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P. 30UVITASEP 15NOV 14, 2021-# 80 SPANISH

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Ballena Homes is a company that specializes in "Custom Home Construction". Included in ourcompetitive pricing are the services of specialist in home design, architectural adaptation of the chosendesign, non-compromising engineering to current code and a team of dedicated construction managers.The key of our success is quite simply, our Team. When you build with Ballena Homes you gain thebenefit of years of Costa Rica construction experience. Guaranteed quality materials - Guaranteed quality Construction -Guaranteed Pricing Ballena HomesEFFICIENT - EXPERIENCED - PROFESSIONAL/ Phone: 8856 9800Web Site: / Email: Innovation@BallenaHomes.comCUSTOM HOME CONSTRUCTIONHOTEL 360 RAINFOREST VILLAS EXCLUSIVE COMMUNITY$795,000USID 079-01094TROPICAL RAINFOREST LAND FOR SALE WITH STUNNING VIEWS OF THE GOLFO DULCE$300,000USID 079-00631BEACHFRONT CONTAINER HOME IN PLAYA ZANCUDO$99,000USID 079-00887NICE FLAT COMMERCIAL  RESIDENTIAL BUILDING LOT ON CALLE DEL BOSQUE, OJOCHAL$65,000USID 079-01079BEAUTIFUL COMMERCIAL AND RESIDENTIAL BUILDING LOT, AVENIDA PRINCIPAL, OJOCHAL$95,000USID 079-01089RECENTLY BUILT PRESSURETREATED PINE WOOD HOME WITHIN WALKING DISTANCE TO THE BEACH.$259,000 USID 079-00698FAMILY HOME IN PÉREZ ZELEDÓN$300,000USID 079-00794LARGE 188 ACRE TITLED DRAKE BAY PROPERTY$2,500,000USID 079-01043BEAUTIFUL MOUNTAIN VIEW PROPERTY WITH LEGAL WATER IN THE VILLAGE OF OJOCHAL$130,000 USID079-00604A RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT$88,000 USID 079-01090OCEANVIEW BOUTIQUE HOTEL AND TWO HOMES IN UVITA$995,000USID 079-00626NEW LARGE OCEAN VIEW LOT PHASE 5, OJOCHAL$130,000USID 079-01096Lorem ipsumLorem ipsum

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LODGING1. Hacienda Barú 2. Hotel Cuna del AngelRESTAURANTS3. Pizza La Casita (Take-out Service)4. Hacienda Barú5. Tasty6. Cuna del Angel7. Scala 8. 8. Sibu Café ACTIVITIES9. Reptilandia 10. Hacienda BarúSERVICES11. AAA Accounting 12. Feria Orgánica Tinamaste13. Pacic Coast Law 14. Blue Morpho 15. Body Revitalization InstituteLODGING50. Tangara Azul Boutique Hotel51. Hotel Diquis del Sur 52. Three Sixty Boutique Hotel 53. Hotel Alma de OjochalRESTAURANTS54. Pancito Café55. Citrus Restaurant & Wine Bar56. El Castillo 57. SudACTIVITIES58. Reserva Tortuga59. Lalo Tours Horseback RidingSERVICES60. Bahia Ballena Doctors 61. Ballena Legal Team 62. Plaza Ventanas 63. Century 21 & Ballena Properties 64. Ballena Homes65. Remax / We Sell Paradise 66. Farmacia & Macrobiotics Ibarra 67. Osa Tropical Properties DOMINICALOJOCHALLODGING16. Vista Ballena 17. Cristal Ballena18. Bungalows Ballena 19. TucanRESTAURANTS20. Beehive 21. Sibu 22. Gelato 23. Retro Café y Bar 24. The Dome 25. Five Maes 26. House of Ginger 27. Ballena Bistro 28. Pura Vida (Cristal Ballena) 29. Villas Leonor30. Moana Bahía Plaza31. Le French CaféSERVICES32. Osa Rides 33. Cortinas Krisa 34. Osa Property Management35. Iglesia La Costa 36. Ropa Americana Buena Voluntad 37. Correo de Uvita UVITA38. Tecno Soluciones H 39. Rincón de Uvita 40. Royal Palm 41. Mora & Valdéz 42. Farmacia Ibarra 43. RVA Engineer Roger Valverde44. Uvita Law Firm 45. Costatika Language School 46. Centro Llantero 47. Legal del Sur48. El Mercado 49. Pointing Market & Ballena TalesDIRECTORYBUSINESS

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100% recyclable heavy-duty tropical roofing material with a 20-years decreasing warranty*. Certified ISO 9001Techos Tropicales Palmex - Tel. (506) - www.palmex-costarica.comCentro de visitantes Parque Nacional Tortuguero, Arq. Ibo Bonilla, Constructora REYCOAlready 15 years in Costa Rica* Conditions apply.

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100% recyclable heavy-duty tropical roofing material with a 20-years decreasing warranty*. Certified ISO 9001Techos Tropicales Palmex - Tel. (506) - www.palmex-costarica.comCentro de visitantes Parque Nacional Tortuguero, Arq. Ibo Bonilla, Constructora REYCOAlready 15 years in Costa Rica* Conditions apply.PHONE DIRECTORYPOLICE STATIONS Police Emergency: 911Transit : 2537 0631Dominical: 2787 0406Uvita: 2743 8538Ojochal: 2786 5661Cortés: 2788 8030 HOSPITALS & HEALTH Hospital Tomás Casas (Cortés): 2786 8148Hospital Escalante Pradilla (Pérez Zeledón): 2785 0700Servicios Médicos Bahía-Ballena: 2743 8595Farmacia Ibarra: 2743 8558EBAIS: 2743 8170ICE Information: 1113International Operator: 1116Electric Failures: 1119OTHERS VETERINARIA COSTA BALLENA: 8730 8282MINAE: 2786 5392 ENVIRONMENTAL COMPLAINTS: 1192TAXIS DOMINICAL Erick 8602 3394Guiligan 8847 0231Ricardo (minibús 4x4) 8605 0801Daniel (pick-up) 8920 2322 UVITA Alex (freight) 8989 2298Carlos (freight) 8308 2695 Geovanni (minibús) 8870 6040Greivin 8791 5680Hermes (minibús) 8855 3830Lusbín 8576 7606Mario 8839 8484Rodolfo (freight) 5711 6868PRIVATE TRANSPORT.comAll links are clickable. Try it out!Gilberth 8852 8271

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EDITORIALContent #80Directory . . . . . . . . . . . .Editorial . . . . . . . . . . .Title Story . . . . . . . .Uvita - Pearl of the South Pacic / Jonathan Martin070930101416Ode to the woman that colored our sky / Roel de Pleker Which of Costa Rica’s animal Avatars best represents you? Alexandra Luty / Osa Tropical PropertyBuzz, Snap, look at me / Jack Ewing10 Osa / Costa Ballena192023242729 Luxury Home Tax/ Mauro Esquivel – AAA Accounting . . . . . . . . .Mareas . . . . . . . . . . . . .The Body Revitalization Institute Dominical / J.MartinA Peaceful Revolution - Dominical Eco Fair / KeynaWhy surng is so fun in the rainy season / Greg Gordon Help Reforesting Costa Rica / The Vegan Pirates19 Dominical555758596162It’s Never too Late to Live your Dreams / Jonathan Martin Improve your Well - Being / Dra. Monica AlfaroRest Citrus ~ Costa muy Rica / Dagmar ReinhardRestaurant List . . . . . . . . . . .Roostersh and Tuna Galore / Capitan Willy Atencio - Fish Drake Bay One Picture Shows more than Thousand Words / Denisse Catano - Conecat55 Ojochal303334373841434447485053Uvita - Pearl of the South Pacic / J. MartinPlaya Hermosa Accessible / D. ReinhardRestaurant List . . . . . . . . . Laboreras del Solar / Dagmar Reinhard . . . Happy Dogs on their Way to Canada / Rosie Castle Richness of Simplicity-Creole Cuisine/ Natalia SarayBus Rides in Costa Rica / Johathan MartinVacation Home Rentals / Nick Halverson-OPMThe Cell Phone / Carlos LeonPassion for Excellence / Dagmar ReinhardCosta Rica Beach Clean Ups 2021 / InnoceanaBicentennial of our Independence / Carlos Leon30 Uvita10Dear reader,302962

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9DAGMAR REINHARD Editor in Chief(506) 8914 1568 / 2743 Art & DesignPOINTING MARKETAÑÑESKA ARRIECHE ROONDIGITAL COORDINATORCARLOS LEONcarlos@ballenatales.comCONTRIBUTING WRITERS: PHOTOGRAPHY COVER PHOTO: CONECATNEXT EDITION November 15th, 2021 Deadline October 4th, 2021EDITORIALCongratulations to Costa Rica on its Bicentennial of Independence! From its foundation in 1821, a guideline for conduct determined that Costa Rica “recognizes and respects civil liberties, property, and other legitimate national rights of every person and any state or nation.” The country has proven that it can live in peace, freely and democratically, even with limited economic resources and facing signicant challenges while respecting the environment. Now we have a lot to celebrate, aren’t there the most amazing colorful birds crossing our skies again? The Ara Macaws are back, thanks to a woman who isn’t afraid of getting her hands dirty. You can win a $100 gift voucher if you tell Osa Tropical Properties what the Animal Avatar most appeals to you. Best wishes to the recently-inaugurated Body Revitalization Institute in Dominical! It has a comprehensive program of healing alternatives to ease your discomfort. The Eco Feria has reopened its doors, inviting people to make conscious decisions about living in the countryside and supporting the local economy. On our way South, we stop at Playa Hermosa, Osa’s rst accessible beach for wheelchair drivers enabling the enjoyment of the warm waters of the South Pacic to people with disabilities. After 4 km, we arrive at Uvita, considered the capital of Costa Ballena, a town that has it all, right in the middle of the most incredible surroundings of the mountains and the ocean. Read the heartwarming story about 100 stray dogs own out to Canada to nd a loving home. Don Gilberth tells his story of how he became a well-educated bilingual owner of a magnicent van who has a passion for excellence. If your passion is for delicious food, take part in the upcoming Costa muy Rica events at Citrus in Ojochal. You will have noticed that our design has improved, and we can now insert videos into our online publications, a service we make available to our customers. Enjoy the ride and live the Pura Vida!Dear reader,anneska@ballenatales.comAlexandra LutyCaptain Willy Atencio Carlos León Dagmar Reinhard Denisse Cattano Dra. Monica AlfaroGreg Gordon Jack Ewing Jonathan MartinLaura VanopdenboschMauro EsquivelNatalia Saray SC Nick Halverson Keyna - Ecoferia Roel de Plecker Rosie CastleVegan PiratesBallena Tales PhotographyConecat Innoceana Jack Ewing Roel de PleckeVegan Piratesr

