, please continue to support DAWG and the Guardavidas. TRIBUTE - DOMINICAL & SURROUNDINGS27

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GASTRONOMY - UVITA & SURROUNDINGS28NOT JUST SALAD AND GREENS AUTHORS: Hannes, Sofia, Aarón & UtaPeople who want to start a vegan diet aresometimes a bit lost or scared away, not knowing what to eat. Let us assure you; it is not just salad and greens. In fact, for us, it was a life-changer regarding yumminess and also the variety of food.If you are combining carbs like rice, quinoa, potatoes or pasta with proteins like beans, lentils or chickpeas, then adding different vegetables and healthy oils with unsaturated fats and fresh herbs, spices, this will get you all the nutrients your body needs and a good conscience, too.Let’s start the day with oats and fresh fruits for an energetic push. It’s quick, easy, and keeps you t. Just heat oats with water or plant milk and add your favorite fruits. Top it with cinnamon, cacao nibs, and nuts, and surprise yourself with how good natural ingredients can taste. You can also mix the oats with shredded zucchini to get an extra vitamin B dose, potassium, and provitamin A.See? It’s not complicated!You can nd tons of delicious vegan recipes online!

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GASTRONOMY - UVITA & SURROUNDINGS29Lunch: TORTAS WITHOUT MEAT Dinner: COCONUT CURRYIngredients:• 1 cup cooked black beans (can be red beansor lentils) 1/2 cup chopped onion• 1 tbsp minced garlic• 1/3 cup chopped sweet chile bell pepper• 3 chopped coyote cilantro leaves (or cilantro)• 1/3 cup cornour• Salt and pepper1.- Chop all vegetables2.- Mash the beans3.- Add all ingredients, including cornour, to a bowl4.- Add salt and pepper to taste.5.- Once all the ingredients are incorporated, soak your hands with water to start forming the tortas.6.- When the pan is hot, place the tortas and cook them until golden brown on both sides7.- At serving time, place a tortilla, the torta, the cabbage, and nally the guacamole! Ingredients:• 1 cup zucchini, diced 1/2 onion, sliced• 1 tbsp of chopped garlic• 1 cup sliced mushrooms• 1 cup of cooked or canned chickpeas• 1 cup broccoli, chopped• 1 tbsp curry• 1/4 tbsp turmeric• 1 can Coconut milk• 1/2 tbsp peanut butter 1/2 cup rice• Salt and pepper to taste• Optional cayenne pepper1.- Chop all vegetables2.- Add the onion and garlic to the pan with a pinch of oil rst.3.- Once browned, add the rest of the vegetables and chickpeas.4.- Add the curry and the turmeric.5.- When everything has the same color, add the coconut milk slowly for a creamier consistency.6.- In the end, add the tbsp of peanut butter, salt, black pepper, or cayenne pepper. Serve with rice. Bon appetit!

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RESTAURANTES UVITA - BAHÍAMediterranean Restaurant Bar and BoutiqueGreat Food • Great Frienfs • Great FunMonday - Saturday - 12 - 10 PMSunday - 12- 8 PMTUESDAY CLOSED300m North of the Gas StationTHE DOME& SPORTS BARRESTAURANTJML MARKETING & GRAPHIC DESIGNCLIENT: The Dome RestaurantLOGO REDESIGNC: 50M: 0Y: 100K: 0 C: 100M: 100Y: 30K: 0 FONT: FFX TIMES ENGRAVEDNorth American Breakfast,Lunch • Early DinnerOPEN 8 AM – 3 PMCLOSED ON SUNDAY DOME PLAZAOPENOPENFamily-friendly fusion restaurantTry the foods you love blended with a touch of the exotic and unusual.100 M EAST OF BCR - HOTEL TUCANOPEN2105 25414702 39392743 8506Convenience StoreOPEN EVERY DAY 7 AM - 8 PM 300M SOUTH WEST FROM THE UVITA BRIDGE8802 8701GASTRONOMY - UVITA & SURROUNDINGS30

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RESTAURANTS100% Gluten Free Restaurant.Gourmet seafood and meat menuesTUESDAY – SUNDAY 12 M – 9 PMPlaza Pacic Pools BuildingMonday – Sunday7 AM – 9.30 PMNew Menu coming soon. Order your birthday cake here. Bread specialities.New vegan avors.Caramelo, salted, Stracciatella, vanilla, organic chocolate chips, basil, pralinés, ginger.MON-SUN 9 AM- 9 PMNext to Uvita Information CenterOPENOPENOPEN2743 8674 8308 66042743 8674 8308 66048507 4949French Savoir FaireBREAKFAST - LUNCH - DINNERMONDAY TO SATURDAY 6 AM a 8 PMPLAZA BAHÍA MOANA CALLE BALLENA – BAHÍA 200 M WEST OFF THE COASTAL HIGHWAY2201 8253PANTONE 1255C C : 24 M : 42 J : 91 N :14French Savoir Faire in Bahía BallenaEvery Day – 7 AM to 9 PMGASTRONOMY - UVITA & SURROUNDINGS31

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RESTAURANTSInternational Food with Austrian Touch Breakfast buffet, Lunch & Dinner Cocktail-BarOpen every 7 AM-5 PM - Pls Reserve for DinnerKM 169 HOTEL CRISTAL BALLENAFresh Fusion DishesVegan and Gluten Free OptionsTuesday to Sunday 11 AM - 4 PM6 KM SOUTH OF UVITA NEXT TO BALLENA BEACHOPENOPENSeafood, Mariscos Casados - PastasFRESH TUNAClosed ThursdaysInquire Seasonal Days & HoursBETWEEN UVITA & OJOCHAL KM 170OPEN2786 53542786 54072786 53808390 0130Chinese-American FoodTake Out OptionLunch • Sunset appetizers and dinner11 AM - 10 PM 5 KM NORTH OF UVITAOPEN274381828372 7144GASTRONOMY - UVITA & SURROUNDINGS32

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We are BakingMonday-Wednesday-FridayPlease order today! Home delivery Uvita - BahíaWholemeal Bread w/Species Seeds- Chocolate- CarrotOPEN8341 1730Cacao Pura Muba CROPEN EVERY DAY. NEXT TO THE PACIFIC POOLS BUILDING 8942 8861Pulseándola bonitoExotic Fruit - Fresh VegetablesNew: Goat Milk EVERY DAY 7:00 AM onwardsHOME DELIVERY 200m west of Iguana VerdeOPEN8936 6789GASTRONOMY - UVITA & SURROUNDINGS33ADVERTISE WITH US!Ballena Tales Magazine (since 2008) depends on your presence. We promote your business while showing the beauty of Costa Ballena through excellent photography, attractive design, and uplifting content. 

