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South Pacific Costa Rica Magazine - your Essential Guide 76

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Ballena Properties+(506) 2786 5801

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Ballena Homes is a company that specializes in "Custom Home Construction". Included in ourcompetitive pricing are the services of specialist in home design, architectural adaptation of the chosendesign, non-compromising engineering to current code and a team of dedicated construction managers.The key of our success is quite simply, our Team. When you build with Ballena Homes you gain thebenefit of years of Costa Rica construction experience. Guaranteed quality materials - Guaranteed quality Construction -Guaranteed Pricing Ballena HomesEFFICIENT- EXPERIENCED - PROFESSIONAL/ Phone: 2786-5801Web Site: / Email: Innovation@BallenaHomes.comCUSTOM HOME CONSTRUCTION

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LODGING1. Hacienda Barú2. Hotel Cuna del AngelRESTAURANTS3. Pizza La Casita (Take-out Service)4. Hacienda Barú5. Tasty6. Cuna del Angel7. ScalaACTIVITIES8. Reptilandia9. Hacienda BarúSERVICES10. AAA Accounting11. House of the Artist12. Feria Orgánica Tinamaste13. Camino Real Eco Feria14. Costa Rica Real Estate Service15. Dra. Mónica Alfaro16. Pacific Coast LawLODGING53. Tangara Azul Boutique Hotel54. Hotel Diquis del Sur55. Three Sixty Boutique Hotel56.Hotel Alma de OjochalRESTAURANTS56. Pancito Café57. Citrus Restaurant & Wine Bar ACTIVITIES60. Reserva Tortuga61. Lalo Tours Horseback RidingSERVICES62. Ballena Legal Team63. Centro de Pinturas Ojochal64. Plaza Ventanas65. Century 21 & Ballena Properties66. Ballena Homes67. Remax / We Sell Paradise68. L´Épiceríe Super & Deli69. Farmacia & Macrobiotics Ibarra70. Osa Tropical PropertiesDOMINICALOJOCHALLODGING17. Vista Ballena18. Cristal Ballena19. Bungalows BallenaRESTAURANTSUVITA20. Beehive21. Café Sibu22. Gelato23. Retro Café y Bar24. The Dome25. Five Maes26. Ginger House27. Ballena Bistro28. Pura Vida (Cristal Ballena)29. Villas Leonor30. Plaza Bahía Moana31. SimbiOsa32. Le French CaféSERVICES33.Discount Liquor Wine & Cigars34.Cortinas Krisa35. Osa Property Management36. Iglesia La Costa37.Ropa Americana BuenaVoluntad38.Uvita Information Center39.Correo de Uvita40.Imprenta Brother´s41.Rincón de Uvita42.Royal Palm Interiors43.Mora & Valdéz44.Farmacia Ibarra45.RVA Engineer Roger Valverde46. Uvita Law Firm47.Costatika Language School48.Centro Llantero49.Sherwin Williams Costa Ballena50.Pointing Market & Ballena Tales51.Plaza Bahía Moana52.Steve’s Supermarket & DeliDIRECTORYBUSINESS

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PHONE DIRECTORYPOLICE STATIONS Police Emergencia: 911Transit : 2537 0631Dominical: 2787 0406Uvita: 2743 8538Ojochal: 2786 5661Cortés: 2788 8030 HOSPITALS & HEALTH Hospital Tomás Casas (Cortés): 2786 8148Hospital Escalante Pradilla (Pérez Zeledón): 2785 0700Servicios Médicos Bahía-Ballena: 2743 8595Farmacia Ibarra: 2743 8558EBAIS: 2743 8170Ópticas del Sol: 2102 0122ICEInformation: 1113International Operator: 1116Breakdown: 1119OTHERS VETERINARIO COSTA BALLENA: 8730 8282MINAE: 2786 5392 ENVIRONMENTAL COMPLAINTS: 1192TAXIS DOMINICAL Erick 8602 3394Guiligan 8847 0231Ricardo (minibús 4x4) 8605 0801Daniel (pick-up) 8920 2322 UVITA Alex (freight) 8989 2298Carlos (freight) 8308 2695 Geovanni (minibús) 8870 6040Greivin 8791 5680Hermes (minibús) 8855 3830Lusbín 8576 7606Mario 8839 8484Rodolfo (freight) 5711

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WWCONTENT #76Directory . . . . . . . . . . . .Content . . . . . . . . . . . . Editorial . . . . . . . . . . .A Wooden Cargo Ship, Steaming under the Tropical Sun / Shani Meintjes . . . . . .Title StoryHotel ALMA de Ojochal / Dagmar Reinhard . .070809106704 PacicoSur121517The Neotropical Rattlesnake / Roel de Plecker Reptilandia . . . . . . . . . . .You´ve got to be Tough to be an Agouti / Jack Ewing – Hacienda Barú . . . . . .Urban Living versus a Life in the Tropics – Osa Tropical Property . . . . . . . .10 Pérez Zeledón 19202325272830New Income Taxes / Mauro Esquivel – AAA Accounting . . . . . . . . .Mareas . . . . . . . . . . . . .NEW: Tasty Seafood Specialties – Mauro Esquivel . . . . . . . . . .2020 – Highlights from the Guardavidas Costa Ballena Association / Adrianne Chandra-Huff .The New Human Condition / Chema Medina .Everyone has a Story – Beth Sylver . . . . .NEW: Scala Restaurant – Village Escaleras – Dagmar Reinhard . . . . . . . . . . .19 Dominical 64666970737577788183Restaurant List . . . . . . . . . . .Alma de Ojochal Hotel . . . . . . . .Vegan Pirate / Hannes & Uta . . . . . .Climate, Mood and Environment / Nicole Joss .Ojalá CBD / Rachel Solt . . . . . . . .Turtles Travel Far / Melisa Errickson – Reserva Playa Tortuga . . . . . . . . . The bicycle, a Lifestyle in the Canton of Osa - Carlos Humberto Morales . . . . . . .A Mangrove Tour / Julia Heinelt . . . . . Greetings from Drake Bay - Captain Willy Atencio – Reel Escape . . . .The Sky is the Limit, a Career in Real Estate Dinia Otárola – Remax Well Sell Paradise . . .64 Ojochal&Surrounding33343941434547495153555657596063NEW: SimbiOsa Restaurant / Ellie Dufresne . .Restaurant List . . . . . . . . . .NEW: Le French Café – Dagmar Reinhard . . .First Page of Google? / Carlos León . . . . .You vacationed in Costa Rica and Fell in Love / Shelagh Duncan Royal Palm Interiors . . . .You just bought a Property / Nick Halverson – . .Osa Property Management . . . . . AFU – Uvita Soccer Academy -Jan Stahl Benavent . . . . . . . . .Pet Therapy -Contribution of Pets in Your Happy Life . . .Cacao Pura Muba -Julia Heinelt & Jan Stahl Benavent . . . . .Sherwin Williams – Do it Yourself! -Julio Fernández Agüero . . . . . . . .Covirenas Biodiversity / Rebeca Quirós . . . .Costarrican Banknotes are beautiful / J.S.P. . . Expectations – Sara Serenella Cattani . . . .Manassah@Yoga Maya / Dagmar Reinhard . .Entagled in Costa Rica / Laura Vanopdenbosch INNOCEANA . . . . . . . . . . . “Pulseandola bonito” / Dagmar Reinhard . . .32 Uvita 256983

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9WWDAGMAR REINHARD Editor in Chief(506) 8914 1568 / 2743 8778 ballenatales@gmail.comArt & DesignPOINTING MARKETDIGITAL COORDINATOR Carlos Leó CONTRIBUTING WRITERS: AdrianneChandra-HuffBeth Sylver Captain Willy Atencio Carlos León CarlosHumbertoMorales Chema Medina DagmarReinhardDinia Otárola Céspedes EllieDufresneHannes & Uta JackEwingJulioFernándezAgüeroJuliaHeineltJ.S.P. Laura Vanopdenbosch MauroEsquivelMelisa Errickson Nick HalversonNicole JossOsa Tropical Properties PetsinYourHappyLife Rachel Solt Roel de PleckerSara Serenella Cattani Shani MeintjesPHOTOGRAPHY BallenaTalesPhotography Beth SylverCarlosHumbertoMoralesCostaBallenaLifeguardsJackEwingInnoceana Marie CouchonReneCaudilloReservaTortugaRoel de PleckerSailCargo COVER DESIGN: Pointing MarketNEXT EDITION/ March 15th, 2021 Deadline February 1th, 2021www.ballenatales.comEDITORIALDear readerDuring 2020, Ballena Tales Magazine has published in six editions and without interruption, numerous uplifting, constructive, and thought-provoking articles on nature, people’s initiatives, or a healthy lifestyle. Our contributing authors are members of our community, business owners, and individuals with deep knowledge and love of the South Pacific, thus creating an oasis of inspiration and well-being for you to enjoy. We re-share all of these fascinating messages on our website and social media.Our relatively remote area in Costa Rica has preserved its originality and beauty. Splendid landscapes ranging from lush green covered mountains, blue ocean to endless beaches, cozy hospitality, international and local cuisine, or incredible activities make even the most demanding traveler fall in love with this part of the world. And it is not only the sympathy of its inhabitants, the peaceful coexistence in the Tico neighborhood with different nationalities, valuing and supporting each other. I suppose it must be an especially profound experience when you are at the Juan Santa María Airport heading home, and you swear that one day you will be back with your dearest friends.Traveling with friends or family could be your next adventure. You can still make new friends together and push each other to try new experiences. You can share your adventures and ask your friend to create an amazing nature video; there is so much beauty and incentive. Costa Ballena, a stretch of only 35 km, is a jewel only recently discovered in Costa Rica.Visit one of the beautiful beaches. The famous Whale’s Tail in the Marino Ballena National Park, with a length of approximately 2,296 feet and a width of 820 feet, is the third-largest sandbar in the world.You will find everything you need to know about Costa Ballena, Osa, and the South Pacific of Costa Rica on our website. Discover its many wonders and keep browsing to find all the information you may need about your vacations and hiring services. You will also find valuable recommendations if you dream of living in the South Pacific of Costa Rica.Our digital magazine has an incredible reach, nationally and internationally (more than 4000 openings per issue) and offers a wide range of possibilities to promote your business and services.If you want to participate in sharing your story, please contact us.

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Ceiba has been under steady construction eversince her keel was laid on January 8th, 2019. A wooden vessel, square-rigged, powered by the wind and a back-up electric engine, her three masts will propel ethically-sourced cargo from her homeport in Costa Rica via Hawai’i islands as far north as Alaska before returning southbound via Canada, the mainland USA, and Mexico. Today, long wooden planks enter the custom-made steam box powered by the shipyard’s endless pile of offcuts before being clamped inside the hull, ready to be xed in place. By the time the year reaches a close, all the remaining frames will be installed, rendering Ceiba’s outline complete, stem to stern. Steaming, planking and deck-beams will continue to take the 40-strong team into the new year, forming the hull’s curves, adding layers and depth to the build as it begins to take shape.Despite all the challenges, 2020 has been a successful collection of months, a shipyard full and buzzing with life and work. The diverse crew is prooud of the gardens ourishing with consistent harvests of fruits, vegetables, roots and herbs, and a clay oven lled with fresh bread. New tree seedlings now sit ready, waiting for the next rains before being put into the ground, as the annual tree-planting season came successfully to a close. However, AstilleroVerde is working hard to produce viable foods to supplement the diet by implementing an experimental huerta comunitaria. It increases input into the existing shipyard gardens and strives continually to create and support a “low-mileage”, more regenerative, and nutritious food-production-system. The project has shown resilience as it supports the surrounding community by providing stable job opportunities and improving local food security. Due to the consistent ow of investment that allows work to remain ongoing and the team’s determination, without whose backing, none of the progress thus far would have been possible.October saw the rst cargo campaign completed, rendering Ceiba’s northbound voyage full and efciently meeting the high demand for value-added, Central American products in colder climates. Yet, the southbound voyage is still seeking additional Letters of Intent to render her hold full of high-quality products to meet potential demand in warmer latitudes.In the words of Marilyn Valverde, founder of Mar y Comercio and head of SAILCARGO INC.’s Trade and Logistics Division, “we have been reaching out to Costa Rican businesses to introduce the culture of sailing goods. We are optimistic in the pursuit of providing clean transport to products where traceability is an added value, cherished by the customer, and that naturally benets our cargo partners.”Operational from 2022, Ceiba will launch into the Pacic Ocean, pushing the pressing agenda of emission-free trade to support all life and the planet we depend on for many years to come. In the jungle shipyard, the belief is that not only is it important to be merely emission-free, it is also vital to show larger, for-prot companies that shipping in this way is a viable option.A WOODEN CARGO SHIP, STEAMING HOT UNDER A TROPICAL SUNAUTHOR: SHANI MEINTJESINITIATIVE - COSTA BALLENA & SURROUNDINGS11