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ODE TO THE WOMAN THAT COLORED OUR SKYAUTHOR: ROEL DE PLECKERIn 2014 the non-governmental organizationASOMACAO, started a reintroduction program for scarlet macaws (Ara macao) at the private property of Gaia Hotel and Land reserve in Manuel Antonio. The birds disappeared from this area for many years. A little facility was built, consisting of 2 enormous cages for pre-release since the birds need to learn skills for surviving in the wild and socializing with each other.Most of these birds were conscated, and some came from proper breeding from macaws that are impossible to release back in the wild. Since the beginning of the project, 59 birds were released, and they have adapted so well in the region that little chicks are being born in nature! The last two years, macaws are coloring the sky all over our coast, in places where they had disappeared for many years.INITIATIVE - COSTA BALLENA & SURROUNDINGSS10

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The main goal of ASOMACAO was to connect the populations of Carara and Corcovado to create biological connectivity. Sightings can be reported throughout the website since it would be helpful to see if some birds are ringed like the ones released by ASOMACAO.The success of this conservation project wouldn’t have been possible without ASOMACAO’s director Dr. Ana Maria Torres Mejia, who is also the veterinarian of the project. She is a Colombian biologist, veterinarian and has a degree in conservation medicine nished in Costa Rica. For the last ve years, i was very fortunate to have her as my life partner; being involved, I witnessed the dedication and energy she put into this project. Aside from the paperwork, she isn’t afraid of making her hands dirty. Together with her worker at Gaia, I saw her clean cages, provide food and the necessary medication for the birds. Not to speak about her bravery! Dazzled was I when I saw her climbing more than 30 meters up into a tree to check the nests of her beloved macaws. These checkups are made possible by the assistance of expert tree climber Pedro Porras and the support of Jack Ewing of Hacienda Barú.This year her project was visited and lmed by YouTube celebrity Coyote Peterson and his Brave Wilderness crew. The episode is called ‘Parrot Blood- What Mystery Does it hold?’ Watch it now! This short video demonstrates how Dr. Ana does a medical examination on the macaws. Dr. Ana is also a veterinarian at the Centro Veterinario Costa Ballena, devoted to our beloved pets’ well-being. Dr. Ana, a woman to my heart!INITIATIVE - COSTA BALLENA & SURROUNDINGSS11

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www.osatropicalproperties.comsouth pacific costa rica’s real estate expertsvisit us on our social media channels@OSATROPICALPROPERTIES3.14 acre front ridgeocean view lot IN OJOCHAL$699,000 | ID # 8030 p5 acre front ridgeocean view lot IN OJOCHAL$550,000 | ID # 8049 p+ more lots availablein this location

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We are a real estate company with a purpose: We want to help you love where you live. Costa Rica’s South Pacic coast — where the mountains meet the sea and vi-brant greens and blues collide — may hold the property of your dreams. Find yourself living in a place you love when you work with trusted agents who honor a fteen year tradi-tion of great service, with integrity and experience. Discover yourself in Costa Ballena with Osa Tropical Properties.ECO LODGE CABINAS BUSINESS WITH RIVER AND TILAPIA POND4 BEDROOMS | HOTEL | OJOCHAL | $619,000 | ID # 8082PRIVATE LUXURY ESTATE WITH PANORAMIC VIEWS AND GARDENS3 BEDROOMS | HOUSE | OJOCHAL | $649,000 | ID # 4386LUXURY HOME IN CENTRAL LOCATION2 BEDROOMS | UVITA | $439,000 | ID # 8078TRANQUIL HOME IN DESIRABLE LOCATION3 BEDROOMS | OJOCHAL | $475,000 | ID # 5311OCEAN VIEW LOT IN PEACEFUL COMMUNITY2.36 ACRES | OJOCHAL | $185,000 | ID # 5706dream destination mountain lot0.13 ACRES | OJOCHAL | $27,900 | ID # 9523Choice lot with WIDE OPEN OCEAN VIEW0.26 ACRES | OJOCHAL | $90,000 | ID # 5719HUGE VIEWS ON THE TOP OF THE HILL2 BEDROOMS | PALMAR | $350,000 | ID # 9004Discover yourself in Costa

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WHICH OF COSTA RICA’S ANIMAL AVATARS BEST REPRESENTS YOU?AUTHOR: ALEXANDRA LUTY The DolphinDolphins exhibit solid social bonds and caring behavior. They are protective towards their species and others without putting themselves at risk. They are masters of being in two worlds at once. Dolphins complete essential tasks with joy and have a generous spirit without the need to please. They have a deep understanding of cosmic consciousness and use their knowledge in positive ways.The JaguarThe mighty Jaguar is a symbol of courage, beauty, cunningness, and grace. Jaguars are introverted, avoiding social activities and large crowds. They enjoy small, intimate gatherings. Although they are willing to stand up for themselves, they do everything to avoid confrontation. They are known to y under the radar, making their move at the last moment. Jaguars are most active in the dark.The MonkeyMonkeys symbolize intelligence, lightheadedness, intensity, honor, community, curiosity, and untamed nature. They represent both seriousness and charm. Monkeys have a penchant for practical jokes and good-natured humor. They don’t always judge well and may annoy. Monkeys are excellent motivators. They are expressive and all about living in the moment.Costa Rica is world-famous for its distinct wildlife, each with its own temperament and preferred way of life. Which of these Costa Rica animal totems most represents you?WILDLIFE - COSTA BALLENA & SURROUNDINGS14

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The Sea TurtleOne of the oldest creatures on the planet is the sea turtle, which symbolizes good luck, endurance, and long life. They are excellent swimmers, opting for the path of least resistance to their efforts. Turtle shells offer protection from challenges, and they are vulnerable without them. Sea turtles know how to trust their senses, are creative, and nd ways to reach their goals. They generally live relaxed, stress-free lives.The HummingbirdThe hummingbird is a powerful albeit tiny symbol for the lightness of being and total enjoyment. They look for the sweetness in life and express themselves wholly in their daily endeavors. Hummingbirds are capable of incredible feats like traveling great distances or ying backward with grace. They are very independent yet playful. They respond quickly and are very resilient.The SlothSloths are primarily shy, solitary animals. They symbolize a relaxed and easygoing personality. Everyone enjoys having a sloth around, and they inspire the best in those around them. Sloths enjoy the small pleasures of life and are relatively worry-free. The key characteristic about sloths is that they spend their time and energy wisely, making them highly successful.Let us know which of Costa Rica’s animal best represents you and be in the draw to win a $100 gift voucher for Heliconia Restaurant. Click here to enter and to see more about the avatars!CONTINUED... AVATARSREAL ESTATE - COSTA BALLENA & SURROUNDINGS15

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BUZZ, SNAP, LOOK AT MEAUTHOR: JACK EWING We passed through a part of the rainforest where the understory seemed denser and the vine growth thicker. I heard a loud snapping sound but couldn’t imagine what might be making it. As we got closer, I noticed that a “buzz preceded the “snap”. Evermore curious, I carefully scanned the surrounding foliage.“Unbelievable! Absolutely amazing! I have never seen this,” Roger whispered. “This must be the mating dance of Pipra mentalis, the Red-capped Manakin. Brilliant.Yes, yes, I see him. What a beauty. Do you see the female?” asked Sharon softly.Finally, I saw him. In the late 1980s, I was a edgling guide at Hacienda Barú, but the clients, Roger and Sharon, were expert birder watchers. I knew the trails, and they knew the birds; it made for a great tour, but the best was yet to come. I kept my attention on the manakin. Then I saw another one.The setting was as perfect as a carefully set stage arranged precisely for the actors performing in this pristine theater. At center sat the light greenish, rather nondescript female, preening herself while three suitors took turns competing for her favor. Her throne was a small twig. Three longer branches, each coming from a different direction, extended inward toward the princess, with one aspiring beau on each. One by one, each of the males danced the length of his branch, starting on the far end with his bright red head bobbing, his vibrant orange thighs and yellow legs in a urry of movement, carrying his coal-black body the length of his branch to within a few centimeters of his lady love. At this point, he emitted a loud “buzz,” leaped into the air, and made the loud “snap” that had attracted us to the scene. The “snap” was so quick that it was impossible to discern how he produced it.“He makes it by clapping his wings together,” whispered Sharon.I remember wondering how the force necessary to make such a loud sound didn’t break wing bones. The fervent suitor repeated his dance in an outward direction nishing with another buzz and snap. Then he waited quietly, the perfect gentleman, while his rivals made their bids. During the entire performance, the object of all this attention, the lady on the pedestal, appeared not to realize that she was a big attraction and totally ignored all three aspirants. After each proud performer had received two or three opportunities, the seemingly unimpressed female stopped preening herself, sat up, looked around, and ew away. The three males looked at each other, totally dumbfounded, jumped into the air, and ew after her. I couldn’t help but chuckle.Today, 30 years later, there are many good, experienced birding guides in our area, and there are plenty of clients to keep them busy. And a lucky few will have the pleasure of watching the mating dance of the red-capped manakin or one of the other four manakin species found in the Costa Ballena.A big thank you to talented wildlife photographer Rigoberto Pereira for the photos.WILDLIFE - COSTA BALLENA & SURROUNDINGS16

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+ 506 8872 7591 2787-0446Happy to assist you, you can reach out to us at:•Licda. Rosario Araya, Notary and Attorney•Licda. Didania Montero, Notary and Attorney•Licda. Kimberly Duarte, Attorney.•Licda. Lindsay Ryan, PhD., on-call for high-quality environmental jobs.•Tim Woodruff, Attorney in California & Florida,Client Liaison. •Typhy Salmon, Legal Assistant.We put our Personalized Expertise at your Service. Experts in Real Estate Transactions

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LUXURY HOME TAX REFORM PROJECTAUTHOR: LIC. MAURO ESQUIVEL The Ministry of Finance expects a prompt legislative discussion of the bill that reforms the solidarity tax to strengthen housing programs (ISO), popularly known as the luxury home tax.The general intention of the draft Law of Tax on Luxury Real Estate for Housing, Occasional and Recreational Use (22,382) is to increase tax collection through a rate increase and the use of the value of the land to dene what a home is “deluxe.”The idea is to allow more active participation in Taxation. This direction would dene the tax and collect it each year, as is already the vehicle property tax (the label). Then it would have to control those who do not pay.The project and the changesCurrently, the tax is charged on those homes with a construction value greater than ¢ 133 million. This value is not xed and updated every year, using the variation experienced by the consumer price index (CPI) as a reference until November. If the construction value exceeds that limit, the land value is added, and the tax is calculated. With the reform, the tax would be charged on all those homes with a value greater than 325 base salaries (¢ 150 million in 2021), not only based on their construction value but also their land. This change could increase the number of people who pay the tax since the value of the land would increase the chances that the home will exceed the minimum barrier to become a “luxury home.”In addition to this change, the primary tool to stop tax avoidance promoted by the Treasury is that the tax would no longer be declared by each taxpayer but dened by the General Tax Directorate (DGT) itself. To do this, it would use the information available in the National Registry and the municipalities.Another change that would promote the reform and increase collection is an increase in the tax rate. Currently, the lien has a staggered rate of between 0.25% and 0.55% on the property’s value that does not exceed 0.25% up to ¢ 335 million (in the lowest step of seven). With the change, a at rate of 0.5% would apply for all properties that exceed ¢150 million.The possibility of using municipal data or the National Registry takes control away from taxpayers to determine the actual value of their properties. The inclusion of the value of the land in the calculation to dene a luxury home leaves room for uncertainty in the case of capital gains.For tax purposes, the depreciation of a property is about 50 years, 2% per year, and is only for the construction. The value of the lot will always go up.For example: if a current construction and land value are ¢ 253 million, it will go from paying ¢ 634,000 per year to ¢ 1.27 million per year.The reform project is currently in the consultation stage with institutions and has not yet received legislative hearings. There is a deadline until October 6 for the preparation of a rst subcommittee report on it.COURTESY: TROPICAL INVESTMENTSECONOMY - DOMINICAL 19