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GASTRONOMY - UVITA & SURROUNDINGS34PANTONE 1255C C : 24 M : 42 J : 91 N :14CC Plaza Ventanas (next to the Gas Station)Corporation and Commercial LawResidency and Immigration LawProperty Transfers Vehicle TransfersTestamentsLast WillsFRENCH SAVOIR FAIRE Breakfast-Lunch - Dinner Monday to Saturday – 6 AM to 8 PM

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GASTRONOMY - UVITA & SURROUNDINGS35THE COMEBACK OF EL MERCADO!AUTHOR: NATALIA SARAY SCYou can visit us on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 8 am to2 pm at El Mercado; as usual, you will nd activities, live music, a variety of delicious foods, and artisan creations.We are located in the Uvita Community Hall, on the road to La Uvita High School, 500 meters southwest of Plaza Doña María. We had to change the site and now have an ofcial location.After almost a year of waiting, we nally reopen the doors. It was a year where we learned a lot about how valuable these spaces for economic and social exchange are and how important it is to keep them communal.The impact obtained by buying directly from the producer is expansive. It is freshly made or harvested and helps all the people who collaborate by supplying raw materials to these “small enterprises” and all actions that involve keeping them aoat.In the Costa Rican system, rural areas are not a priority. Government services are not prepared to assist the community equitably and thus better guide them to progress. We had to arm ourselves with a lot of patience since and had to be the last straw.Aware that the best criticism of what we do not like is by transforming the saying into facts. A complaint is useless if a solution does not accompany it. It is only achieved by making the purpose yours and jumping into the water!Fortunately, El Mercado has the support of entities that work for the community, such as the Integral Development Association of Uvita (ADI.) They helped us obtain the Ministry of Health’s Operating Permit and an ofcial location for our activity. The Osa Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Agriculture, and Tourism located in Palmar Norte also gave us their support.Thanks to the fact that we seek to strengthen the communal bases, we achieved the Declaration of Cantonal Interest, a recognition that the Osa Municipal Council gives to the activities that support local entrepreneurship and are of tourist interest. All canton initiatives that qualify in this category can count on this benet.Our motivation is to offer a better service to both customers and local entrepreneurs, providing conditions for a positive, productive symbiosis.It will always be a pleasure to serve you; having your presence means a lot to the El Mercado family. We hope that you will always nd a table lled with love in our communal market.

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PAPAYA – NOT ONLY DELICIOUS!AUTHOR: Susanna KahrWhen I came to Costa Rica, I tried a Papaya for the very rst time. As time ew by, I learned to appreciate this delicious, exotic fruit as a regular part of the “tico kitchen.” Usually, I only used to enjoy the papaya’s smooth esh and trashed the black seeds. What a mistake! As I recently found out that the papaya seeds are non-toxic and offer a range of fantastic health benets. Eastern and western doctors agree that papaya seeds detoxify the liver, prevent the spread of germs, which can cause infections, and protect the kidneys. Furthermore, they serve as cancer prevention since they have a high level of fatty acids, namely oleic and palmitic acids. If you want to get rid of intestinal parasites, you should probably try these magical seeds. Because of their high level of proteolytic enzymes, they disperse parasites and undigested proteins in the food. In addition to that, scientists could prove that they also have a strong antibacterial effect on the alimentary system, as they can eliminate E Coli, Staph, and Salmonella, for example. These are some good reasons to include papaya seeds in your everyday diet. Either you eat them raw or use them as an alternative for peppercorns since the taste is very similar. If you want to store them, freeze them, they will still be perfect for a salad in a couple of weeks! Try out the following recipes and improve your state of health!Ingredients:Dressing: 1 cup sugar1 tbsp salt1 tbsp mustard1 cup vinegar1 cup oil1 small, chopped onion3 tbsp papaya seedsPut all ingredients in the left column into a blender or food processor. The dressing is ready for use when the papaya seeds are like small ground peppercorns. You can improve the taste by cooling it down for 30 minutes in the fridge. For the salad, just cut all the right column ingredients into bite-size and pour a little bit of the dressing on top of it! Enjoy!Ingredients:1 small papayajuice of 2 orangesjuice of 1 lime3 tbsp honey4 ice cubesPlace the papaya esh into a blender. Add all the other ingredients and blend until they are well combined. Savor immediately!Salad:1 papaya1 avocado1 onionhandful of nutsPAPAYA AND AVOCADO SALAD WITH PAPAYA SEED DRESSINGPAPAYA DRINKSALUD - UVITA & SURROUNDINGS37SPICY CARROT DIP • KEFIR • HERB CHEESE •YOGURT WITH PITAHAYA MATURE AND SEMI MATURE CHEESE • PARMESAN • ROMPOPE SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER

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Arte - Muebles Servicios profesionales de construcción+506 8305-3270@my_design_costa_ricaPanadería - Pastelería -RestauranteGastronomia francesa+506 2201-8253@le_french_cafe_uvitaRopa y accesorios de mujeresDecoración francesa+506 8970-4392@la_fabrik_french_life_styleSalón de tatuajes y piercings+506 8346-1885@uvita_inkEquipo solar - Fontanería - Aire acondicionado+33 6 7137-9683@my_environment_costa_ricaPLAZA BAHÍA MOANA – Uvita, calle Bahía Ballena, hacia el Parque Nacional Marino Ballena