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Rattlesnakes, does this word ring a bell to you? Ithink everyone has heard of them or seen them on television, stealing the show in cowboy movies or nature documentaries. Famous for their rattling tail tip, actually modied scales, being a series of hollow interlocking segments made out of keratin (the same substance as your ngernails.) Specialized muscles in the snakes’ tail shake the rattle at a very high frequency, thereby producing the unmistakable sound. One of several hypotheses for these pitvipers’ rattle’s origin is that it evolved as an aposematic warning for predators that the snake is venomous. Another assumption is that the rattling tail distracts predators from attacking the more vulnerable head of the animal. Defensive tail vibration is quite common in venomous and non-venomous snakes. Examples are bushmasters, lancehead pitvipers, tiger rat snakes, etc. Also, it can be that the snakes lure their prey with their tail. This ‘caudal luring’ has been observed in several other species of snakes.There is the popular misbelieve that you can determine the age of the snake by counting these segments. However, every time the snake shed’s its skin, a new segment is added. Snakes shed several times a year, they grow out of their old skin, and they grow faster when they are young. The baby rattlesnakes get born with just a single button, and every time they shed, they get one extra. Also sometimes rattles do break off when getting too large. Several species of rattlesnakes are found from North America, throughout Central America (with Mexico having the most species), and all the way down through South America to Northern Argentina. JINGLEBELLS OF THE SNAKE WORLD THE NEOTROPICAL RATTLESNAKEAUTHOR: ROEL DE PLECKER These snakes live in a wide variety of habitats throughout their range, from deserts at sea level to alpine cloud forests up to 4.000 meters of elevation. All rattlesnake species are pitvipers; they are venomous and give birth to live young. Like all venomous snakes, they get born with fangs and venom glands, natural born killers. In Costa Rica, only one species of rattlesnake can be found, being the Neotropical rattlesnake or Crotalus simus. It occurs in the drier regions of the country, being Guanacaste and Nicoya’s dry forests. The Neotropical rattlesnake can grow to 1.8 meters, with males being bigger than females. Ritual combat between males has been observed. In this combat, no fangs nor venom are used, but the males raise their heads high and start wrestling with each other, the strongest one trying to push its opponent to the ground. After a while, the loser of the fight slitters’ away, while the stronger male will mate the female that has been observing the show. Neotropical rattlesnakes are mostly nocturnal and terrestrial, however, you can see them, as well, on lower tree branches. They feed primarily on small mammals. These rattlesnakes are absent from our Southern Pacific coast, but you can see them at Parque Reptilandia.WILDLIFE - COSTA BALLENA & SURROUNDINGS12

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When you’re walking through the rainforest and surprisean animal that goes bouncing through the undergrowth emitting panicked, bark-like grunts with every bounce, you’ve certainly startled a Central American Agouti (Dasysyprocta punctata). After 20 years of living here, I nally saw one standing still. Once the hunting was under control on Hacienda Barú National Wildlife Refuge, their fear of humans diminished considerably.Some say that agoutis look like rabbits with short ears. For me, their shape, habits, and mannerisms are more like those of large (3 kg), tailless squirrels. Like squirrels, during times of plenty, they bury seeds. Though rainforests produce an abundance of seeds and fruits, there is always a time of scarcity, and these hoarded seeds can mean the difference between survival and starvation. Agoutis have gured out that white-fronted capuchin monkeys are very wasteful and dribble lots of goodies on the ground, so they often follow along underneath a foraging troop of monkeys salvage the edible refuse.Baby agoutis are the only newborn mammals I know of that select their den site, separate from their mother the day after their birth. Their den is so small that the mother agouti can’t get inside and has to call them to come outside and nurse. At about three weeks, the infants start following mom around and learn what they need to know to face the world alone. Once the mother agouti determines that they are ready to fend for themselves, she chases them away. Mother Nature applies the law of the jungle to these youngsters unmercifully; only the ttest and luckiest survive, a mere 30%. Their two main challenges are avoiding starvation and predation by coatis, ocelots, pumas, and others. You’ve got to be tough to be an agouti.In 2015 one female agouti got brave enough to leave the protection of the forest at dusk, scamper across a driveway to Hacienda Barú Lodge, grab a fallen mango, and hurry back to the jungle. Each day she made her jaunt a little earlier, without incident. She soon lost all inhibitions and could be seen in broad daylight sitting under the tree pigging out on mangoes. Her offspring learned from a young age that there was nothing to fear from humans and got in the habit of wandering around in the gardens. Feeding them is prohibited at the lodge, but they have learned where all fruit trees are located, and check them out regularly. This has been going on for about a dozen generations. If for some reason, these semi-tame agoutis were forced to return to the forest and make an honest living, like wild agoutis, they wouldn’t stand a chance of survival.YOU’VE GOT TO BE TOUGHTO BE AN AGOUTIAUTHOR: JACK EWINGWILDLIFE - COSTA BALLENA & SURROUNDINGS15

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Living in the city is easy. You can order whatever youwant to your doorstep. You can expect that things happen on time. Your mail arrives on time. Your food arrives on time. The show begins on time. When you have so many people living so near together, there needs to be order! There have to be options! And it has to be now!Urban life also tends to be noisy, dirty, expensive, and stressful. As a result, city-dwellers take pleasure in urban advantages, like being able to buy the best and newest things right when they come out. We tell ourselves that we like to go to dark and dingy bars or high-brow restaurants with exorbitant prices and hardly any atmosphere. We claim to like window shopping and being able to go to art galleries whenever we want. And we tell others that we enjoy the changing of the seasons.When considering moving to the tropics, it may seem like a big trade-off to miss out on your favorite brand of peanut butter or being able to take an Uber everywhere. Sure, the capital city has those amenities. But they are either lost or greatly minimized once you leave the big city behind for a simpler, coastal jungle lifestyle. You will nd that there are so many more things that are a trade up in the tropics. You will hardly nd any gear-grinding, smelly, smoggy trafc.The people you see regularly have friendly, smiling faces. And the warm, welcoming weather and vibrant nature will blow you away every day with their pure and soothing majesty.Life in the tropics may not be for everyone. I know that it’s not. There have been many who have tried hard to make it work and not found their place in our Southern Zone, away from their familiar creature comforts. Those who stay go to bed and wake up feeling incredibly grateful to be here. And occasionally, we get to ask our visiting friends and family to bring us some of our beloved peanut butter brand. We, lovers of our Tropical Properties, see life here as a big trade up from where we used to be. If you feel ready to trade up to the tropics, too, contact me for more information about what the dream life is like in South Pacic Costa Rica.URBAN LIVING VERSUS A LIFEIN THE TROPICSAUTHOR: KEVIN CHAMPAGNE OSA TROPICAL PROPERTIES+506 2786 5500REAL ESTATE - COSTA BALLENA & SURROUNDINGS17

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  

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The new income tax amendments are effective fromJanuary 1 to December 31, 2021. An adjustment must be made each year, as provided in Law 7092, and in accordance with the Consumer Price Index.This update responds to the variation in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) which measures how the prices of products change. It is assumed that, with that, people’s incomes also change. The indicator is measured by the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (INEC).Law 9635 “Law for the Strengthening of Public Finances”, modified the ordinary fiscal period of income tax, so that now the closing of the period is December 31 of each year, and the deadline to file and pay, without fines, was moved to March 15 of the following year.EMPLOYEES, RETIRED AND PENSIONERS IN 2021 The tax that must be paid for the salary increased by 0.28% as of January 1, 2021.The new tranches will affect all wage earners whose income is higher than ₡ 842,000.00 per month. Before that amount they are exempt.With adjustment, these are the new legs:-Salary up to ₡ 842,000.00: exempt.-Between ₡ 842,000.00 and up to ₡ 1,236,000.00per month: 10%.-Between ₡ 1,236,000.00 and up to ₡ 2,169,000.00per month: 15%.-Between ₡ 2,169,000.00 and up to ₡ 4,337,000.00per month: 20%.-Over the excess of ₡ 4,337,000.00 per month:25%.Additionally, wage earners are entitled to a tax credit, which is a reduction that is applied to the tax for being married or having children, which is also adjusted each year.The monthly tax credit per child remained at ₡ 1,570, as confirmed by Taxation, and the tax credit per spouse went from ₡ 2,360 to ₡ 2,370.NATURAL PERSONS WITH PROFITABLE ACTIVITIES IN 2021-Annual net income (profit) up to ₡ 3,742,000.00:Exempt.-Over the excess of ₡ 3,742,000.00 and up to ₡5,589,000.00 of annual net income: 10%.-Over the excess of ₡ 5,589,000.00 and up to ₡9,322,000.00 of annual net income: 15%.-Over the excess of ₡ 9,322,000.00 and up to ₡18,683,000.00 of annual net income: 20%.-Over the excess of ₡ 18,683,000.00 of annual netincome: 25%The exception to the deduction is in salaried persons who also carry out a lucrative activity. If as a salaried employee you already enjoy an exempt section, then you do not have it as a natural person with lucrative activity.The modification affects LEGAL PERSONS (COMPANIES), for whom the new sections apply as detailed below:Applies for gross income (total income) that does not exceed ₡ 109,337,000.00 during the fiscal period:-On the first ₡ 5,157,000.00 of annual net income (income less expenses = utility): 5%.-Between ₡ 5,157,000.00 and up to ₡ 7,737,000.00 of annual net income: 10%.-Between ₡ 7,737,000.00 and up to ₡ 10,315,000.00 of annual net income: 15%.-Over the excess of ₡ 10,315,000.00 of annual net income: 20%.If the gross income during the fiscal period exceeds₡ 109,337,000.00, the previous parameters do not apply and you must pay 30% of the annual net income.NEW INCOME TAX AMENDMENTSAUTHOR: MAURO ESQUIVEL           FINANCES - PÉREZ ZELEDÓN & SURROUNDINGS19 8730 9956

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DIA / DAY ALTA / HIGH BAJA / LOW ALTA / HIGH BAJA / LOW ALTA / HIGHFRI 15 04:06 9.48 ft 10:19 −0.48 ft 16:39 9.27 ft 22:41 0.31 ftSAT 16 04:52 9.27 ft 11:03 −0.34 ft 17:24 9.20 ft 23:27 0.47 ftSun 17 05:37 8.92 ft 11:46 −0.04 ft 18:08 9.00 ftMON 18 00:11 0.74 ft 06:22 8.46 ft 12:27 0.37 ft 18:52 8.69 ftTUE 19 00:57 1.08 ft 07:07 7.94 ft 13:09 0.86 ft 19:36 8.32 ftWED 20 01:43 1.44 ft 07:54 7.41 ft 13:52 1.36 ft 20:22 7.94 ftThu 21 02:32 1.76 ft 08:44 6.94 ft 14:39 1.84 ft 21:12 7.63 ftFRI 22 03:26 1.99 ft 09:41 6.59 ft 15:31 2.22 ft 22:05 7.42 ftSAT 23 04:25 2.08 ft 10:43 6.42 ft 16:29 2.44 ft 23:02 7.37 ftSun 24 05:26 1.98 ft 11:45 6.48 ft 17:30 2.46 ft 23:59 7.49 ftMON 25 06:23 1.71 ft 12:42 6.74 ft 18:28 2.27 ftTUE 26 00:52 7.75 ft 07:13 1.32 ft 13:32 7.15 ft 19:21 1.91 ftWED 27 01:40 8.10 ft 07:59 0.88 ft 14:18 7.63 ft 20:09 1.46 ftThu 28 02:25 8.48 ft 08:41 0.44 ft 14:59 8.14 ft 20:54 0.97 ftFRI 29 03:09 8.82 ft 09:21 0.04 ft 15:39 8.62 ft 21:36 0.52 ftMON 30 03:50 9.08 ft 10:00 −0.26 ft 16:19 9.03 ft 22:19 0.16 ftTUE 31 04:32 9.21 ft 10:39 −0.45 ft 16:59 9.33 ft 23:02 −0.06 ftFULL MOON FIRST QUARTER LAST QUARTERNEW MOONMAREAS - TIDES ENERO / JANUARY 15-31, 2021FASES LUNARES / MOON PHASESMAP+ 506 8872 7591 2787-0446Happy to assist you, you can reach out to us at:We put our Personalized Expertise at your Service.Experts in Real Estate Transactions•Licda. Rosario Araya, Notary and Attorney•Licda. Didania Montero, Notary and Attorney•Licda. Kimberly Duarte, Attorney.•Licda. Lindsay Ryan, PhD., on-call for high-quality environmental jobs.•Tim Woodruff, Attorney in California & Florida,Client Liaison. •Typhy Salmon, Legal Assistant.P a c i f i c c o a s t L aw20 COSTA BALLENA

