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PROMOTING THE BEST BRANDS IN THE AREA!# 92 DECEMBER 2023 - FEB. 2024ESPAÑOLGood Food and Good LivingGood Food and Good Living

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CONTENT Ed itorial ................................................................................................................... 4 Phone Directory .............................................................................................................. 6 Costa Rica: Investing in Paradise- (Byron Segura) .................................................... 10 Laurent Hesemans-(Liberty Verbaan) ......................................................................... 12 Gift Yourself-(Karolina Magdalena) ............................................................................. 14 DOMINICAL ........................................................................................................... 16 Tide Charts ..................................................................................................................... 20 Stay Safe in Costa Ballena ............................................................................................ 22 UVIT A ..................................................................................................................... 26 Price Automotive Group NEW in Uvita-0 (Dagmar Reinhard) .................................. 28 Experience, Commitment, Community ...................................................................... 30 Spending Winter in the Sun-(Lorenzo Gammuto ..................................................... 32 Destiny-UaphetJones) ................................................................................................... 34 Soul Regression ............................................................................................................. 36 Sweet Ananas in Costa Rica-(Melanie Hoffmann-Rothe) ......................................... .38 The Chef Corner-(Chef Rodrigo Villalta) ..................................................................... .40 Mi Amore Restaurant: View Atmosphere and first class food -(Lorenzo Gammuto and Melanie Hoffmann-Rothe) ............................................... .42 An lnmersive Meal with The Catering Experience-(Lorenzo Gammuto and Melanie Hoffmann-Rothe) ............................................................................................ 44 Beehive Restaurant-(Lorenzo Gammuto and Melanie Hoffmann-Rothe) ........................................................................................... .46 "Sodas" Feeling Like at Home!!!-(Lorenzo Gammuto and Melanie Hoffmann-Rothe) ........................................................................................... 48 Le French Cafe-(Carolin Wrede) .................................................................................. .49 Discovering The Essence of Life- (Karolima Magdalena) ......................................... .50 La Colonia: Good Food and unique event.-(Lorenzo Gammuto and Melanie Hoffmann-Rothe) ............................................................................................ 52 Where to eat ................................................................................................................... 56 Whale Watching Tour 2023-(Lorenzo Gammuto and Melanie Hoffmann-Rothe) ........................................................................................... .58 OJOCHAL ................................................................................................................ 60 Small Interventions Improve your well-being- (Dr. Monica Alfaro) ......................... 62 Ecocentro Calathea ....................................................................................................... 64 Costa Rica Travel Hack-(Alexandra Lutty) ................................................................... 66

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EDITORIALDear readers, advertisers, and collaborators We are thrilled to announce the release of the 92nd edition of our digital magazine. We would like to express our gratitude to our advertisers for their support in bringing you, our dear readers, engaging content that promotes Costa Ballena, a beautiful destination located in the South Pacific region of Costa Rica. We extend a warm welcome to our new advertisers and thank those who contributed their articles to this edition. We would also like to acknowledge the volunteers from Germany who wrote a significant portion of the content with their excellent writing skills.As we approach the end of 2023, we are filled with joy and a sense of accomplishment for overcoming the significant challenges that we faced this year. We are now looking forward to 2024 with optimism and are preparing to continue publishing the best magazine in the South Pacific of Costa Rica. Our magazine boasts of an excellent design and is linked to a robust digital platform that ensures brand visibility and helps us reach a precise audience. With proud share part of the valuation received from our German volunteers: “We have a good structure (the advertisements are always on the right side while the articles are on the left, which presents an immaculate and organized look). Our design is uniform on every page, giving the magazine a clean and not messy look. We do not have too many advertisements, which creates a severe impression. We have a lot of high-quality articles that are the perfect size for a short read. Due to all of these reasons, we believe that our magazine is the most powerful and aesthetic. “We serve you on a silver platter of entertaining and valuable content this year's end. Costa Ballena is distinguished by its rich and varied gastronomic offerings; good food and good living are the central topics, and we are sure that you will want to visit the restaurants or have a private chef at home to celebrate a special occasion. Likewise, we have included a new events section that links to our Facebook group: Costa Ballena Music, Art, Events, and More, where we present some of the most notable events in the area that reflect the vast cultural, artistic, and gastronomic diversity of our community. Of special mention is the celebration of this year's end in the community of Boruca of the Fiesta de los Diablitos; it is an unforgettable experience.Costa Ballena is a land with an exuberant nature that borders the infinite ocean on one side of the Pacifica Fernández highway (Costanera Sur).If you visit us, please take care of your safety, and we reiterate that you also help us take care of our paradise so that we can enjoy it for a long time.Our editorial team, writers, and graphic designers wish you a happy holiday season and a harmonious 2024. May your year be filled with good food and good living. Pura Vida!EDITORIAL TEAMEditor NPOINTINGRBayron SeguraCarolin WredeChef Rodrigo Villalta Dagmar ReinhardDr. Monica AlfaroJaphet JonesKarolina Magdalena Lorenzo Gammuto Melanie Hoffmann-RotheJaphet JonesKarolina Magdalena Melanie Hoffmann-RotheIGN

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PHONE DIRECTORYPOLICE STATIONSHOSPITALS & HEALTHPolice Emergency................911Transito.....................2537-0631Dominical.................2787-0406Uvita..........................2743-8538Ojochal......................2786-5661Cortés.......................2788-8030Hospital Tomás Casas (Cortés)...........2786-8148Hopital Escalante Padilla(Pérez Zeledón).....................................2785-0700Servicios Médicos Bahía-Ballena....................................... 2743-8595Farmacia Ibarra....................................2743-8558EBAIS......................................................2539-0000Centro Medico Vargas ........................8750-9118Bahia Ballena Doctors.........................8833-6431ICE information.......................1113International Operator....1116Electric Failures.................1119TAXISDOMINICALErick .....................................8602-3394Guiligan ................................8847-0231Ricardo (minibús 4x4).........8605-0801UVITAAlex (freight)..........................8989-2298Carlos(Bilingual)...............................8308-2695Daniel.....................................8980-9966Geovanny (Minibús)............8870-6040Greivin ..................................8791-5680Lusbín ...................................8576-7606Henrry (Bilingual).................8543-9436Rodolfo (freight) ...................5711-6868OTHERSVeterinaria Costa Ballena..................8730-8282MINAE..................................................2786-5392Environmental Complaints.........................1192ASADA Uvita (Uvita Aqueduct failures).................. 8736-7004EXPRESS SERVICEVictor Umaña Dinarte........................8774-2213Beesto Express ( Geiler).....................8544-749347 Express (Alex Madrigal)................8820-6937Andrey Rivera......................................6039-0243Gas Express ( Esteban)........................8421-3333All links are clickable.Try it out!! COSTA RICA FREE MAGAZINE

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Delivery October 2024 Reserve now, 725K USDEasily accessible, minutes from all amenities, grocery, restaurants, beaches with the tranquility of the mountain.Reserve before March 2024 and you could ask for some finishes changes of your own! New construction inUvita mountains. For inquiries please contact Jean-Simon Yelle on WhatsApp : +1-514-707-6588 / Email: jsyelle@icloud.com3 bedrooms, 2bathrooms,storage,beautifuloutdoor covered area.

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Since I moved to Costa Rica, buying things hasn’t made mehappy and doesn’t make sense anymore. The wild jungle and the ocean greatly simplified my life—I mostly want to be out in nature, create something from the heart for others, and care for myself. Nevertheless, my self-love hasn’t changed much; occasionally, I still feel like gifting something to myself—as a reward, appreciation, or simple kindness without any occasion. Instead of collecting things that require maintenance later, I decided to give all that attention and care back to myself through various experiences that contribute to either my well-being or beautiful memories.My latest idea was simple—I wanted to experience a complete regeneration for my face, body, and mind at a nature-inspired Spa.First part: massage. Not the popular one from standardized Spa menus, but one that would be truly special, inspired by nature and done from someone's heart. "One-fits-all" solutions, techniques, or services always discouraged me. I love the individuality in myself and others. I was curious whether I could find someone whose hands would understand my body and become that gift for my skin, muscles, and mind.Oh dear, after weeks of searching, I found her. She was born on Costa Rican land and loved nature more than anything. She was Zai and founded her entirely botanical and organic Spa named Tropicália. My session started with an in-depth consultation about my body, tensions, habits, and any other needs that came to my mind. She also served her delicious herbal infusion directly from her garden, which made me feel almost at home. She explained to me that she mastered different massage techniques worldwide (from Ayurveda, Shiatsu, Champi, and Sotai to Holistic, Swedish, and Deep Tissue). Still, she would mix them all to respond to my body's specific needs appropriately. It was the only explanation I needed to hear.While I was relaxing and taking a break from my thoughts, Zai applied different herbal formulations and organic oils to my skin and massaged any tension in my body to bring my balance back. When somebody dedicates their craft to nature, you can fully surrender, enjoy, and trust that your well-being is in good hands.Second part: facial. But Zai called it “Herbal Face Regeneration,” which made me smile. She mindfully prepared natural products from different combinations of tropical fruits, plants, flowers, oats, aloe vera, rice, rose water, blue clay, and more. Quickly afterward, she started an intensive face massage followed by four steps: cleansing, herbal steaming, exfoliation, and hydration. After completing the treatment, she handed me a little note with natural recipes for my everyday skincare.This time, complete relaxation and the moment of regeneration turned out to be the best gift I could give to myself. Perhaps self-care and nature always make us feel this way. Keep it in mind, and treat yourself special today.Tropicália Spa is located in Dominicalito. Follow Zai on Instagram or contact her via phone: @tropicaliawellness. +506 8896-1176.Gift For Yourself Author: Karolina MagdalenaCOSTA RICA FREE MAGAZINE #92