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DIA / DAY ALTA / HIGH BAJA / LOW ALTA / HIGH BAJA / LOW ALTA / HIGHFULL MOON NEW MOONMAREAS - TIDES SEPTIEMBRE /SEPTEMBER 15 -30, 2021FASES LUNARES / MOON PHASESMAPRESTAURANTS DOMINICAL11:30 AM a 9 PM Entrance to Escaleras ft. of Hotel Cuna del Angel - 1.2 KM uphill Daily: 7 AM a 5 PM Entrance to Escaleras ft. of Hotel Cuna del Angel - 1.2 KM uphill 8805 8172SIGNATURE CUISINECONFERENCE ROOMBREAKFAST - BRUNCH - PASTRIESLOCAL ORGANIC COFFEE - ARTISAN BAKERY8805 817220DOMINICALSEPTEMBER 2021 –TIDE CHARTS Date High Time/Height Time/Height Low Time/Height High Time/Height Low Time/Height High Time/Height Wed 01 01 03:23 2.71 ft 09:57 7.11 ft 16:19 2.30 ft 22:46 6.40 ft Thu 02 04:32 2.83 ft 11:03 7.10 ft 17:25 2.18 ft 23:51 6.64 ft Fri 03 05:41 2.64 ft 12:05 7.33 ft 18:24 1.83 ft Sat 04 00:46 7.10 ft 06:40 2.19 ft 12:58 7.74 ft 19:13 1.36 ft Sun 05 01:32 7.69 ft 07:30 1.59 ft 13:45 8.22 ft 19:55 0.84 ft Mon 06 02:14 8.33 ft 08:14 0.95 ft 14:28 8.70 ft 20:35 0.34 ft Tue 07 02:53 8.94 ft 08:56 0.35 ft 15:09 9.10 ft 21:14 −0.09 ft Wed 08 03:31 9.47 ft 09:36 −0.14 ft 15:49 9.36 ft 21:52 −0.38 ft Thu 09 04:10 9.85 ft 10:17 −0.46 ft 16:30 9.46 ft 22:32 −0.50 ft Fri 10 04:50 10.03 ft 10:59 −0.56 ft 17:12 9.36 ft 23:13 −0.42 ft Sat 11 05:32 9.98 ft 11:44 −0.44 ft 17:57 9.08 ft 23:57 −0.14 ft Sun 12 06:18 9.71 ft 12:31 −0.11 ft 18:45 8.64 ft Mon 13 00:44 0.32 ft 07:08 9.25 ft 13:23 0.36 ft 19:39 8.12 ft Tue 14 01:39 0.88 ft 08:05 8.70 ft 14:23 0.86 ft 20:44 7.66 ft Wed 15 02:42 1.41 ft 09:12 8.21 ft 15:32 1.24 ft 21:57 7.42 ft Thu 16 03:57 1.74 ft 10:27 7.95 ft 16:47 1.34 ft 23:13 7.52 ft Fri 17 05:17 1.72 ft 11:40 7.99 ft 17:59 1.15 ft Sat 18 00:21 7.91 ft 06:28 1.39 ft 12:45 8.26 ft 19:00 0.79 ft Sun 19 01:19 8.42 ft 07:27 0.93 ft 13:39 8.58 ft 19:51 0.42 ft Mon 20 02:08 8.90 ft 08:17 0.50 ft 14:27 8.86 ft 20:35 0.13 ft Tue 21 02:51 9.27 ft 09:00 0.18 ft 15:10 9.03 ft 21:15 −0.02 ft Wed 22 03:31 9.47 ft 09:40 0.01 ft 15:50 9.04 ft 21:52 −0.02 ft Thu 23 04:09 9.49 ft 10:17 −0.00 ft 16:28 8.91 ft 22:27 0.15 ft Fri 24 04:45 9.35 ft 10:53 0.14 ft 17:05 8.63 ft 23:02 0.45 ft Sat 25 05:20 9.06 ft 11:29 0.41 ft 17:43 8.23 ft 23:38 0.87 ft Sun 26 05:57 8.64 ft 12:07 0.79 ft 18:22 7.75 ft Mon 27 00:15 1.37 ft 06:35 8.15 ft 12:47 1.24 ft 19:05 7.24 ft Tue 28 00:56 1.89 ft 07:18 7.64 ft 13:33 1.69 ft 19:55 6.78 ft Wed 29 01:44 2.38 ft 08:10 7.17 ft 14:27 2.08 ft 20:55 6.46 ft Thu 30 02:43 2.73 ft 09:13 6.86 ft 15:31 2.29 ft 22:05 6.42 ft Tide Chart provided by CrSurf, not for navigation. e Llo

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FULL MOON NEW MOONFASES LUNARES / MOON PHASESMAREAS - TIDES OCTUBRE / OCTOBER 1-31, 2021MAPDIA / DAY ALTA / HIGH BAJA / LOW ALTA / HIGH BAJA / LOW ALTA / HIGHOCTOBER 2021 –TIDE CHARTSDateHighTime/HeightTime/HeightLowTime/HeightHighTime/HeightLowTime/HeightHighTime/Height Fri 01 03:55 2.81 ft 10:24 6.81 ft 16:40 2.22 ft 23:12 6.70 ft Sat 02 05:07 2.54 ft 11:30 7.07 ft 17:42 1.90 ft Sun 03 00:08 7.23 ft 06:08 1.99 ft 12:26 7.53 ft 18:33 1.40 ft Mon 04 00:55 7.91 ft 06:59 1.28 ft 13:15 8.10 ft 19:18 0.81 ft Tue 05 01:38 8.64 ft 07:44 0.53 ft 13:59 8.67 ft 20:01 0.24 ft Wed 06 02:19 9.34 ft 08:27 −0.16 ft 14:41 9.16 ft 20:42 −0.25 ft Thu 07 02:59 9.92 ft 09:09 −0.69 ft 15:23 9.50 ft 21:23 −0.59 ft Fri 08 03:40 10.30 ft 09:52 −1.01 ft 16:06 9.64 ft 22:05 −0.71 ft Sat 09 04:23 10.42 ft 10:36 −1.06 ft 16:50 9.56 ft 22:49 −0.58 ft Sun 10 05:08 10.25 ft 11:21 −0.84 ft 17:37 9.26 ft 23:36 −0.21 ft Mon 11 05:56 9.82 ft 12:11 −0.40 ft 18:28 8.80 ft Tue 12 00:28 0.34 ft 06:49 9.20 ft 13:05 0.19 ft 19:26 8.26 ft Wed 13 01:26 0.97 ft 07:49 8.52 ft 14:06 0.79 ft 20:33 7.82 ft Thu 14 02:34 1.52 ft 09:00 7.95 ft 15:17 1.23 ft 21:47 7.62 ft Fri 15 03:53 1.79 ft 10:16 7.67 ft 16:33 1.39 ft 23:01 7.74 ft Sat 16 05:12 1.69 ft 11:29 7.70 ft 17:43 1.26 ft Sun 17 00:06 8.08 ft 06:19 1.34 ft 12:31 7.94 ft 18:41 1.00 ft Mon 18 01:00 8.50 ft 07:14 0.92 ft 13:23 8.23 ft 19:29 0.74 ft Tue 19 01:45 8.87 ft 07:59 0.54 ft 14:08 8.47 ft 20:11 0.54 ft Wed 20 02:26 9.14 ft 08:38 0.27 ft 14:48 8.63 ft 20:48 0.44 ft Thu 21 03:03 9.29 ft 09:15 0.11 ft 15:26 8.67 ft 21:23 0.44 ft Fri 22 03:39 9.30 ft 09:50 0.07 ft 16:02 8.60 ft 21:57 0.57 ft Sat 23 04:13 9.18 ft 10:24 0.16 ft 16:38 8.41 ft 22:32 0.80 ft Sun 24 04:48 8.93 ft 10:59 0.37 ft 17:15 8.12 ft 23:07 1.13 ft Mon 25 05:23 8.57 ft 11:36 0.69 ft 17:54 7.75 ft 23:44 1.53 ft Tue 26 06:01 8.13 ft 12:15 1.08 ft 18:36 7.36 ft Wed 27 00:26 1.95 ft 06:44 7.65 ft 12:59 1.50 ft 19:24 7.01 ft Thu 28 01:14 2.34 ft 07:34 7.21 ft 13:49 1.87 ft 20:19 6.78 ft Fri 29 02:12 2.59 ft 08:34 6.89 ft 14:47 2.11 ft 21:22 6.78 ft Sat 30 03:19 2.62 ft 09:42 6.80 ft 15:51 2.12 ft 22:26 7.05 ft Sun 31 04:29 2.33 ft 10:49 7.00 ft 16:53 1.87 ft 23:23 7.56 ft Tide Chart provided by CrSurf, not for navigation.e 21DOMINICAL