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DIA / DAY ALTA / HIGH BAJA / LOW ALTA / HIGH BAJA / LOW ALTA / HIGHMON 01 05:149.19ft 11:19−0.49ft 17:409.48ft 23:46−0.12ftTUE 02 05:589.01ft 12:01−0.36ft 18:239.46ftWED 03 00:32−0.02ft 06:448.68ft 12:46−0.09ft 19:109.28ftTHU 04 01:220.23ft 07:348.25ft 13:350.31ft 20:028.98ftFRI 05 02:170.56ft 08:307.79ft 14:300.78ft 21:008.63ftSAT 06 03:180.87ft 09:367.41ft 15:321.20ft 22:058.34ftSUN 07 04:271.05ft 10:477.25ft16:43 1.45 ft 23:15 8.22 ftMON 08 05:391.00ft 12:007.38ft17:57 1.44 ftTUE 0900:23 8.31 ft06:460.73ft 13:057.74ft19:05 1.19 ftWED 1001:24 8.54 ft07:440.36ft 14:028.21ft20:04 0.83 ftTHU 1102:19 8.79 ft08:350.01ft 14:538.65ft 20:550.49ftFRI 1203:07 8.99 ft09:20−0.25ft 15:388.99ft 21:410.24ftSAT 1303:52 9.06 ft10:01−0.37ft 16:209.17ft 22:230.13ftSUN 14 04:338.99ft 10:40−0.33ft 16:599.18ft 23:030.17ftMON 15 05:138.77ft 11:17−0.13ft 17:379.04ft 23:420.34ftTUE 16 05:528.42ft 11:530.21ft 18:158.75ftWED 17 00:200.62ft 06:317.96ft 12:290.65ft 18:538.37ftTHU 18 01:000.97ft 07:127.45ft 13:071.15ft 19:337.94ftFRI 19 01:431.36ft 07:566.92ft13:48 1.67 ft 20:17 7.51 ftSAT 20 02:311.73ft 08:486.47ft14:36 2.13 ft 21:09 7.15 ftSUN 21 03:281.99ft 09:506.17ft15:34 2.46 ft 22:10 6.95 ftMON 22 04:332.06ft 10:596.15ft16:43 2.55 ft 23:16 6.99 ftTUE 23 05:391.88ft 12:056.43ft17:53 2.32 ftWED 2400:19 7.27 ft06:381.48ft 13:006.95ft 18:531.83ftTHU 2501:13 7.73 ft07:280.94ft 13:487.60ft 19:451.18ftFRI 2602:01 8.25 ft08:120.36ft 14:318.30ft 20:310.50ftSAT 2702:46 8.76 ft 08:54 −0.19 ft15:128.97ft 21:14−0.13ftSUN 2803:28 9.17 ft 09:34 −0.64 ft 15:52 9.52 ft 21:57 −0.61 ftFULL MOON FIRST QUARTER LAST QUARTERNEW MOONFASES LUNARES / MOON PHASESMAREAS - TIDES FEBRERO / FEBRUARY 1-28, 2021MAPWW21 COSTA BALLENA

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DIA / DAY ALTA / HIGH BAJA / LOW ALTA / HIGH BAJA / LOW ALTA / HIGHMON 01 04:10 9.42 ft 10:15 −0.92 ft 16:33 9.88 ft 22:40 −0.89 ftTUE 02 04:53 9.47 ft 10:56 −0.99 ft 17:15 10.01 ft 23:25 −0.92 ftWED 03 05:37 9.29 ft 11:39 −0.83 ft 18:00 9.88 ftTHU 04 00:11 −0.71 ft 06:23 8.91 ft 12:24 −0.44 ft 18:47 9.51 ftFRI 05 01:00 −0.29 ft 07:14 8.37 ft 13:14 0.12 ft 19:39 8.97 ftSAT 06 01:54 0.25 ft 08:11 7.78 ft 14:10 0.76 ft 20:39 8.37 ftSUN 07 02:57 0.79 ft 09:19 7.28 ft 15:17 1.34 ft 21:48 7.87 ftMON 08 04:09 1.14 ft 10:35 7.06 ft 16:34 1.65 ft 23:03 7.64 ftTUE 09 05:26 1.19 ft 11:50 7.20 ft 17:54 1.59 ftWED 10 00:14 7.72 ft 06:35 0.95 ft 12:55 7.60 ft 19:02 1.26 ftTHU 11 01:16 7.98 ft 07:32 0.59 ft 13:50 8.08 ft 19:57 0.83 ftFRI 12 02:07 8.28 ft 08:20 0.25 ft 14:36 8.52 ft 20:43 0.44 ftSAT 13 02:52 8.53 ft 09:01 −0.01 ft 15:16 8.86 ft 21:23 0.15 ftSUN 14 03:33 8.67 ft 09:37 −0.15 ft 15:54 9.05 ft 22:01 −0.02 ftFULL MOON FIRST QUARTER LAST QUARTERNEW MOONFASES LUNARES / MOON PHASESMARZO / MARCH 1-14, 2021MAREAS - TIDES MAPRESTAURANTS11:30AM a 9:30PM1.2KM.UP THE ESCALERAS ROADSeafood, meat, pasta y snacksTo Go y Express.11am - 9pm. Tuesday ClosedDOMINICALITO BEACH, NEXT TO THE COASTAL HIGHWAY2101 4 4318805 8172SIGNATURE CUISINECONFERENCE ROOM COSTA BALLENA22

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Tasty Restaurant starts in July 2020. It was anidea of a group of friends who decided to start a business with the vision, projection, enthusiasm, and intention of offering exquisite and traditional cuisine fused with seafood.At Tasty Restaurant, we are lovers of the traditional dishes of our region and our country. We have a mystique of service and attention to our clients, providing a family and quiet environment, and can celebrate any special occasion. The price-quality ratio is excellent, thought about the well-being of our visitors. We strive to obtain top-quality products and raw materials and support local producers and companies. We put our personalized touch on each meal and harvest products such as the spices used in different dishes and drinks in our garden. Seafood specialties are our strong suit, yet we offer something for every taste. In Tasty, you can taste an excellent seafood soup, shrimp cocktail, pasta with shrimp, options with octopus, and salmon or tuna. We do not forget the typical, traditional dishes such as casados, rice, BBQ wings, beef or chicken, and the A must-have is the ceviche served with tortillas and guacamole.Whole sh is one of the favorite dishes that customers seek. It is one of our priorities always to have this delicious culinary option that can be found only in a few places. Besides beers, wine, spirits, and refreshing cocktails, we have delicious natural drinks and sodas options.• Come and enjoy our “Happy Hour” every dayfrom 4 pm to 7 pm on select drinks.• Something essential: We are open to specialrequests. If our client wants something that is not on the menu and we have the ingredients, and it is within our reach, we will gladly please.(We have optimal protocols in food handling, hygiene, and cleaning, to guarantee a safe and pleasant experience for guests and our staff.The Restaurant has easy access and a large and spacious parking lot. Of course, we have free wireless internet with ber optics andwe have stamped and electronic invoices.We are located about 7 km south of Dominical on the shores of the beautiful Costanera Sur Highway and at the height of Dominicalito Beach. The distance to the beach is only 300 ms.We open from 11 am to 9 pm, continuous shift for your best attention and service. For reservations and special requests, you can contact us through our social networks.TASTY RESTAURANTSEAFOOD SPECIALTIESAUTHOR: MAURO ESQUIVEL+506 2101 4431 CULINARY - COSTA BALLENA23

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Many would agree that the best place to be in Costa Ballena is on one of its many beaches — especially as weenter into Costa Rica’s summer. One can easily while away an entire day, watching the light change from the magical early morning rays to its full midday brightness, to the sultry sunset tones. However, with all that beauty in the sky, it is easy to overlook the very real and ever-present danger of strong waves and rip currents. That’s why in Costa Ballena, we recognize the value and importance of the amazing Guardavidas Costa Ballena Lifeguards! The non-profit association, Guardavidas Costa Ballena Lifeguards, is a groundbreaking public-private partnership with the Osa Municipality and the Costa Rican National Coast Guards’. This organization trains, manages and operates lifeguard services at multiple beaches in the Costa Ballena region. Since its founding in 2014, the Guardavidas have kept thousands of ocean bathers safe, both locals and visitors.Between March 15th and October 30th, 2020, the Guardavidas Costa Ballena Lifeguards reported 1239 preventions; five medical assists for stingray sting, cuts, and bruises; and eight in-water rescues on Playa Dominical and Playa Hermosa. In addition to providing this essential service for residents and visitors, the lifeguards’ presence has a positive impact by reducing crime around the outlook towers and patrol areas. They work together with the tourist police to make the beaches safer.The lifeguards are also instrumental in protecting nesting sea turtles in their hatching season, working in conjunction with Costa Rica’s national parks and conservation body (SINAC). This season alone saw the safe release of 1,111 turtles, as well as beach clean-ups and garbage collection. As a legal association in Costa Rica, the Guardavidas Costa Ballena Lifeguards welcomed in December 2020 aNew board of directors:· President: Greg Gordon / Vice President: Abraham MendezVenegas· Secretary: Cristopher Bermudez / · Treasurer: Yahaira VegaGarcia· Vocal 1: Karin Mayer / · Vocal 2: Brad Dean· Vocal 3: Susan StrongAs well as three new advisors:· Marketing & Communications Advisor: Brad Dean· Event & Fundraising Advisor: Bud Thompson· Strategic Advisor: Jim FavaAfter a tenuous year, we are now welcoming visitors back to our area with [proverbial] open arms. To keep this essential service going, please consider supporting the great work of the Guardavidas Costa Ballena Lifeguards by donating through their website or by taking Fundación SOMOS’ 1% Pledge. The 1% Pledge allows Fundación SOMOS, a local NGO committed to community development, to amplify contributions to education, environmental impact, and security programs like the Guardavidas Costa Ballena Lifeguards. Together, we are better!2020 - HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE GUARDAVIDAS COSTA BALLENA ASSOCIATIONAUTHOR: ADRIANNE CHANDRA-HUFFINITIATIVE - DOMINICAL& SURROUNDINGS25

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Chronic conditionsHypertensionDiabetesEKGSkin checkBloodworkPAP SmearMinor surgerySpider vein sclerotherapyBotulinum toxinDermal fillersFat graftingPlasmage non surgicaleye lid rejuvenationMicro needling - DermapenPRP - Patlelet rich plasmaChemical PeelsFractional DermabrasionPROVIDING YOU WITH THE QUALITYHEALTHCARE YOU ARE LOOKING FORGeneral Practice Medical AestheticsDra. Monica AlfaroHotel Cuna del88336431

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To dene our times is no easy matter; one would have torefer to historical moments, myths, legends, and science to give a presentation of our process and include some of the forces responsible for shaping it. Humans have confronted all types of challenges during millennia, initially more physical and lately more psychological, mythical/spiritual. The faculties that humans have developed through their intellectual capacities are truly astonishing. More yet, if we add the ability to shape abstract concepts, that would take him to the farthest utmosts of the Universe.Above all, we should understand that human beings are in a design process, just as any biological entity. It is an evolutionary process, although a major handicap is the psychic component. It has been heading through a double trajectory: the existential one, just like any other living organism, and the metaphysical, a relatively new dwelling in society. It lingers in a neophyte state; therefore, it has much to discover yet.Although many discoveries were made about the precedence of the Homo sapiens sapiens, the essential question by excellence is still not clear enough: who are we, where do we come from, or where are we going to? Perhaps there is more than one trajectory betting a destiny. All the interventions in human development have been so impacting. Many variables overwhelm future possibilities, even if those interventions were evolutionary challenges, therefore giving the image of destiny. Although I don’t believe that humans can be so incompetent to fall so often in the same tramp, as history shows by the many failed intents towards progress, all civilizations have shown in their overwhelming collapses. Perhaps if indeed, humans were so useless, showing that they are not consequent with what is incumbent, they would merit their destiny because of those failings. Anyway, the concept that destiny is in its own hands and not prescribed convinces me more as it being part of an evolutive process. Believing that it is better to focus on a trajectory in which one is the master than by one ruled by hierarchies that show destiny according to specic preordains or induced behaviors. Dening freedom has caused headaches, even though we already have it. We don’t know how to use it and tend towards its abuse and much less understand what freedom of will is. Then, what is happening? It is not a document that gives us freedom; perhaps it is us being apt to such benecence and responsibility. Being free implies that one can do and be whatever, though one is not free from the consequences of having been or done something. There are three forces that I consider indispensable: to be the owners of freedom of will and therefore of destiny. Of the three, very little is known, though efforts were made to describe them. Neither the mystic, artist, nor the scientist has presented a clear and complete denition. That is why I prefer undenable solutions, such as Love, Anarchy, or the Tao. A great paradox encloses the human condition’s comprehension, even though so many essayists have presented us with such eloquent and diverse points of view. It only amplied this dilemma since probably the best we can comprehend is that this great paradox would be logical, and therefore, its comprehension inaccessible. That allows us to continue investigating, experimenting, and experiencing until we achieve a higher rung in this innite stairway that surpasses the connes of the mind.Now that we are starting to enter the quantic mind, one could understand that the extent of innity within the Torus applies to the future as to the past. That is seen from a three dimensional and not from a linear mind. Suppose that we were to enter into the quantum mind, where there is no time and space, nor cause and effect, just a constant presence in the form of Torus; we might realize that to become is what it is anyhow, what leaves us precisely where we are standing, with a sigh in our lips.There may be the chance that this precise evolutive moment in which humanity nds itself at a cultural and physiological level is very similar, as it was between the Neanderthal and the Cro-Magnon. This time around, it is with a galactic awareness of an evolutive mind in quantum perspectives.THE NEW HUMAN CONDITION?AUTHOR: CHEMA MEDINAPHILOSOPHY - DOMINICAL & SURROUNDINGS27