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Real Estate Transfer Exemption•Properties: properties acquired duringthe term of the law (five years term) mayhave a reduction of up to 20% of the totaltransfer taxes.Other Categories that may benefit from the new Regulations:•Fixed Income Resident (Rentista): Thisapplies to those who can prove a mon-thly profit or minimum fixed income of $2500 per month.•Retirees Residency: Applies to thosewho enjoy of retiree pension allocatedindefinitely with a minimum of $1000 permonth. Family members to be included.The person who is a spouse, minor child, an adult with a disability, or unmarried child under 25 years of age with economic dependency of the persons who have opted for these categories of investor, fixed-income (Rentista), or Retiree, may also opt for a residence as a dependent in the country. This is an overview of the benefits you can enjoy. However, each person, property and context must be analyzed beforehand to review its viability and assess it on a case-by-case basis.If you wish to know more about Costa Rica, please feel free to contact any of our Immigration and Corporate experts to schedule a consultation and evacuate all your doubts.MBC LEGAL is an immigration/corporate firm with more than 25 years of experience working in immigration field.Moving to another country is a decisionfor the brave. However, taking that first step is more attractive when the option is Costa Rica. Moving to Costa Rica implies starting a new life in a Central American paradise and brings many benefits. It is about investing in business and properties and the future in a dream. Recently, Costa Rica published the Regulations to the “Law for the Attraction of Investors, Rentistas and Retirees.” As a result of this, when you invest in Costa Rica by acqui-ring a property in this tropical paradise, at the same time, you can make it your new home by becoming a Resident, fulfilling all the requirements established by Immigration Law. The main requirement to meet the residency criteria is to make an investment equal to or above $150.000 (one hundred and fifty thousand dollars); in addition to this, documents such as birth certificates, criminal records, marriage certificates, etc. must be provided.But that is not all. Among the multiple benefits provided by this law are the following: Import tax exemptions •Household goods: Brand or new, areexempted 100% from importation taxes onhousehold goods and instruments forprofessional practice.•Vehicles: They can import up to twovehicles for land, air, or sea transportation,for personal or family use, free of all import,customs, and valueadded taxes.COSTA RICA: INVESTING IN PARADISEAuthor: Byron SeguraCOSTA RICA FREE MAGAZINE #92

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Costa Rica is an alluring destination foranyone who loves nature, perhaps even more so for photographers. From exotic birds to jungle wildlife, underwater seascapes to macro magic – this peaceful Central American country is a paradise for those inspired to capture the magnificence of the natural world. Laurent Hesemans is one such photographer. Specializing in macro photography and deeply passionate about documenting the smallest and most diverse creatures found in the forests, Laurent moved from Namibia to Costa Rica in 2020 and has not looked back since. I sat with Laurent to learn more about the man and his craft. Q: What do you love most about macro photography? A: I love the escapism of it! It's an entirely different world. The beauty of so many natural details that are not visible to the naked eye is genuinely unique, and sharing these stunning secrets with people worldwide is a beautiful feeling. Q: What are your favorite subjects?A: That's a tricky question to answer. There are so many astounding creatures and subjects. Jumping spiders are certainly among my favorites. They are so intelligent, and their behavior and curiosity are fascinating. Jumpers are also mostly very active and tend to make challenging subjects. Successfully capturing a good image makes it even more satisfying. Q: How would your photographs affect those who see them? A: I hope the images will generate more interest in the subjects – many species are often misunderstood and sometimes even feared or disliked. I love the idea of turning fear into fascination! I want to inspire curiosity in people – and encourage them to take more of an interest in the world around them and the tiny creatures who live in it. Some insects are even vital to our survival as a species.Q: How different has your macro experience been in Costa Rica compared to Namibia? A: Worlds apart! Everything feels new and different here in Costa Rica. There is so much more diversity and colors and species… it was truly overwhelming at first. The forest is a more challenging environment to work in, as there is a vast range of habitats and hiding places for the tiny species I look for. In Namibia, the desert offers different diversity, just as worthy of celebrating and preserving. Still, the jungles and forests are unparalleled regarding the number of species to be found. Q: What should people know about macro photography? A: Like any wildlife photography, the most critical aspect is ethics. The safety of the subjects is paramount, and care needs to be taken not to disturb or negatively affect the creatures we seek to document. The same applies to the ecosystems they inhabit – we need to be careful not to destroy or damage the sensitive biomes essential to these species' survival. Many are only found in specific areas, and they need to be protected. Q: Are there any last messages you'd like to relay to readers? A: Macro can be for anyone! While much of the gear and process can initially seem overwhelming and technical, it is more accessible than ever. You don't even need an expensive camera. I know many talented photographers who capture beautiful macro images on their cell phones. Laurent Hesemans is based near Tinamastes, Costa Rica, and is enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge and passion with anyone who wants to learn more about the tiny creatures he documents. Laurent Hesemans Photography AUTHOR:Liberty VerbaanCOSTA RICA FREE MAGAZINE #92

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Situated beachfront, hugging the south bank of theBaru River, Dominical is the gateway to Osa, Costa Rica’s southern pacific. As you head south, Dominical is the first town in the Canton of Osa. Although only separated by the river from the northern district of Aguirre, the feeling of the town is somehow very diffe-rent. Crossing the bridge over the Baru opens a portal to an alternate universe of fun and excitement. Dominical is excellent in the people who live there. Is it hard to go down the main street without seeing at least one friend waving to many strangers who often smile and wave back?Until 2009, pavement did not connect Domini-cal to Quepos and the rest of central Costa Rica. Bumpy dirt roads and river crossings kept the travelers from reaching Dominical. Those that braved the trip found a lively little beach town with an irresistible charm. The people who moved to Dominical then werelike-min-ded and adventurous, seeking an unspoiled tropical beach. Now Dominical is connected for all to enjoy. It’s no longer a secret, yet the town remains cohesive with its local comradery and small-town atmosphere. Unlike many coastal towns, you can walk to every business within minutes. You can find everything you need or don’t need within a few blocks.The bohemian vibes of artists and musicians continue to bring character. Long-time resident ex-pats and local ticos laugh and tell stories reminiscing the town’s history and sharing good times. Weekly farmer’s markets showca-se the best in local foods, handmade clothes, crafts, tinctures, and tapestry.Appreciation for the artisan has given inspiration to a broad range of restaurants, coffee shops, and a local craft brewery.Surfing continues to bring attention to Dominical. The heavy waves breed dedicated surfers and National Team level athletes. “Sunset Sessions,” a local Saturday afternoon surf event, is open for all to participate in and enjoy. DJs set the mood for locals and tourists to watch the surfers compete as the sun melts into the sea. Yoga and massage centers help counterbalance the many activities bringing tranquillity to liveliness. Within a short walk, you can cool off in nearby swimming holes, find shade in the jungle, or spend your day on the beach. Surfing, kayaking, fishing, soccer, yoga, fitness, and other recreation versions are all at your fingertips. The ocean is warm, the river is excellent, and life on a tropical beach cannot improve.There are very few tropical destinations with waves as consistent as Dominical. With a healthy environment to back it, a good community, and all the amenities you need within a short walk, Dominical will continue to showcase itself as a surf destination with a high quality of living.Whether you’re here for the surf, the sun, adventure, or relaxation, Dominical offers each visitor the option to choose their path. For a small town, Dominical provides a lot of variety; however, the proud residents and locals make Playa Dominical unique.DOMINICALCOSTA RICA FREE MAGAZINE #92