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FULL MOON NEW MOONFASES LUNARES / MOON PHASESNOVIEMBRE /NOVEMBER 1-14, 2021MAREAS - TIDES MAP • Healing, Therapeutic & Sports Massage• Physio Therapy• Acupuncture (Traditional Chinese medicine)• Emotional Trauma Healing• Intuitive Spiritual Life Coaching• Nutrition - Lifestyle Guidance • Homeopathy• Craniosacral Therapy / Reiki• Spa Medicinal and Herbal Baths• Spa Hot Stone Relax Massage• Spa Facial High Frequency• Bossage• Ultrasonido• DermaPen.+506 86787622 massage.dominical@gmail.comIn the comfort of your Home or at our new InstituteBODY REVITALIZATION INSTITUTEPlaza Pacifica, DominicalJürgen Müller & his Team welcome You!Daily: 9 am - 7 pmDIA / DAY ALTA / HIGH BAJA / LOW ALTA / HIGH BAJA / LOW ALTA / HIGHNOVEMBER 2021 – TIDE CHARTS Date High Time/Height Time/Height Low Time/Height High Time/Height Low Time/Height High Time/Height Mon 01 05:30 1.77 ft 11:47 7.43 ft 17:48 1.43 ft Tue 02 00:13 8.23 ft 06:24 1.06 ft 12:39 7.99 ft 18:37 0.88 ft Wed 03 01:00 8.96 ft 07:12 0.31 ft 13:26 8.57 ft 19:24 0.31 ft Thu 04 01:44 9.65 ft 07:58 −0.37 ft 14:12 9.10 ft 20:10 −0.18 ft Fri 05 02:29 10.19 ft 08:43 −0.89 ft 14:57 9.49 ft 20:56 −0.51 ft Sat 06 03:14 10.52 ft 09:29 −1.18 ft 15:44 9.68 ft 21:42 −0.61 ft Sun 07 04:00 10.57 ft 10:15 −1.21 ft 16:31 9.65 ft 22:30 −0.48 ft Mon 08 04:48 10.33 ft 11:03 −0.97 ft 17:21 9.42 ft 23:21 −0.11 ft Tue 09 05:39 9.84 ft 11:55 −0.52 ft 18:15 9.04 ft Wed 10 00:16 0.41 ft 06:35 9.19 ft 12:50 0.07 ft 19:14 8.59 ft Thu 11 01:17 0.99 ft 07:36 8.50 ft 13:51 0.66 ft 20:19 8.21 ft Fri 12 02:25 1.47 ft 08:44 7.93 ft 14:58 1.14 ft 21:29 8.01 ft Sat 13 03:40 1.71 ft 09:57 7.59 ft 16:08 1.40 ft 22:37 8.04 ft Sun 14 04:54 1.66 ft 11:06 7.53 ft 17:14 1.44 ft 23:39 8.22 ft Mon 15 05:58 1.42 ft 12:06 7.64 ft 18:11 1.36 ft Tue 16 00:31 8.47 ft 06:51 1.11 ft 12:59 7.83 ft 19:00 1.24 ft Wed 17 01:17 8.70 ft 07:35 0.82 ft 13:44 8.02 ft 19:41 1.13 ft Thu 18 01:57 8.88 ft 08:14 0.58 ft 14:24 8.17 ft 20:19 1.05 ft Fri 19 02:35 8.99 ft 08:50 0.41 ft 15:02 8.27 ft 20:56 1.03 ft Sat 20 03:11 9.03 ft 09:25 0.31 ft 15:39 8.29 ft 21:31 1.07 ft Sun 21 03:46 8.97 ft 10:00 0.31 ft 16:16 8.23 ft 22:07 1.19 ft Mon 22 04:22 8.81 ft 10:35 0.42 ft 16:54 8.09 ft 22:44 1.37 ft Tue 23 04:59 8.55 ft 11:12 0.63 ft 17:33 7.90 ft 23:23 1.61 ft Wed 24 05:38 8.21 ft 11:51 0.92 ft 18:14 7.67 ft Thu 25 00:05 1.87 ft 06:20 7.84 ft 12:33 1.24 ft 18:58 7.48 ft Fri 26 00:52 2.09 ft 07:07 7.47 ft 13:18 1.53 ft 19:47 7.37 ft Sat 27 01:45 2.23 ft 08:00 7.18 ft 14:09 1.75 ft 20:41 7.39 ft Sun 28 02:44 2.21 ft 09:00 7.05 ft 15:04 1.82 ft 21:38 7.60 ft Mon 29 03:47 1.99 ft 10:03 7.12 ft 16:03 1.71 ft 22:35 7.99 ft Tue 30 04:48 1.57 ft 11:05 7.40 ft 17:01 1.42 ft 23:30 8.52 ft Tide Chart provided by CrSurf, not for navigation. e DOMINICAL22

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THE BODY REVITALIZATION INSTITUTE SELFDISCOVERY AND NEW BEGINNINGS We meet the Body Revitalization Institute owner on a sunny morning in Dominical, the vacation and surng paradise on the Costa Ballena (coast of the whales).Radiant with joy and in a good mood, Jürgen Müller welcomes us at the door of his company. The entrepreneur has every reason to be happy because today, he is celebrating the inauguration of the new Body Revitalization Institute.The wiry Austrian came to Costa Rica for the rst time eight years ago and fell in love with this country at the rst moment. “It didn’t take a week before I knew this was my dream. I wanted to live here!” said Jürgen Müller in the interview. The rst plans for a business in Costa Rica quickly emerged.“I decided to build something new for myself on this beautiful piece of earth. Life in Costa Rica was the dream I wanted to live!“It’s been ve years since the passionate masseur and healing worker nally packed his bags and emigrated to Costa Rica on the evergreen and fabulously beautiful coast of the South Pacic. You can say he has arrived because not only has he found a new home, he has also found himself! Together with his wife and child, he has built something here that he deserves to report about with recognizable pride.If the new-comer initially gave massages at low prices in a rented room, he made a name for himself, and people were queuing up within a very short time.Now, after many years of hard work, he has fullled his dream of starting his own company.In the Body Revitalization Institute, stressed and troubled people nd their oasis of calm and relaxation. Here you come to yourself and can recharge your batteries in a relaxed atmosphere. The offer ranges from the traditional head, back- or full-body massages to foot reex zone massages to Reiki, a type of energetic healing work. Together with his team, the down-to-earth therapist works every day with literally full physical effort to alleviate his customers’ physical suffering and free them from bad energy.“It is so important to perceive people as a whole. Because body and mind are one unit and inextricably linked.” That is why his work is always soul work. During the therapeutic massage, he frees his clients from emotional problems sometimes manifested in physical decits.The Body Revitalization Institute is a temple of wellbeing for the senses. Jürgen Müller, the therapist, and healer will soon expand his range and offer invigorating wellness baths and exotic chocolate massages in his health center.Come by, let yourself be pampered!Experience the healing effects up close!AUTHOR: JONATHAN MARTINSEE AD OPPOSITE PAGE HEALTH - DOMINICAL23

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AUTHOR: KEYNAA PEACEFUL REVOLUTION  DOMINICAL ECO FAIRA peaceful revolution takes place in our precious Costa Rica. The beautiful revolutionaries, in this case, are ordinary consumers, farmers, and artisans who choose to exchange directly with local products through community markets or farmer’s fairs.Hence a new concept was born where gourmet and glamor take on a different tone. Gourmet is to know where your delicious and fresh food comes from, the farmers who grow what you eat, the hands that make your tortillas, cheeses, and bread.Luxury meets those who weave your clothes, the artists who forge that jewel you wear on your body.This new way of acting comes to you when we begin to understand where we are looking, walking, and our energy is directed. Every day, the decision we make on how we use our money and how we want to nourish our body is the simplest, easiest, and most loving Revolution in times of change at the local and global level. If we want to live in social peace, we can do it; it just takes us to make a conscious decision: organic agriculture, the countryside, and our local economy can interact harmoniously. We are less relying on external sources and begin to create food and economic independence.24INITIATIVE - DOMINICAL& SURROUNDINGS

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Thus, and with this concept, the Dominical Eco Fair was born in 2018, a project created by Costa Rican women to create a direct union between our valuable producers and the community of the South Pacic.We have understood that true change is living in a community, being local, and acting local.Putting a face to the products you consume in your daily life is a blessing in a society of change. It nourishes your inner and outer being and is also a direct benet for you, your family, and the community that surrounds you.The Dominical Eco Fair is a pleasant place: “The heart of our community” where every Friday a group of conscientious vendors gathers to give the local community their most wonderful creations, delicious meals, and their organic or agroecological products. Be part of the revolution and buy your products every Friday at the Dominical Eco Feria from 8 AM to 12 MD. We are located in Domi Plaza, next to Plaza de Futbol in Playa Dominical Or nd your favorite products at, pick them up at the fair or have them delivered.Be and act local - the simplest and most beautiful way to transform our world. Here and now!INITIATIVE - DOMINICAL& SURROUNDINGS25

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My cat is my alarm clock, who at 5:30 daily yowls from the doorway of my bedroom for her breakfast. Once my coffee is ready, I drive to the beach, to either Dominical, Playa Hermosa de Uvita, or Playalinda, and check the surf. Most often, the offshores are brisk, the air is chilly, and the waves are empty. That is one great thing about surng in the rainy season, the lack of crowds.In September to early November, the rains come almost daily and sometimes last all day. A typical day starts with sunshine and offshore winds, then the wind switches between 9 and 10 a.m., and the cloud start rolling in around noon. By 3 p.m., there is a stillness in the air as you hear the rst booms of thunder in the valley. By 4 p.m., there is either a slight drizzle or heavy downpour until an hour past sunset. The later into October, the winds switch earlier, the clouds arrive earlier, and there have been days where it rains hard for 18 hours non-stop.So why is surng so fun then? Because the overcast and rainy days can mean more time in the water. Surng in the blinding midday sun on a cloudless day can be miserable. My eyes burn from the blazing daylight gazing on the horizon for sets, and my skin turns crisp while I feel myself dehydrating. My vision is better when it’s cloudy, and my body stays cooler, allowing for a long surf session. Another positive outcome of afternoon rainstorms is the post-rain glass-off sessions. This is when the winds switch back offshore about an hour before sunset.Most beachgoers have left for the day, and the line-up is empty. I can paddle out without sunscreen or a rash guard and enjoy some clean waves almost all to myself. Sometimes a giant rainbow will appear, with its base lighting up the hills of Dominicalito.A nal reason why the rainy season is so fun to surf is the change in sand bars. After large rainstorms, the rivers push out thousands of square meters of sand and rocks. These months can have the largest swells of the year, and they move the sediment up and down the beach, creating new sandbars and forming new breaks. After Hurricane Nate in 2017, there was even a heaving point break right at the Baru River mouth surfed for months afterward.So, if you come to Costa Ballena to surf during the rainy season, you can still nd great waves all to yourself.WHY SURFING IS SO FUN IN THE RAINY SEASON?AUTHOR: GREG GORDONINITIATIVE - DOMINICAL& SURROUNDINGS27

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DIGITALMARKETING1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11GRAPHIC ANDWEB DESIGNSOCIAL MEDIAAND COMMUNITYMANAGEMENTMarketing DigitalTodo IncluidoDISEÑAMOS CATÁLOGOSY TIENDAS EN LÍNEA+506 8946 7134+506 8914 1568All Inclusive HighValue Marketing