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In 2012, one of my yoga students invitedme to join her for an upcoming retreat she had planned. She was in a difcult position because her “Exercise Person” couldn’t join her, and she wanted me to go to complete her team. I asked her when and where this retreat would be happening. She replied, “Next week, in Costa Rica.”Costa Rica, I thought to myself… Where is that? How can I say no to this fantastic opportunity? So, I said yes!The minute my feet hit the beach in Guanacaste, I felt a sensation that is hard to describe. Somehow, my heart told me that this country would someday be my home.When I returned from my amazing adventure, I told my husband we needed to return to Costa Rica as soon as possible. I felt a strong calling to come back, and I knew that we had some exploring to do together. We made plans and returned in April of 2013. We began our travels in the Northern region of the country and ended our journey in Uvita. Once my feet touched the sandy beach of Playa Hermosa, I felt that feeling again, only 1,000 times stronger. This place, right here, will be our future home. We visited a few more times over the next two years and checked out other areas of the country, some of them very remote. We chose different times of the year to see how the seasons and weather conditions changed. Every time I got on the plane to head back to the US, it became harder and harder to leave. After many lengthy discussions, we made the grand decision to sell the farm and move to Costa Rica! So, we did!In early February 2015, we began packing up our world and saying goodbye to family and dear friends. I had a wish to be ofcially moved to our new home in Costa Rica before Valentine’s Day. We made that wish come true, and I cannot believe that this February 14th will be our 7th Valentine’s Day living in the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to.Some of you reading this might be having similar feelings or thoughts. My recommendation is to visit here many times and imagine “living” here and not being on vacation. Take your time with your decision, and follow your heart! EVERYONE HAS A STORYAUTHOR: BETH SYLVERINITIATIVE - DOMINICAL & SURROUNDINGS28

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EscalEras VillagE D o m i n i c a lc o s t a r i c aEvery Day: 11.30 AM – 9.30 PMFriday & Saturday: 11.30 AM – 10.00 PM

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VILLAGE ESCALERASAUTHOR: DAGMAR REINHARDScala Restaurant is located at the top ofthe Escalera mountain in Uvita and offers an incredibly beautiful contour between the jungle and the sea. It is outdoors so you can enjoy the cool breeze that blows across the terrace.Scala has an extraordinary gastronomic approach, using a unique and innovative culinary strategy that characterizes signature cuisine.Chef Marlón and his team express their experiences and feelings in each of the dishes, using avant-garde techniques,without forgetting their ancestors.Its objective is to maintain the dignity of the product, the protagonists being our fruits and vegetables that come from small national producers, the meats that are free of hormones and additives. The seafood comes from certied responsible shing.For corporate dinners, birthdays and conferences the Crystal Room with A / C was created.The bar is beautifully designed and showcases all kinds of spices that can be infused into your drink to perk up the taste buds.Let’s start with a very refreshing melon cocktail with sparkling wine, fresh melon and pitahaya syrup.The bar tender Diego himself prepares the syrups, among others the exotic dragon fruit and other infusions. He mixes each of the drinks to the client’s taste.For the owners and managers of Scala Restaurant, Mariana and Attila, this is a dream come true. Mariana especially stood out in the creation of the restaurant’s sweets and desserts.They also own the successful Sibu Café and Gelato, a beautiful ice cream parlor in downtown Uvita. They feel that they are passionate food artists who need to express their talents with all their hearts. Scala’s mission is to provide a pleasant and personalized experience to its clients so that their visit is unique.Reservation recommended.506 8805 8172 GASTRONOMY - DOMINICAL & SURROUNDINGS31

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THE PLANETNEEDSOUR HELPA TOTALLY RECYCLABLEPACKAGINGSOLUTIONTEL: 2258-18187290-2265OURBOXESMade of cardboard, withanti-grease and anti-liquidspill treatment

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GASTRONOMY - UVITA & SURROUNDINGS33THE PLANETNEEDSOUR HELPA TOTALLY RECYCLABLEPACKAGINGSOLUTIONTEL: 2258-18187290-2265OURBOXESMade of cardboard, withanti-grease and anti-liquidspill treatmentAUTHOR: ELLIE DUFRESNE In a town that is quickly becoming a foodiedestination, one new restaurant stands out. Tucked quietly behind the bustling center of Uvita is a gastropub gem called SimbiOsa. Its menu and specials are updated frequently by fearless chefs and perfected by the discerning taste of the Canadian owner, Niki Norlock. SimbiOsa delivers surprising and creative dishes crafted from high-quality ingredients focusing on fusion and a philosophy of integrity.Some dishes have an Indian inuence, while others are down-home comfort food, made with a Tico twist and magic element. Worth mentioning is the poutine, which is said by many to be t to compete on the streets of Montreal. Sushi lovers will be thrilled to sample the seductive creations of master chef Tili. After a night out in this place, it’s hard not to talk about it. So many unexpected pairings that incite the imagination and pleasure the palate! The personable bartenders tempt you with tropical delights, and their secret chili guaro recipe is causing a raucous.The space is quite large and open on both ends, with a light breeze passing through. Stylish and sleek, the decor is an oasis of culture amid the wild tangle of the jungle. A brand new pool with sparkling water makes a perfect place to unwind with a mojito and appetizers. There is a pool table for those who play.Spaced throughout the venue are comfortable seating areas for small groups to lean back and let their satised t ummies settle after a m eal. I f you fancy a lie-down, there are hammocks and plenty of space for introverts to recharge. It is an ideal place to spend an extra hour relaxing. The staff is very friendly, continually cleaning and checking to make sure you are safe and happy. The kitchen is open seven days a week from 7 am to 9 pm, and they serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Stop in and see for yourself what the buzz is about.SimbiOsa is located inside the Tucan Hotel, 50 meters east of Banco Costa Rica, on the road towards the Uvita waterfall. HOTEL TUCAN UVITA

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RESTAURANTES UVITA - BAHÍAMediterraneanRestaurantBarandBoutiqueGreat Food • Great Friends • Great FunMonday - Friday - 12 - 9 PM Saturday & Sunday - 12- 7 PM300m North of the Gas StationTHE DOME& SPORTS BARRESTAURANTJML MARKETING & GRAPHIC DESIGNCLIENT: The Dome RestaurantLOGO REDESIGNC: 50M: 0Y: 100K: 0 C: 100M: 100Y: 30K: 0 FONT: FFX TIMES ENGRAVEDNorthAmericanBreakfast,Lunch•EarlyDinnerOPEN 8 AM – 3 PMCLOSED ON SUNDAY DOME PLAZAOPENOPENFamily-friendly fusion restaurantTry the foods you love blended with a touch of the exotic and unusual.100MEASTOFBCR-HOTELTUCANOPEN2101 25424702 39392743 8506Convenience StoreOPENEVERYDAY6AM-9PM300M SOUTH WEST FROM THE UVITA BRIDGE8802 8701UVITA & SURROUNDINGS34

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RESTAURANTS100%GlutenFreeRestaurant.Gourmet seafood and meat menuesTUESDAY – SUNDAY 12 M – 9 PMPlazaPacicPoolsBuildingMonday–Sunday7 AM – 9.30 PMNewMenucomingsoon.Orderyourbirthdaycakehere.Breadspecialities.New vegan avors.Caramelo, salted, Stracciatella, vanilla, organic chocolate chips, basil, pralinés, ginger.MON-SUN 9 AM- 9 PMNext to Uvita Information CenterOPENOPENOPEN2743 8674 8308 66042743 8674 8308 66048507 4949FRENCH Savoir faireDinner starting in FebruaryOPENEVERYDAY7AMa9PMPLAZA BAHÍA MOANA CALLE BALLENA – BAHÍA 200 M WEST OFF THE COASTAL HIGHWAY2201 8253PANTONE 1255C C : 24 M : 42 J : 91 N :14French Savoir Faire in Bahía BallenaEvery Day – 7 AM to 9 PM

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RESTAURANTSInternational Food with Austrian Touch Breakfast buffet, Lunch & Dinner Cocktail-BarOpen every 7 AM-5 PM - Pls Reserve for DinnerKM 169 HOTEL CRISTAL BALLENAFresh Fusion DishesVegan and Gluten Free OptionsTuesday to Sunday 11 AM - 4 PM6 KM SOUTH OF UVITA NEXT TO BALLENA BEACHOPENOPENSeafood,Mariscos Casados - PastasFRESHTUNAOpen Evera DayInquire Operating Days & HoursBETWEEN UVITA & OJOCHAL KM 170OPEN2786 53542786 54072786 53808390 0130Chinese-American FoodTake Out OptionLunch • Sunset appetizers and dinner 11 AM - 10 PM 5 KM SOUTH OF UVITAOPEN274381828372 7144GASTRONOMY - UVITA & SURROUNDINGS36

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We are BakingMonday-Wednesday-FridayPlease order today! Home delivery Uvita - BahíaWholemeal Bread w/Species Seeds- Chocolate- CarrotOPEN8341 1730Cacao Pura Muba CROPENEVERYDAY.NEXT TO THE PACIFIC POOLS BUILDING 8942 8861PulseándolabonitoEVERY DAY 7:00 AM onwardsHOME DELIVERY200m west of Iguana VerdeOPEN8936 6789ThisCouldBeYourSpace!8914 1568GASTRONOMY - UVITA & SURROUNDINGS37

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PANTONE 1255C C : 24 M : 42 J : 91 N :14French Savoir Faire in Bahía BallenaEvery Day – 7 AM to 9 PM

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PANTONE 1255C C : 24 M : 42 J : 91 N :14French Savoir Faire in Bahía BallenaEvery Day – 7 AM to 9 PMLe French Café at the brand new Plaza BahíaMoana stands out for its innovative decoration. The large terraces welcome the sea breezes, and there are comfortable seats, a well-equipped bar, and display cases with delicacies in bread, desserts, and sweets. When the sun goes down at dusk, a magical change occurs at the bistro-like place, and the atmosphere is dyed a serene blue. The menu is very varied; there is something for every taste: Breakfasts throughout the day, Crepes, Yogurt Bowls, Toasts, Croissants, Quiches, sandwiches, hamburgers, salads, and French specialties. Great choice of French wines and the cocktails, oh la la !!Since he was a child, the young manager, Simón Michel-Ximay was baking with his grandfather and father, owners of bakeries in Montepellier (France). In 2010, the family moved to Costa Rica, and in the same year, they opened the well-known Pancito Café in Ojochal.After nishing his degree in tourism at Universidad Latina (San Isidro), he did a three-month internship in Manhattan, New York. The gastronomy opportunities in this city tempted him so much that he decided to stay a while longer. Three months resulted in three fruitful years. He worked with the famous Italian chef Jonathan Benno, some time at the renowned Lincoln Restaurant (3 Michelin stars), a place as exquisite as La Mercerie and the Chinese Tuxedo in China Town, all of them in New York. He improved his English. He rened his knowledge in cocktails, polished himself as a sommelier and barista, in French and Mediterranean cuisine, ne dining, and running a bistro.When he returned to Costa Rica in March of last year, his parents introduced him to their project: Le French Café in the elegant Plaza Bahía Moana. Simón accepted the challenge, and together with his family and professional team, they opened the bright and airy restaurant at the beginning of November 2020. Simon was in charge of creating recipes for the menu. His mother, Mireille, was dedicated to decorating the cafe, and his father, Philippe, the brain of everything, managed operations and technology.Bonne chance and best wishes!LE FRENCH CAFÉPLAZA BAHÍA MOANAAUTHOR: DAGMAR REINHARDINITIATIVE FOOD - UVITA & SURROUNDINGS39

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Arte - Muebles Servicios profesionales de construcción+506 8305-3270@my_design_costa_ricaPanadería - Pastelería -RestauranteGastronomia francesa+506 2201-8253@le_french_cafe_uvitaRopa y accesorios de mujeresDecoración francesa+506 8970-4392@la_fabrik_french_life_styleSalón de tatuajes y piercings+506 8346-1885@uvita_inkEquipo solar - Fontanería - Aire acondicionado+33 6 7137-9683@my_environment_costa_ricaPLAZA BAHÍA MOANA – Uvita, calle Bahía Ballena, hacia el Parque Nacional Marino Ballena