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Stay Safe in Costa BallenaStay Safe in Costa Ballena HERE ARE SOME PERSONAL PREVENTION TIPS FOR THIS VACATION: • In case of emergency call 911• If you are a victim of assault, do not resist.• Don't lose sight of your children.• Be attentive to your luggage.• Do not display valuables.• Secure your purse or wallet.• If you go to the beach, do not leave your itemsunattended.• At night avoid walking alone on the beach.• Use ATMs located in public well lit places.• In the cashier's line avoid contact with strangers.• Make sure there are no obstacles in the cashier slotbefore inserting your card.-If you use the ATM at night, go accompanied by afamily member or acquaintance.• Use your card to pay at the stores.ATM • Do not carry a lot of cash.• Leave your vehicle in a safe place; don't leavevaluables.• If you notice any strange situation,-Be aware of what is happening around you.• Locate the nearest police delegation.• Always follow the recommendations of theauthorities.• Do not give personal information to strangers .. Always keep your belongings in view.• Request information on safe routes at your hotel'sreception, information centers or the police.• Visit areas with greater security.COSTA RICA FREE MAGAZINE #92

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Uvita is developing by leaps and bounds inCosta Ballena, South Pacific, Costa Rica. This multicultural community has become a substantial commercial and business center amid the most beautiful scenery. You will find unique tours, sophisticated gourmet restaurants and cozy eateries with typical food,hotels with all facilities, cabins and eco-lodges with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, as well as banks, supermarkets, hard-ware stores, pharmacies, car repair shops, information centers, beauty salons and real estate offices.Once you settle at your place of choice, what are you planning on doing with so much sunshine and tropical beauty? We suggest you explore!Visit Marino Ballena National Park. The famous Whale’s Tail is located at Punta Uvita, with a length of about 2296 feet and a width of 820 feet; it is the world’s third, largest sand-bank. During the low tide, you can walk to its very end.Foreign tourists pay a $6 entrance fee to the park, and national visitors pay $2 (no cash accepted). Please save your receipt because you can use it the same day to visit the Colonia and Ballena beaches further south.Take a four-hour kayaking tour in the national park; you can paddle, swim, and snorkel along the coral reef, walk on the whal´s tail, and enter the mysterious world of the mangroves in Bahía. You can experience all the different ecosystems this unique marine park offers in one perfect tour.Excellent surfing beaches are Hermosa,, and Ventanas. A surfer said: “Once you have surfed Playa Chamán, you will never be able to leave Uvita.” That is what happened to him and so many others. On Wednesday and Saturday mornings, visit the Farmers’ Market, where the locals meet. If you are an avid reader, visit the UCL, the second-hand book library next to the Tracopa busstop.In Uvita´s stores, you can buy everything you need. There are restaurants for all tastes and hotels for any budget. There are also fitness centers, a post office, doctors, pharmacies, apolice station, and beauty salons.Adventuring a few kilometers up to the moun-tains on dirt roads, you will find riversand waterfalls cascading from the heights into small pools. The rainforest full of squawking,chir-ping,and buzzing of cicadas merges with the bubbling sound of streaming water whilea bright blue morpho butterfly bounces with dazzling iridescent wings.Hummingbirds hover over heliconia flowes, rays of sunlight pierce through the forest canopy, and the vines turn upwards to find the light. From afar, you can hear the hoarse screams of Howler monkeys and the late day chatter of the green parrots making their way home.There are no traffic jams in the town center,just the Pura Vida life style! You have arrived at the biggest town of Costa Ballena: Welcome to Uvita!UVITACOSTA RICA FREE MAGAZINE #92

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FINE HOME FURNISHINGSRECHE RCHÉ is located on the C ostanera, just 4 kilometers South of Downtown Ojochal, before the One Lane bridge in C oronado.+ 506 2102 jerry@puravidaimports.comUnique Furniture& Home DécorExceptional QualityStunning ArtRECHERCHÉRECHERCHÉ

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Allie Demarsh, owner of Price Auto Sales in Uvita,proudly shares: "In less than six months, we have become the favorite pre-owned car dealer amongst ex-pats and long-time visitors. We are the first dealership in the South Pacific to offer a "used car" one-year warranty. Our vehicles come with full coverage insurance, nationwide roadside assistance, and twelve months of free maintenance". The exclusive buy-back program offers a low-cost alternative to the high cost of renting for those who are only here four or five months out of the year. You can buy any car from them and return it within six months. As long as you take care of the vehicle, they guarantee to repurchase it for 80% of what you paid.A big bonus: The Pre-Purchase option allows you toselect your car BEFORE you arrive in Costa Rica. On your arrival in San Jose, you are picked up in a private shuttle and brought directly to our dealership, where your car awaits you ready to drive home. Our in-house legal team will have all your title and transfer documents ready. It is a one-stop experience.Allie, a mother of Four children, is very optimistic about the planned business expansion. She says she has found the perfect spot. Since there is a car shortage in the country, you have to spend time searching for quality 4x4 cars, city-driven ones, have had one owner, or contain a record with the agency. All vehicles pass through our 72-point check and get restored with factory parts. Vehicles driven on Costa Rican roads require this thorough reconditioning process. The goal is to provide mechanically sound and reliable cars. »P¦͔ 'ñĺŨñƛ ¦ğňŪłñƛė"When I first came to Costa Rica," Allie remembers, "I experienced the same horror stories as many ex- pats when purchasing a car." Three problematic cars and shrinking funds later, she finally went to see Price Automotive Group in Parrita. She was delighted with her acquisition, and Doug Price's business model convinced and inspired her to become a franchisee for Uvita. "I want to save people headaches, provide reliability and transmit the feeling of being welcome from the first moment."New: Allie Demarsh and her team created the Access Paradise car and off-road vehicle Rental Service. Women-owned and operated. There are no hidden fees, and full coverage insurance is included..Address: Price Auto Sales - Uvita. Price Auto Sales are located right off the main road, to the right of Ukinca Hostel, and across the street from the blue concrete whale. If you are new to the area or just considering moving here, WhatsApp her at +506-8916-1880 or stop in and say "Hi Allie."Price Aoutomotive Group NOW in Uvita!!!COSTA RICA FREE MAGAZINE #92

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Farmacia barra has over 50 years of history anda long family tradition. It is known for its uniqueservice for locals and tourists and its wide varietyof cosmetics, natural products, essential oils,dermatological products, and orthopedics lines.It started in Ciudad Neilly more than 50 yearsago, when the family's grandfather had amedical dispensary in Pejibaye de Pérez Zeledónfor many years. Thus, he was the inspiration forthe further working history of the family.The grandfather's grandchildren now run theFarmacia Ibarra, but their careers took differentpaths until they finally joined forces.The siblings followed in the grandfather’sfootsteps and completed their pharmacy studies. For several years, they worked separately due todifferent difficulties; in 2016, they decided towork together as Farmacias Ibarra. The initialphases were not manageable, and there weredifficulties. But one thing always kept the familytogether: faith. Over time, the siblings havemanaged to form an actual unit. They learned each other's strengths andweaknesses, and Farmacia Ibarra now includesa unique team.Farmacia Ibarra is experienced, committed, andcommunity. A family with a long history thatloves what they do, and they form a fundamentalunit with their colleagues and customers. As aresident or tourist, you can expect a friendly andcourteous team with great expertise. WhetherSpanish or English, you will feel safe and well-advised. Service is the most essential thing forFarmacia Ibarra. As a customer, you will alwayshave an expert for your needs.Farmacia Ibarra is a chain now. We are locatedin Uvita, Ojochal, Ciudad Cortes, Palmar Norte,and Rio Claro.With a long legacy, real passion, and expertise,Farmacia Ibarra is a unique pharmacy whereyou will feel comfortable and help with anyinquiry.Experience, commitment, communityCOSTA RICA FREE MAGAZINE #92

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As a volunteer from Germany, Idecided to gain work experience during my studies in Costa Rica. I chose Costa Rica for several reasons. Firstly, I wanted to experience a new culture and see how journalism works there. Secondly, I wanted to extend my summer and spend the European winter in a warmer place.For the first time, I skipped the European winter and spent it somewhere hot. While in Germany, in November and December, it was sometimes below zero, and it snowed; I lay on the beach after work or on weekends and enjoyed the sun. One day, my parents told me that it had started snowing in Germany, while I told them I had been sun burnt - it felt surreal.I spent my winter by the sea, on whale and kayak tours, at waterfalls, and with beautiful sunsets. I only wore shorts and T-shirts - the sweater I brought for"safety" remained untouched inmy suitcase. Did I like it? I lovedit!However, you have to be honest. If you've spent 20 years of winter in the snow with a thick jacket, a hat, and gloves, at Christmas markets with your friends and family, drinking warm drinks, you sometimes miss that too. Winter in Germany is very cold and exhausting but has beautiful sides. You spend a lot of time at home with your family. You make yourself very comfortable with warm drinks and food and then snuggle up in your warm blanket in the evening.You won't have this atmosphere in Costa Rica. Instead of getting colder, the sun comes out more and more over time, and it gets hotter. But if you are a summer person, this is precisely what you will love.My winter in Costa Rica was beautiful. I am a summer person, and I loved it. While it was snowing in Germany, I was at the beach and enjoyed the weather. If you love summer, I can recommend a winter in Costa Rica. You will be happy not to experience the cold in Germany and have a wonderful time here. Pura Vida!Spending Winter in the Sun Author: Lorenzo GammuttoCOSTA RICA FREE MAGAZINE #92