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HELP REFORESTING COSTA RICA!AUTHOR: THE VEGAN PIRATESAlong the Costa Ballena in the South Pacic of Costa Rica, there are two dominating colors: BLUE from both the Pacic Ocean and the sunny sky above and a lush GREEN from all the jungle and tropical rainforests around. Forty years ago - in the 1980s the deforestation in Costa Rica was at its peak, with only 25% of the country covered with primary and secondary forests. But the government reacted, established more National Parks and protected zones, and subsidized reforestation. Today luckily, more than 50% of the land holds important and pristine forests again. On the other hand, many deforested areas, vast pastures, palm oil monocultures, or land with every square meter cleared is ready for building. Trees are vital for our all survival- they give us oxygen and shade, store carbon, stabilize the soil and give habitat to all the wildlife around us.So there can never be enough trees, and if you could plant a wide variety, please do it or engage in reforestation projects. These projects increase biodiversity and species abundance and protect some of these threatened giants - like the CRISTOBAL or the RONRON. Many of these trees were cut down for their hardwood or to make room for pasture and cattle.Here are some selected trees we’ve recently planted on our land: OJOCHE / MAYA NUT (Brosimum alicastrum)Growth up to 45 m (150 ft) in height and up to 1,5 m (5 ft) in diameter. Many forest creatures eat the fruit, and it can be cooked and prepared in several dishes. Ojochal - the little scenic village south of Uvita - is named after the Ojoche, abundantly growing here when the rst settlers came. Unfortunately, today most of the trees are gone. There are reforestation initiatives that plant new OJOCHE trees and give them name tags so everyone can identify them.The name Ojoche comes from “Nahuatl” - the language of the Aztec/Mexica - and means a small round ower. The fruits are eshy, green, round, and 2 cm wide. The fruit’s pulp is edible like jam, and the nutritional content is very high in Calcium, Potassium, Iron, Fiber, Protein, and Vitamins A, E, C, and B. The Ojoche helps prevent osteoporosis and arthritis. The fresh seed can be boiled to make soup, tortillas, tamales, quesadilla, baked goods, snacks, or salad. The dried seed is useable for bread, cookies, pancakes, omelets, cakes, ice cream, and toasted it is a substitute for coffee.In summary, the Ojoche is a highly nutritious forest product, and it is more sustainable than annual crops that require investments in fertilizer, irrigation, and labor. It is one of the key tree species for biodiversity. Animals who feed on the Ojoche are, e.g., monkeys, wild boar, deer, and mountain pigs. RONRON (Astronium graveolens)Growth up to 35 m (115 ft) in height and a trunk 1 m (3 ft) thick. Threatened from the cashew family.Protected in some Costa Rica lowland sitesCRISTOBAL / GRANADILLO (Platymiscium Pleiostachyum) Growth up to 25 m (80 ft) in height and up to 1 m (3 ft.) in diameter EndangeredCEIBA / KAPOK TREE (Ceiba pentandra)Growth up to 50 m (165 ft) in height and width above the buttress of 2 to 3 m (6 to 10 ft)It blooms when leaess, but not every year. Bats visit the owers.INITIATIVE - DOMINICAL & SURROUNDINGS29

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UVITA  PEARL OF THE SOUTH PACIFICWhen I think of my time in Uvita, my heart weighs down, and then I start dreaming and remembering all the beautiful things I was able to experience within your boundaries. You brought me so much joy; you taught me what Pura Vida means and gave me so many wonderful moments that I am already longing for you again.Fortunately, the day has not yet come when I must set out again to leave you, pearl of the South Pacic. I can still bask on the beach in your sand, warmed by the tropical sun; there is still time to sway in the waves that break on your coast. It is not too late to go for a whale tour and watch these impressive giants of the seas as they raise their bodies, weighing tons, with the ease of a ballerina, seemingly to please their audience.Once again, I want to throw myself down from the cliffs of your waterfalls to nd refreshment in the cool waters of your eternal source that springs from the cold stone high up in your mountains.It was a pleasure to meet you, you haven of happiness, you soul catcher of so many persons who found their safe haven in you.AUTHOR: JONATHAN MARTIN30

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UVITA & SURROUNDINGS31Every day the beauty of nature that you host takes my breath away. I marvel full of bliss at the animals that feel at home in this nature. Even the rain that has come upon You during my stay lls my heart with joy. You are the source of life, the sap upon which Your exuberant ora and fauna can feast, the delight of uncounted biodiversity. The rain lls your lifelines with vitality, washes away the past, and creates space for new beginnings.Not only are you, you tropical jewel located on the fairy-tale coast of the whales, a place of longing and home to seekers from all over the world who nd in you the happiness they have sought in vain all their lives. The people you accommodate are so delightfully easygoing in their approach to life that it will be hard for me to get used to the world out there again, outside your borders, where your laws no longer have any effect.The very moment I detract myself from your magical attraction, the moment I will miss you. A piece of my soul will remain and linger on this delightful patch until I set out again to return to the place where I lost my heart!PHOTOS: CONECATCONTINUED...UVITA

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Medical services 24/7 X-Rays +506 8732-5555/ +506 2215-4848 uvitamedired@gmail.comImplant & Cosmetic Dentistry 3D X-Rays +506 8835-9009 / +506 2743-8418

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PLAYA HERMOSA  OSA’S FIRST ACCESSIBLE AND INCLUSIVE BEACHAUTHOR: DAGMAR REINHARD INITIATIVE - UVITA & SURROUNDINGSMedical services 24/7 X-Rays +506 8732-5555/ +506 2215-4848 uvitamedired@gmail.comImplant & Cosmetic Dentistry 3D X-Rays +506 8835-9009 / +506 2743-8418 info.moravaldezdentistry@gmail.comIn a heart-warming ceremony with the presence ofsome 50 guests, the Costa Rican Accessible Tourism Network offered the Municipality of Osa a donation of several walkways to allow wheelchair access to the water. Law 9379 about Personal Autonomy of People with Disabilities establishes facilitating access to the beach for people with disabilities.“We are working on providing inclusive and accessible beaches, intending to create a modern and humane canton that allows social inclusion and citizen participation, under the precept of improving the quality of life,” said Deputy Mayor Yanina Chaverri Rosales. The Municipality of Osa also contributed several amphibious chairs. After training with the Network, the lifeguards will be in charge of installing the walkways according to the tides and supporting the visitors. Now also disabled athletes can surf or swim in the warm waters of the South Pacic of Costa Rica. The Municipality donated a 50 thousand liter water tank to provide ample comfort to enjoy a refreshing shower.Before the inauguration of the beach, the Municipality had widened the strip along the Costanera Sur to open more space for parking spaces. They also cut the scrub in the areas adjacent to the beach, making beautiful paths under the shade of endemic trees called Uva de Playa (Coccoloba uvifera).Federico Gutiérrez, standard-bearer of the Osa Reforestations, and Andrés Vargas Araya, pioneer of organized beach clean-ups, both from the SOMOS Foundation, took on planting native trees and collecting garbage left by visitors or carried ashore by the tides.In his presentation, Alberto López from the Costa Rican Institute of Tourism ICT mentioned that this step would signicantly improve the tourist experience and sea enjoyment for people with disabilities and their families. He continued, “a sustainable destination must also be accessible to all.”According to Stephany Sheehy, Costa Rican Accessible Tourism Network founder, inclusive tourism moves billions of euros a year in Europe alone. For Costa Rica, the strategy represents a great opportunity, especially for the hotel and transport sectors, even more so considering that each person will travel accompanied by family members or a companion. It will most likely promote tourism demand in this market niche, generating impacts on the communities.The initiative has the support of the National Council of People with Disabilities (CONAPDIS), the Municipality of Osa, the Ministry of Environment and Energy (Minae), the Ministry of Health, the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT), the Costa Rican Network of Accessible Tourism and the Costa Ballena Lifeguard Association.Accessibility hours for bathing: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.33

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RESTAURANTS UVITA Mediterranean Restaurant Bar and BoutiqueGreat Food • Great Friends • Great FunMonday - Friday - 12 - 9 PM Saturday & Sunday - 12- 7 PM300m North of the Gas Station4702 3939Savoir faire in Bahia BallenaOPEN EVERY DAY 7 AM a 9 PMPLAZA BAHÍA MOANA CALLE BALLENA – BAHÍA 200 M WEST OFF THE COASTAL HIGHWAY2201 8253PANTONE 1255C C : 24 M : 42 J : 91 N :14French Savoir Faire in Bahía BallenaEvery Day – 7 AM to 9 PM• WINE BAR • CAFE • SUSHIMonday - Saturday 12 PM - 9 PM 600 M FROM BCRTOWARDS THE UVITA WATERFALL2215 0068North American Breakfast,Lunch • Early DinnerOPEN 8 AM – 3 PMCLOSED ON SUNDAY DOME PLAZA2743 8506GASTRONOMY - UVITA & SURROUNDINGS34

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RESTAURANTSMonday – Sunday 7 AM – 9 PMOrder your birthday cake here. Bread specialities.IN FRONT OF PACIFICO SUR SUPERMARKETNew vegan avors.Salted caramel, cinnamon, g, Stracciatella, vanilla, organic chocolate chips, basil, pralinés, ginger.Monday – Sunday 10 AM – 9 PMIN FRONT OF PACIFICO SUR SUPERMARKET2743 86748948 79862743 8674 8308 6604Chinese-American FoodTake Out OptionLunch • Sunset appetizers and dinner11 AM - 10 PM 5 KM NORTH OF UVITA274381828372 7144Cacao Pura Muba CROPEN EVERY DAY. NEXT TO THE PACIFIC POOLS BUILDING 8942 8861GASTRONOMY - UVITA & SURROUNDINGS35

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RESTAURANTSInternational Food with Austrian Touch Breakfast buffet, Lunch & Dinner Cocktail-BarOpen every 7 AM-5 PM - Pls Reserve for DinnerKM 169 HOTEL CRISTAL BALLENA2786 5354 UVITA 100% Gluten Free RestaurantGourmet seafood and meat menuesTUESDAY – SUNDAY 12 M – 9 PMPlaza Pacic Pools Building8507 4949Fresh Fusion DishesVegan and Gluten Free OptionsTuesday to Sunday 11 AM - 4 PM6 KM SOUTH OF UVITA NEXT TO BALLENA BEACHSeafood, Mariscos Casados - Pastas - Fresh Tuna Closed Thursday Open 11 to 5 or by reservation after 5 pmBETWEEN UVITA & OJOCHAL KM 1702786 54072786 53808390 0130CLOSEDDUE TO REMODELING GASTRONOMY - UVITA & SURROUNDINGS36

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LABORERAS DEL SOLAR AUTHOR: DAGMAR REINHARD Caro and Gabi arrived 13 years ago from the CentralValley (Cartago) where, after their academic studies, they managed their greengrocery store. Looking for a new life, providence led them to Uvita, where their purpose was to break free from the eternal vicious circle of materialism: to give your time in exchange for money. Instead, they decided to keep their time and produce their stuff themselves.With their house rental in Cartago, they nanced their rst years in their new location and exchanged their pick-up for a piece of land in Uvita.So they taught themselves (neither papa Google nor the internet was available in those days) how to build a septic tank, a “rancha” - their rst roof, a rainwater tank, an oven, etc. They paid a neighbor who had construction experience to instruct them. They investigated with the workers in the area while they shared a beer. Gabi says that no money in the world would have been enough to pay for the works.Gabi also has a great aptitude for crafts that she used to sell at the Feria (since 2009) on Saturdays at the “Cancha Sintetica” of Uvita. They observed that this marketplace offered good opportunities for the sale of organic products.They built a rewood dehydrator for fruits and coconut to prepare our. They made good sales. Likewise, they had already acquired extensive knowledge in manufacturing furniture and construction and offered their services as handy-women.For years both took Tai-Chi classes with a teacher. Caro eventually graduated and today teaches regular Tai-Chi and Kung-Fu classes at the Uvita “Plaza de Deportes”.Meanwhile, Gabi, a musician/singer, and songwriter started playing with Beta and Trey’s group from the former Tucán hotel, Calle Tierra, and Uvita’s best-known band, Los Geckos. During 2020, both artisans had to reinvent themselves, and one way to do this was to run Helpca, an online marketplace that distributes local products.Asking the handy-women about their plans for the future, they answered in unison: “We live from day to day, happy to be able to sustain ourselves outside the” system, “always working with love.”WORKING WITH LOVE INITIATIVE - UVITA & SURROUNDINGS37