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Before the Internet’s availability, people consulted countlessnon-digital sources such as phone books and shared friends’ opinions about hotel and restaurant services.Today consumers have an Internet connection 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to search for information from their computer or cell phone. We continually turn to a search engine like Google, which indisputably dominates the world market due to its operability and penetration. Any company’s marketing and communication strategy should consider search engine positioning an essential element if we want our potential clients (leads) to nd us and buy our product. In other words, every seven out of ten people search on Google from their PC and nine out of ten from a mobile device or tablet.In 2020, digital commerce grew more than it had evolved in the previous ten years, and today we could reafrm that “if you are not on the Internet, you do not exist.” Showing up on the rst page of Google gives you a huge advantage over your competition. There are millions of daily searches on the Internet, and positioning your business is not easy since Google gives preference to organic trafc.Recent studies indicate that travelers are increasingly careful when choosing a hotel, restaurant, and adventure, preferring the sources of information closest to their desired destination and making their reservations directly. Likewise, it is the local traveler who feeds most of the current tourist demand.However, hotels and restaurants face disadvantages to compete against digital marketing tourism companies that have the resources to pay for campaigns.For the “keywords” accommodation, restaurants, and bienes raices (Costa Ballena área), our website Ballena Tales is positioned on the first page of Google, thanks to the interest of the user, to a laborious work of digital marketing dating back several years, leading to a continually growing audience organically and validly on social networks. Above all, this is due to the richness, relevance, and usefulness of the content offered in each edition of our virtual magazine and incorporated into the web blog.Suppose you have a restaurant or hotel in Costa Ballena. In that case, it is advisable to place your business’s brand in the Ballena Tales business listings, thus positioning yourself immediately on the rst page of Google. Our prices are more than reasonable. For your restaurant, we offer the advantage to publish your menu online and have the brand diffusion on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and through our mass emails.The sponsored articles in Ballena Tales Magazine are great to tell more in detail about the benets of your product. Turning this great foundation into sales is up to you. You must scrupulously review your website and the architecture of your social networks so that you can achieve engagement once you have a potential client.Check with your webmaster. Pointing Market offers you professional support. We are your neighbors in Costa Ballena; consult our offers without obligation. It will be a pleasure to serve you.BEING ON THE FIRST PAGE OF GOOGLE AUTHOR: CARLOS LEÓN 2743 87788946 7134DIGITAL MARKETING - UVITA Y ALREDEDORES41Arte - Muebles Servicios profesionales de construcción+506 8305-3270@my_design_costa_ricaPanadería - Pastelería -RestauranteGastronomia francesa+506 2201-8253@le_french_cafe_uvitaRopa y accesorios de mujeresDecoración francesa+506 8970-4392@la_fabrik_french_life_styleSalón de tatuajesy piercings+506 8346-1885@uvita_inkEquipo solar - Fontanería - Aire acondicionado+33 6 7137-9683@my_environment_costa_ricaPLAZA BAHÍA MOANA – Uvita, calle Bahía Ballena, hacia el Parque Nacional Marino Ballena

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Costa Rica has no army, they have an extensivehealthcare system, and they enjoy a 98% literacy rate with free education! What’s not to love? It also tops the list of happiest countries worldwide!Most of us who settled here were drawn to the amazing natural beauty everywhere you look, the local people’s friendliness and the Pura Vida…. Then came the big decision to create a home here!Your realtor may have already helped you select an architect and a builder, and you have your plans approved. If not, be as thorough in making your selections as you would be back home. Get a few quotes and always check references from former clients. No matter how honest and convincing someone sounds, it is up to you to do your due diligence, especially in a foreign country in a different language.If you have never built a custom home before, it can seem quite daunting. You will be asked to specify the exact ooring you want, the backsplash and countertop materials, the faucets, tubs and basins. You will also be expected to know what kind of lighting you want to use and where you want it. Every little detail will need your immediate attention. Even if you have built a home before, this will not be the same as building one in North America.Of course, your builder will help you as much as he can, but fortunately, Costa Ballena now has theSouth Pacific Design Center!They can help and advise you on all those selections - right here in Uvita! No more racing up to San Jose when something was overlooked or became unavailable! They can also oversee your project and be your eyes and ears throughout the process.Because of their interior design connections, they have many exclusive and unique nishes from their many partners. Your home can stand out as a unique and special creation that reects your personality and lifestyle. They even offer specialized Kitchen & Bath design!If you need some help with paint color selections or interior design, their designers are available for consultations - either in person or virtually. That is especially helpful if you are out of the country! Furnishing your new home is a snap with Royal Palm Interiors; they work closely with the South Pacic Design Center to provide exclusive, sustainable, and jungle ready products.Custom-designed furniture is also available, produced to North American standards – so no straight backs or hard sofas!Full project management is also available from the Design Team, and they will present you with a move-in ready home for your arrival.SO, YOU VACATIONED IN COSTA RICA AND FELL IN LOVE!AUTHOR: SHELAGH DUNCAN506 2743 8323INTERIOR DESIGN - UVITA & SURROUNDINGS43

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Turn-key Property ManagementPROPERTY MANAGEMENT EXPERTS• Full-service vacation Rental / Landscaping / RepairsPool Cleaning / Taxes / Billpay• New Construction – Project ManagementUvita – Ed. Perla del PacíficoLocal #1(next to Servicentro Bahìa Ballena)Saturday: 8 am – 12 mMonday to Friday: 7 am – 4 pm:(506) 7100 1006: OsaPropertyManagementwwwHatillo – Dominical – Uvita – Ojochal – Coronado - San Buenas

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Congratulations! You are now the owner of a new home inthe Costa Ballena region. Now what?Plan for UsageThis is typically decided before the purchase process is completed. However, you should know what the plan is for the home. Is it strictly for personal use? Will you rent it out? If more than one person is involved with the purchase, it is advisable to have a ‘usage plan agreement’. Who gets to use it, when and for how many days per year.Banking and Paying BillsWho is going to be responsible for paying your bills? The Costa Rican banking system is pretty efcient. Seriously. Properly registered property management companies have banking platforms that make paying bills very easy. Coupled with our ability to wire funds from the USA to Costa Rica in a matter of hours, paying bills is easy.For individuals, it can be a bit more challenging. Banks have begun tightening their rules for non-residents, and paying specic 3rd party bills can be extremely difcult, complicated, or expensive (if you have to wire funds from outside Costa Rica).Keys to Your CastleWho do you trust with the keys to your home? Is it someone you just met? Do they speak your native language? Be careful sharing keys - you wouldn’t give a stranger a key to your home back home - don’t do it here.Death and TaxesAs Benjamin Franklin once said, “Nothing is certain except death and taxes.” Although no one wants to think of these two things during the thrill of purchasing a home in Costa Rica, they are topics that should be discussed.In the event of one of the corporation owners’ death, the corporation will end up in probate unless a pre-existing Costa Rican trust is registered in Costa Rica; an issue advisable to be handled by a lawyer.New vacation home rental tax for 2021.Starting in 2021, and in response to the hotel and lodging industry’s valid complaint about vacation rentals not paying ‘their fair share’ of taxes, there is a new vacation rental home tax. The tax is 12.75% of the gross rental cost. This tax must be registered and paidmonthlyto the Costa Rican Tax Authorities (Hacienda).Be sure you are paying those taxes, and your property manager has a solution to get those paid.The homeowner pays 12.75%, while the 13% IVA tax must be paid by the renter.In the end, it is our recommendation to hire one of the legally operating property management companies in the area. There are only a couple of us to choose from. Please verify that your property manager is registered with the Caja, Hacienda, and the Municipality. Without those certications, they are not legally working in Costa Rica.If you need help with accounting or your tax lings, please feel free to contact us: Don’t let your excitement and happiness of owning in the region get off to a bad start.Nick Halverson has been buying and managing properties in the region since 2005.YOU JUST BOUGHT YOUR PROPERTY...NOW WHAT? AUTHOR: NICK HALVERSONREAL ESTATE - UVITA & SURROUNDINGS45

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It all started two and a half years ago when Omar hadcreated a soccer academy for youth in Uvita. Previously, Junior Brenes had already organized a youth team with whom he trained and played friendly matches. Omar and Jason met with Junior and the children’s parents. They presented their ideas and visions: an academy in which, apart from sporting fun, players are trained to their maximum potential on and off the court. Including educational components such as respect and discipline, values that serve also being off the eld.Today the academy gathers 70 children between 4-15 years old. Alongside Omar as the head coach are Jason, Christine, Carly, Adriano, Devon, and Johnny, a very international squad of coaches and caregivers (Costa Rica, United States, Canada, Italy, and Argentina),who support you where they can.The door is always open for volunteers from all over the world. I arrived from Germany, not knowing what was in store for me, and they have welcomed me with open arms. PURA VIDA is not lived only in the academy but also on the beach, mountains, and coexistence. I have not only found coaches; instead, I have made friends on this side of the world. A highly recommended experience. Good people who do a good job. Even though there are so many children interested, it is still a struggle for resources. The academy carries a lot of weight on its shoulders to sustain the project in the long term and would highly appreciate a sponsor. Obviously, there won’t be 70 professional footballers out there, but AFU does everything to ensure a professional environment and allow everyone to realize their dreams. All that effort and work is not always valued as it should be.The current situation did not allow training from March until October. Not being able to touch the ball hurts the footballer’s heart. Therefore, they held a meeting with the National Union of Soccer Academies (representatives to advise appropriate behavior). In compliance with health protocols and regulations, “contactless football” is currently played. This means that no matches are played, but exercises from a distance are possible. The ICODER (Costa Rican Institute of Sports and Recreation) plans a total return for March 2021. Until March, AFU will continue training hard to return with new strength and win cups for Uvita. One of the last tournaments that were possible was the International Canal Cup in Panama. Excellent memories for the academy. The U11 category beat all rivals and went home as champion.With joy, companionship, and the ARAMACAW on their chest, they go for more titles!The training is open to boys and girls of all levels from 4-17 years old.Monday:3:00 PM - 4:30 P.M4:30 PM - 6:00 P.MSaturday:7:30 AM - 9:00 AM9:00 AM - 10:30 AMAFU - UVITA SOCCER ACADEMYAUTHOR: JAN STAHL BENAVENT 506 6029 1948REAL ESTATE - UVITA & SURROUNDINGS47

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Mostly pets are the best friends of humans. Theyprovide company to man and are very benecial for their health, both mental and physical. Pet therapy involves your pets to help you recover from diseases and mental disorders. ESA doctors review the benefits of owning pets for your health. ESA is termed as an emotional support animal, and ESA doctors are the medical professionals that recommend an ESA on medical terms. Pets generally increase the bliss we experience in life. Whether you are looking to cope with a specific mental health problem, handle your emotions, or feel more positive and energetic, there are plenty of ways to control your mental and physical health. One of which is having an emotional support animal. They act as home healthcare for people who are struggling with diseases. It is also the case that some doctors prescribe an emotional support animal to provide the comfort the patient needs rather than medications. Moreover, playing with your pet increases the levels of the feel-good chemicals serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin in your brain. They have several significant effects on the body. It helps slow a person’s heart rate and breathing, reduces blood pressure, and inhibits stress hormone production, making you happy and cheerful in your life. Research studies on the psychological and psychosocial reflect the benefits of positive social interaction with a pet, such as holding or stroking an animal. These benets include calming and relaxing, lowering anxiety, alleviating loneliness, enhancing social engagement and interaction, normalizing heart rate and blood pressure, reducing pain, stress, depression, and increasing pleasure. Based on these studies, it is plausible that living with an emotional support animal may alleviate symptoms associated with several emotional and psychiatric disabilities. A pet’s presence can alleviate negative feelings in the short term and boost long-term mood and function in people with mood disorders. Given the prevalence of depression internationally, pets may offer a relatively low-cost strategy for improving symptoms of depression. They can support emotional functioning by helping people establish social interactions and connections. Besides, pets offer us their unconditional love and empathy in return for the love and care we give them. They are different from the love and issues we have with other humans. As a human, it is in our nature to be loved as well. So when you have pets, you always get the desired love and company, which makes you feel happy and loved. In short, the quality of your life can dramatically increase, and make you a better person. Many different animals have been trialed as ESA. Cats, dogs, mice, rabbits, birds, hedgehogs, even rats, pigs, ferrets, etc., can all be emotional support animals and of any age. And the most common ones are cats and dogs.PET THERAPYCONTRIBUTION OF PETS IN YOUR HAPPY LIFEANIMALS & HUMANS - UVITA & SURROUNDINGS49