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Jfe teach Conversational (506) 8322 312627438222Uvita - The Dome Commercial Center, building 2, second floor. Across from Centro Llantero del Sur

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I remember that some time ago, when I was working in San José, a colleague of mine told me about a beautiful place he visited in the south of the country. He even mentioned that he had the opportunity to see whales, the majestic sea giants. As he spoke, my heart yearned to know that place of a dream he described with nature so green and colors so intense. I still wonder how a stroke of luck brought me to work on this paradisiacal coast where the sky meets the sea.YOUR WELL-BEING IS MY AIM:As a Health Care Therapist with ten years of experience working in Bahia Ballena, Baru, and Quepos areas, when potential clients contact me, the first thing I do is inquire about their needs and expectations. I ask if the request is just for a relaxation massage, therapeutic, or if any underlying medical issue needs to be addressed.BEYOND SKIN & BONES THERAPEUTIC BODY WORKSAnd that is when the magic starts: I prepare my body, mind, and all l need for the special expected moment, and it is genuinely remarkable for me the responsibility and trust that lies in my hand because when a client undresses, they bare more than just their body and expect nothing less than respect, experience, and knowledge.In my particular case, and since bodies talk, specifically with massage therapy, before starting, I will move around the table, waiting to connect and receive what part of my client's body needs more attention or what the soul is communicating.This intuitive massage process, which I have developed during the long years of my practice, enhances my job performance, allowing me to go deeper and beyond skin and bones. HOME SERVICES"What kind of massages do you do?". Even though this is the most commonly asked question, mentioning a list of different kinds of messages gives me the impression that l will be delivering articles of quantity, not quality. Everyone is different, and so is their therapy session as well.When it comes to bodywork, you can be sure that a professional service will be given to you and yours. l will use techniques to fulfill my client's expectations and desires, providing a blissful well-being experience.Services are available for individuals, couples, groups, or retreats. PhysiotherapyDeep Tissue MassageSwedish Massage Lymphatic Drainage MassageBody Scrubs & WrapsMini facials.DESTINYAuthor: Physical Therapist Japhet JonesCOSTA RICA FREE MAGAZINE #92

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With its beautiful nature and Pura Vidaphilosophy, it is no surprise that Costa Rica has become an international destination for everything related to well-being, personal development, holistic care, and spirituality. It is with pleasure that today we present to you, our readers, a well-being modality at the cutting edge of consciousness development in a particular soul regression approach—a modality offered here in Costa Rica by two practitioners: Jean-Simon Yelle and Anne-Marie Simard-Tremblay. Based on the research and life work of Pierre Dubuc, who developed several personal development programs over more than forty-four years, this approach is accessible to all, structured, transparent, efficient, and precise. When we begin a session, we feel welcomed with great acceptance. From the start of the session, we are supported to define our intentions regarding our life experiences in a felt way. What do we no longer want? What do we want to free ourselves from? And even more importantly, what do we want more of, even if we still need to see how? Less anxiety? Less stress? Fewer conflicts? Less guilt? Fear? Sadness? Fewer frustrations? Blockages? More ease in our physical body, in our emotional aspect? Better interpersonal relationships in general or with a loved one? A better feeling of accomplishment in general, at work, in friendships, in love? Or simply a better overall understanding of who we are in order to live our lives deliberately as we Through this work in Soul Regression, we obtain practical and stable results on the intentions that we have defined for ourselves. Once this aspect of intention is clarified, the rest unfolds smoothly and pleasantly during the session. Each meeting lasts between two hours to two and a half hours.We have collected some testimonials from customers who have benefited from the positive effects of this specific approach:"I only have one session left to complete the program of twelve meetings. It has helped me so much in all aspects of my life when it was tough that I am now wondering if I am undertaking training as a practitioner of this specific approach to, in turn, give back to the following. Although my life was completely falling apart not three years ago, I can now say with pride and joy that I would not trade my life with anyone! This program has supported me in creating this life that I love."You can contact Jean-Simon and Anne-Marie through their website at, by email at, or by WhatsApp at +1-514-707-6588 or +1-438-500-4711.Soul Regression, Choosing well-being through consciousnessCOSTA RICA FREE MAGAZINE #92

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In the heart of Costa Rica lies the serenetown of Uvita, a hidden gem that captivates those seeking adventure and relaxation. This is the story of my journey to Uvita, where volunteering in a journalism office became a one-in-a-lifetime experience, and the culinary wonders of this vibrant town added a flavorful twist to every day. As I embarked on my journey to Uvita, I was excited about volunteering in a place known for its untouched beaches, lush rainforests, and warm community.Living among locals and fellow volunteers, I discovered the true meaning of Pura Vida, the Costa Rican philosophy of embracing a pure and joyful life without overthinking everything. Shared meals and cultural exchange forged bonds that made Uvita feel like a home away from home and surpassed cultural differences.My days as a volunteer were anything but filled with work. I spend most of my free time exploring the region with my new friends, who also volunteer in various projects. We went to multiple waterfalls, spent our afternoons at the beach to surf, and saw countless stunning sunsets.The culinary journey was undoubtedly one of the best aspects of my Uvita experience. The town's food scene reflected the diversity of its people, with a blend of traditional Costa Rican dishes and international influences. Fresh seafood, tropical fruits, and locally sourced ingredients became the staples of my meals.The local market in Uvita displays fresh fruits that awakened my taste buds to new and fresh flavors. Trying the exotic Granadilla, Mangostan, Starfruit, and Dragon Fruit was an unforgettable experience and showed me the vibrant biodiversity of the country. However, what surprised me was the sweetness of the mangoes and the pineapples. Even though we import mangoes and pineapples to Europe out of the same region, the freshness and sweetness cannot be compared. Every bite was mouthwatering and a celebration of the broad biodiversity that defines Costa Rican agriculture.Besides the wide variety of dishes, Costa Rica holds an absolute staple dish that also became my devoted dinner - Casados, a meal featuring rice, beans, plantains, salad, and a choice of protein.In conclusion, volunteering in a journalism office in Uvita, Costa Rica, was a fantastic adventure filled with new and exciting experiences. Working in the office gave me insights into the world of journalism and allowed me to immerse myself in the vibrant Costa Rican culture. From exploring the beautiful surroundings of Uvita to savoring the delicious local fruits, every day, I brought something special. The richness of the region, the flavors of the cuisine, and the new wonderful people I met here that I can now call my friends all combined to create unforgettable memories. Volunteering here was more than just a job – it was an experience that opened my eyes to the Pura Vida spirit that defines this beautiful part of the world.Sweet Ananas in Costa RicaAuthor: Melanie Hoffmann-RotheCOSTA RICA FREE MAGAZINE #92

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Rodrigo Villalta, a renowned chef born in San José,Costa Rica, discovered his passion for cooking early. Significantly influenced by his grandmother, Dona Catalina, he spent countless hours in the kitchen, absorbing her culinary wisdom and falling in love with the art of gastronomy.At 18, Rodrigo began his formal culinary journey by enrolling in the prestigious Instituto Nacional de Aprendizaje (I.N.A.) to pursue his studies in gastronomy. Throughout his time at I.N.A., he honed his skills and refined his culinary talents, preparing himself for a bright future in the culinary world.After completing his studies, Rodrigo embarked on a journey leading him to some of the country's most remarkable restaurants and hotels. His dedication and skill in the kitchen caught the attention of the producers of a popular T.V. show called "Sabores TV," which showcased the diverse flavors and cuisines of Costa Rica and the whole world. Recruited as a T.V. chef, Rodrigo charmed audiences with his infectious personality and exquisite dishes. His time on the show he lasted for an impressive five years, elevating him to celebrity status within the culinary scene of Costa Rica.After that pass for national media, Rodrigo returned to the kitchen rush again; he traveled to Spain to receive special training in healthy industrial processed food. When he returned to Costa Rica, he worked as a Director of Heatly food service at the prestigious School Name "Gredos San Diego."After five years as the head of Kitchen, Rodrigo started a new project in the South Pacific Area named V.I.P. Culinary Experiences, offering not just the best quality and delicate personal food services. Still, he combines his music and passion in the performance offering into food and service, creating a new, unique experience for his customers.BBQ Pulled Jackfruit (20 servings)Ingredients:- 10 pounds of Jackfruit- 2 large onions, diced or julienned- 3 garlic cloves, minced- 3 red sweet chilies, julienned- 4 celery stalks, cut into julienne strips- 2 cups barbecue sauce- 2 teaspoons Maple syrup- Salt and black pepper- 1 cup soy sauce- 1 cup BBQ sauce- 2 tablespoons brown sugar- 1 tablespoon smoke essence (optional)Instructions:Once you remove the peel from the fruit, separate the inner fibers from the seeds and hard or round parts around these, and place cooking oil on your hands and knife so that the fruit resin does not stick. Crumble the Jackfruit pieces with your hands to have a texture similar to pulled pork. In a large skillet over medium heat, with vegetable oil, add the onion, sweet chili, garlic, and celery, cook until golden brown and fragrant, and set aside.Add the shredded Jackfruit to a pot of boiling water and cook for a few minutes until the fiber turns darker. Add the soy sauce and smoke essence to the water and cook for a few more minutes; separate the water from the fiber, dry the fiber well, and then add the maple syrup and sugar to the Jackfruit, mix well, and place in a hot pan with sunflower or olive oil until golden brown, season with salt and pepper to taste, then add the previously cooked vegetables, mix and add the BBQ sauce, simmer for 10 minutes.Once the Jackfruit has finished cooking, please remove it from the heat. Place a generous portion of shredded Jackfruit on a hamburger bun or in a tortilla. Serve hot and enjoy your delicious vegetarian version of pulled pork Jackfruit style. You can add sides such as salads or additional sauces if desired.Title: Chef CornerAuthor: Chef Rodrigo VillaltaCOSTA RICA FREE MAGAZINE #92