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DID YOU KNOW?AUTHOR: BETH SYLVERThe Southern Pacic Zone of Costa Rica is 629 miles (1013km) and 9.16 degrees north of the equator. Although the country is located very far south in Central America, we are technically in the Northern Hemisphere. This latitudinal placement with the equator affects many things about our climate and the hours of daylight we experience. Although we don’t have distinct seasons, like summer, fall, winter, and spring, we do experience a seasonal change throughout the year.We have three seasons here in the Southern Zone; the dry season, the rainy season, and the rainier season. The dry season is from December through April. The rainy season is from May to September, and the rainier season is the month of October and sometimes into December. An interesting fact about Costa Rica is that the locals call the dry season “summer” even though it is actually in the middle of the northern hemisphere’s winter!The climate here is very tropical, mostly hot, with a varying degree of humidity. We are fortunate to have a (sometimes more than) adequate amount of rain mixed with a signicant amount of sunshine. Temperatures don’t vary much throughout the year and are affected by the many microclimates (about 26 of them) and elevation rather than latitude.Depending on where you live, you can enjoy salty, warm breezes from the ocean or crisp, cooler breezes in the mountains. If you nd that perfect spot in the middle, you’ll be gifted with the pleasure of both. Also, being this close to the equator, daylight hours don’t uctuate very much, approximately an hour throughout the entire year! The longest days are in June, and December has the shortest days. During the summer months, the sun moves slightly to the North, and in the winter, it moves somewhat back to the South.It’s impressive to sit in the same place each day to watch the sunset and see how far it travels, North and South and back again, across the horizon. I am sharing the photos I took from December-February. You can easily see how quickly the sun moves across the sky!I hope you enjoyed these fun facts and maybe learned something new!ENVIROMENT - UVITA & SURROUNDINGS39Arte - Muebles Servicios profesionales de construcción+506 8305-3270@my_design_costa_ricaPanadería - Pastelería -RestauranteGastronomia francesa+506 2201-8253@le_french_cafe_uvitaRopa y accesorios de mujeresDecoración francesa+506 8970-4392@la_fabrik_french_life_styleSalón de tatuajes y piercings+506 8346-1885@uvita_inkEquipo solar - Fontanería - Aire acondicionado+33 6 7137-9683@my_environment_costa_ricaPLAZA BAHÍA MOANA – Uvita, calle Bahía Ballena, hacia el Parque Nacional Marino Ballena

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Turn-key Property ManagementPROPERTY MANAGEMENT EXPERTS• Full-service vacation Rental / Landscaping / Repairs Pool Cleaning / Taxes / Billpay• New Construction – Project ManagementUvita – Ed. Perla del PacíficoLocal #1(next to Servicentro Bahìa Ballena)Saturday: 8 am – 12 mMonday to Friday: 7 am – 4 pm:(506) 7100 1006: OsaPropertyManagementwwwHatillo – Dominical – Uvita – Ojochal – Coronado - San Buenas

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Current Vacation Rental MarketAUTHOR: NICK HALVERSON - OSA PROPERTY MANAGEMENTIn over 11 years of managing real estate and vacation homes in the area, 2020 has been unlike any other. I hesitate to use the word “vacation” in the title as the rental market is very different from years past - and vacations, as we saw previously, have changed. As with every industry over the past twelve months, the vacation rental industry has also changed. Historically, the high season (mid-December until Mid-March) was lled with vacationers looking for a ve-to-seven day stay for the Holidays or Spring Break. However, in today’s vacation rental market, we at Osa Property Management see two distinct renter segments - none of which are what we experienced the previous decade. Very short-term (VST): Dened in this article as three days or fewerLong-term (LT): Dened in this article as 25 days or more. The VST is typically local renters and are either Costa Ricans or ex-pats based in other regions of Costa Rica and want to explore the area. The second segment we are seeing a large increase in, over past years, is the long-term renters are typically from outside Costa Rica and have chosen to relocate, at least for the time being, in Costa Rica. The typical length of stay for long-term renters is just a little over six weeks, although we also have several twelve-month rental clients. Local immigration rulings, the increased availability of high-speed internet, remote working, and remote schooling made this more popular throughout the year. Cleaning Procedures We started making changes to our cleaning procedures early on. These were driven home by AirBnB’s insistence on ‘enhanced cleaning procedures’, which means that property managers follow specic guidelines and procedures when cleaning a home for a renter. Increased TaxesStarting in 2021, the Costa Rica tax authority (Hacienda) began charging a mandatory 12.75% rental tax on all short-term rentals’ gross rental income. In light of this change, late in 2020, we changed our accounting procedures and outsourced staff to ramp up the extra work that is now necessary. This rental income must be disclosed (and, if necessary, paid) every month. This tax was driven primarily by the hotel lobbying group to help hotels be more competitive with vacation rentals. We foresee the same two market segments as the ‘norm’ until December 2021, when we expect to see the vacationers start to return. This is based on our demand for December 2021 and January 2022 bookings that we already have and the conversations we have with prospective renters every day. The good news is that the rental market is robust now - and poised for a great year. Regardless, property managers in Costa Rica will need to continue to increase their service levels, improve their cleaning protocols and be compliant with the tax authorities. DIGITAL MARKETING - UVITA Y ALREDEDORES41