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He who is looking for authentic quality cocoa withoutarticial additives has found the perfect place. The idea for Cacao Puro Muba Uvita came from Mrs. Sylvia Beita. She is indigenous of the Cabécar tribe of Ujarrás. As a child, she learned from her grandmother how to get the best out of cocoa. For ve years now, she and her husband Enrique have created artisan products from cocoa beans.The beans are pressed with a homemade machine powered by a boat engine. With this device, the liquid components are separated from the hard ones. Sylvia’s brother, Don Aquilino, extracts the oil from the dried beans in a manual process. The liquid collects in a bucket. It is left in the sun for three days. During this time, the cocoa butter separates and settles on the surface over the black cocoa paste. This paste is used for the production of sweets and desserts. Cacao butter is highly recommended for skin care. It regenerates and nourishes it with natural fats, and its vitamins and antioxidants leave the skin looking healthy and clean. It is delightful because it smells good, absorbs quickly, and does not leave a fat layer. A good option is also to add it to the water when you take a hot bath.Many people don’t know how many benets pure cocoa has. It is perfect for the brain. Its avonoids play a neuroprotective role, as they improve memory functions and learning capacity. The substances epicatechin and catechin have been shown to have benecial effects in the prevention of Alzheimer’s. It is also very good at preventing and curing diabetes, blood pressure, obesity, and cardiovascular health. The recommended daily consumption of cocoa is 7 to 20 grams.You can eat the freshly roasted cocoa beans. A very delicious invention of Enrique and Sylvia are the caramelized and ginger cocoa beans. Among so much variety, of course, they also offer freshly ground cocoa powder. What a rich aroma!Such an excellent and natural cocoa is only available here!AUTHENTIC CACAO PURA MUBA AUTHOR: JULIA HEINELT & JAN STAHL BENAVENT506 8805 8172GASTRONOMY - UVITA & SURROUNDINGS51

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The dry season is here! The best time to performmaintenance outdoors. We have just faced one of the strongest rainy seasons in recent years. We can observe a more signicant deterioration in our buildings and mainly in outdoor areas that were spaces exposed to inclement weather. In the following editions, we will focus on recommendations for doing work outdoors.Today we will start with the general processes of a repainting or corrective maintenance system on exterior walls with fungi and algae.First of all, we must prepare the surface properly. Following these steps as a guide will help us to make the painting system successful. 1- Apply inhibitor and fungus remover, leave toact for 30 minutes, and then wash with a pressurewasher to remove all residues of old paint. Aftercleaning, the surface should be allowed to dry.2- Sometimes fungi and algae leave a stain on thewalls. To remove these stains, we apply two layersof Builders Base stain-blocking sealer to achieve auniform color surface before applying the paint.3- Once the sealer is dry, we apply the exterior paint.We recommend a paint like Excello Extreme Climate,ideal latex paint for extreme weather conditions. Itoffers greater long-term anti-fungal and anti-algaeprotection, which provides excellent protection incoastal and high humidity environments. It has a highresistance to alkalinity and provides high coverage toachieve professional and durable nishes.4- It is imperative to respect the time between each coat of paint and other manufacturer’s recommendationsaccording to the technical sheet.5- A right choice of colors can give us a long time ofdurability and splendid aesthetics in the nish.Concerning colors, we have a scanner, and we canalso advise you to recommend the newest trendsfrom the most recognized interior designers.By following these steps, we can ensure that the workwill give a good result.DO IT YOURSELF!AUTHOR: JULIO CESAR FERNÁNDEZ AGÜEROPROFESSIONAL ADVICE - UVITA & SURROUNDINGS53

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Osa is home to 2.5% of the world’s biodiversity.Unfortunately, it has one of the lowest human development indices in the country.The Osa Peninsula has historically had socioeconomic conicts that inevitably trigger environmental crimes.The biodiversity in the area has made it possible to develop ecotourism, a large part of its inhabitants depends on tourist activity.For decades ACOSA (Osa Conservation Area) has had a lack of resources that allows it to stop the many environmental crimes in such a large area. The new budget cuts are making the situation worse.With restrictions and the decline in tourism, environmental crime has increased. Most ministries have suffered budget cuts and MINAE is no exception. The lack of employment has brought greater availability of time and has led the communities of Osa to organize themselves into groups of COVIRENAS (Natural Resources Surveillance Committees) that are basically volunteer park guards. There are already 5 formally constituted groups: Rancho Quemado, Alto Laguna, Drake Bay, Carate and Puerto Jiménez with almost 60 participants with the SINAC card. Likewise, new groups are being formed in La Gamba, Palmar Norte, Piedras Blancas, among others.Now more than ever it is essential that local communities empower themselves as protectors of their own biodiversity, which is essential to resume tourism activity.The Rancho Quemado Biological Monitoring group, also COVIRENAS, is an example worth mentioning. For more than a year they began to take care of the herds of wild pigs that were being slaughtered by local hunters. As of today, hunting has practically been eliminated in this community. In addition, they carry out biological monitoring and environmental education work.Patrols began in Drake Bay a few months ago and in such a short time a network of anonymous informants has been established, which is allowing to create a demotivation in local hunters, and therefore, reducing hunting.The COVIRENAS of Puerto Jiménez are cleaning beaches and areas of the community, those of Carate have managed to thwart the theft of sea turtle eggs thanks to the rapid complaint to MINAE.Likewise, the COVIRENAS provide support in the Corcovado National Park stations when there are few personnel, they have actively collaborated in work on trails and improvements to open them to tourism.All the work and time is on a voluntary basis and nancial support is being sought to continue working, since logistics requires buying equipment for the mountain, payment of per diem, among others.NATURAL RESOURCES SURVEILLANCE COMMITTEESAUTHOR: REBECA QUIRÓS SALUD ANIMAL / ANIMAL HEALTH - UVITA & SURROUNDINGS55

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Continuing with our series of Costa Ricanbanknotes, the blue 2,000 colones features Mauro Fernández Acuña. On the reverse side are contributions from the Coral Reef: the Bull shark, Red Cushion Sea Star, and the Slimy Sea Plume! The 2,000 colones note is slightly larger than the 1,000.Mauro Fernández Acuña studied law at the University of Santo Tomás. He held the Supreme Court of Justice position, taught at the College of Lawyers and was a delegate in the Costa Rican Constituent Assembly for several years. He was President of the Congress, Minister of Property and Commerce, advisor of State, and Director of the National Bank of Costa Rica. He was also, the head of the Secretariat of Public Instruction and enabled more funding toward Secondary Education with the rst secondary school for women, the “Colegio Superior de Senoritas.”Posthumous, he was declared Benemérito a la Patria (Worthy of the Homeland), a title given to honorable Costa Ricans.The bull shark (Carcharhinus leucas), also known as the “Zambezi shark” (informally “zambi”) in Africa, and “Lake Nicaragua shark” in Nicaragua, is a Requiem shark commonly found worldwide in warm, shallow waters along coasts and rivers. It is known for its aggressive nature and presence in warm, shallow brackish and freshwater systems. Bull sharks can thrive in both salt and fresh water and can travel far up rivers. They have traveled up the Mississippi River as far as the State of Illinois, about 700 miles (1100 km) from the ocean.Similar to soft corals, Sea Fans differ by living in up to 8 inches of sand. Most are nocturnal. They are usually a violet color but can also be yellow and mainly live in the Caribbean Sea.The red cushion star also lives in the Caribbean Sea. Adults are usually found on sandy bottoms and coral rubble while the babies live in the seagrass as their coloring provides camouage. In the winter, the red cushion star migrates to offshore locations to seek calmer waters.Our next issue will feature the yellow 5,000 banknote, which is slightly larger and features Alfredo González Flores and the Mangrove swamp’s attributes!COSTARRICAN BANKNOTES ARE BEAUTIFUL AUTHOR: J.S. PARRISH INITIATIVE - UVITA & SURROUNDINGS56

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What did I expect when I landed into this wild and lushunknown? “Something else.” On the eve of my departure, I look back at these last four and a half years with a heart full of gratitude. Costa Rica has grown under my skin, and I’ll carry it with me for the rest of my life. The entrepreneurial venture with Natalia and Sandra to openEl Mercadohad a signicant impact on the community. Through it, I also discovered a passion for baking bread.My journey with Jungle Arts and Dance with my soul sister Kelly and, later on, Sharon, brought me unspeakable joy and inspiration. Meeting Lura at Bienestar Yoga Shala was THE gift; she quickly became my teacher, my mentor, and one of my dearest friends who guided me into integrating yoga as a part of my life. Last but not least, working for a brief moment with Ema and Melanie at Emana. What a joy, a sense of purpose, and great inspiration for my future life in Italy!All around, I feel like I received far beyond my wildest expectations.Within the whole experience, I discovered connection with nature, people, and ultimately within myself. Living in a community such as Costa Ballena taught me how important it is to nd a place where you belong. Here like-minded people come together; the vibe makes you feel like a human being, and thanks to my tribe, even through my darkest days, I never felt alone.I had an unspoken craving for sisterhood, which manifested into the most amazing women I’ve ever met and for whom I feel the deepest gratitude. I am grateful for the great, brave men I met connected to their soul, doing their inner work with an open heart.The intense energy here forced me to look inside myself like never before. It helped me confront “stuff” I didn’t know I had accumulated. At rst, I experienced a huge cultural shock, which translated into resistance against what I perceived as too long, too slow, or illogical nonsense. I had come searching for “something else” without being ready to embrace change, and the outside was mirroring what was awaiting to happen inside of me.Challenges were numerous, yet being here was always my choice; I was suffering from resisting what I had come to experience: “something else”.Once I surrendered to the true essence of the “pura vida”, including the inevitability of one hour in line at the bank at best, I started to change. Outside and within. Growth started and, with that, an incredible sense of freedom came. I now know I needed all of this to shed those layers that were no longer serving me. The simplicity and yet abundance of life in the jungle helped me create a new paradigm of what is truly needed for me. The answer is: much less than I thought, much less of the things I deemed indispensable, and much less overthinking, drama and fear. Living here helped me declutter my mind, make space for my soul to shine, shedding light on what is truly important. I feel that this space is full of new creative energy, courage, honesty, and love. The living force I found within my heart is the greatest present I could give myself.This community and the wonderful people I have the privilege to call friends, sisters, and brothers are the greatest gifts that life could give me.You will be missed, dear ones. Thank you.Be seeing you, and I love you.SaraEXPECTATIONSAUTHOR: SARA SERENELLA CATTANI DANCER & EXPLORER MAKE-UP AND PHOTO BYRENE CAUDILLO @RENERGYINMOTIONWWW.LUCIDLIFEGUIDES.COM“INITIATIVE - UVITA & SURROUNDINGS57

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Costa BallenaManagementProperty Management & RentalsSince 2003 UVITA & SURROUNDINGS58TEL 87120545 / 88214047

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She is from Chicago (Illinois) and has lived in Uvitafor ve years. She left behind her job as a court reporter, well paid, and no less stressful in the metropolis of Chicago with a population of nearly 3 million people. The need for a change in her life was prevalent. After volunteering at the Hostel Cascada Verde in Uvita in 2009, she decided to focus on moving to Uvita permanently.She had the same repetitive dream in the US for a time; she observed herself running in a triathlon. She began training to compete and an injury forced her to visit a massage therapist who recommended yoga. From the rst class in 2005, she was impacted by the practice and decided to learn a lot so that she would be in front of a group of students herself one day. She was fortunate to study with the Hindu Master Yogi Hari. Hari is a renowned Swami, a disciple of Swami Sivananda, a spiritual teacher, yogi, Hindu guru in Vedanta doctrine, and the Divine Life Society founder. In parallel, Manassah, for several years, learned Thai massage and the Trigger Point technique. The combined training and years of practice make up what Manassah is today: a dedicated yoga teacher and a great therapist.In a typical class, Manassah begins with pranayama (breathing exercises that lead to mental concentration) and a short meditation to quiet the mind, followed by the practice of asanas. There are twelve basic asanas to build a strong foundation , including the well-known salutations to the sun.A well-deserved Shavasana (relaxation) and the intonation of a mantra, such as OM, end the invigorating session.Manassah loves the simple life; she learned Spanish and now even teaches in the language, she enjoys the surf in Uvita and rides her beloved bike everywhere. She radiates a lot of peace and friendship and follows the yoga commandments Give, Serve, Love, Purify. Every Sunday morning at 8.30 am, you can enjoy a class with her at the new Yoga Maya Center in Bahia. Drop in rate: $12, packages of 5 and 10 passes available. MANASSAHAUTHOR: DAGMAR REINHARDHEALTH - UVITA & SURROUNDINGS59