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Author: Melannie Hoffmann-Rothe, Lorenzo GammutoA breathtaking view of the whale tail, abeautiful pool, an aesthetic bar, friendly staff, and first-class food await you at the Mi Amore Restaurant in Uvita, Costa Rica.To reach the restaurant, you must drive up a big hill, which already gives you a hint of what to expect. As soon as you arrive, you won't believe your eyes - probably one of the most beautiful views in Uvita. You see all the green nature and the beautiful sea up to the horizon. If you are lucky and the tide is low, you can view the Whale Tail from a unique perspective. But that's not all. An astonishing two-level pool next to their stunning bar awaits you at Mi Amore Restaurant, creating a beautiful ambiance.A crucial piece of information is that the restaurant is connected to the pleasant Vista Ballena Hotel. The hotel consists of 19 rooms that each have a breathtaking view of the Whale Tail. The restaurant is open to the public and can be visited by hotel guests and outside visitors. This means you can visit the restaurant independently of the hotel.In addition to this unique view and the wonderful ambiance, the restaurant also offers incredible quality. We had the opportunity to enjoy a unique culinary experience with our magazine at the Mi Amore Restaurant. We were already amazed by the fancy drinks served before our meal. The friendly and courteous bartenders mixed and served us drinks at the stunning bar. The drinks were very tasty and refreshing - perfect for a warm midday in Costa Rica.Mi Amore also offers ideal drinks for the evening, which taste very good and are aesthetically pleasing. Besides all these wonderful aspects, the real highlight remains the food. At Mi Amore, you can enjoy Costa Rican cuisine in a refined dining style. First, we were allowed to enjoy pasta with seafood. COSTA RICA FREE MAGAZINE #92Mi Amore Restaurant – view, atmosphere,and first-class food

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The Mi Amore Restaurant is a unique oasis in Uvita. An incredible ambiance is combined with first-class food and amiable staff. Whether you are a local or a tourist, the Mi Amore Restaurant is always worth a visit.The plate's presentation was unbelievable, but the taste exceeded all expectations. The fresh and high-quality seafood harmonized perfectly with the creamy pasta. We also ordered shrimps with garlic, that were also beautifully served. The taste was overwhelming. The shrimp were of the best quality and went perfectly with mashed potatoes and zucchini. It must also be noted that the large portions at Mi Amore Restaurant will surely satisfy you.COSTA RICA FREE MAGAZINE #92

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Indulging in the culinary mastery of renounedlocal Chef Camilo Paris, our group was fortunate to savor an exclusive dinner prepared within the intimate setting of our home. Camilo demonstrated professionalism throughout, offering his passion for culinary creativity as well as a captivating and charismatic personal narrative. Chef Camilo's multicultural culinary journey has bestowed upon him a creativity that transcends borders. Born in Guatemala to a Salvadorian father and Costa Rican mother, Camilo embodies a blend of cultural backgrounds. Having received formal culinary training in Guatemala, he traversed the globe honing his skills. The diversity of experience obtained through his travels included training under iron chef restaurantuer Steven Star in New York before returning to Central America.Honoring his Costarricense roots, Camilo opened a restaurant in Puerto Viejo. An entreprenueral heart has since led Chef Camilo to facilitate the development of many successful local restaurants. He has also established the culinary amenities for some of Costa Rica’s most renouned wellness retreats.Presently, Chef Camilo applies his culinary finesse as Founder and Executive Chef of The Catering Experience. Specializing in vegetarian, vegan and raw cooking emphasizing fresh local ingredients, The Catering Experience offers event catering, cooking classes and private chef services in the Osa. Stepping into Chef Camilo's kitchen was a fully immersive experience. The vibrant bounty of fresh produce laid out before us revealed optimal freshness and quality. Advocating for a balanced diet, Camilo urges attunement to our bodies rather than succumbing to dietary trends. This culinary philosophy is rooted in a critical evaluation of ingredients, rejecting those deemed detrimental to one's highest state of wellness. Appreciation for the land and farmers was emphasized by the meticulous use of these locally grown ingredients.One of the most unique attributes of Chef Camilo is his energetic and personable approach. Welcoming us into the kitchen, he shared insightful techniques and encouraged participation. Thus transforming our private dinner into an interactive and educational experience. An Immersive Meal with The Catering Experience AUTHOR: Melanie Hoffmann-Rothe / Lorenzo GammutoCOSTA RICA FREE MAGAZINE #92

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COSTA RICA FREE MAGAZINE #92We were enthralled by the proficiency of his techniques: cutting, slicing, and preparing ingredients with flair. Conversing with Camilo is a pleasure, as he effortlessly prepares intricate dishes and heightens anticipation for the meal ahead. Aesthetically plated, our meal was as diverse as Camilo himself. Our menu included turmeric-roasted chicken, smoked pimento "picadillo," yucca-stuffed "bolitas," and an organic mixed green salad with a tahini, orange, purple basil dressing. The flavors were exquisite - crispy chicken, vibrant vegetables, and a salad that perfectly complemented the main course.As a culinary crescendo, Chef Camilo surprised us with a velvety, fresh pumpkin soup, earning the accolade of THE BEST soup we've ever tasted. Our meal provided by The Catering Experience was nothing short of magical, both gastronomically and interpersonally. To have observed Chef Camilo’s work and culinary wisdom was truly extraordinary. We send our heartfelt gratitude to Chef Camilo, who enriched both our palates and our appreciation for the art of healthy local cuisine. @The_Catering_Expirence+(506) 6241 7467 The Catering Experience Learn more about The Catering Experience:

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If you are looking for a restaurant with abreathtaking ambience and a very authentic chef, the Beehive Restaurant in Uvita, Costa Rica is the perfect place for you. It is a fine dining restaurant that serves Mediterranean food with a unique ambience. If you are going to visit the restaurant, take your time to soak it all up.The restaurant is built on the side of a hill from which you have a beautiful view into the jungle. They have a very large and aesthetically pleasing bar where you are being served by their very friendly staff. Another highlight is the pool, which is located between the outside tables, which gives the restaurant a unique touch. Especially in the evening, with all the warm colored lights and the relaxing music in the background, the ambiance is very soothing and perfect for your fine dining dinner.Micheal is the Chef of Beehive. He was born in Jamaica, at 5 years old he moved to Canada, where he lived for the next 40 years of his life. He went to culinary school in Canada where he mainly learned about Mediterranean cuisine, which has become his passion. He had five different restaurants over the years in Canada before he decided that he needed something new. He actually moved to Costa Rica to retire but after a few months of relaxing, he decided to open a restaurant in Uvita. The Beehive is already his second restaurant which he opened up six years ago and treats like his treasure. Michael decided to open a Mediterranean restaurant because of his studies but also because of his work experiences in Canada. He worked there with a lot of people that have a Mediterranean background, which influenced his cooking a lot. He especially loves Mediterranean cuisine because the food is kept very clean and healthy. It is very important to Chef Micheal that everything is made from scratch, which is why the food might take a little longer, but it is definitely worth the waitBeehive RestaurantAUTHOR:Lorenzo GammutoPHOTO BY: Melanie Hoffmann-RotheCOSTA RICA FREE MAGAZINE #92

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COSTA RICA FREE MAGAZINE #92Michael is a very charismatic, hardworking, and inspiring person. You can see the passion he holds for his restaurant in his eyes. Not only does he run the restaurant, but he also works in the kitchen himself almost every day. He wants to offer his clients the best possible quality for an unforgettable time in his restaurant. At the Beehive you can expect a beautiful restaurant with a wonderful ambience. You will get real Mediterranean food with the best quality. You will also get to know a boss with an exciting personality with whom you will immediately feel at ease. If you are in Uvita and are looking for all these characteristics in a restaurant, Beehive is the place to go.