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At 7 am on Thursday, July 8th, 2021, El Refugio Costa Ballena began the process of sending nine of our wonderful dogs to Canada. Our nine lucky dogs joined another 79 dogs from other shelters on a private ight in one of the largest international charters from Costa Rica that we have seen in recent years. Although our planning and preparation started months before… Let’s rewind to May 5th, when we rst got a call from Tania Cappelluti of Charlie’s Angels, who partnered with “Save our Scruff” in Toronto to send as many dogs as possible to Canada. We didn’t hesitate to get involved and immediately started considering which dogs in our care needed a second chance, working out the costs for such an expedition, and how we could make this happen. Thankfully, with the help of your generous donations, our dedicated volunteers, and all of your continued support, we were able to send nine beautiful puppies off to a new life up North. Paloma, Domingo, Bruno, Bianca, Marley, Benjamin, Estrella, Zorro, and Mila, were rescued from the streets, some severely malnourished, others with life-threatening diseases, and some with serious wounds. Now, they are all settling into life in Canada in carefully picked foster homes, ready to nd their forever families.El Refugio works tirelessly to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome dogs and cats in the Southern Pacic Zone. Now, as one of the last standing, fully-functioning rescues in the area, our work is going to get a lot harder. Within a week of sending the lucky nine, our shelter was lled to capacity again, which means we desperately need more resources to continue helping the many dogs and cats in need. With this in mind, we have exciting news! We have started plans to build a new, larger shelter and are looking for land and nancing to make this happen. We have plans for an education center, double the number of dog kennels, a larger treatment room, and accommodations for long-term and visiting volunteers. We have big dreams, and we can’t wait to get things started with Your help. El Refugio is a nonprot organization run by volunteers, and we rely solely on your donations. Since our inception in 2017, the number of animals and families needing help has only seemed to increase, even more so due to last year’s restrictions and the rise in unemployment. We need people like you to help us accomplish more, to be able to grow, and save even more animals in need. Please consider supporting us by donating and spreading the word of our mission; share our posts, join our mailing list, or even adopt a dog or cat, if you can! AUTHOR: ROSIE CASTLEHAPPY DOGS ON THEIR WAY TO CANADA INITIATIVE -UVITA & SURROUNDINGS38

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Non-profit project of the Open Arms Foundation, We accept donations of good, used clothingRopa de alta calidad a precios buenos para mujeres, hombres y niños: camisas, shorts, trajes de baño, jeans, vestidos(506) 2201-5962La Cancha Sintética, Centro de UvitaFacebook: Buena Voluntad Tienda AmericanaTHRIFT STORE

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RICHNESS OF SIMPLICITY  CREOLE CUISINE AUTHOR: NATALIA SARAY ~ EL MERCADO´S FOUNDER & MANAGERWe are delighted to open a new location in Bahía Ballena!The history of our market was born in this community, so giving it continuity in it lls us with emotion. Now you can nd us at the main entrance to Bahía Ballena every Wednesday and Saturday from 8 am to 2 pm!More than 30 enterprising people offer their artisan, artistic and agricultural products, so you will have a lot to choose from to prepare your recipes!This time, we want to present you with a Creole dessert made with an endemic fruit from Costa Rica, the Tacaco.Ingredients:1/2 Kilo of Tacacos.1 tapa of Dulce de Caña.1/4 cup of water.Cloves and Cinnamon to taste.Preparation:Cook the Tacacos for approximately 30 minutes in water with a pinch of salt. Then let drain, let it cool, and carefully remove the peel.To prepare the honey, cut the Tapa Dulce into pieces, place it in the pot with the hot water, and add Cinnamon and Clove. Constantly stirring over low heat, it begins to melt and incorporate the ingredients. Once it forms thick honey, we will put the Tacacos that we previously boiled and peeled to absorb the delicious avor of the Tapa de Dulce honey.Its name seems to derive from the indigenous terms Tlaquah, which means a lot, and Quaqua, which is chewing, because when ripe, it is brous, and when the fruit is allowed to dry, it is hard as a stone. Do not be fooled by the name. Its pulp is delicious and very nutritious; you can even eat the seed when they are tender.Very good, now let’s see the recipe since we are already craving it!We give them a few turns, turn off the re, cover, and in a few minutes, you will be able to enjoy this delicious, native dessert, super different from any you have tried.It is a simple, accessible, and nutritious dessert that has accompanied us many afternoons and family gatherings or the daily life of our homes. Discovering Costa Rican’s gastronomic history reveals the richness of simplicity.We have a surprise for you that we want to share right now because we can’t stand it anymore. Very soon at El Mercado we will start giving workshops on Creole and international food. It lls us with motivation to know that this space will help us maintain the Costa Rican idiosyncrasy to share avors of the world to become people with more knowledge of how universal we are.Thank you for reading us, and with all our hearts, we hope you visit us to have a good time at El Mercado de Bahía Ballena!What recipe will come next time?GASTRONOMY - UVITA & SURROUNDINGS41

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AUTHOR: JONATHAN MARTINCosta Rica is a tourist destination. There is everything a tourist’s heart desires in a small area. So it’s no wonder this tropical gem magically draws so many visitors. The Atlantic and Pacic Oceans bound the small country. The coastlines with their beautiful beaches are the pride of this small Central American country. Often the rainforest frames them. Not to mention the tourist attraction of countless national parks, which make up more than a quarter of the country’s entire surface.But how do I get from one place to another so that I can see all these overwhelmingly beautiful sites and breathtaking nature with my own eyes? There are actually only three means of transportation in Costa Rica. One is the car, the other is the air, and the third is the bus, whose good quality of service also obeys government regulations in public transport.If you decide to rent a car, you should know that road trafc in larger cities is sometimes very confusing. Even if Costa Rica is a safe travel destination, you should only park your car in guarded parking lots in the towns and store your belongings well to avoid theft. If the road network is well developed, the condition of the roads is not always optimal.If you want to see something of the country and at the same time save stress and money, you better travel by bus!Public transportation in Costa Rica is cheap and of good quality, and therefore very popular with locals and tourists. The route network is very well developed, and all corners of the sunny Central American state can be easily reached by bus. Shorter distances, also called urban routes, are covered mainly by local bus companies. Long-distance journeys are organized and carried out by companies that provide service on national routes.Please note that local buses do not have exact schedules due to more or less trafc in the towns, and unlike long-distance trips, you can only rely on departure and arrival times to a limited extent.In contrast, the buses that serve long-distance routes travel faster and have more modern and comfortable units, even with WiFi service. These companies usually get you to your destination on time and without stress.That bags and backpacks disappear from the storage space is the absolute exception. Don’t let horror stories about stolen bus luggage put you off.If you want to be safe, always carry all valuables in your carry-on luggage. Even if distances seem short, allow plenty of time for bus trips. There are stops and breaks to buy a snack or go to the bathroom on all routes. There is a wide variety of food stands at rest stops.If you want to travel around Costa Rica cheaply and mingle with people, then a bus trip is the best means of transportation. Relax and enjoy the gorgeous scenery as the bus takes you to your destination safely, inexpensively, and stress-free!BUS RIDES IN COSTA RICAINITIATIVE - UVITA & SURROUNDINGS43

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THE EVOLUTION OF THE VACATION HOME RENTAL MARKETAUTHOR: NICK HALVERSONI have been renting my home out in San Buenaventura de Osa for over 11 years. During the past decade-plus, the vacation rental market has undergone several radical changes. Now another round of changes is on its way. Initially, there was no regulation for vacation rentals, and most of the marketing was via word-of-mouth or a couple of small online rental platforms. Then came Vrbo, which was the rst well-funded online vacation rental platform. Then Vrbo went through several signicant changes with their platform, their payment processes and lost many customers. Next came Airnb, and their marketing and aggressiveness propelled them to be the largest booking platform globally. They went public in 2020 and have a market capitalization of $90 billion (more than Hilton and Marriott International combined). Airbnb also owns several hotel booking platforms, such as Hotel Tonight. Marriott International has also entered the vacation rental business with their Homes and Villas by Marriott International program, targeting 150 million+ Bonvoy members. They are working exclusively with property management companies, and individuals cannot list their properties with them. What is interesting is that the vacation rental platforms have business in the hotel industry, and the titans of the hotel industry are now in the vacation rental platforms. In other words, no one is sure where the lodging industry will go, but the established companies are hedging their positions. My predictions: 1.With the entry of Marriott into the vacation rental business, and AirBnB’s $90 billion war chest, there will be increased competition, increased regulation, and increased complexities in managing properties. 2. The large platforms (Airbnb, Vrbo, etc) will increasingly share more homeowner data with Hacienda (tax authorities) to ensure they (Homeowners and the platform) are compliant with the tax authorities. 3.Travel in the area will continue to increase for the foreseeable future. There are already some regulations in place in Costa Rica, including: All property management companies must have SUGEF verication, often overlooked by homeowners when choosing a property management company. It is a big mistake. It means that not only is the homeowner knowingly hiring an illegally operating company, but it also means that the federal government has not vetted the company to ensure proper banking and accounting processes are in place. · All vacation rentals must pay the 13% IVA tax.· All vacation rentals must pay 12.75% lodging tax. · Monthly reporting to Hacienda must take place if a homeowner even has one rental per year. At Osa Property Management, we are excited to be a part of an ever-changing industry. We are prepared for the future, given our existing infrastructure (ofces, a trained team, SUGEF), local knowledge (staff born and raised here), and over a decade of experience. Contact us to learn more. REAL ESTATE - UVITA & SURROUNDINGS44

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REPARAMOS:CELULARESTABLETCOMPUTADORAS ELECTRODOMESTICOSVENTA DE ACCESORIOS +506 8492 9067Cristian Hidalgo FonsecaCristian Hidalgo FonsecaTécnico en CelularesTécnico en