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It is not unusual for residents on the South Pacic side ofCosta Rica to witnesshumpback whales swimming along the coast with their newborn calves during migratory whale seasons. For anyone, being able to rescue a female whale and her calf’s life is a once in a lifetime encounter. Innoceana, in association with lmmakers The Vegan Pirates, produced a short documentary “Entangled in Costa Rica.” It tells the incredible story of freeing two whales being trapped in shing lines off of the Central Pacic coast by a group of ocean lovers who were in the right place at the right time. Our documentary explores how everyone can come together to facilitate positive change when faced with unforeseen circumstances.In July of 2019, Innoceana found themselves springing into action to help two giant humpback whales entangled in shing lines. Carlos, Laura, and Yulian picked up a call in the middle of the day about two humpback whales that were spotted struggling off the coast. The local community knows Innoceana for dedicating our organization to projects specialized in marine conservation. Whale rescuing was not one of those specialties, but that didn’t stop us from dropping everything to answer this momentous call of duty. The dive center, Drake Divers, mobilized the rescue mission with fellow conservationists, local divers, and a former sherman. Everyone jumped into their boat headed towards the trapped whales with nothing more than a machete and kitchen knives to release them from the thick abandoned gear wrapped around their entire bodies. After a ve hour effort in the water, the team was able to remove all of the lines and witness the pair of whales swim off looking healthy and excited as if trying to show us they were grateful. A year later, we were lucky enough to meet The Vegan Pirates. They edited the footage and conducted interviews with everyone that took part in the rescue to create this incredible documentary.Humpback whales live throughout the world’s major oceans. They travel incredible distances every year and have one of the longest migrations of any mammal on the planet. The Central American population breeds in the Pacic along the coasts of Panama, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica. Their voyage from the Antarctic to Central America spans from July through October and covers more than 10,000 km. That time of year is critical for these endangered giants to nd suitable conditions to reproduce and raise their young, and sadly, they encounter many difculties on their journey. We could respond to this event with a positive outcome. However, not all marine animals are so fortunate and still face threats from abandoned shing lines, shing nets, plastic pollution, and habitat impacts.We are excited to share this documentary with the public through a campaign we will launch in early 2021. Stay up to date with the latest release information by following us on our social media channels.After watching this documentary, our hope is that our audience will be inspired to be part of the solution to protect all marine life and support organizations, raising awareness of these critical issues. Through the campaign, we will petition to prohibit shing practices during the migration period to eliminate the risk of entanglement and create specially trained rescue squads equipped with the proper tools in a kit in future cases of emergency with marine animals in distress.“ENTANGLED IN COSTA RICA” A DOCUMENTARYAUTHOR: LAURA VANOPDENBOSCHMARINE LIFE - UVITA & SURROUNDINGS61

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impreuvita@gmail.comBrother’s Print8359-9001RótulosCamisetasMenúsTarjetas de PresentaciónSignsT-shirtsMenusBusiness cardsAnd more...Y mucho más...P R I N TBROTHER’SDISEÑO Y PUBLICIDADNon-profit project of the Open Arms Foundation, We accept donations of good, used clothingRopa de alta calidad a precios buenos para mujeres, hombres y niños: camisas, shorts, trajes de baño, jeans, vestidos(506) 2201-5962La Cancha Sintética, Centro de UvitaFacebook: Buena Voluntad Tienda AmericanaTHRIFT STORE UVITA & SURROUNDINGS62

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“Hi Harry, can you explain to me what Pulseandolobonitostands for”? “It means that you get up early every morning with a lot of enthusiasm to carry out your daily chores.” So I get up by 5 am, take my dogs Goliat and Brandon out to run next to the bicycle. By 6 am, we are back, and I start to prepare my business. By 7, we receive the rst customers buying fruit on their way to work or the beach and fresh vegetables for lunch.At 4 pm, I take my dogs on another stroll along Bahía; sometimes, we swim in the river around the corner. By 8 pm, I close the store.”Four years ago, Harry returned to Uvita, where he found a suitable place for his business. He is the owner of Frutas y Vegetales del Rio en Bahía. His rustic palapa place offers shade and is well maintained. He receives his clients with a broad smile and the best humor.Perhaps, you have never seen red Costarrican mammon or a long yucca root? So, he friendly explains the products. Depending on the season, you’ll nd a wide range of exotic fruit at Harry’s Fruit & Vegetables. Harry buys directly from local farmers, making the products more affordable, savings he passes on to his customers. On the other hand, less distance means fresher merchandise.A MUST is to try cool coco milk right from the coconut or have a glass of ice-cold Kombucha.Harry is from a bóxer family. His uncle, who won various national championships, always told him that he was born with gloves in his hands. He postponed the dream of becoming a bóxer when he left for New Jersey. There he drove a truck to earn enough money to buy property in his homeland. Not everything was work; there, he met Betty, an extraordinary athlete (she participated in marathons in New York and Brazil). She shared his dreams and motivated him day by day to keep going. Meanwhile, he was learning English.Harry adds: “I thank neighbors and visitors for buying their fruits with us! My Project is to be able to supply all merchandise from my own harvest to secure that it is free of chemicals and insecticides.”PULSEÁNDOLA BONITO …AUTHOR: DAGMAR REINHARD506 8936 6789SALUD - UVITA & SURROUNDINGS63

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RESTAURANTSOJOCHALOPENBreakfast and Lunch Vegan and Vegetarian optionMon. to Sat. 7AM to 4PM - Sunday ClosedENTRADA DE OJOCHALHand made Tagliatelle, Gnocchi, Cannelloni, Lasagna3:30PM - 9:00PM Martes a DomingoPor favor ReservarCALLE PEREZOSO OJOCHALOPENCreative CuisineMonday - Saturday 12AM - 9 PMSunday ClosedPLAZA TANGARAOPEN8729 41152786 53362786 5157WineBar&LoungeMediterraneanandLambSpecialitiesTHURSDAY - TUESDAY 4-10 PM WEDNESDAY CLOSEDSATURDAYS LIVE MUSICAvenida Principal Next to Super Jucaloa4701 0110OJOCHAL & SURROUNDINGS64

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ALMA DE OJOCHAL HOTELAUTHOR: DAGMAR REINHARD The Alma De Ojochal Hotel is, as the name says,“the soul of Ojochal” and is in tune with the spirit of Pura Vida on the South Western coast of Costa Rica. Here you will have the feeling of enjoying life to the fullest, embracing experience and adventure in a very relaxed atmosphere.The Alma is an award-winning, adults-only boutique hotel that is located on its own 3-acre ridge. It boasts spectacular views of a great mountain range behind, with splendid vegetation that nourishes countless waterfalls. At its feet, the jungle and the valley of the town of Ojochal extends. The hotel facilities consist of 5 well-appointed rooms with newly renovated bathrooms in2020, WiFi, a private parking lot, and a beautiful ocean view breakfast area on the terrace. Freshly prepared breakfasts are included with your stay. Lounge by the pool in the midst of carefully maintained tropical gardens or watch the Pacic’s waves and breathtaking sunsets from the pool deck or your large private balcony. Thanks to its privileged location, it always has the most refreshing tropical breezes. And every day is different in Paradise. The property is a quiet oasis regularly visited by many species of birds, butteries, monkeys and if lucky, maybe a sloth! The owners of this retreat, Janet and John Chantry, want to ensure that your stay at Alma will give you lasting memories that will make you want to return again and again!John is a very versatile piano player/singer-songwriter. If you are lucky, you may witness a live show by John, or he may be joined by one of his songwriting friends, such as Ken Nickell or Janet, producing a show in the renowned live music venue “The Bamboo Room.” The prior lively ocean view restaurant is now a live recording studio, and shows are broadcast online from the Bamboo multiple nights per week. Chef-prepared dinners are available. Chef Jose Calderon uses only the freshest local ingredients to prepare his culinary delights. Please reserve in advance.The shows are musically top-notch, fun, and interactive. While staying at Alma, you can be a part of a live studio audience! (sorry, no “walk-ins” for dinner. By reservation only. For adventures, the hotel reception can arrange day trips to Drake Bay, the Corcovado, and Manuel Antonio National Parks, whale watching, ATV tours, horseback riding on the beach, fishing, and zip-lining. These are just some of the many other tours close to the Alma Hotel. Reserve a room now for an all-around perfect jungle experience!HOSPITALITY - OJOCHAL & SURROUNDINGS67

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THURSDAYFeria de San IsidroSPICY CARROT DIP • KEFIR • HERB CHEESEYOGURT WITH PITAHAYAEach Friday: DeliveriesDominical – Uvita – Ojochal

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When someone starts with a plant-based diet and is readingabout veganism, it usually does not take long to explore various aspects of how we, as a society, are treating nature and, most of all, animals. Once you have opened your eyes to the cruel facts about factory farming, slaughterhouses, or industrial shing, this way of living becomes more than a food trend. It leads to a lifestyle based on sustainability and compassion.The three pillars of veganism are: 1. Compassion for all animals (i.e. an understanding thatthere is no difference between a chicken or a dog, a calf, or a cat).2. The concern and care for environmental issues (i.e.massive land use and pollution caused by life stock farming,pesticides, antibiotics, etc.); and3. The positive effects on health (i.e., low cholesterol, nolactose intolerance, a pure conscience, etc.).Of course, it is not always easy to maintain a comprehensive vegan lifestyle, especially when one is traveling or living in rural areas where cruelty-free food is still rare on menus. However, the demand and, therefore, the supply for it is growing. An increasing number of people are worried about the origin of their food and how we treat animals. So, give it a try! There are already some excellent restaurants and suppliers which offer vegan food and products in Costa Ballena.In the future, there will undoubtedly be many more to discover! When we moved from Austria to Costa Rica in 2019, it was clear to us that we wanted to leave behind our background in media production. Even if we do not have any experience in gardening or planting, our passion and goal are to establish an edible permaculture garden with a food forest and kitchen and medical herbs.For this endeavor, we have recently bought abandoned farmland in the hills above Ciudad Cortes and already teamed up with local experts and architects to create a sustainable environment for our future home and working space. When everything is settled, when plants start growing, and we feel experienced enough to share and teach what we have learned and developed, we plan to establish workshops and possibly a “farm-to-table” experience!Start your vegan lifestyle today. Get in touch if you have questions or need more information about veganism and a sustainable lifestyle.VEGANISM IS ON THE RISEAND IT IS FAR MORE THAN A FOOD TREND!AUTHOR: HANNES & UTA GASTRONOMY - OJOCHAL & SURROUNDINGS69

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We are all interested. Today no one can ignore theweather news.Our weather apps show what’s happening here and in the intercontinental sky up to the minute.Without looking at the weather every day, nothing is planned anymore, no excursion or event, especially no trip.Well, what scale of the world barometer of mood are you currently at? Rather in a freezing and wintry meridian or the hot and tropical climate of Costa Rica, which is opening the skin’s pores?I write this article from cold Switzerland. I am very familiar with the lovely and pleasant temperatures on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.Long pants and a sweater from home are welcome on the rst hikes in San José. The capital of Costa Rica is located in the Central Valley at an altitude of 1,170 meters and is pleasantly cool and sometimes chilly. Imagine that in 2017 it even briey snowed in the tropical capital.My goal is always Uvita heading to the warm South Pacific. You can already see that Costa Rica has several climatic zones in this trip of a few hours, and they all feel different. More precisely, there are three.The tropical lowlands of the Pacific and Caribbean coasts are up to 600 meters. The plateau in the country’s interior is the Central Plateau with 800 - 1,600 m and the high mountains where among others, it shows the Cerro Chirripó with its proud 3820 meters of altitude.Chirripó is the highest mountain in Costa Rica and the country’s highest point between Guatemala and the South American Andes. With good visibility, you can see the Pacific and the Caribbean Sea from its summit. The beautiful and rare quetzal birds are at home in the Chirripó area.Warm clothing has become unnecessary in many areas, though it is welcome in the mountains around Chirripó since it can be freezing up there, especially at night.CLIMATE, MOOD AND ENVIRONMENTAUTHOR: NICOLE JOSS OJOCHAL & ZÜRICH, SUIZA WILDLIFE - OJOCHAL & SURROUNDINGS71

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CC Plaza Ventanas (next to the Gas Station)Corporation and Commercial LawResidency and Immigration LawProperty Transfers Vehicle TransfersTestamentsLast Wills OJOCHAL & SURROUNDINGS72