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COSTA RICA fREE MAGAZINE #90Costa Rica has a lot to offer from a culinary point ofview. From fish to meat, from rice to beans, but also from sushi to pizza, you can have everything you want. The prices for restaurants in Costa Rica can vary a lot. There are upscale restaurants with similar prices to European restaurants, and then there are the so-called “Sodas.” Even though “Sodas” in Costa Rica are very common, they are unique and special from a European visitor point of view. But what exactly are “Sodas”?In general, “Sodas” are restaurants for middle-budget people and the general public. You wouldn’t usually find the rich in these kinds of restaurants. You can eat simple but also very authentic and good quality food there. A very classic costarrican dish is the “casado,” which is a plate with rice, beans, and a little salad with either meat or fish. Thus, it is a very rich meal. But the most extraordinary thing about the food in “Sodas” is the price. For this wealthy meal accompanied by one drink, you pay just around seven dollars. So, you pay very little money for what you are getting.But “Sodas” are not just food; “Sodas” are also a feeling. When you visit one, you feel immediately like you are home. It is kept very simple and small, which creates a very familiar and cozy atmosphere. In Sodas, you will usually be welcomed by several women who work in the service and the kitchen.The women there give you a very warm welcome, and you feel very comfortable right away. An exceptional feature here is that the clients have a view into the kitchen. This creates a very authentic feeling, and you know exactly what you are getting and how the food is being made. This is a very reminiscent feeling of food at home. And it also tastes like home- a very genuine food that reminds you of the food of your mother or grandmother. For our new campaign, "Good Food and Good Living," where we try the best restaurants in our surroundings, I had a particularly wonderful experience at the "Soda Machito" in Uvita, Costa Rica. In addition to a rich meal, the service is authentic and friendly. You have a fantastic view into the kitchen, so you can watch the very friendly cooks while they prepare the food. The food is excellent, and you will leave the restaurant completely satisfied. I felt right at home and was able to enjoy a wonderful experience there. If you are in Costa Rica and want to try the genuine and authentic food from the locals, you must visit the “Sodas.” Besides the genuine food, you will experience the real “Pura Vida” of Costa Rica, and it will be something you will remember forever. But don't forget, sodas are just one part of Costa Rica's great culinary offering.“Sodas,” feeling like at home! COSTA RICA FREE MAGAZINE #92AUTHOR:Lorenzo Gammuto PHOTO BY: Melanie Hoffman

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Le French CafeBeing European and living in CostaRica can be tricky sometimes. Missing our natural and fresh bread or cheese is a feeling that never completely fades and many Restaurants can not fill this void. Well, what if we tell you that there is a solution?Le French Cafe in Uvita is exactly that. It gives you the homely feeling you have been craving, by serving fresh homemade bread with cheese or meat plates and having the tropical Costa Rican influence, by using local fruits in smoothie bowls or avocado toasts, for example. The cafe is also great for vegans or vegetarians, serving many different meatless options. You can even order milk alternatives for your hot or iced coffee, with the local option being coconut milk. The French Cafe offers a great variety of classic French cuisine, like a croque monsieur or different tastes that can be eaten with a glass of French wine. It is more like a restaurant than a cafe, offering all-day breakfast and even cocktails in the evening. It is open almost the whole day, every day. And if you still can't get enough of the food, you can buy a loaf of bread or baguette from their own bakery and enjoy it at home. The bakery or “boulangerie” also offers classic French desserts, like croissants or macarons. Their food doesn't only look great, but it also tastes hugely delicious, while still maintaining very affordable prices. When looking at the menu it is almost impossible to make a decision, because everything sounds so amazing. Once you have been there, there is no going back and no more bread-shaped hole in your stomach. The cafe is the first thing that comes to mind when considering where to eat and an option everyone is more than okay with. It is even an accepted place for my French friends, who I almost had to drag there. The second they saw the menu, they were excited to eat something that reminded them of home again. (Of course, ordering a red wine with their cheese plate.) If French people approve of the food, it means something.The cafe is close to the beach and gives off that atmosphere, making it fit perfectly into the Costa Rican vibe. The Restaurant looks beachy and clean, with white walls, colorful flowers, and a cozy interior. It makes you feel very welcome and the staff adds up to that. I would recommend visiting the French Cafe and seeing for yourself if you love it as much as me and my friends.Author: Carolin WredeCOSTA RICA FREE MAGAZINE #92

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´Kia Ora’ is a traditional Māori phrase fromNew Zealand commonly used as a greeting or general expression of appreciation, wishing the essence of life upon someone.Since I moved to Dominicalito, I have been learning about Pura Vida life from the Tico community. Besides the kindest people, this inconspicuous little town holds space for gems that connect with pure living. Across from the Dominicalito beach entrance, a sign with “Kia Ora” surprises me. I follow the signs up past the football pitch and walk into the building doors, where a serene jungle oasis unfolds in front of me. The smell of fresh coffee and breakfast being cooked makes me turn and admire the extensive mural reading “Kunjani Cafe.” Nicola, the owner, welcomes me with a warm smile and explains that “Kunjani” is a greeting from her home in Africa. A greeting full of love and shine.My neighbor, Nicola, wants to show me around. I’m walking through her biggest dream—a space where her family, community and guests find harmony while being nurtured by nature and peace. She has created something extraordinary with her family—beautiful rental apartments, a jungle yoga & community Shala, a heart-warming and delicious Kunjani Cafe, and out of sight, two luxury properties for conferences and retreats. Every corner has the irresistible vibration of a paradise home.“Beautiful necklace. I love whales,” Nicola compliments me and invites me to look around more. I smile while walking away because whales symbolize family and community, which Nicola passionately creates for everyone around her.After living in India, yoga has a special place in my heart. I walk into the Shala just as a yoga teacher with a colorful cap is preparing and welcoming his class. People are hugging, chatting, and stretching. Two little dogs are sleeping on the side, undisturbed by playful monkey sounds. There’s no music, walls, mirrors—only wild jungle and river, pure being. Everybody seems to be in nature with each other and for themselves—the most exquisite sense of belonging humans can have.When heading back, I find Nicola drinking her coffee at Kunjani Cafe. “Thank you for sharing your home,” I intend to say goodbye. “Nobody leaves this place hungry, my darling. Our chef, Douglas, will cook for you,” is her response. I’m amazed by the family feeling she created so quickly in my heart. After a moment, a vibrant green salad with avocados, strawberries, and black sesame seeds appears in front of me. “What a journey!” I think and say, “Kia Ora. Pura Vida. Thank you!” Those words from different parts of the world have the same meaning: a deep gratitude for being where your feet are, living and receiving.Visit the Kia Ora family and discover your essence of life!Kunjani Cafe is open Tuesday to Sunday from 8:00 – 16:00. The Shala offers daily 9:00 am yoga, as well as weekly fitness & Pilates.Discovering The Essence of LifeAuthor: Karolina MagdalenaCOSTA RICA FREE MAGAZINE #92

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For our new campaign "good food good living"we visited the restaurant "La Colonia" in Uvita, Costa Rica. It is a well-known restaurant in the city that offers Costa Rican food of all kinds. We had a culinary experience there that will be remembered forever.When we arrived, we got a warm welcome from the Chef of "La Colonia'' who invited us to take a seat. "La Colonia '' has a beautiful large outdoor area where you can sit comfortably and idly. The kitchen and bar are also outside, giving you a partial view of the chefs and servers. As soon as we sat down, the waiter quickly approached us with fresh water and the menu. He recommended the house specialties, so we opted for pasta with shrimp, a champignon sauce, and a homemade sandwich. We were remembering a homemade lemonade for each of us. The service was fast, so we received our drinks and food in under ten minutes.First of all, the lemonade was perfect. It was very fresh, with an ideal level of sugar—an excellent drink for the warm and heavy weather in Costa Rica.The noodles looked delicious, so I couldn't wait to try them—a taste explosion. The spaghetti was cooked to the right point, and the shrimp harmonized perfectly with the sauce. I would absolutely recommend them.The sandwich was also presented with a side dish of fries. Another waiter informed us that the avocado, which should have been in the sandwich, was missing. He was very friendly and, in return, offered us a delicious brownie with ice cream for dessert. Also, the sandwich was still tasty without avocado, and the fries were excellent. But the highlight is yet to come: the brownie. It was beautifully presented with a scoop of ice cream topped with a strawberry sauce. It tasted delicious and was the perfect ending for this wonderful lunch. We had a beautiful experience in the restaurant "La Colonia." The food was delicious, and the service was fast, kind, and courteous. If you are searching for a good restaurant with a beautiful location, "La Colonia" would be a perfect choice. La Colonia: Good Food and unique event place COSTA RICA FREE MAGAZINE #92AUTHOR:Lorenzo GammutoPHOTO BY: Melanie Hoffmann-Rothe