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Costa Rican Banknotes are BeautifulAUTHOR: J.S. PARRISHBehold the 5,000 colones! Moving forward with our series of the beautiful money of Costa Rica, the 5,000 bill shows the theme of the red Mangrove.We start with Alfredo González Flores, who served as President of Costa Rica from 1914 to 1917. Due to a coup d’ėtat on 27 January 1917, he was not able to complete his term in ofce.Born in Heredia on 15 June 1877, he graduated from the Costa Rica Grammar School in 1896 and acquired a law degree in 1903. He founded the Normal School of Heredia, the National Electricity Cabinet, and the International Bank of Costa Rica (now the National Bank of Costa Rica). His creations also include the Agricultural Credit Meetings, which enabled a resurgence of economic, commercial, and industrial activity in Costa Rica. Moving on to the wildlife depicted on this banknote, we have the owers of a mangrove tree! There are over 50 species of mangroves in the world. They are known as “walking trees” as their root system appears to be walking on water. Their root system provides a home for sh and crustaceans, and the tree itself provides a home for mammals, birds, and reptiles. Mangroves are very benecial in preventing erosion and ooding. They can grow to more than 80 feet in height. On the 5,000 Colones bill, the red mangrove is represented.The crab shown goes by many names, including: red land crab, white spot crab, Halloween crab, mouthless crab, and harlequin crab. It is nocturnal and lives in the coastal rainforests of Central America, though it must return to the ocean to breed. Its burrows can be as long as 1.5 meters (4.9’). It is predominantly a herbivore, eating leaf litter and seedlings. Finally, the Capuchin monkeys! Also called white-faced monkeys, they live in the wet lowland forests on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica and Panama and dry deciduous forests on the Pacic coast. They can live in habitats up to 1,500 m in elevation.These monkeys are diurnal and arboreal and can frequently be seen using their prehensile tails and arms to swing between trees — group size averages at 15, with one adult male leading the troop. The females have one baby every 1 to 2 years clinging to the mother for the rst 5 or 6 months of life. Most of their time is spent traveling and foraging, beginning at daybreak and moving until they stop for the night. They seek food from the forest oor up to the top of trees. A troop will travel to a spring or other source to drink water. Their diverse diets have a strong effect on the vegetative populations in their habitats. They are known to disperse some species’ seeds, pruning others, which stimulates branching, and eating insects that would otherwise damage the plants. Sometimes this is not a positive outcome as while they are eating ant colonies that live inside acacia trees and capuchins can destroy the plants to get to the ants. The main predators of capuchins may be large raptors, boa constrictors, and cats. In the next issue, we will continue exploring the 10,000 Costa Rican banknote with insights on José Figueres Ferrer and the Rainforest theme, including the brown-throated sloth, cup fungi, and the Eriopsis orchid.ECONOMY - UVITA & SURROUNDINGS43

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ADVENTURE - UVITA & SURROUNDINGS45BEACHES OF COSTA BALLENA AUTHOR: DAGMAR REINHARDAt the north end of the beach, the grand River Barú ows into the ocean. The river is unsuitable for swimming because of the crocodiles; they have eaten one or two dogs in the past. The Amancio Rock The entrance is next to the Costa Paraíso resort, two miles south of Dominical. This beach connects with Dominicalito Beach. Right in front of the steeply descending path to the waterfront are the impressive rock formations of Amancio. Even at low time, abstain from climbing up and exploring them; a sudden unforeseen wave might wash you into the ocean. When the tide is high, the strong currents around the rocks become more visible. The waves crash with great force against the rock, creating large amounts of foam and spray. At dusk, the breathtaking sunsets set the vegetation on re. Dominicalito has a beautiful beach with a huge bay. Unfortunately, the old walking Higueron tree on the symbolic “Little Tree Island” was damaged by saltwater. Early in the morning, you can watch the shermen arriving in their boats. Divided by La Parcela, the beach extends to the south with a line of agstone rock formation. This impressive landscape disappears entirely during high tide.The beaches of Costa Ballena are strung like pearls on a thread along the coastline. Each has different characteristics for you to explore.You can swim in shallow waters. You can also walk on the sandy beach or along the shaded paths. Kayaking into the caves is a great adventure. Enjoy a picnic under the shade of a coconut tree, and watch the crabs and seabirds; it will make you forget your stress and worries.However, be very careful with the ocean; most of the South Pacic coast has strong currents. If you happened to be caught by a wave that pulls you out to the sea, let yourself go and try to swim back parallel to the beach. Water temperatures in the South Pacic are between 23 to 28 degrees C, making them ideal for water sports. Before you sit down for your picnic under a palm, look up, and make sure the coconuts are not right above you; otherwise, they could fall on your head. In this edition, we are featuring the rst three beaches of Costa Ballena de Osa, from North to South, starting with: Playa Dominical: is traditionally known as the most consistent surf spot in Costa Rica. Beware swimmers: the currents and undertows are powerful. Be very careful and stay near the lifeguard tower! Visitors and locals meet around 5 pm to watch the unique sunsets.

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Do it yourself!AUTHOR: Julio Fernández AgüeroLet’s take advantage of the dry season to paint and maintain our roofs.As we had previously mentioned, we want to take advantage of this time of year to give advise on painting and maintenance outdoors. In this case, we want to give you recommendations for painting ceilings.In Costa Rica, we nd that most buildings have a metal roof or concrete slab roofs. In the case of metal roofs, there are two types: galvanized and enameled roofs. Galvanized irons are the iron sheets covered by a layer of zinc that gives the iron a projection. Enameled irons are the iron sheets covered with a layer of enamel that provides protection and aesthetics; this enamel comes in some primary colors. Knowing which type of roof we will work with is the rst step to knowing what kind of anticorrosive to use.When painting a ceiling, we nd many scenarios, and we will cover the most common ones.1-New Galvanized Roof: When we paint a new galvanized iron roof, it is essential to start with surface preparation. Clean it with plenty of clean water, preferably using a hydro-washer to remove any contamination or grease residues. Once clean and dry, a special anticorrosive for galvanized iron should be applied, such as Sherwin Williams ¨Galvite Base Water¨ paint. It is a water-based anticorrosive for new galvanized iron with a bright nish that can adhere to that closed pore zinc coating, thus providing greater durability than matte nish products. Apply at least two coats of paint with a ball, roller, or airless equipment.2-New Enamel Ceiling: The new enamel that protects the iron is shiny. Therefore, the rst thing we must do is open the pore without damaging the enamel layer. We achieve this by rubbing the surface with an abrasive sponge type Scott Bright, brown, or a 220 grit sandpaper. In the same way, we must wash with plenty of water and with a hydro-washing machine. Then we apply two coats of Kem Direct-To-Metal Solvent Base as a nish or a Kem Enamel Fast Dry 4000 enamel if we want a particular color.3-Old Galvanized or Enameled Ceiling with corrosion: In this case, we must perform a more in-depth surface preparation, use abrasive mechanical tools to clean and remove any contamination due to corrosion. Then we must wash with a hydro-washing machine to clean the surface of dust or scale from corrosion or any contaminant. Once clean and dry, we apply two coats of anticorrosive Primer and two anticorrosive nish or enamel coats.4-Concrete slab ceiling: In this type of roof, the preparation would be to apply an SW fungus remover and then clean with a hydro-washer until any dirt or contamination is removed. Once dry and clean, we apply three coats of Aqualock 8000, a waterproong agent that reduces the substrate’s temperature by up to 20 degrees C. Also, this paint seals small cracks in the slab.Good luck!REAL ESTATE - UVITA & SURROUNDINGS47