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THE CELL PHONEA STORY THAT STARTS WITH A BRICKThe functions and design of these must-have companions have evolved from the rst cell phone in history, which was then the size of a brick.Before continuing with the story, please note that Costa Rica distinguishes itself in America and the world by the Internet coverage it offers. There is practically a good signal throughout the country, and this is an advantage highly appreciated, especially by digital nomads who visit the South Pacic of Costa Rica. If you need to congure, optimize, install applications or repair your cell phone, you can count on technical services with Tecno Soluciones H in Uvita.At the beginning of mobile telephony (1973), consumers’ response was not satisfactory due to the size, weight, and of course, the high price of the devices, which was beyond the economic possibilities of the middle social class of North American. Currently, technology costs show a downward trend, and it is possible to acquire cell phones with excellent features at reasonable prices. Each user must be clear about their needs and not buy high-value devices whose functions they do not occupy. Cellular telephony has become the leading technology used by millions of people (more than 70% of Internet searches are made from a cell phone). Cell phones have become essential elements in the social life of any person.In the 1980s, these devices represented an unprecedented evolution in mobile communications. The terminals became slimmer from the so-called rst-generation, which allowed users to move their communication equipment comfortably. The last decade has seen the birth of the smartphone, a mixture of computer and cell phone, offering features that you could not even dream of in the days of the Nokia 3210. This change meant the beginning of personal communications. The use of the 1G system allowed the terminals now to be used individually by a single person. With the Third Generation, it is possible to increase the transmission, security, and reception capacity of data, appearing to connect to the Internet, with all the advantages that its use provides. Thanks to the high speed it can achieve, the 4G technology offered the user a new user experience with any service requested, including subscriptions to services such as Spotify, Netix, or Google Music. The replacement of copper lines by ber optics for links between cells substantially increased the connection’s speed. It became part of the next-generation technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and others related to the evolution of articial intelligence. Remember that if you need to repair, congure or optimize your cell phone, the technicians of Tecno Servicios H in Uvita will be glad to help you.AUTHOR: CARLOS LEONTECHNOLOGY - UVITA & SURROUNDINGS47

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AUTHOR: DAGMAR REINHARDGilberth Eliécer Villegas Ureña is a native of Coto Brus, the canton in the mountains at the southern tip of Costa Rica. At 18, he was overcome by “wanderlust,” a great desire to travel and see another continent. He joined relatives in New Jersey in the United States, where he soon found work in a bakery. Gilberth says this was the end of a, up to this point, skinny boy. True to his job, he stayed for nine years in the north. He absorbed the new culture regarding punctuality, service perfection, hard work, courtesy, especially English. He made many friends with natives that he still cultivates today.He had been able to save all his money and when he returned to Coto Brus, he was able to invest in a property and build the family home in his hometown of San Vito, which is very multicultural. It has Italian, Amish, indigenous, and of course, Costa Rican inuences. He began to teach English classes and became increasingly interested in tourism. Knowing the area of Costa Ballena, he was impressed by the biodiversity, the landscapes, the ocean, the beaches, mountains, and everything that a visitor offered. He worked at a prestigious hotel in Dominical, the rst stopover for many investors since he had the internet - a rarity at the time. His performance as a concierge in another renowned hotel made him increasingly familiar with the tourist offer of the paradisiacal region of the South Pacic. In order to work with more freedom of schedule, he began to work with a 4x4 taxi, taking clients from all over the world to the different hotels in the area and learning more about their preferences.A year ago, he purchased his own van; it has a capacity of 13 people. It is very comfortable with A / C, with reclining armchairs, WiFi, individual reading lights, and a trailer if his clients have a lot of luggage. Don Gilberth’s base is the South Pacic; he can take or bring his clients in private transportation from the airport to their destination. For him, all his clients are very special; he attends them with dedication and treats them with care.PASSION FOR EXCELLENCE PRIVATE TRANSPORT OSA RIDES INITIATIVE - UVITA & SURROUNDINGS48

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Sundays 10:00 amOSA RIDESGilberth +506 8852 8271osarides@gmail.comPrivate TransferPrivate TransferPassion for ExcellencePassion for Excellence

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COSTA RICA BEACH CLEAN UPS 2021AUTHOR: LAURA VANOPDENBOSCHFor Innoceana, every day is a clean-up day. At the beginning of this year, we committed to carrying out beach clean-ups in our two main bases (Tenerife and Costa Rica) after the increase of trash in our seas. Every month, the Innoceana Costa Rican team collaborates with other local organizations and volunteers to pick up trash from beaches on the Southern Pacic Coast. The project was born with a clear ambition; to show the public the impact of different residues on marine life and involve the community while seeking solutions to mitigate this problem. Litter comes in all forms, shapes, and sizes. Discarded single-use items, soda bottles, ghost shing gear, and other plastics of all kinds continually pollute our ocean and waterways. Plastic lids are so often forgotten on the beach and end up in the ocean. Marine animals are unfortunately unable to identify them and will ingest the plastic caps. This leads to clogging of intestines, starvation, dehydration, and death, placing the plastic caps in the top 5 of deadly trash for marine life. As these items ll our ocean and waterways, animals get tangled in them or mistake them for food which threatens food chains and affects the health of our water.It’s not uncommon to nd an outrageous number of shing lines/ropes along the shore in Dominicalito. The problem is this ghost gear left behind on the beach by shermen or washed up on shore by the sea when discarded in open water will eventually be carried into the ocean and threaten marine life. One of the best things we can do is educate on the harm caused to the environment by ghost gear to keep this from happening. Innoceana, in collaboration with The Vegan Pirates, produced a documentary and launched a campaign on this topic titled “Entangled in Costa Rica.” depicting the rescue of 2 humpback whales entangled in shing lines. You can have a look at the campaign page In 7 months of clean-ups from January to July, roughly 333 kilograms of trash has been collected by 75 community volunteers from Playa Hermosa, Dominical, Dominicalito, and the Sierpe River mouth with more than 20 types of items. Plastic fragments, plastic lids/bottle caps, and plastic bags/wrappers rank as the top 3 most common items found among the trash, suggesting that most pollution comes from beach littering and plastics washed up on shore from the sea. To our surprise, we’ve also come across three refrigerators as a result of illegal dumping.We need all helping hands on deck!MARINE LIFE - UVITA & SURROUNDINGS50

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New trash inevitably appears in its place. Sometimes it takes only days. So why bother? The short answer is, it’s better than the alternative. But more importantly, what we nd on the beaches illuminates the scale of marine plastic problems and how we can make a difference in new ways.Future pollution is preventable through adequately disposing of all of your trash, tearing up soda rings, and refusing to use single-use plastic whenever we can. We can reduce the usage of plastic products, ght to keep our local beaches clean, educate ourselves about pollution, and support ocean-protecting organizations. Not only our future is at stake — our children’s is as well. Keep an eye on our social media pages, and join us for our next clean-up! Entangled in Costa Rica has already won 3 international awards for best short documentary in France, Hungary and England.

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Uvita CommunityLibrary and Bookstore10:30 AM - 4 PM Saturday: 11 AM - 4:30 PMClosed: Wednesday & Sunday We have a wonderful selection of over 12,000 books, DVDs, a children’s and youth section as well as a section with Spanish and a few other languages.

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“Commemorating the Bicentennial of our Independence is celebrating that for the last 200 years, we Costa Ricans have dedicated ourselves to building in freedom, a country that today is an example to the world for the commitment of its people to democracy, peace, solidarity, human rights, and the environment”. Carlos Alvarado Q., president of Costa Rica. The independence day of a country is a reason for celebration. Every year when the ninth month arrives, the streets, houses, and public institutions of Costa Rica are adorned with blue, white, and red colors and symbols that remind us of the importance of the celebration.This September 2021, Costa Rica commemorates its 200 years of independence in a very special way. Two centuries of independence have shaped that very particular personality that the Costa Rican nation has. It has been a process that gradually shaped a country that today stands out in the concert of nations for its political stability, the kindness of its people, for the defense of its natural resources, and for being one of the most robust democracies in Latin America. 200 years of building an identity and memory as a nation. That is one of the reasons why tourists who visit Costa Rica from all over the world feel safe and free, surrounded by friendliness throughout the national territory. The warmth of the Costa Rican “Pura Vida” enchants those who visit this paradise.Contrary to other nations in the world, Costa Rica became an independent country without the need for bloody struggles to achieve it. Two hundred years ago, the news of the independence from the Spanish empire took more than a month to be known by Costa Ricans. Of course, we did not have roads, air communications, and much less an internet connection in those years.In a small territory, Costa Rica has beaches of exceptional beauty in both oceans that adjoin it. The beauty of the beaches in the Pacic enraptures those who love the waves and the sun. The mountains are also impressive. The Chirripó in southern Costa Rica, whose summit is 3,821.25 meters above sea level (12,537 feet), is the best-known mountain in the Talamanca mountain range. It is one of the highest of Central America, offers landscapes that the visitor can´t appreciate in any other part of the country, including lakes of glacial origin.Another characteristic that distinguishes the country is that around 25% of the territory belongs to protected areas. For the inhabitants of Costa Ballena, September is a month of double celebration because it is also when we receive the visit of the humpback whales to the Marino Ballena National Park. In a small territory where everything is accessible relatively quickly, the tourist can freely enjoy a great variety of experiences in contact with nature. Costa Ricans are peaceful and cordial people who love their independence. Pura Vida.BICENTENNIAL OF OUR INDEPENDENCEAUTHOR: CARLOS LEON INICIATIVE - UVITA & SURROUNDINGS53

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CC Plaza Ventanas (next to the Gas Station)Corporation and Commercial LawResidency and Immigration LawProperty Transfers Vehicle TransfersTestamentsLast WillsADVERTISE WITH US ADVERTISE WITH USNovember 15th, 2021Deadline: October 5nd 2021

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AT THE AGE OF 66, THAT’S WHEN LIFE BEGINS! OR WHY IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO LIVE YOUR DREAM!AUTHOR: JONATHAN MARTINThe band took a short break. Now the strings of the Casal quartet sound again and put all their skills to the test. Guests of the Hotel Cristal Ballena listen to the sounds of the musicians against the impressive backdrop; ocean and mountains surround the phenomenal atmosphere of the four-star hotel. They are enchanted by the captivating melody of the violin, forgetting time and space and vanishing into an ocean of acoustic pleasure. Musicians perform their most beautiful pieces against the picturesque night sky to honor a man who accomplished great things here on the other side of the world.A man with visions and the strong woman at his side made him venture into the unknown. Together already at an advanced age, they made their dream of a new beginning in paradise come true. While others retire at his age and enjoy a night of bowling with friends as the culminating event of the week, he was looking for adventure. Where others play soccer on the older men’s team and prefer to remain calm, he dared to start over. As dynamic retirees, they risked a lot and got what they had dreamed of for their already full life.It all started in 1992 with a trip to Costa Rica. Notary Waldemar Steiner and his wife Herta Steiner, a writer, visited the Latin American country for the rst time. A friend invited them, and despite the simple conditions they found there, they immediately fell in love with this beautiful piece of land, framed by the Pacic and the Atlantic.It quickly became apparent to both of them that this would not be their last visit. On other trips, they explored the country, both now retired, in search of a challenge.Inspired by motivational speakers, they nally made the decision together to step deeper. They decided against the usual and chose the unusual, blessed the challenge of starting all over again and becoming owners of a conference center in the sunny country of Costa Rica.They found a suitable location in the south of the Central American country. In 2002 they built the Pura Vida restaurant and the swimming pool. In 2004 their family house followed before the hotel construction began a year later. In 2005 the time had come, and they inaugurated the hotel ofcially. “The Hotel and Resort Cristal Ballena has become a beautiful hotel. Our guests feel good and we are pleased with it. Andreas and Angelika, our son and his wife, have lived with us for many years, and we run the hotel together,” adds Herta Steiner, the founder, and widow of Waldemar Steiner, who passed away a year ago. The heritage is the shared legacy of a seemingly crazy idea and the couple’s lifelong dream come true! Cheers to the motto of both of them: You have to live a dream!ART & CULTURE - OJOCHAL & SURROUNDINGSS55