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Ojalá are soothing, rejuvenating, high-grade CBDproducts straight from nature.Our pure, all-natural hemp, it is grown exclusively outdoors, sprouting from nutrient-rich Scandinavian soil in the Danish countryside. From Denmark, Ojalá’s hemp comes through the United States, where our top-notch team creates all of our products through CO2 extraction to produce CBD goodness that boasts nature’s integrity. The oil is checked and rechecked for quality and purity before heading south to YOU in Costa Rica!The heart of Ojalá is hope that we, as human beings, can return to our source of wellness, nutrition, and abundance – Mother Earth. We desire to educate the customer on the many wonders, benets, and uses of CBD and natural hemp products of the highest quality.Is Ojalá CBD marijuana?Ojalá’s broad-spectrum products are made of CBD-rich hemp, not marijuana, and contain no amount of THC (the chemical component that results in a psychoactive ‘high’). Think of CBD and marijuana as lemons and oranges. Just as lemons and oranges are both considered citrus fruits, CBD and marijuana are part of the cannabis plant genus.Is CBD a good skincare option? CBD is good for skin care because it is abundant in plant cannabinoids. Cannabinoids have been scientically proven to promote healthy inammatory function, which naturally works to counteract common skin issues: acne, rosacea, and dry skin. CBD is an antioxidant-rich nutrient that provides support for our skin. Its abundant essential fatty acids give skin nourishment and nutrition it needs to look bright, supple, fresh and revitalized. Additionally, it has the potential to reduce physical pain.How does CBD Work?CBD works wonders thanks to its direct interaction with our body’s endocannabinoid system. Every mammal on the planet has an endocannabinoid system: a network of receptors throughout the body that ensure homeostasis, i.e., internal balance. The human body is a remarkable, regenerating miracle. Returning to more natural approaches to wellness allows us to work with our bodies’ innate wisdom and reawaken the ability to heal, protect, and self-regulate.Ojalá’s co-founders Rachel & Bud are originally from Boulder, Colorado and have been establishing roots in Costa Rica for years. With their love of the Pura Vida lifestyle and their experience with the healing effects of CBD from their time in Colorado, Bud and Rachel have set out to bring CBD to their hard-working, active, sun-and-sand-loving Costa Rican community.STRAIGHT FROM NATUREAUTHOR: RACHEL SOLT ALTERNATIVE HEALTH - OJOCHAL & SURROUNDINGS73

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On Saturday night, Óscar, director of the Tortuga BeachReserve (RPT) in Ojochal, had a hunch and decided to accompany some volunteers who would monitor Playa Hermosa. It is a place that in recent months has received dozens of olive ridley turtles (Lepidochelys olivacea) that come to nest.Before the sun rose over the mountain, the team of local volunteers and members of RPT were ready to tour the beach.Around ve in the morning, one of them spotted a turtle footprint, everyone was amazed to contemplate and witness the rst nesting record of a Pacic Green Turtle (Chelonia mydas) in Playa Hermosa.They remained silent and calm before such a wonderful experience so as not to interrupt the nesting process. The fact that it appeared during the day attracted a lot of attention since, according to RPT director, turtles are quite shy.Some cool facts about the Pacic Green Turtle: It is a species declared in danger of extinction, and the populations of the Eastern Pacic are highly threatened and its population reduced. Many call it Black Tortoise since it has a darker coloration than those of the Caribbean.They are the second-largest turtles in terms of size. The length of the shell reaches about 89 cm. They can weigh more than 100 kilos.They reach their sexual maturity between 25 and 35 years.It is believed that they can live to be 70 years old. The biggest threats are bycatch, hunting and looting of nests, the loss of nesting habitats, and the oceans’ pollution.It seems important to us to make a call to the neighbors who frequent this beach.Although one part has been committed to the conservation of these species, on the other hand, there is misinformation regarding the care that the turtle habitats should have, as is the case of Playa Hermosa. Although it is a public beach, we must be respectful with the animals that use these same spaces, even more so in endangered species. We ask you to keep pets controlled or on a leash and not leave the res lit since these could be factors that would affect a Turtle’s nesting.We invite the community to continue working together, as has effectively been done this year.TURTLES TRAVEL FAR A HISTORIC REGISTER AUTHOR: MELISA ERRICKSON FELIPE THOMAS @F_THOMASPHOTOGRAPHY 2786 5200HWILDLIFE - OJOCHAL& SURROUNDINGS75

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ADVERTISE WITH US MARCHth , 2021 : FEBRUARY 1st, 1PALMAR & SURROUNDINGS76

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Bicycles are more than a means of transportation inthe canton of Osa. They are a tradition, an instrument of work, recreation, and, above all, a fundamental element in the area’s history. That is why we from the National Museum took on investigating and telling this story for the canton’s inhabitants and the visitors to the area.In Osa, the first bicycles to enter were produced in Europe. The United Fruit Company, established between the 1930s and 1940s along the Central and South Pacific,imported bicycles for their workers, deducting these goods’ costs from their salaries. Later, bikes produced in Asia, the United States, and other regions of the world entered the area. Some merchants settled in the main urban centers founded around the banana enclaves sold these.The first vehicles introduced in the canton, starting in the 1940s, were the roadster type bicycles (for men and women) and the light roadsters of the English brands Raleigh and Rudge, the Hero and the Phoenix from Asia, among others. Cruiser or beach cruiser bike models made in North America entered the region later.English bicycles were initially imported into the United States from Europe. With North American capital, the banana company imported bicycles to Costa Rica and Panama. They were introduced in the country, the zone, and the banana districts where the company sold them.In this initial stage, its importation and distribution in the banana districts were favored by the socioecomics dynamics of the banana enclave. the socioeconomic dynamics of the banana enclave. The banana company sold the bikes to the workers and reduced specic monthly quotes from their wages. Later, the banana company abandoned this practice when they began to sell bicycles in shops and towns built around the main urban centers.Bicycles were a cheap and practical means of transport; they were the vehicle par excellence of the farm employees who had to travel long distances along stone paths to their jobs and homes in the houses or quadrants. In this initial stage, cars were scarce in the area, and only a few buses and the railroad existed.Many of the former banana workers and inhabitants of the Osa canton keep their old bicycles. It is still possible to see some older adults riding them in Palmar and Ciudad Puerto Cortés. Some have been modied, adding contemporary elements, and others have had their original systems replaced, mainly the rod brakes, handlebars, and saddles because these were scarce in the aftermarket.If you want to know more, visit the temporary exhibition “In Osa, History Travels by Bicycle” at the Finca 6 Site Museum Visitor Center. It is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 8 am to 2 pm. The entrance is temporarily free. It is located 8 km from the Palmar Sur park, on the road to Sierpe.You can also visit the permanent exhibition “Diquís, a singular Region” and the archaeological site with stone spheres.THE BICYCLE, A LIFESTYLE IN THE CANTON OF OSAAUTHOR: CARLOS HUMBERTO MORALES BARRANTES2100-6000HISTORY - PALMAR & SURROUNDINGS77

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SIERPE MANGROVE TOURIn Costa Rica are 350 wetland areas cover 7 %of the country. Twelve out of these areas are part of the Ramsar convention established in 1971 by UNESCO. This convention has the goal to conserve wetlands through international cooperation. In Sierpe-Terraba, there is the largest mangrove reserve in central America, which is also part of the convention. The 30000-hectare large reserve is located in the South Pacic region, 45 min away from Uvita.Before our tour, I did not know what mangroves are. I learned that mangroves are a group of different shrubs and trees that grow in coastal intertidal zones. Because of their root system, the mangroves are very attractive for sh and other food-seeking creatures. Furthermore, these trees and shrubs can stabilize coastlines and protect them from erosion due to storms, waves, and tides.In Sierpe, we started our private Mangrove-boat tour. In the beginning, we drove along a big channel; on both shores, trees were reected in the dark waters. In this mangrove ecosystem lives a wide range of different animals. We passed by an iguana who was sleeping in the tree canopy and had the chance to admire a snake basking in the sun. During the whole trip, we were surrounded by the beautiful chirping of birds and were able to see a blue heron, a boat-billed heron, and a group of beautiful scarlet macaws. The parrots sat high up in a tree, and we could observe the beautiful red, yellow, and blue feather dress of the large birds.The absolute highlight was the experience to observe some beautiful crocodiles. Here I saw my rst free-living crocodile, and it was stunning! These semiaquatic animals can reach a length of 7 meters and a weight of up to 1000 kg. A crocodile was sitting on a sandbank with his mouth open on this sunny day because these reptiles absorb vitamin D through their tong. The guide told us that sometimes a dog goes missing after coming to the water because crocodiles love fresh dogmeat. If you have a dog that you love, do not let it come too close to these rivers.We drove through a channel where the tree canopy from both sides met in the air. It looked like a planted tunnel straight out of a fairy tale.Later under a bridge and on a palm tree, we could spot some long-nosed bats. These bats are tiny; they are about 8 centimeters big. Shortly before our 3 hours long tour was nished, we had the privilege to see a group of white-faced monkeys. These 7 or 8 monkeys were jumping from tree to tree and one side to the other. Although they had baby monkeys, the group was not afraid of us. If you are lucky, you can even observe squirrel, born acrobats. The tour with “Kokopelli Mangrove Tours” was amazing and pretty exciting. I was able to see so many animals that I have never seen before in real life. I would highly recommend enjoying this tour if you are interested in the wildlife of Costa Rica and want to learn more about mangroves.AUTHOR: JULIA HEINELTWILDLIFE - DRAKE BAY & SURROUNDINGS79

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Hello from beautiful Drake Bay, Costa Rica. We arethankful to be back on the water shing every day. Right now, the Tuna are biting like crazy. There are large schools of Tuna right by Cano Island. Because they are so close, we are averaging about 10 Tuna on a half-day trip. After clients have had their ll of catching Tuna, we are also close to my favorite spots for Snapper, Roostersh, Grouper, Amberjack, and Pompano. It is an excellent combination of shing methods since we usually troll for the Tuna and sh with live bait or jigs for the bottom sh. If you come, I encourage you to bring a cooler. Our service includes lleting the sh you wish to keep. Any “leftover” sh will be donated (not sold) to the community of Drake Bay. If you stay in Drake, the local restaurants or lodges will prepare your sh with some delicious sides. Of course, Tuna is ready to eat right from the ocean.Offshore, right now, we are nding the big Tuna (100+ lbs.) when the water conditions are right. These massive schools are following the bait, birds, and often spinner dolphins. It is an incredible sight to observe as the ocean erupts with everything feeding or trying to escape. After chasing the Tuna, we often can look for other big pelagic sh like Sailsh, Blue and Black Marlin, Mahi, and Wahoo.As we enter the rst ve months of the new year, we expect the big schools of Sailsh to arrive as they historically have done. If you have never caught a Pacic Sail, it needs to be on your bucket list. These magnicent beauties leap and twist in the air offering the angler not only a good ght but an acrobatic show. Of course, the Marlin is the king of all sportsh. “Thankfully,” many of the sh we catch are in the 250 – 300 lb. range. However, the massive 500+ sh will show up on occasion. One lucky angler from Wisconsin holds the record on the Reel Escape with a 550 lb. Black Marlin. Regardless of what species you want to target or what method of shing you prefer, we do it all. We only make custom trips based on what the customer wants. We now have a beautiful oceanfront house for rent in Drake Bay. This house is on a small hill, directly on the beach, with its private steps.I hope to see you soon in Drake Bay!Captain Willy AtencioTUNA ARE BITING LIKE CRAZYAUTHOR: CAPTAIN WILLY ATENCIO FOR MORE INFORMATIONCLICK HERESPORTS - SOUTH PASIFIC81

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Starting in Real Estate is the least expectedadventure that I would have ever thought of. Just about four years ago, I didn’t know what Real Estate really meant. It triggered a series of activities, both of a commercial nature, dreams, and personal inspirations.It was a friend who introduced me to this world. I must admit that it did not seem so fascinating at rst, since I bet on other types of activities, so his offer of “in the ofce where I work we need a secretary” seemed enough to me. That is where my curiosity was born little by little, followed by a series of training courses that today allow me to say that doing Real Estate is not just handling a second or more language. To practice Real Estate, you must have the expertise and personal skills, aptitude as well as attitude, adequate customer service, empathy, honesty, being good at listening, knowing how to paint with words when describing a property, being in constant training, learning new technological tools, being innovative and much more. Above all, you have to be very patient since patience is the key that determines success both in this activity and in any other that you decide to undertake.As in any commercial sales activity, you must have an inventory of the product on offer to sell. When you are new as a real estate broker, you might not have that inventory, or it is of limited availability. One way to increase inventory is by working collaboratively with colleagues, promoting another broker’s property, and dividing the prots evenly once it is sold. However, the ideal will always be to expand your inventory by capturing properties for sale. It is essential to mention that when it comes to capturing properties, they should be in the area of inuence. It minimizes transfer times and maximizes the time to show the property to potential buyers. When representing a client, be it a property buyer or seller, always remember that you are in the presence of a trusting person in the skills you have as an agent. Being a good real estate agent is not easy since you must have commitment, professionalism, credibility, and condentiality.A phrase that has marked my stay at RE/MAX We Sell Paradise since I started working in this ofce in 2017 has been the one that Broker Heather Mann has repeated to me countless times “The sky is the limit,” and yes, she is right, each person sets the limit in his mind. From my other Broker, Zbigniew (Ben) Bodzak, I have learned that there is always room for a joke, a smile, and a coffee. I nearly forgot to mention that now I am also a real estate broker.GROWING IN REAL ESTATE “THE SKY IS THE LIMIT”AUTHOR: DINIA OTÁROLA CÉSPEDESREAL ESTATE - OJOCHAL & SURROUNDINGS83

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