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LECHUGA: A TURTLE’S STORY AUTHOR: LAURA VANOPDENBOSCHOn Christmas day 2020, Innoceana - a marine conservation NGO - received a call from a beautiful jungle lodge near Corcovado National Park. They had found 3 Turtles entangled in a ghost shing net and needed help. They were able to release 2 of the three turtles, but the third one was unfortunately too affected to be released as one of her ns stuck in the net was already at a high state of decomposition. After 4 hours of endless calls, the Innoceana team nally coordinated the transfer of the injured Pacic Green sea turtle with the local community’s help. The staff at the lodge placed the turtle on the boat Falcon 1, and its captain Minor Sambrana brought her to Sierpe, where the Firemen were waiting for her. The remen then placed the turtle on their truck and brought her from Sierpe all the way to Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary between Uvita and Dominical. 6 hours after the rescue, the turtle nally arrived at the Sanctuary thanks to the effort and collaboration of everyone involved. She was received by the amazing veterinarian Sandy and her two interns. Given the advanced state of decomposition of her n, Sandy concluded that she must have been stuck in the net for days and needed to have her n amputated. Thankfully, the surgery went very well; she was amputated on the 29th of December 2020 by Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary staff. Since then, she has been recovering and eating lots of green lettuce, which is why she got named Lechuga. Lechuga will need to be rehabilitated before being released into the Ocean. Watch the video linked at the bottom of this page to learn more about Lechuga’s story and meet Sandy! Lechuga’s story highlighted two main issues that the South Pacic of Costa Rica, and the Ocean in general, are facing. Entanglement in ghost shing nets, or abandoned/lost nets, is, unfortunately, a widespread problem happening worldwide and a lot more often than you would expect. They trap dolphins, sharks, whales, sea turtles, rays, and many more, restricting their movement and causing starvation, laceration, infection, and suffocation. Ghost nets should be removed from the Ocean, but more importantly, they should never be abandoned in the rst place. The second issue exposed by Lechuga’s story is the lack of a marine rescue unit to respond to an emergency in the South Pacic of Costa Rica. The rescue and transfer of Lechuga were challenging to organize, and many animals would not have survived the 6-hour transfer process to arrive at the Sanctuary. Moreover, while Costa Rica is 92% Ocean, there are currently no specialized sanctuaries for rescued marine animals accepting new individuals in the entire country. “Entangled in Costa Rica” is a documentary produced by Innoceana in collaboration with The Vegan Pirates, which relates the rescue of two humpback whales entangled in shing lines. The campaign focussed on two issues: raising money to create an organized rescue squad in the South Pacic of Costa Rica able to respond to emergencies for entangled marine animals and to forbid all types of shing techniques that can result in accidental shing and ghost nets. Have a look at the campaign page! MARINE LIFE - UVITA & SURROUNDINGS51

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THE MAGIC OF LOVE AUTHOR: CARLOS LEÓNIn Uvita de Osa, there is an ideal place to have a romantic dinner; the Retro Restaurant combines its calm atmosphere with ne attention and a menu of delicious dishes.Every February 14, Valentine’s Day is celebrated in many countries of the world, a celebration whose origins date back to the third century AD. This year 2021, the celebration took on special relevance given humanity’s situation, which has inuenced us to appreciate love and friendship better. For this February, Google searches reected this, and precisely one of the featured products to celebrate the date was the romantic dinner.Retro Restaurant offered a romantic dinner. That night we can say that the magic of love oated in the place. To complement the decoration, the ne attention, and the special menu that Chef Jordany prepared, we had the opportunity to enjoy the songs performed by Armando Román and incredible magic acts performed by two distinguished magicians, Bryan and Ernesto Melero, the latter was world champion of magic in 2016.When interviewing them, the magician Bryan afrmed “When you arrive at this place you can see the class in customer service, in the way they receive you and welcome you, especially by the owners, there would be no complaint. Claribel always has the smile that characterizes her and that unique way of being, Don Rodrigo, a man with a big heart and great humor worth its weight in gold. Truthfully, I enjoyed every detail of a magical night, a night that I will remember for always and I hope to repeat soon”.Magician Ernesto Melero commented, “We were able to fully enjoy the artistic talent that accompanied us that night of love. Armando Román delighted us with his singing and the excellent accompaniment of his guitar. The ne and punctual service was combined with the excellent Retro food. Byron’s and my magic helped make the moon smile for everyone. Thank you, Retro, for opening your doors to us and making that day a place to meet again and fall in love. “For his part, Armando Román told us, “On the night of February 14, 2021, we celebrated love and art with friends, couples, and family. Between surprising magic tricks, exquisite dishes, and an audience that sang to the end, we witnessed the love that surrounded us. My thing was to sing and celebrate with songs that unforgettable moonlit night that we lived in Retro. You can see the teamwork and passion of your hosts: Rodrigo and Claribel. Do not miss the opportunity to know this wonderful place. “If you plan a romantic dinner with a loved one, Retro Restaurant is an option to consider.GASTRONOMY - UVITA & SURROUNDINGS53