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Chronic conditonsHypertensionDiabetesEKGSkin check BloodworkPAP smearMinor SurgerySpider Vein SclerotherapyBotulinum toxin Dermal fillersFat graftingPlasmage non-surgical eyelid rejuvenationMicro needling – DermapenPRP – Platelet rich plasmaChemical peels Fractional dermabrasion Providing you with the Quality Healthcare you are looking for+506 8833 6431 General Practic eMedical ae sth etic sPl a z a V e n ta n a s – Oj O c h a l d e Os adralfaro@bahiaballenadoctors.comSMALL INTERVENTIONS IMPROVE YOUR WELL-BEINGFeng ShuiWe make your living and working space extraordinary by incorporating natural elements. Harmony, health, happiness, and success!We enhance positive areas in your home or property and detect and improve negative ones.Nicole Joss is a Swiss Feng Shui expert living in Ojochal. English – Español – DeutschFire – Earth – Metal Water – Wood8641 3259

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SMALL INTERVENTIONS IMPROVE YOUR WELL-BEINGBahia Ballena DoctorsDra.Mónica AlfaroBotulinum toxin type A (Botox Ò, Nabota) is a relaxing protein or a substance produced by Clostridium botulinum that has different medical and aesthetic uses. This protein relaxes the contraction of muscles, most commonly the muscles of facial expression. This effect is produced by temporarily interrupting the conduction of the electrical impulse between the nerve and the muscle. Interrupting this nerve conduction relaxes the muscles and minimizes the appearance of wrinkles in aesthetic use. It can relieve pain due to muscle spasticity, tension headaches, or pain in the temporomandibular joint.In 1979, this protein was used to relax the orbicularis oculi muscle, which closes the eyes tightly. It was used for patients who had blepharospasm or a strong and sustained contraction of this muscle that did not allow them to open their eyes. When using it, the doctors observed that it also had effects on the appearance or rather non-appearance of wrinkles around the eyes. Around 1989 it began to be used for aesthetic purposes. Among its uses is the treatment of eye contour or crow’s feet, forehead, frown, smoker’s lips or barcode, marionette lines, chin, neck, and jaw contour. There are also other uses for this toxin at the level of hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating, migraines, and neck dystonia and to treat patients with spastic paralysis.The effect of this treatment begins to be seen between 4 to 7 days after it is applied; its maximum effect is at 21 days, and its average effect lasts four months. It cannot be used in patients who are hypersensitive to it, are pregnant, or breastfeeding. It is important not to lie down or bend over for 4 hours after application. Still, to ensure the best results, do not exercise for three days after your injection. Its use from middle age prevents the formation of dynamic expression lines and delays the most noticeable aging and the need to seek other complementary treatments. Many myths about this treatment lack of information from a serious source. We can clarify the following: Botulinum toxin does NOT plump or deform the lips. You don’t have to keep using it all the time, although patients want to keep using it after starting the treatment. It does not create more wrinkles; when you stop using it, the wrinkles we had before return. It does not change the expression of the face, especially when applied appropriately and without exaggeration. There are no topical creams or products that have the same effect as botulinum toxin since none reaches the site of action, the junction of the nerve and the muscle. Its application is not dangerous; adverse effects occur in approximately 1% of cases, and most with very mild and temporary, such as redness of the area or headache. Both men and women can use it at any age after wrinkles are already apparent. If you start using it early, it can have preventive effects.Most important in this type of treatment is to see a doctor with the appropriate knowledge and experience; that also has the personal characteristics required to focus on the needs and desires of the patient. AUTHOR: DRA. MONICA ALFAROHEALTH - OJOCHAL & SURROUNDINGS57

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If you believed that Costa Rican cuisine is made up of rice and beans, then chef Marcella Marciano and her collaborators, chefs Fabián Barrantes and Jose Calderón, managed to vindicate this verdict during their rst “Costa Muy Rica” gastronomy event. Just to mention a few highlights of the eight dish menú: starting with a Chiliguaro shot and fresh Puntarenas oyster, Fish & palm fruit ceviche, fried Green plantain, palm fruit mousse, Green papaya, and zorillo picadillo served with a cheese-lled tortilla, and nally an incredible crunchy Chocolate sphere as a dessert. Marcella Marciano Citrus chef-owner, always wearing an irresistible smile loves to create and got inspired to reinvent some of Costarrican classics adding her personal touch, making them original and elevating them to signature cuisine. Every meal is packed with avors, colors, spices, aromatic herbs, and local ingredients, and the food is shining with her ‘Joie de Vivre‘.Fabian Barrantes Passionate about cooking and with a lot of experience, he explores new avors to elevate the gastronomic level, continuously growing in culinary exploration and giving typical home cooking a modern twist. His creation was a vigorón with pork belly cooked for 4 hours, fried yucca, braised cabbage and “pico de gallo” served on an almond leaf.Jose CalderónAt the age of 19, he started cooking in an Asian restaurant, following his path through a well-known restaurant in Ojochal and nally integrating as a proud member of the Citrus Restaurant team. Jose says: “Costa Rican gastronomy has developed thanks to the fusion of various Latin American cuisines, giving rise to a great variety of Costa Rican dishes.”Along with the most friendly and knowledgeable Citrus team of bartenders and waiters, there is another important integrant onboard:Maude Voyer-Martel (manager) presents unique culinary experiences and excellent customer service from the very planning of the event until the end.This exceptional team plans a series of “Costa Muy Rica” culinary events after surprising and indulging diners with their rst edition last July.AUTHOR: DAGMAR REINHARDSeptember 25thOctober 23rdNovember 27thDecember 18th COSTA muy RICA! NEXT EVENTS:GASTRONOMY - OJOCHAL & SURROUNDINGSS58 COSTA muy RICA!

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RESTAURANTSOJOCHALBreakfast and Lunch Vegan and Vegetarian optionsMon. to Sat. 7AM to 4PM - Sunday ClosedPLAZA LOS DELFINES AT OJOCHAL ENTRANCE Creative CuisineMonday - Saturday 12AM - 9 PMSunday ClosedPLAZA TANGARA8729 41152786 5175Wine Bar & Lounge MediterraneanLamb SpecialitiesTHURSDAY - TUESDAY 4-9 PMWEDNESDAY CLOSEDLIVELY ATMOSPHEREAVENIDA PRINCIPAL NEXT TO SUPER JUCALOA4701 0110GASTRONOMY - OJOCHAL & SURROUNDINGS592786 5774International Cuisine Sushi - Wine Bar Daily 12 to 9PMCALLE PEREZOSO, 200 M SOUTH OF OJOCHAL2786 5543

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AUTHOR: CAPTAIN WILLY ATENCIO SPORTS - OJOCHAL & SURROUNDINGS61ROOSTERFISH AND TUNA GALOREHello from beautiful Drake Bay, Costa Rica. It’s a shame we have fewer tourists this time of year versus in the dry season. While I understand everyone likes bright sunny skies and no rain on their vacation, travelers should not miss a chance to visit during the “green season” as well. The humpback whales are making their magnicent migration through our waters now and it’s a sight to see! This year has been nothing short of amazing with huge pods residing here for months. Their grace, beauty, intelligence and acrobatics make a whale watching trip a must. Because Drake Bay is in a remote location there are only a handful of boats which makes the experience even greater. This time of year I tell our Fishing clients that as a bonus we include free whale watching. It’s really fun to be around Caño Island catching tuna, wahoo, snapper and grouper and watching a show. The last several months of shing has been very solid. Offshore we have been focusing on big tuna and lots of them.Most days offshore we even nd a feeding frenzy, which is truly a sight to see when the ocean is alive with birds, bait and tuna all going crazy. The inshore bite recently has been dominated by rooster sh. I recently had a half day trip on the Reel Time where the clients caught and released 10 roosters and fought another 10 or so. There is nowhere else in the world that I know of where 20+ rooster bites in a half day is possible. For full day trips it’s possible to catch tuna offshore in the morning and roostersh in the afternoon.If you are considering a trip to Costa Rica and your focus is nature and wildlife surrounded by lush jungles and ocean Drake is the place to be The travel experts say that there is so much pent up demand that the next several years will be extremely busy. We can already see that as I only have a few days left in January and February of next year. We would love for you to come and sh with us, we welcome all sherman regardless of experience. We have had the pleasure of having lots of kids recently and there is nothing better than to see a huge smile after catching a big one.

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Have you ever wondered why social networks like Instagram and TikTok have millions of users and keep growing every day? And what can you do in your company to face the increasing competition in the market?There is an answer to all of these questions: The world revolves around “what you can see”! Nowadays the visual is more important than ever, because modern technologies allow us to see more and more, we see all kinds of content, we consume by seeing, and by seeing we do business. Old media like radio and books are left behind. Nowadays we have replaced them with television, Netix series, and social networks in general. Again, the common denominator is the image we prefer to the words.From my experience working with rental accommodation, I know that people don’t read an Airbnb’s description to make up their minds. You look at the photos. You look at them to make sure that the apartment is beautiful, that it has a good view, it is well maintained and that everything is there that is needed.A picture is worth a thousand words!They only use the visual information conveyed through the images. If the power of a good picture is so crucial, why do so few entrepreneurs fall back on high-quality pictures from a professional photographer?Here are some possible reasons:First: the cost. It is an investment that initially causes costs and does not “create immediate added value”, at least we believe that.Second: the economic turmoil and recession in which we nd ourselves mean that spending is being put on the back burner.Third: There are supposedly cheaper alternatives: Smartphones! They are easy to use and take good photos, however, they do not even come close to the photo quality of modern camera technology. They say that “he who does not risk, does not win” and perhaps this is the point I want to highlight.But back to the customer: Today more than ever, users can choose from hundreds of options for everything to do with food, fashion, traveling, going out, etc. Everything a consumer heart desires is available in abundance.Today, with one click, we can choose between a product that was produced locally and one that was produced thousands of kilometers away. At this point I would like to ask you: Are you aware of the possibilities of your target market? Are you visible in the sales channels? And if so, do you show what is necessary and what is appropriate for your product or service? If your answer is no, I encourage you to take the risk of investing in what people are consuming - what is visible and noticeable - so that you don’t get left behind and be ousted by competition.If you have a great product that people love to consume and keep coming back to, then dare to reach more people with it. With high quality images, you can get the attention you deserve. All you have to do is give the clientele the opportunity to fall in love with who you are.Believe in yourself and what you are offering.The best way to keep a business is to adapt to change. Here we go!AUTHOR: DENISSE CATTANOONE PICTURE SHOWS MORE THAN THOUSAND WORDSINITIATIVE - OJOCHAL & SURROUNDINGS62

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