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But "La Colonia" isn't just a restaurant- it's a lot more. "La Colonia" is also a perfect location for events. We had the chance to visit the place right before a big event. Thanks to the beautiful outdoor area, it offers a good place for celebrations, like a high school graduation or weddings. In such cases, the area is beautifully decorated so the perfect event can occur. In addition to the many decorated tables, there is a dance floor with music where everyone can have fun. So, the ideal place for your celebration.If you are also looking for a hotel in Costa Rica, "La Colonia" also offers this. There are very nice rooms right next to several pools. All in all, I can recommend "La Colonia" as a restaurant, event location, and hotel.COSTA RICA FREE MAGAZINE #92

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WHERE TO EATKUNJANI COFEEOpen from Tuesday toKia Ora House 50mnorth of the Dominicalitoschool, Dominicalito,Osa, Puntarenas.Whatsapp: +506 8319 5991La ColoniaSeafood specialitiesBreakfast, Lunch andDinnerHotel El Tecal, PlayaColonia, UvitaTel:2102 0082 Whatsapp: 8301 4822300 metros north of the gas stationPuntarenas Osa Uvita, BallenaTel:4702-3939Beehive MediterraneanRestaurant, Bar andBoutiqueMediterranean food,Terraza, Lunch,Dinnerand CocktailbarWhale Tail Brewery &Gastro PubGastro Pub, Craft beerplus a superiorgastronomic offer600 mtrs East of the BCR BanckUvita , Osa Puntarenas.Tel:8934-7092Jardines del Morete, Uvita de Osa,Puntarenas, Costa RicaTelephone: +506 2743 8150+ 506 6061 7883USA/Canada: +1-855-847-2441Mi AmoreRistoranteExelent food,Pool, Breakfast,Lunch,Dinnerand Cocktailbar

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Ballena BistroFresh Fusion DishesVegan and Gluten FreeOptions
6km South of Uvita next toBallena BeachTel: 2786 5407VILLA LEONOR atPLAYA BALLENASeafood, Casados PastasFresh Tuna Lunch,reserve for DinnerBetween Uvita & Ojochal Km 170Tel: 2786 5380Whatsapp: 8390 0130Wednesday closedFrench Café

French SavoirFaire Breakfast /Lunch / Diner
Plaza Bahia Moana CalleBallena Bahia 200m West ofCoastal HighwayTel: 2201 8253Pancito CaféFrench Bakery andRestaurantBreakfast and LunchVegan andVegetarian optionsNew Location at PlazaVentanas Tel: 8729 4115WHERE TO EATOcean View and SunsetInternational with AustrianTouch Breakfast, Lunch,Dinnerand CocktailbarPlease Reserve for DinnerKM 169 Hotel Cristal BallenaTel: 2786 5367Whatsapp: 8390 6863

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Price per person: $6� , special prices for groups and residentsGroup: minimum 01 - maximum 18Start time: 8:30 AM - Duration: 3 hoursPrice includes: safe parking, bilingual guide, fruit, water, snorkel equipment, park admission and a lot of fun.Description: Leaves from Punta Uvita, Marino Ballena National Park. Travel to the Whale’s Tail, Isla Ballena, and the caves at Ventanas Beach for snorkeling and sightseeing. Wath whales, dolphins, turtles, and rays.Price per person: $1 - Group: minimum 01, maximum 08Start time: 07:00 AM - Duration: F ull DayPrice includes: park admission, lunch and snacks, water, and soft drinks - pick up available for an extra charge.Description: tour departs from Sierpe Village. During the trip you can observe the wildlife of the mangroves and swamps of the Sierpe Riv er delta. At the the jungle and river mouth to wath wildlife and plants. Snorkeling on request.Price per person: $1 5 - Group: minimum 01 maximum 18Start time: 6:30 AM - Duration: F ull DayPrice includes: Biological Reserve admission fee, sandwiches, snacks, lunch, water, soft drinks , bilingual guide, humpback whale watching in season. De -scription: Tour departs from the village of Sierpe thr ough the swamps and mangroves of the Sierpe riv er delta. The boat will take you snorkeling on the world!Price per person: $1 - Group: minimum 02, maximum 06Start time: 07:00 AM - Duration: F ull TimePrice includes: lunch and snacks, water, and soft drinks - pick up available for an extra charge.Description: Tour departs from Uvita or Sierpe exploring the mangroves and sw amps of the Sierpe riv er delta. Two dives, two tanks at the world-famous classes av ailable at various prices. Packages av ailable for multi-day dives or Price per person: $95 - Group: minimum 04, maximum 09Start time: 6:30 am or 8:00 am - Duration: 5 to 9 hoursPrice includes: all necessary equipment, bilingual guide.Description: Pick your level and enjoy the ride! Savegre River: 5 hours. class 2 and 3, great for beginners. Swim at a waterfall, light lunch on the river. Then, another hour of rafting. lunch, followed by two more hours of rafting!Enjo y O S AKayaking Price per person:$75 - Group: minimun 02 - maximum 08 Star time: depends on the tide - Duration 3 hoursPrice includes: Walk through the Terraba mangroves, water and fruits Description: The tour begins in Boca Coronado, touring the mangroves of the Terraba River, where different species of flora and fauna unique to that ecosystem are sighted, and ends at the mouth of the same river.

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Price per person : $ 5 - Group: minimum 01, maximum 40Start time: 8:00 am, 11:00 am, and 2:00 pm - Duration: 2 hoursPrice includes: all equipment, bilingual guide, transportation available for an extra charge.with a short tour of the rain forest, spotting birds and animals. Then, up to -tops, across ravines, and mountains!Price per person: $5 - Group: minimum 02, maximum 08Start time: upon request - Duration: 3 hoursPrice includes: friendly tour guide, saddled horsesDescription: Take horseback riding through the mountains, jungles, or beaches! S tart early for birdwatching, monkeys, and other wildlife - stop at a remote waterf all for a swim or star t late for a sunse t ride on the beach! Price per person: $ . special price for groups - Group: min. 02, max. 12Start time: 3:00PM - Duration: 3 hoursPrice includes: a bilingual guide, fruit, water - pick up available for an extra charge.Description: Sierpe Riv er day trip or sunse t cruise thr ough the sw amps and mangroves - watch the jungle around you come alive with the growing perfect day! Price per person: $55 - Group: minimum 02, maximum 08Start time: 5:00 PM - Duration: 3 hoursPrice includes: a specialized bilingual guide, snack, water, and juice - pick up available for an extra charge. thgin a gnirud serutaerc eht revocsid neht ,tesnus eht hctaW :noitpircseDhike in the jungle: night plants, spiders, frogs, and snakes! Your specialized guide will keep you safe and sound exploring the rain forest!Price: Half Day $575 – Full Day $950 - Group: minimum 02, maximum 06Start time: 7:00 AM - Duration: 4 - 7 hoursPrice includes: all necessary equipment, park admittance fee, water, snacks, fruit, beverages, lunch (full day option) bilingual guide.either oshore or inshore because of our generally calm sea conditions.Enjo y O S ABIRD WHATCHINGPrice per person: $60. Group: minimum 2 maximum 12Start time: 6:30AM Duration: 3 hoursPrice includes: specialized guide, equipment and breakfast.Guided tour along the trails of the nature reserve, with sightings of different species of birds. Accompanied by the best experts on the subject, ending with a good breakfast.