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IF YOUR DOGS COULD TALK ...AUTHOR: MARCO MENDOZA1 - My life will probably only last 14 years. You will hurt me more than you can imagine if you stay away for a period of time longer than a day or two. 2 - If you have patience with me and give me time to learn what you want from me, I promise you that I will never disappoint you. 3 - Trust me and have faith in our future together. If I cannot feel that you believe in me, I will suffer great emotional stress. My sense of self is dependent on your trust in me. 4 - Do not be angry with me for a long time or conne me to a cage to punish me. You have your friends, your job, and your recreations. I ONLY HAVE YOU! 5 - Talk to me about anything as often as possible. Even if I don’t exactly understand your words, I can perceive the meaning of what you say to me by the tone of your voice.6 - Remember that no matter how you treat me, I will NEVER forget about you.7 - When you consider raising your hand to hit me, remember that I have teeth that could break the bones in your hand, but I choose not to bite you. 8 - Before yelling at me because I can’t respond to your orders as I usually do, take the time to think that it may something is happening to me that makes me treat you differently. 9 - Take care of me and be patient with me when I am old. Someday you’ll grow old like me and know what it feels like. 10 - Let me join me through thick and thin. Stay with me when the vet has to do exams or treatments. By your side, everything in my life is more manageable, and nothing could make me feel bad. Remember that my love is unconditional and lasts for life. SALUD ANIMAL / ANIMAL HEALTH - UVITA & SURROUNDINGS55

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Melvin González Rojas (Kamel), alias KURA ^ DEN KA, is a member of the Boruca community and the Commission for the Heritage of these indigenous peoples. He is a notable artist who stands out for his masterful carvings and his expressive and colorful paintings. He is a Boruca Major’s son who was a prominent educator, painter, and mask sculptor. Kamel has participated in different exhibitions, including the Art and Theater Festivals, the Festival de las Spheres, the National Theater, the Costa Rican Art Museum, and the Expotural in Madrid, Spain.In the year 2020, Kamel, like many artists, had to reinvent himself. He put the masks and paintings aside, exchanged brushes for paintbrushes, and began to paint murals. We found him at the new Plaza Ventanas Shopping Center in the north of Ojochal, where he was decorating a store’s interior and facade with life-size scenes of wild animals. “I learned to master brushes in huge dimensions as if they were brushes,” explains Kamel. In Ojochal, he captured a large jaguar next to a mask with a ray of sunlight shining through. “I love cats, especially the KURA^ (jaguar). That is why I sign my works as KURA^DENKA, which means “Footprint of the JAGUAR.” During the year 2020, I worked in Manuel Antonio, Jacó, Sierpe, Puerto Viejo, and other places. “I hardly had time to spend with my family in Boruca.”ARTS - OJOCHAL & SURROUNDINGS56KURA^DENKA THE FOOTPRINT OF THE JAGUARAUTHOR: DAGMAR REINHARD

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Its mission is to disseminate the culture and the history of its ethnic group, spirituality, mythology, and the recovery of the Boruca language full of symbolism. “I love my culture from the depths of my roots and encourage to respect, conserve, protect nature and indigenous cultures.”At the end of last year and to recover the traditions, the warriors carried out the traditional “Little Devils Dance,” this time without public, as they used to celebrate the festivities 30 years ago: they walked three times around the town, the neighbors watched and applauded them from their homes. And… there was no disco movil (DJ with sound equipment), which has little to see with the indigenous people’s customs.“It is for us, the young people, to pass on the legacy that our grandparents left us to the new generations,” adds Kamel.ARTS - OJOCHAL & SURROUNDINGS57

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RESTAURANTSOJOCHALOPENBreakfast and Lunch Vegan and Vegetarian optionMon. to Sat. 7AM to 4PM - Sunday ClosedENTRADA DE OJOCHALHand made Tagliatelle, Gnocchi, Cannelloni, Lasagna4:00 - 9:00PM Martes a DomingoPor favor ReservarCALLE PEREZOSO OJOCHALOPENCreative CuisineMonday - Saturday 12AM - 9 PMSunday ClosedPLAZA TANGARAOPEN8729 41152786 53362786 5157International Cuisine & Sushi Wine Bar 2786 5543EVERY DAY 12 TO 10 PMPLEASE MAKE YOUR RESERVATION Calle Perezoso, 200 m south of OjochalGASTRONOMY - OJOCHAL & SURROUNDINGS59

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THE TERRABA-SIERPE MANGROVES, THE NURSERIES OF THE SEAAUTHOR: JEANE BRENNANBirdwatchers, photographers, sherman and those who catch and sell shellsh to restaurants embrace the opportunity to live, learn and love the mangrove forest.The tourBecause of factors such as development, non-sustainable farming and lack of concern, the destruction of the mangrove forests worldwide is becoming an ecological problem with an economic impact.However, in Sierpe, many business and eco tour companies offer opportunities to explore the now protected Terraba- SierpeMangrove Forest. Knowledgeable tour guides and captains, daily, take visitors from all over the world into this mangrove forest. Sierpe is a simple tranquil Costa Rican village. A benet in participating in a mangrove forest tour is leaving the charming Sierpe riverfront on an eco-tour boat and then enjoying a most beautiful ride down the Sierpe River. Costa Rica is indeed a land of enchantment.The mangrove forest and its massive maze and the intertwining of trees and roots is considered to be a critical component acting to subdue tidal surge, reduce erosion, provide opportunities for recreation and serve as nurseries for sheries. These incredible plants with their gnarly roots have evolved to survive in spite of low oxygen content in salty water.The unique ecosystem found in the intricate mesh of mangrove roots creates a healthy respite for organisms like algae, barnacles, shellsh, sponges, and mangrove crabs all of which begin their life in the mangrove forest.The mangroves provide nourishment and protection to these sheries and also a place to grow to a size that will enable them to compete with other sea creatures.Not only is the mangrove forest conducive to the continuation and development of sea life, the Terraba – Sierpe Mangrove Forest attracts and is home to a multitude of birds, mammals and reptiles.61ADVENTURE - OJOCHAL & SURROUNDINGS

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BIGGEST PRE-COLOMBIAN SPHERE IN COSTA RICAAUTHOR: CARLOS MORALES BARRANTESIf you have visited the canton of Osa, you have likely noticed that the stone spheres are a recurring object, both in the canton’s landscapes and in the culture and identity of the communities in the region. The stone spheres are a patrimonial asset, an archaeological and ancestral object, representative of the chiefdom societies of the Diquís. They created and used them as symbolic artifacts, rituals, and probably chronological markers of status and power.In this context, its use constituted an ancient tradition. Small spheres of a few centimeters up to spheres that exceed two meters in diameter have been recorded among them the sphere of the archaeological site El Silencio.With a diameter of 2.66 meters and a weight of 26 tons, it constitutes the most gigantic sphere that has been recorded, so far, in the Diquís delta region and the country. This object is found on the site’s foothills and is associated with a structure or paving stone made with river stones (boulders) extracted from the Térraba river that passes near the property.Its large dimensions stand out due to its location and strategic association within the cultural and archaeological context and its manufacturing characteristics. This sphere has likely fullled some special symbolic and ritual functions. Important spiritual, social and cultural values were transmitted to the people who inhabited the site.It is signicant to highlight the political, organizational, and artisan skills of the people who conceived this monumental object. In this sense, the raw material’s selection and transport should have meant the in-depth knowledge and collaborative work of the entire community. A good part of it, given the land’s conditions and the outcrops’ location, served as sources of raw material extraction. Some stone objects and tools associated with the carving of this sphere were identied at the site.This enormous sphere is located in the archaeological site El Silencio. Together with Finca 6, Batambal, and Grijalba 2, this enormous sphere constitutes the rst set of archaeological sites declared as World Heritage by UNESCO in 2014 under the designation “Pre-Columbian Chieftain Settlements with Diquís Stone Spheres.”The only site that is open for visitation is the Finca 6 archaeological site, which has a visitor center. It is located in the community of Finca 6, only a few kilometers from Palmar Sur on the way to Sierpe. The temporary schedule is from Tuesday to Sunday from 8 am to 2 pm. The entry cost is ₡ 1000 for nationals, $ 7 foreigners, and $ 5 international students (they must carry a valid student card). The visit is safe, all hygienic measures are taken, following the Ministry of Health’s protocols. Come and know part of our history! Suppose you want to learn more about the El Silencio archaeological site and its monumental sphere. In that case, you can visit the webpage, where you can see images of the site, the sphere, the conservation, and restoration work that specialists have carried out, as well as information on the four sites and data of cultural interest in the area.2100-6000ENVIRONMENT - OJOCHAL & SURROUNDINGS63

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CATCH YOUR SAILFISHIN DRAKE BAYAUTHOR: CAPTAIN WILLY ATENCIO If you are interested in a fantastic shing adventure, join us on the Reel Escape or the Reel Time. Right now is a great time to sh as the beautiful Pacic Sailsh are moving into our waters in higher numbers. Costa Rica is one of the best places in the world to catch these magnicent sh. Once these sh are hooked, they leap straight up out of the water with an aggressive twisting motion. Closer to the boat, the lucky angler can see the brilliant colors when the sh is “lit up” with adrenaline. This is the perfect time for a close-up picture as we do not bring these sh on board. The hook is carefully removed, and water is rushed through the gills by moving the boat slowly forward. When the mate feels the powerful surge of their tail, it’s time to let them swim free. Every sherman and tourist needs to experience the thrill of catching a Sail, or “Pez Vela” in Spanish, at least once.For those shermen who prefer to focus on dinner or sushi, we can certainly ll a cooler. Closer to shore, we catch Snapper, Grouper, Amberjack, and Pompano, to name a few. A little bit further out, we have Mahi-Mahi, Tuna, and Wahoo. All of our trips are designed around how each angler wants to sh and what species they want to target. Many big tour operators of lodges simply take people out to troll for 8 hours because it’s the easiest thing to do. We believe in providing an individual experience instead of a generic experience.We have two boats to choose from depending upon your budget and preference. The Reel Escape is the nest boat in the entire area featuring air conditioning, a kitchen, a full-sized bathroom, and a recently renovated salon. The boat is designed for maximum comfort and shade both indoors and out. The Reel Time is a 26 ft center console, perfect for shing closer to shore. All trips include drinks, snacks, and fruit. A delicious lunch is served on full day charters. Your sh will be lleted, bagged, and put on ice, ready for you to take with you. Drake Bay can be reached by plane (Bahia Drake Airport), river taxi from Sierpe, or by car. We have accommodations ranging from budget to luxury. We also have an incredible rental home available for a minimum of 3 nights. This home is directly on the ocean.FOR MORE INFORMATIONCLICK HERESPORTS - OJOCHAL & SURROUNDINGS65

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REAL ESTATE - OJOCHAL & SURROUNDINGS66Every time a client arrives in Costa Rica with the dream of acquiring property near the beach, with beach front and direct access to this, his dream becomes a “nightmare” when he hears words such as Concession, Maritime Terrestrial Zone, and its Law. And it is not for less, since this type of land has different care and treatment from many other properties in the national territory. Various government institutions such as municipalities, the Costa Rican Tourism Institute, and others are involved.As a real estate agent, I am not a specialist on the subject as a lawyer or government ofcial could be directly related to this matter. However, from my work experience, readings, and support of some acquaintances who have properties with this special condition, I dare to write an article about this type of property located on the strip of the coastal area.These properties have a privileged location in our territory, so much so that they enjoy superior protection. Public ownership is attributed to the State, safeguarded by a large number of laws.Article 1 in the Law of the Maritime Terrestrial Zone, Law N° 6043, species that these lands constitute part of the national patrimony, belonging to the State and are inalienable and imprescriptible. In other words, no one can claim ownership of such land.Article 9 establishes that these lands correspond to a 200-meter wide strip of the Pacific and Atlantic coasts. Starting from the high tide line (highest level reached by the tide), comprising islands, islets, maritime cliffs, maritime cliffs, and any land or natural formation that rises above the level of the ocean within the territorial sea of the Republic.The 200-meter strip is made up of 2 sections: a Public Zone that corresponds to the first 50 meters from high tide and includes islets, maritime cliffs, and natural formations that rise above sea level (see exceptions in articles 21 and 22 of the law) and the Restricted Zone that corresponds to the remaining 150 meters (article 10). In the latter, the lands that can be given in concession for various activities are located by the corresponding municipality, charging a fee for said concession.A Concession is an agreement between the Public Administration and an individual to have the right to use a State asset privately, in exchange for economic remuneration. Article 3 establishes that it is the responsibility of the municipalities to comply with this law and the usufruct and administration of the ZMT.MARITIME TERRESTRIAL ZONE (ZMT)AUTHOR: DINIA OTÁROLA