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It is the end of October, and we have onegoal: finding the last whales in Costa Rica. The whale season in Costa Rica ends in October. Thus, the chance of seeing whales becomes more and more improbable.But we do not give up and want to use one of the last chances to see whales in this beautiful place.With 20 people, we climb full of hope on the boat and go out into the vast ocean. At the beginning, the guide from "Aventura Uno" gives us instructions on everything we must remember to have the best experience.After that, everyone directs their gaze towards the sea, hoping to see some movements in the water. Everyone is silent to make sure not to scare off the whales. We are driving around for almost thirty minutes without any luck of seeing these beautiful sea creatures.While we slowly give up hope, you start seeing the disappointment on the passengers' faces. Suddenly, out of nowhere, someone in the group screams:" There!"Everyone holds their breath and looks in that direction. And there they are, a Whale mother with her newborn child. They emerge a little so we can admire part of their beauty, and the mood starts rising. Since the newborn has to catch his breath at the surface approximately every 5 minutes, we can slowly follow the whales while they appear over and over again. Everyone gets out their camera while having a look of excitement on their face. After an hour of following the whales, we were lucky to see them rise to the surface next to our boat.Although we missed the big whale jump, it was one of the most breathtaking experiences of our lives. But the tour is not finished here. After a small snack of fruit provided by the organization, the boat's captain drives us a little further to a beautiful place next to some huge rocks sticking out of the ocean. These rocks were so big that they had their little ecosystem. The captain allowed us to jump off the boat into the water, which was refreshing due to the warm, heavy Costarican weather. The tour finishes at one of the most famous places in Costa Rica: The Waletale. The boat captain boat gave us the option to let us off at the tail instead of our starting point because, due to the low tide, we could walk on the sand strip and enjoy this beautiful phenomenon. Overall, "Aventura Uno" enabled us to have one of the most exciting experiences of our lives.Whale Watching Tour 2023Author: Lorenzo Gammuto andMelanie Hoffmann-RotheCOSTA RICA FREE MAGAZINE #92

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If a town along Costa Ballenagenuinely deserves to be called a tranquil spot, it is Ojochal.If you seek quiet and calm, you will find it here. That is one of many reasons why so many foreigners, especially French Canadians and North Americans, made their new home here in this relaxed town.That does not mean there is nothing to do; there are many places to explore. Yoga and Pilates are offered in several retreats for peace seekers.If you love going to the beach, you should visit Playa Tortuga; as the name says, the beach is named after the turtles that nest here, mostly Lora or English Olive Ridley, although there are reports of green and leatherback turtles. During the turtle season, they often come here tolay their eggs.Near Ojochal is another beautiful beach called Playa Ventanas; its name comes from the big openings in the rocks that the ocean shaped like a big “ventana”, the Spanish word for window.If you want to discover more of this beautiful town, you can explore your surroundings or go on horseback with a guide to explore the mountains to wering over the area. Regardless of your choice, be sure to bring your camera to take photos of all the animals you will detect in the impressive landscapes in the middle of exuberant nature.If you want to combine adventure with hiking while discovering wildlife, you might end up in a natural pool with pure mountain water. You could go on a hiking tour to El Pavon, an out standingly beautiful waterfall, an example of what nature has created in this masterpiece, Costa Ballena. You can swim in the natural pool with fresh and clean mountain water. You will feel over whelmed by the beauty of the Costa Rican jungle.After a day of adventures, you can choose between tasty local and international restaurants. Ojochal is where many foreigners settled, creating an attractive “gourmet destination” in Costa Ballena. Without a doubt, you will find food of excellent quality, delicious, and in a pleasant environment, or if you wish, a chic atmosphere..OJOCHALCOSTA RICA FREE MAGAZINE #92

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+(506) 8730-2014 hours 7:00am – 4:00 pmBird watching toursGuided tours to Piedras Blancas National ParkGuided tours in our tropical gardenNight walks We offer:If you are a nature enthusiast and you´re looking forward to discover more of the flora and fauna of CostaRica’s South Pacific or you´re just looking for a peaceful place to relax and spend the day, visit EcocentroCalathea.This newly opened tourist center offers a self-guided walk through a botanical garden including a collectionof tropical plants such as Calatheas and Heliconias, as well as an array of fruit trees and medicinal plants.The garden is also a great spot for hummingbird observation. Ecocentro Calathea has a small lagoon anda level trail through a gallery forest that often gives sights to a variety of birds, reptiles such as iguanasand basilisks and even mammals such as the elusive squirrel monkey.We create unique and memorable experiences that inspire a sustainable use of the environment andappreciation of nature while making a positive impact on our community.

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SMALL INTERVENTIONS IMPROVE YOUR WELL-BEINGBahia BallenaDoctorsDra.Mónica AlfaroBotulinum toxin type A (Botox Ò, Nabota) is a relaxingprotein or a substance produced by Clostridium botulinum that has different medical and aesthetic uses. This protein relaxes the contraction of muscles, most commonly the muscles of facial expression. This effect is produced by temporarily interrupting the conduction of the electrical impulse between the nerve and the muscle. Interrupting this nerve conduction relaxes the muscles and minimizes the appearance of wrinkles in aesthetic use. It can relieve pain due to muscle spasticity, tension headaches, or pain in the temporomandibular joint.In 1979, this protein was used to relax the orbicularis oculi muscle, which closes the eyes tightly. It was used for patients who had blepharospasm or a strong and sustained contraction of this muscle that did not allow them to open their eyes. When using it, the doctors observed that it also had effects on the appearance or rather non-appearance of wrinkles around the eyes. Around 1989 it began to be used for aesthetic purposes. Among its uses is the treatment of eye contour or crow’s feet, forehead, frown, smoker’s lips or barcode, marionette lines, chin, neck, and jaw contour. There are also other uses for this toxin at the level of hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating, migraines, and neck dystonia and to treat patients with spastic paralysis.The effect of this treatment begins to be seen between 4 to 7 days after it is applied; its maximum effect is at 21 days, and its average effect lasts four months. It cannot be used in patients who are hypersensitive to it, are pregnant, or breastfeeding. It is important not to lie down or bend over for 4 hours after application. Still, to ensure the best results, do not exercise for three days after your injection. Its use from middle age prevents the formation of dynamic expression lines and delays the most noticeable aging and the need to seek other complementary treatments. Many myths about this treatment lack of information from a serious source. We can clarify the following: Botulinum toxin does NOT plump or deform the lips. You don’t have to keep using it all the time, although patients want to keep using it after starting the treatment. It does not create more wrinkles; when you stop using it, the wrinkles we had before return. It does not change the expression of the face, especially when applied appropriately and without exaggeration. There are no topical creams or products that have the same effect as botulinum toxin since none reaches the site of action, the junction of the nerve and the muscle. Its application is not dangerous; adverse effects occur in approximately 1% of cases, and most with very mild and temporary, such as redness of the area or headache. Both men and women can use it at any age after wrinkles are already apparent. If you start using it early, it can have preventive effects.Most important in this type of treatment is to see a doctor with the appropriate knowledge and experience; that also has the personal characteristics required to focus on the needs and desires of the patient. AUTHOR: DRA. MONICA ALFAROCOSTA RICA FREE MAGAZINE #92

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• PAP smears• General MedicineBloodwork• Minor surgicalprocedures• Scheduled PlasticSurgery• Consultation• Botulinum toxin• Dermal Fillers• Cheminal Peels• Dermapen• Plasmage• PRP (Platelet RichPlasma)• Skin checks• Skin Tightening• Laser Hair RemovalAppointments WA +(506) 8833 6431 Plaza Ventanas - Ojochal!"#$"%!"&&'("%)*+,*-.!"#$%&'()#*+,-#".Dr. Mónica Alfaro

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Are you embarking on your Costa Ricanadventure? At Osa Tropical Properties, we're thrilled to share our go-to guide with friends and clients gearing up for their first visit. We share these tips with the hopes of helping ensure that your journey is as smooth as the Costa Rican sea breeze. Here are some essential keys to making your Costa Rican experience truly unforgettable!Cash Matters: Dollars or Colones?Before you take off, consider converting your Canadian dollars or Euros into US dollars. Why? Because US dollars are widely accepted and preferred, especially for property transactions. Just keep an eye on the exchange rate to avoid any currency hiccups.Water Quality InsightsCosta Rica's water is clean and safe. Town water is chlorinated, and locals confidently drink tap water. There is no need to splurge on bottled water; tap water is a reliable choice.Sun Protection BasicsGet ready to soak up the sun, but don't forget your sunscreen and a stylish hat. Bringing your sunscreen is a savvy move—it's cost-effective and protects you from the tropical rays. So, lather up and enjoy the sunny side of Costa Rica.Footwear for ExplorationFlip-flops are beach-friendly, but for jungle adventures, opt for sturdy hiking sandals and closed-toe shoes. Nature trails can be tricky with ants and mud, so choose your footwear wisely for a smooth trek.Insect Repellent: Keep the Bugs at BayCosta Rica's beach sunsets are beautiful, but sandflies can be a nuisance. Use natural insect repellent to enjoy the vibrant sunsets without the itchy aftermath.Ocean Safety FirstCosta Rica's beaches are perfect for a refreshing dip, but be aware of riptides. Stick to designated swim areas, follow lifeguard advice, and exercise extra caution if there's no lifeguard. Safety is critical for a worry-free ocean experience.Secure Your ValuablesCosta Rica is welcoming, but petty theft can happen. Keep your valuables close, store them securely, and lock them away when unused. By staying vigilant, your pura vida experience will be stress-free.With these practical tips, your Costa Rican adventure promises smooth sailing. Plan, stay aware, and let the pura vida spirit guide you through this enchanting land. So, get ready, explorer, and let the magic of Costa Rica unfold before your eyes.Costa Rica Travel Hacks Author: Alexandra LuttyCOSTA RICA FREE MAGAZINE #92

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