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REAL ESTATE - OJOCHAL& SURROUNDINGS67Conditions of the concessions in the Maritime Terrestrial Zone:- There must be a current Regulatory Plan. Withoutthe Regulatory Plan, there is no concession. It is up toeach municipality to prepare said plan that accordingto article 1 of the Urban Planning Law, Law No. 4240,a is the local planning instrument that denes in a setof plans, maps, regulations and any other document,graphic or supplement, development policy andplans for population distribution, land uses, roads,public services, communal facilities and construction,conservation and rehabilitation of urban areas.- Concessions are granted for terms of no less than veyears and no more than 20 years, being extendablefor equal periods. The annual fee to be paid must beindicated, and this fee replaces the land tax (articles48 and 50).- Concessions can be assigned or transferred onlywith the authorization of the respective municipality.In the event of the concessionaire’s death or absence,the rights can be awarded to the heirs or heir relatives(articles 45 and 49).- Uses and constructions are allowed as long as theyare adequate to what described in the RegulatoryPlan and have the proper authorization from themunicipality, the Costa Rican Institute of Tourism,and the National Institute of Housing and Urbanism(article 57).- Concessions may be terminated for the followingreasons: expiration of the xed term without havingrequested an extension, resignation or abandonment, death of the beneciary without awarding heirs, or cancellation of the concession (article 52).Some exceptions to the application of the Law of the Maritime-Terrestrial Zone:- Coastal cities (article 6) such as Puntarenas, Jaco, Golto,Quepos, among others.- Land registered prior Law No. 6043.- Coco Island.I am not an expert on the subject, and I am not alawyer. However, this article is based on the Law of theMaritime-Terrestrial Zone, Law No. 6043. The propertiesin concession, with the proper use and management,following the Guidelines established in the legislation andconjunction with the corresponding municipality, generateprotability for the investor in the tourism industry,bringing employability and development opportunities tothe surrounding communities.Important note: A concession is different from a use permit and should not be confused. The corresponding municipality can grant use permits in ZMT without a regulatory plan. Their validity is usually not more than one year and is an authorization to carry out simple acts at the municipality’s discretion.

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DINIA OTAROLA(506) 8451 4590(506) 8705 7239CHRIS SCHAUERMAGALY AVALOS(506) 8411 4245CHRISTIAN MENA(506) 8709 1469(506) 8314 0690CESAR BENAVIDESTIM FEYEREISEN(506) 8975 / / (506) 4702 1307OFFICE LOCATION: 50 meters North of the entrance to OjochalZBIGNIEW (BEN) BODZAK(506) 8723 0795HEATHER MANN(506) 8723 2323HOUSE OF GLASS, an architectural masterpiece!OCEAN, SUNSET, MOUNTAIN AND RAIN FOREST VIEWS!•2 Stories, 3 Bedrooms / Bathrooms •Size: 2,650 sq. ft. •Lot Size: 1.74 acres$429,000 USD LIFESTYLE - OJOCHAL & SURROUNDINGS68Feng ShuiAUTHOR: NICOLE JOSSFENG SHUI, the Chinese art of interior design, brings us success, health, and an “even” better life.Feng-Shui, literally translated as “wind-water,” is the art of living in harmony with the environment. Happiness, prosperity, and health increase. Feng-Shui teaches life in harmony with the ve natural elements: earth, metal, water, wood, and re.Our world and our people are traversed by innumerable invisible but highly inuential energy lines: CHI’s vital energy. Life energy is pure vibration that can be measured using frequencies. If our vibration is in the positive range, things get easier for us, and we feel good overall. Feng Shui tries to put the subtle energies of heaven and earth in the best possible relationship with us humans and our lives, especially at home or work. Originally from China, Feng-Shui’s application has taken a unique path through Southeast Asia, the United States, and Europe. Large international companies around the world have built and furnished their ofce complexes following Feng Shui. The environment and the rooms affect us with their energies.Feng Shui shows how places, shapes, and cardinal points generate their specic energetic patterns and how these silently inuence us.The Feng Shui application analyzes and groups the forces ofCH’I energy.Places of positive energy support us and collaborate in health, association, success, happiness, and harmony.Places of negative energy, Shar-ch’i, have an unfavorable effect on us.Therefore, Feng Shui consultants strongly recommend not sleeping, eating, working, or sitting any longer in such places. Feng Shui’s practice can be used in almost all areas of our life and improves or optimizes our daily being. It is ideal when buying land or planning a building. More and more buyers, architects, and planners are working with a Feng Shui consultant.There are countless possibilities and solutions to redesign or redecorate existing rooms and gardens according to the criteria of Feng Shui.How is Feng Shui determined?The most important basis of Feng Shui is the Pakua, an octagonal symbol showing trigrams, cardinal points, and the elements of nature. Your Feng Shui will be calculated based on these principles to sift out favorable and unfavorable sectors.Favorable places are activated, the unfavorable ones deactivated.A simple redesign also reects optically. All rooms, from singles to villas, seem clearer, more open, and harmonious.With suitable colors, plants, and decorative elements, a large amount of positive CH’I is generated, which has a positive and unconscious effect.

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DINIA OTAROLA(506) 8451 4590(506) 8705 7239CHRIS SCHAUERMAGALY AVALOS(506) 8411 4245CHRISTIAN MENA(506) 8709 1469(506) 8314 0690CESAR BENAVIDESTIM FEYEREISEN(506) 8975 / / (506) 4702 1307OFFICE LOCATION: 50 meters North of the entrance to OjochalZBIGNIEW (BEN) BODZAK(506) 8723 0795HEATHER MANN(506) 8723 2323HOUSE OF GLASS, an architectural masterpiece!OCEAN, SUNSET, MOUNTAIN AND RAIN FOREST VIEWS!•2 Stories, 3 Bedrooms / Bathrooms •Size: 2,650 sq. ft. •Lot Size: 1.74 acres$429,000 USD

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